The ADL’s “Task Force on Middle East Minorities”: A Con Job?

Below is David Boyajian’s latest report on the persistent animosity of the Anti-Defamation League towards Armenians.

The ADL’s “Task Force on Middle East Minorities”: A Con Job?

by David Boyajian
June 19, 2020

Hardly anyone — Jewish or otherwise — believes that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) genuinely cares about the welfare of Christian, Muslim, and other non-Jewish minorities in the Middle East.

After all, contrary to its claim to be a civil/human rights champion and “secure… fair treatment for all,” the ADL is essentially a political organization.

So when it launched its so-called Task Force on Middle East Minorities (TFOMEM) in late 2018, I suspected a political con job.

TFOMEM says it will spotlight “human rights offenses committed against minority communities in the Middle East.”

That sounds bizarre, given that the ADL has itself committed human rights offenses against minorities and others right here in America.

Spying on Minorities

In 1992-3, police raided ADL offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The ADL had a “private spy operation that authorities alleged crossed the line into illegal territory,” reported the L.A. Times.

ADL operatives were surveilling hundreds of minority, civil rights, labor, and media organizations and associated individuals. Among the targeted minority groups: NAACP, Asian Law Caucus, Latin American Support Committee, Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, Filipino Organization Committee, and Young Koreans United.

ADL spy Tom Gerard was a rogue San Francisco police officer linked to Latin American death squads. He and his undercover ADL sidekick, Roy Bullock, called themselves “the kings of garbage” for scouring people’s trash for private material.

ADL agents spied on American opponents of Apartheid in South Africa and passed information to its government — hardly the conduct of a civil/human rights organization.

Narrowly escaping indictment by the San Francisco D.A. — who was reportedly under political pressure — the ADL still had to pay $50,000 to the city.

The ADL also settled civil rights lawsuits brought by victims of its snooping.

ADL Genocide Hypocrisy

In friendlier days, Israel and Turkey recruited the ADL and organizations such as the American Jewish Committee to deny/diminish the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey from 1915-23.

These Jewish organizations and Israel also colluded with Turkey to defeat Armenian Genocide resolutions in the U.S. Congress.

Disgusted by the ADL’s genocide/Holocaust hypocrisy, in 2007-8 a dozen Massachusetts cities and the umbrella Massachusetts Municipal Association expelled the ADL’s sanctimoniously-named No Place for Hate program. This made national and international headlines.

The ADL has never apologized to Armenians. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s 2016 acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide came in a mere blog post and only after decades of deceit.

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Greens in Gagaland

Beatrix von Storch is a deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. In the following video from the floor of the Bundestag she responds to an initiative by the Green Party that would allow citizens to change their “gender” at will.

In the video Ms. Von Storch refers to a Green Party member of parliament named Anton Hofreiter, who is well-known for his fits of rage in the Bundestag. He is also well-known for his impressively hirsute appearance.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Killing Free Speech, Yet Again

Regular readers will remember Michael Hansen, the independent Danish-American filmmaker who produced the documentaries Killing Europe, Killing Canada, and Killing Free Speech, among others.

Amazon has now removed the first part of Killing Free Speech from its listings. Which is ironic, given that the film is a documentary about the threats to freedom of expression posed by Antifa and its allies in the media and the Democrat party.

A second part of the documentary, focused on the power of Big Tech, will be released shortly.

This is the second time that the documentary’s creator has been censored by Amazon. As Breitbart News reported last year, Hansen’s previous documentary, about mass migration and Islam in Europe, was also censored by the Big Tech platform.

Breitbart has a report on Amazon’s action against Killing Free Speech.

See also:

More on the Stuttgart Riots

Below are three more news reports about last weekend’s riots in the German city of Stuttgart. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The unrest in Stuttgart seems fairly mild in comparison with the average BLM riot in the USA, but it is apparently a big deal by German standards.

Video 1: RT Deutsch

Video 2: Die Welt

Video 3: Euronews (French)

Video transcript 1:

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We’re Only Trying to Get a Little Peace

The following report has more details on the historic peace agreement between the Chechens and the North Africans of Dijon, which was arrived at after intense negotiations by imams at a mosque in Quétigny.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Mayhem in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a major city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Last night a large group of young people went wild in downtown Stuttgart, fighting with the police and looting businesses.

As far as I can determine from various news reports, native German youths instigated the ruction, and then opportunistic culture-enrichers joined in the fun.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating these two videos, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Mischievous youngsters destroy a police car. Notice that some of the high-spirited urchins shout their obscene slogans in English:

Video #2: Bild reports on the riots:

Below is a report from The Guardian on last night’s festivities in Stuttgart:

Hundreds Run Riot in Stuttgart City Centre After Drug Checks

More than 20 people arrested after police injured and shops looted in late-night rampage

German authorities have expressed shock over a rampage of an “unprecedented scale” in the centre of Stuttgart, where hundreds of partygoers ran riot overnight and into Sunday, breaking shop windows, plundering and attacking police.

Two dozen people, half of them German nationals, were provisionally arrested and police reported 19 officers hurt. “They were unbelievable scenes that have left me speechless. In my 46 years of police service, I have never experienced this,” said the Stuttgart police chief, Franz Lutz.

Tensions built up shortly after midnight when officers carried out checks on a 17-year-old German man suspected of using drugs, said Stuttgart’s deputy police chief, Thomas Berger.

Crowds who were milling around at the city’s biggest square, the Schlossplatz, immediately rallied around the young man and began throwing stones and bottles at police. The groups, mostly men, also used sticks or poles to break the windows of police vehicles parked in the area.

“I sharply condemn this brutal outbreak of violence, these acts against people and things are criminal action that must be forcefully prosecuted and condemned,” said Winfried Kretschmann, Baden-Württemberg’s state premier, in a statement.

At the height of the clashes, some 400 to 500 people joined in the battle against police officers and rescue workers.

Video transcript #1:

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Peace For Our Time

The war between the Chechens and the North Africans in Dijon is over. Imams representing the two sides hammered out a peace agreement at a mosque in the Quétigny district.

Below are two videos about this momentous peace accord. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translations, to MissPiggy for the timing, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The first video is a news report on the agreement from French television:

Julien Odoul is a French politician who began his career as a socialist, and now serves as the regional president of Rassemblement National (formerly Front National) in Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

In the second video, Mr. Odoul gives his view of the peace agreement reached in Dijon:

Video transcript #1:

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First Dijon, Then France

Below are a video and two articles about the recent mass violence in the French city of Dijon. The conflict is enricher-on-enricher: Chechens vs. Arabs.

First, a video excerpt from a panel discussion on French television. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

From the notes accompanying the video, also translated by MissPiggy:

June 15, 2020

Outbreak of violence in Dijon — Shootings, crazy car: Shocking images of violent clashes between Chechens and drug dealers circulate on social networks.

In the debate, at Pascal Praud’s: Véronique Jacquier, journalist. Ivan Rioufol, Le Figaro journalist. Gilles-William Goldnadel, attorney-at-law. And Benjamin Morel, PhD in Political Science.

Christophe Fernandez, departmental secretary of the SGP Police-FO Unit.

The following article about Dijon is from Paris Match. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Violence in Dijon: Laurent Nuñez promises, an extremely firm response”

June 16, 2020

The Secretary of State to the Interior Minister, Laurent Nuñez, promised on Tuesday “an extremely firm response” to the incidents that have rocked Dijon in recent days and announced a new reinforcement of more than 150 police officers mobilized for the coming night.

“I want to send a very clear message to the thugs that we have seen exhibiting weapons, to the individuals who came to commit violence here in Dijon: Our response will be extremely firm,” he said upon leaving the police station.

Tuesday evening “there will be two mobile police units in Dijon,” of about 150 officers and troops of the Gendarmerie, in addition to the local forces, he added, noting that “they will be present as many times as needed.”

The secretary of state also said that he “is very proud” of the actions of the police since Friday, saluting their “courage” and their “determination”. “The police did not hold back. That is totally incorrect!”

In line with the speech of Emmanuel Macron Sunday night, Mr. Nuñez reaffirmed that for him the police were “the guarantors of our republican order,” within a context of defiance and demonstrations in France and the entire world against police violence.

Punitive Expeditions

For four nights Dijon has been plagued by tensions in a city rarely accustomed to this kind of trouble. Everything began on June 10 with the attack on an adolescent from the Chechen community. Punitive expeditions, “completely unprecedented”, were then carried out this weekend in the center of the city and the sensitive quarter [no-go zone] of Grésilles by members of this [Chechen] community, and the proprietor of a pizzeria was seriously wounded by gunfire.

After three nights of violence, on Monday evening, the police dispersed a group of hooded and visibly armed men wanting to defend their quarter against these intrusions. “I understand that the population has been traumatized by these events.” The people of Dijon have the “right to peace, tranquility and safety, “ insisted Laurent Nuñez, in making it understood that the investigation was in progress. “There are leads,” he assured his audience.

Monday evening the prefect of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Bernard Schmeltz, defended the police strategy of non-intervention over the course of the weekend to AFP [Agence France Presse]. “Supervise and surround to prevent abuses: that is the only practical strategy.” That did not prevent the outgoing Socialist mayor of Dijon, François Rebsamen, from denouncing the lack of police measures, faced with some 200 Chechens, armed with iron bars, baseball bats, and sometimes firearms.

“Since justice comes too late and since the police don’t have the means of action, the Chechen community came itself to enforce its right,” the mayor analyzed, campaigning for a fourth term.

Christian Jacob has written a letter to the prime minister

The president of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, wrote a letter on Tuesday to the prime minister to ask him to “reaffirm without ambiguity,” his support for the police and “to finally take strong measures in the face of the explosion of violence in several quarters.”

“These unbearable images, from Dijon to Nice, against a backdrop of deleterious community [conditions], show hooded individuals, carrying heavy weapons, spreading terror, and imposing their law, with great impunity,” states Mr. Jacob in this letter to Edouard Philippe, of which the AFP has obtained a copy.

At the hour when our country is going through an unprecedented crisis, we cannot add a climate mixing division with chaos,” he added, when the city of Dijon has been shaken by tensions against a backdrop of punitive expeditions since the weekend.

A shootout in a quarter of Nice plagued by drug trafficking caused three injuries in the night between Sunday and Monday, a few hours after other incidents with knives and guns. Mr. Jacob deplores the “silence” of the prime minister, which, according to him, “sounds like an admission of guilty impotence.” “You must reaffirm without ambiguity your full support for our police,” he adds.

The second article on the Chechen situation in France, also translated by FouseSquawk, is from Le Figaro:

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Brussels Police Ordered Not to Defend the City Against BLM Rioters

During the BLM riots in Brussels the weekend before last, the municipal police failed to act in a timely manner against the rioters’ violence and destruction. According to one disgruntled police officer, this was because they had been ordered by their superiors to hold back.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Belgian daily La Libre:

A police officer says, “We were hit with rocks, but the order from the mayor to charge didn’t come”. Close reacts, “That’s ridiculous; that’s defamation.”

by Jonas Legge
June 8, 2020

The attack against the police, the looting of businesses, and the destruction of public property this Sunday, at the end of the Black Lives Matter protest in Brussels, has caused indignation, anger, but also incomprehension.

How to explain that the police did not intervene earlier? “It’s simple, we didn’t receive the order. We had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes!” exclaims a police officer of the Brussels-Ixelles district, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Before the demonstration, we had received the order to not implement controls. Then, when we were hit with rocks and we confirmed the material destruction, such as traffic lights and traffic signs, we could not act. However, there the means to intervene was already in place. In normal times, we would have charged, but the order did not come… We remained in a defensive position: one leg in front and the baton in hand,” our source relates. “Then they sent us to play hide-and-seek: That is, we received the order to proceed to a street, except the mayhem was happening a few blocks further away. The goal: To avoid confronting the demonstrators. I really don’t understand what was going on in the heads of our decision-makers at that moment, because we could have easily arrested the rioters.”

The decision-makers that our contact brings up, who are they? “The mayor of Brussels,” exclaims the police officer. “It is he who gave the instructions this Sunday, it’s he who supervised the operation from the crisis center with the area chief. Today, he says he reacted in time. But on the ground we had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes after the first incidents before we could finally intervene. We felt abandoned. We were obliged to let it go when we were hit with every object that was in the hands of the ‘people destroying things’. Today, several colleagues are injured due to the paving stones they were hit with.”

Our source indicates that, like her colleagues, she expected the protest to end in mayhem. She nevertheless considers that there were enough police on the ground. “It’s just that the manner in which we were utilized is incomprehensible. Morally, it is hard to go through.”

Finally, this police officer deplores the fact that the residents and merchants of the quarter were themselves also neglected. “Imagine: They call the police and more than an hour later, the police are still not there. They don’t understand this absence of reaction, this abandonment.”

Strike notice

The police union SLFP has filed a notice of strike for the Brussels Capital-Ixelles police district, which was deployed to cover the protest that involved about 10,000 people. “We stated that the risk analysis for Sunday did not hold water. The tolerance thresholds concerning violence against the police were sufficiently determined,” reacted Vincent Houssin, president of the union.

“Yesterday, 28 cops were injured. We turn here to the administrative authorities, who hold an important obligation and should assume responsibility for the application of the law,” he adds. According to the union, the protest should never have been held.

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London is Being Ethnically Cleansed — The Rest of us Are Next

London saw swarms of Black Lives Matter marauders again this weekend. Seneca III sends this report.

London is Being Ethnically Cleansed — The Rest of us Are Next

by Seneca III


Today in Africa-on-Thames there were two supposed ‘protests’. Their assembly points, routes and final destinations had been designated and published to keep them separate at all times before the dispersal time of 1500hrs. Either by intent or by sheer incompetence the Metropolitan Police under the titular command of Commissioner Cressida Dick, but actually under that of the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, the Paki bus driver’s son, one time legal defender of Muslim terrorists and a Labour Party stalwart, failed miserably.

One of these groups was the usual collection of BLM/Antifa semi-sentient thugs and criminals who by now had learned how to co-ordinate their movements — well, they’ve certainly had a lot of practice recently!

The other group were a relatively smaller ragtag and barely organised bunch of anti-BLM protestors whom the Police tightly kettled in a small corner of Trafalgar Square, their designated area, such that when the Black mob were permitted to infiltrate the area the Brits were trapped and had to sustain a barrage of flares and firecrackers. Plod did nothing to stop this nor other sporadic attacks upon them.

However, no doubt our impartial media will report otherwise. Here I will end this brief report on the early situation and focus on a singular event which occurred elsewhere after the second group had left the area and it was occupied by the cheering Black mob punching their fists into the air as if to threaten Nelson himself. As, again, Plod looked on.

They thought they had won, and they had, thanks to Khan and Dick and their inadequate and in many cases Common-Purposed constabulary on the ground. I wonder what the hero of Trafalgar, still stolidly looking straight ahead, must have thought of that disgusting scene playing out below.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Simian pack-attack on a lone white man and then a possible knifing/slashing followed by a head stomping when he goes down.

In Africa this is the norm — remember Rwanda? …

…and here in what once was our capital city the immigrant hunting pack gathers and attacks its prey.

As the prey tries to escape it is encircled and there is now nothing left to it can do but face its fate.

Then one of the pack breaks away, the one in the grey track suit, seen here just off the left shoulder of the other hoodie who is waiting in the foreground to make a quick, covert, weapons pass to the striker.

Meanwhile the fleeing prey is finally stopped dead in its tracks by a stomach kick from a third animal.

Animal 1 then uses whatever is passed (by the look of the way it is being held probably a small, concealable fist shiv designed to slash rather than wound, a popular piece of kit where these bottom-dwellers camp out).

Note the position of its right hand and arm ready for an upward extended strike and then a swift slicing withdrawal.

Note again that this is not a punch, but a move to pass the weapon under the chin and then draw it back across the throat of the prey.

Which it does and then turns and legs it, disappearing off screen still clasping whatever is in its hand.

Note also the gloves it is wearing so that there will be no DNA trace or prints on the weapon in case it has to be quickly dumped — the passer was also wearing gloves, so there can be little doubt that this was a well-practised and common procedure. The motif on the hat of the other thing in the foreground says all you need to know, really.

The full video is below — if it has not already been pulled by the time this report is published. Everything happens very quickly, and to follow the action in detail you will have to rapidly stop-start several times.

Conversely, earlier, this one was protesting ‘peacefully’, albeit somewhat loudly…

…but the…

…in the main sequence above were not protesting, they were out for a kill.

Penultimately, take a look at this snap just before Plod arrived and broke up the final stages of the attack with some difficulty. The female in the white top and blue jeans was one of the kickers/head-stompers…

[Tip —she leads with the left boot so is probably a southpaw.]

…and here she is bugging out as Plod arrived. I wonder if anyone knows who she is?

And, just to complete the icing on Plod’s cake in case they are actually looking for them in order to charge them with ‘accidental wounding’ or something similar (protected species, remember!), here is a different picture of the principal perp without his hood and mask.

He’s really not the ripest coconut on the palm tree after all.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Whatever else this day may have done, it has illuminated the fact that within human cultures, particularly between civilized peoples and rampaging barbarians, war has always been the most common form of political intercourse between tribes. It is invariably the result of competition for resources, precipitated by an incursion or invasion undertaken by one group with the intention of seizing the resources of another group.

As the human mind is inarguably the ultimate resource our species possesses, it endows unlimited power and wealth upon those who can control it. Be they priests or politicians, or an unholy alliance of both, those who seek to gain such control so define their ultimate objective. Hence, the suppression or subordination of a group identity is the principal determinant in the enslavement or extermination of one tribe by another. It is both the essential precursor to and the sine qua non of abiding conquest… and it’s happening to us now.

This, however, is not unusual: The historic course of all civilizations is cyclic in nature. Over a period of three to four hundred years, on average, all of them return to a similar common starting point, a point always defined by a darkness of the collective soul and a loss of moral fortitude. It is there and then that an inevitable movement for a return to old ways and meanings begins to form. Imagine if you will a civilization’s chronological pendulum completing a vertical ellipse rather than just an arc at the bottom.

At the superior apogee, twelve noon in the cycle, the pendulum almost pauses at a point of stability before beginning its inevitable descent, accelerating slowly at first, even imperceptibly, but ever faster as the gravity of cultural entropy increases its velocity until it approaches the inferior apogee, midnight, where then it begins its at first rapid but ever-slowing climb back into the light.

It is there, at midnight and immediately before and beyond, that chaos rules, and with it comes a time in human affairs that does indeed try men’s souls; a time where dawn remains but a hope beyond an unseen horizon, where the night people are well about and yet to be put to the sword and where is found the formative crucible within which men and women, bound by strength and tradition, gather together and stand firm against the depredations of barbarism.

Here is a standard media mealy mouthed subservient ‘far-right this and far-right that’ report from Breitbart London… Andrew must be turning in has grave.

The same applies to the Daily Mail by several orders of magnitude; I gave up trying to count the number of times it used the phrase ‘FAR RIGHT’! However, read the comments and you will see that the readership does not agree.

The link to the video of the purported knifing incident is here, and you the reader must make your own analysis and come to your own conclusions, as no further news has broken as of the time of writing.


As the future unfolds before us, we white, real indigenous Brits are going to have to make a stand or turn our backs on what we once were and should have remained and accept what is coming down on us. Unless we take that future into own hands, act according to our needs and damn the traitors in Westminster* and the media parrots, then we are finished, ethnically cleansed and forgotten… the fate of all tribes that cannot or will not defend themselves and repel invaders with a greater ferocity than that which is being inflicted upon them.

The future always belongs to the victorious, not to the defeated.

— Seneca III, as my homeland sky darkens about me in sunny Middle England on this the 13th day of June in the year of our Lord 2020.

*   That ‘Great White Hope’, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who was once touted as a possible Churchill Mark 2 has demonstrated that his loyalties do not lie with us, the native islanders, and is abasing himself, and us, by groveling at the feet of the invaders and the media scum as in the background the sound of primitive howling comes from an alien pack of hyenas on the attack. He even makes Chamberlain appear patriotic.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

“Allahu Akhbar!” in Rimini

Late Thursday night a North African culture-enricher went on a rampage in the Italian resort town of Rimini, terrifying residents and first responders.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating these two brief cell phone clips, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Below is an article about the incident, also translated by FouseSquawk, from Il Giornale:

“Italy is a sh**. Allahu Akhbar!” The fury of the immigrant during the night at Rimini

Fear in the night between Thursday and Friday in the Romagna city where a Maghrebian [North African], together with his South American companion, caused chaos, brandishing rods and throwing chairs onto the street that had been taken from a business.

by Giuseppe de Lorenzo, Fabio Franchini
June 13, 2020

“Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!” It was tense last night in Rimini, where an immigrant exploded for several minutes, also hitting an ambulance with a rod and railing against the police.

It all lasted about two hours, from 10:30 pm to midnight, in the area along the beach. Together with the agitated 44-year-old Maghrebian was also a Brazilian woman, 37 years of age, the man’s companion. The woman was also was no less agitated; on the contrary, according to what was told to Il Giornale by a resident, the South American woman was yelling continuously and loudly. The couple, in a strong state of intoxication — based on exams conducted subsequently, which showed that they were under the influence of alcohol and drugs — put on a “show”, furiously arguing on the street and blocking automobile traffic passing through. The two, in fact, consumed with anger, were throwing objects of various types on the ground, such as some chairs taken from a business at the intersection, bins, and flower pots. (Watch video)

The apex, in fact, was when the immigrant brandished two pieces of chairs and was banging them together yelling, “Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!”, frightening the people inside the blocked vehicles and the witnesses of the scene on the balconies of their houses and hotels.

An ambulance, upon being notified by worried passers-by and residents, arrived at the scene, with two police patrols arriving later, and a third arrived to provide support. Before the officers arrived at the scene, the two agitated persons had time and means to fight with the medical health personnel of 118, literally hitting them with rods. (Watch video).

The arrival of uniformed men brought a bit of calm, but not without difficulty, given that the officers had a lot to do to calm down the North African man and the South American woman, who also resisted getting in the ambulance. Among other things, the Maghrebian at first challenged and provoked the police with words like this: “This is the law of your sh**-country. If you touch me, I will report you. You are just a******s here”.

Once handcuffed and taken to the police headquarters, both were placed under arrested for resisting and injuring public officials, and directly processed. The judge, in validating the arrests, banned the Tunisian man and the Brazilian woman from residing in Rimini. (Watch video).

Video transcript #1:

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Ofay Police Girl Submits to Swedish BLM

The composited video clips below caused a sensation on Swedish social media a few days ago. In the footage you’ll see a lovely young blond-haired blue-eyed Swedish policechick submit to Black Lives Matter protesters. Not only does the young lady take a knee for the mob, she also raises her arm in a clenched-fist salute to the cheers of the assembled throng.

The clips were compiled by Charlie Weimers, a member of the European Parliament for the Sweden Democrats. He has a few remarks to make in response to this appalling event.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Shadow of the Torturers

When Matteo Salvini was Italian Minister of the Interior, Carola Rackete, the captain of the migrant-ferry vessel Sea-Watch 3, defied Mr. Salvini and the Italian government by ramming a patrol boat and forcing her way into the port at Lampedusa.

It later emerged that three of the “refugees” she carried to Italy were notorious torturers for the people-smuggling gang that arranged the trafficking of migrants across the Mediterranean. The three men have now been convicted in an Italian court and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

As a matter of interest, the case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 66.7%

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche:

The Code of Silence Around Captain Rackete

One year ago the German rescue ship Sea-Watch 3, of all ships, brought three torturers from the human smuggling mafia from Libya to Italy. The embarrassing news is being systematically concealed.

June 3, 2020
by Alex Baur

Last week, on May 28, a court in Messina, Italy sentenced Mohamed Condé, 27, of Guinea, and two Egyptians, Hameda Ahmed, 26, and Mahmoud Ashuia, 24, to 20 years in prison, each for torture, rape and involvement in a criminal organisation. The three Africans were found guilty of systematically torturing migrants as members of a Libyan smuggling gang in order to extort money transfers.

The prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia explained that the verdict was decided on the basis of the documents provided and delivered with shortened court proceedings hidden from the public gaze. In return, the punishment for those accused (who did not confess) was reduced by one third.

Disclosure of the toxicity at the highest level

The three men were arrested in a refugee shelter in Messina, Italy last August. According to de Lucia, these torturers employed by the smugglers were identified by a dozen migrants who had made the crossing from Libya, including on the rescue ship Alex in July.

According to the Gazzetta del Sud, the Sicilian anti-mafia unit DDA had previously targeted the three. While the two Egyptians abused the victims in a camp in Zawiya controlled by the smugglers, Condé is said to have filmed the scenes. The clips were sent to relatives to reinforce the ransom demands. This brutal method is well-known, and is also used by people smugglers in Mexico.

As the well-known reporter Chiara Giannini reported back in September in the newspaper Il Giornale, citing police sources, the three torturers had arrived in Italy from Libya on June 29, 2019 on the German-Dutch rescue ship Sea-Watch 3. It was a revelation of the highest level of toxicity. At that time, Sea-Watch 3 made headlines worldwide when Captain Carola Rackete, with forty migrants on board, broke through a blockade imposed by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and forced entry into the port of Lampedusa. Some celebrated Rackete as an icon of humanity, but others cursed her as a naïve stooge at best who was used by unscrupulous gangs of traffickers. Criminal investigations were opened against both the hardliner Salvini, who was toppled last September, and the revolutionary Rackete.

Giannini’s revelation was pure dynamite against this backdrop. Even more astonishing, this has been ignored almost uniformly by the established media, both in Italy and internationally. It may have to do with the fact that Il Giornale — the newspaper is owned by Paolo Berlusconi, the brother of the famous Silvio Berlusconi — is seen as right-wing. However, the report was never denied. The police, the prosecutor’s office, the government, and above all Sea-Watch have never denied it. A spokesman for the NGO mentioned once: “We cannot rule it out, but we do not have any reliable information. People come without passports.”

But this is exactly the problem: Nobody knows who these alleged refugees are who are collected off the Libyan coast. Even if one does not accuse Ms. Rackete and similar networks of deliberately bringing criminals to Europe, the nonchalance with which they accept this is astonishing. After all, the self-proclaimed sea rescuers play into the hands of the smugglers’ mafia by taking over the costly journey across the Mediterranean. The three torturers undoubtedly chose the least risky route for their transfer to Italy. The question therefore arises whether they had specifically chosen the Sea-Watch 3 for their transfer, because it was easiest to locate due to GPS tracking.

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Corona Hijab Update

I’ve been avoiding visiting major urban retailers as much as possible, due to the coronamadness that has infected cities and major towns. Here in the Virginia Outback things are more relaxed, and it’s close to business as usual. But in the cities you’re far more likely to encounter people and commercial establishments that regard the edicts of Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam with utmost seriousness and observe the masking and social distancing rules with something approaching religious zeal.

Readers may recall that I’ve been doing archaeological excavations in this house since Dymphna died, rooting through forty years’ worth of accumulated stuff (more than fifty years if you count the boxes and trunks that came down here from my mother’s house unopened). I’m organizing, consolidating, and curating materials accumulated over several generations.

I needed some shelving materials to rationalize some of the storage space, and that required a trip into town today to shop at Lowe’s. I wondered whether they would be enforcing Coonman’s masking bull, but I went on into the store anyway without a mask. They had no signs about masks, and only about 80% of the people there wore them, which was a relief. The young assistant who helped me wore a mask, but he didn’t seem concerned that I wasn’t wearing one. So that part of my itinerary went well.

While I was in the great metropolis I went to CVS (large chain pharmacy). As expected, they had a sign on the door about masks, saying that they are “required by law”. Which is nonsense — they are required by a gubernatorial executive order, which is not at all the same thing. The legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia was not consulted. This particular order exceeds the governor’s statutory authority, and is thus unconstitutional. Furthermore, it is currently being litigated in court by Rob Schilling, a Charlottesville talk show host, and a pawnshop owner, also in Charlottesville.

So I went on into the store, brazenly unmasked. I was the only one there who refused to comply — 100% of the staff and other customers wore masks.

I could feel the dread weight of social pressure on my shoulders as I walked around the store, sticking out like a sore thumb in my selfish indifference to the well-being of others. I could have relieved the feeling by rushing back to the car and grabbing my mask out of the glove compartment, but I toughed it out.

I can understand why people give in to relentless social pressure. To resist it takes a conscious act of will that must be maintained continuously during one’s sojourns in public spaces. It’s very difficult and unpleasant not to do what everyone else is doing. But as a matter of principle, I considered it important not to comply with something so obviously arbitrary and insane.

There is a collective hysteria abroad in the land. The non-rural part of the land, that is — it’s not so bad out here, and it was good to come home.

When I stopped at the mailbox on my way in, I stood and chatted with my neighbor for a while. Neither of us was wearing a mask.