Muslims Get Out the Vote for Red Ken

If you’re a Londoner who plans to vote in next month’s election, and if you have habitually voted for Labour, you might want to take a hard look at some of the prominent supporters of “Red” Ken Livingstone for re-election.

According to Islam Online:

London Muslims Mobilize for Livingstone

With the London mayoral and local election fast approaching, Muslims are campaigning and mobilizing votes for incumbent Ken Livingstone, citing a record for tolerance and support.

“Livingstone is maintaining excellent community relations,” Sheikh Suliman Gani, the Imam of Tooting Islamic Centre, told

“He has done a wonderful job and it is essential that everybody, especially Muslims vote on May 1.”

What exactly has Red Ken done to please the Muslim community of London?

Is it perhaps the police crackdown on “racist” speech, which causes the arrest of people like Lionheart, who dare to speak out against the Islamization of their country?

Is it the fact that widespread gang violence and drug-dealing goes almost unpunished?

Is it the building of mosques, and the local government support for the Olympic Mega-Mosque?
– – – – – – – –

City councillor Shiria Khatun says Livingstone’s record is one big factor for his popularity among Muslims.

“He supported a multicultural policy which, with policing, has led to a reduction in racist attacks in London by more than 50 percent,” she said.

“The city personifies diversity with over 300 languages being spoken here.”

Red Ken say which way the wind was blowing quite early on, and hitched his wagon to the crescent and star before it even became fashionable.

Livingstone, one of Britain’s most colorful and popular politicians, was elected Mayor of London in 2000 and re-elected in 2004.

He has been known for his strong defense of the Muslim minority against Islamophobic campaigns.


The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, a group set up to address Muslim under-representation in British politics, is campaigning for Livingstone.

It has launched the Vote Ken campaign to give Muslim voters “the knowledge as to who and who is not in their interests to vote for.”

It’s definitely in the interests of Muslims to vote for Livingstone. But is it in the interests of anybody else?

“MPACUK is supporting Ken Livingstone in the London Mayoral election and is strongly urging fellow Muslims to vote,” says the campaign press release.

“Our campaign involves activating mosques to publicise the election, working with other Muslim organisations and giving out leaflets of which we have already distributed over 20,000.”

The British Muslim Initiative (BMI), which seeks to fight racism and Islamophobia in the British society, also believes the Muslim choice is crystal clear.

It has come together with individuals and organisations from across the Muslim community to campaign for Livingstone.

The BMI has launched a blog,, to raise awareness about the importance of the election and to urge Muslim voters to make an informed choice.

Is there any other religion that is mobilizing the vote for a particular candidate from its houses of worship?

Suppose the Jews of London were campaigning from their synagogues for a candidate?

What do you think the BBC would have to say about that?

Hat tip: TB.

A Spanish Danica White?

It’s spring, and pirate season has returned to the Indian Ocean and the coast of Somalia.

Last spring it was the Danish ship Danica White that was captured by Somali pirates, and the unfortunate crew was held for two and a half months until the pirates’ ransom demands were met.

This year it’s a Spanish tuna boat, Playa de Bakio. According to a story from Iranian Press TV:

Spanish boat seized by pirates

A Basque tuna boat, “Playa de Bakio” carrying a crew of 26 has been taken over by pirates off the Somali coast.

The statement was made by a spokesman from Spain’s foreign ministry. There are thirteen Spanish nationals and thirteen African crew-members on board the boat which was seized by pirates about 400 km off the coast of Somalia on Sunday, public radio RNE reported earlier, as did AFP.

– – – – – – – –

According to the radio report, the boat is heading to Somalia.

This is while a source from the Basque government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Food department told the Spanish news agency, Efe, that four armed pirates took control of the boat using grenade launchers, BBC reported.

The source said the boat suffered “some damage” in the attack but was “navigable”.

This new incident comes just a few days after a Paris court charged six Somalis with taking the French luxury yacht, Le Ponant’s crew hostage earlier this month. The yacht’s 30-member crew were held hostage for a week but released after its owners apparently paid a ransom of USD 2m. The pirates were then picked up by French commandos in a helicopter raid.

Over the past year, more than 25 ships have been seized by pirates in Somali coastal waters.

Hat tip: Larwyn.

Farewell to St. George

St. GeorgeIn recent years there has been some discussion among the multicultural elites in the UK about getting rid of St. George’s Cross as a national symbol and replacing it with something a little more inclusive, a little more welcoming to the “New Britons”, and a little less… well, you know, a little less Christian.

After all, old chap, the symbol is redolent of the Crusades and all that, so we’d be better off with something a little more nondescript, don’t you think? And including a star and a crescent in the design wouldn’t hurt, either.

Naturally, if we’re going to give up that nasty old cross, the traditional St. George’s Day parade will have to go, too.

According to The Daily Mail:

Cancelled on police advice: St George’s Day parade through the Bradford race-riot zone

A St George’s Day parade through an inner-city area hit by race riots has been cancelled following police advice.

Community groups had planned to stage the multi-cultural event in Bradford and 1,500 schoolchildren were due to take part.

Many of the youngsters had already made flags of St George to carry on the parade on April 23, which was designed to boost community cohesion.

But last week police and council chiefs told the organisers that the event could not go ahead as planned for ‘health and safety’ reasons. At a meeting, police demanded a shorter route which avoided two streets at the centre of the race riots in 2001.

As a result, organisers have decided to call off the event, which was due to attract more than 10,000 people.

– – – – – – – –

Bradford City councillor Quasim Khan said: “We were told by the police at the meeting that the original route had not been risk assessed and if we wanted a march to go ahead on that date, St George’s Day, we would have to accept a smaller, different route.

“The police officers were getting quite animated, saying things like ‘look, this just isn’t going to happen’.” Police and council officials said they did not have sufficient warning of the event.

However, community leaders planning the parade said the event was blighted because of fears it could stoke up violence. They claimed a police inspector had actually begun the plans for the parade nine months ago.

The Rev Tony Tooby, chairman of governors at St Philips primary school, which was due to take part, said: “We wanted the route to include where some of the riots had taken place to educate our young people.

“The police and council just kept telling us that the reason for their objection was ‘health and safety’. They proposed another route which was ridiculously short. The march would have been over before it began.

“Unfortunately, there’s a fear that someone may have used it to cause violence.

“The day seems to have been taken away from us because of fears of thugs. “The council and police say something could go ahead on July 1, but it won’t be a St George’s Day celebration.’

So the non-Muslims of Bradford have been successfully mau-maued.

Or did they mau-mau themselves? Once there have been enough violent reactions by the Religion of Peace, the pre-emptive appeasers are always ready to give a mile to the Islamists before they demand even the first inch.

“But given the involvement of 1,500 children, including six and seven-year-olds, we suggested a slightly safer route. It’s not about banning any march. We’ve got a responsibility to look after our children.”

Oh yes, that’s the way to look after the children, all right. Demonstrate to them that the rule of law has no meaning in certain parts of England, and that violent thugs will always get their way.

Great object lesson, that.

Hat tip: HTP.

The Left and Multiculturalism

Below is a new guest-essay from our Russian correspondent Dimitri K.

The Left and Multiculturalism
by Dimitri K.

The barricadesRecently there was an article in The Brussels Journal which blamed British multiculturalism, problems with immigration, and loss of values on the Left, the mentality of 1968, and students. I argued in the comments that a small group of adolescents is unlikely to have had such a huge impact on the country. I would rather blame it on the legacy of the British Empire: its ruling class had ruled barbaric and savage peoples for so long that may have adopted some of their habits.

If so, does the Left have any role, and what is that role?

Conservatives used to think that the Left and the media are the sources of all ills. Vice versa, the Left sees itself as some intellectual body, which diagnoses the ills of the society and offers the treatment. I partially agree and partially disagree with both opinions. I believe, the Left is actually a sensitive gauge, which reacts to the existing problems. Possibly without even understanding what they are exactly doing.
– – – – – – – –
Sensitive gauges always amplify the input signal. Those who are familiar with physics, or at least with audio amplifiers, know that if amplification is high, one gets much noise. If amplification is too high, you may get a lot of noise even without any input signal. But when the gauge is properly tuned, it helps to detect the signal, which you can’t detect without it.

Of course, we should not ask the Left what to do. You cannot expect, for example, that a fire alarm will give you a good advice. It will make as much noise as possible to force you out of the building. But if you are reasonable, you would try to stay and use a fire extinguisher. However, it is also unreasonable to blame the fire on the fire alarm.

If this is true, why does the Left promote multiculturalism and the feeling of white guilt? I believe those are the disturbing sounds of alarm. I don’t know why they took exactly those forms, maybe because they are unbearable.

But the real problem may lie behind that. The problem is that we became too self-confident and lost the sense of danger.

That we believe we can influence others without being influenced ourselves.

That we think we are so powerful that we can disregard limitations of our nature.

The Permanent Emergency

Bangkok Reporting

This post is the latest in a series from our Bangkok correspondent, H. Numan. Today’s news story hightlights the ongoing violent Muslim insurgency in the southern part of Thailand.

From The Bangkok Post:

Emergency extended

The cabinet voted on Friday to extend the draconian, three-year-old emergency rule in the deep South, but for the first time the prime minister promised the law “will not continue forever”.

After a cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said the state of emergency would be extended for three more months effective on Sunday in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces, where a separatist insurgency is raging.

That will make an even three years that the region has been under the harsh emergency law passed in July, 2005, under then-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

“We endorsed the extension of emergency rule, which has been extended 10 times,” Mr Samak told reporters after the meeting — extensions totalling 33 months from the original, three-month decree.

– – – – – – – –

“Emergency rule will not continue forever, because the situation is improving, but as of now we really need it,” he said.

Emergency rule provides security forces broad immunity from prosecution, while giving them sweeping powers of arrest, search and seizure. Suspects can be detained for up to 30 days without charge.

Human rights groups have criticised the decree and say it creates a climate of impunity in the region.

Last month, an imam in military detention died, triggering reports of brutal torture. Police have been investigating, amidst protests by villagers.

Martial law, imposed after the September 2006 coup, will also remain in place in the three southern provinces, Mr Samak said on Thursday while announcing that restrictions would be lifted in the rest of the country.

This was Bangkok reporting,
H. Numan.

New Fitna Downloads

FitnaA dedicated and enterprising reader has been subtitling and uploading the new version of Fitna (the version that complies with all the copyright restrictions).

He has added videos to subtitled in Dutch, English, French (AVI and FLV), German, and Indonesian. Also, he spotted five bad links in the existing list, and I have removed them.

Update: Also an Italian version.

I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received in maintaining the download list for the Fitna movie. The full revised table of links is below the jump.
– – – – – – – –

ID Language Venue Format Notes
36   AJM   dedicated server – very fast
62   BTJunkie   A bit torrent meta-index, many links.
2   Isohunt   links to torrent sites
7   Linkpin AVI Divx 5.0
5   Linkpin MPEG-4, Perian mp4+iPod
6   Linkpin WMV/A 9 Standart  
46   Viddler FLV easily downloadable if you are a Viddler member
48   YouTube    
8 Czech Pravda o Islámu    
27 Danish The Pirate Bay torrent  
71 Dutch FLV New version, with a different cartoon
72 Dutch FLV New version, with a different cartoon
39 Dutch JewTube    
73 English FLV New version, with a different cartoon
38 English Daily Motion   flagged as inappropriate – must register to see it
34 English Google Video    
63 English Google Video   New version, with a different cartoon
24 English Gulli    
25 English Gulli    
40 English JewTube    
64 English LiveLeak   New version, with a different cartoon
43 English LiveLeak   unofficial
44 English LiveLeak   with content warning
14 English Rapid Share AVI  
21 English Rapid Share FLV  
12 English Rapid Share FLV  
16 English Rapid Share FLV  
9 English Rapid Share FLV  
10 English Rapid Share FLV  
11 English Rapid Share FLV  
17 English Rapid Share ZIP  
26 English The Pirate Bay torrent  
47 English YouTube   requires registration
33 Farsi Google Video    
53 Farsi YouTube    
68 Finnish YouTube    
66 French Adrive AVI New version, with a different cartoon
74 French AVI New version, with a different cartoon
75 French FLV New version, with a different cartoon
65 French Bivouac ID   New version, with a different cartoon
37 French Bivouac-ID    
4 French La Yihad en Eurabia   from Français de Souche
67 French MegaUpload AVI New version, with a different cartoon
76 German AVI New version, with a different cartoon
35 German Google Video    
22 German Rapid Share MKV  
45 German SimpleUpload MKV  
61 Greek Google Video   via Ελληνικεσ Γραμμεσ
77 Indonesian AVI New version, with a different cartoon
59 Indonesian Rapid Share AVI  
58 Indonesian The Pirate Bay torrent  
60 Indonesian ZippyShare AVI  
78 Italian AVI New version, with a different cartoon
57 Italian YouTube    
56 Italian YouTube    
29 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
30 Polish The Pirate Bay torrent  
49 Polish ZippyShare    
50 Polish ZippyShare    
52 Romanian YouTube   Part 1
54 Romanian YouTube   Part 2
19 Russian Rapid Share AVI  
28 Russian The Pirate Bay torrent  
69 Serbian YouTube   Part 1
70 Serbian YouTube   Part 2
3 Spanish La Yihad en Eurabia   from Anclaos
31 Tagalog The Pirate Bay torrent  

“George W. Bush Will Die”

This is a very strange and disturbing video. According to Word Star Hip-Hop, where it is now posted, it was originally made up of three separate videos at YouTube, which have been taken down.

WSHH refers to the kid as a “toddler”. He’s a little older than that, but still very young to be mouthing off so bizarrely. There’s something not quite right about his voice and manner.

Also, notice that the kid is a Barack Obama supporter!

This is all I know about this strange video.

I’m putting the embed below the jump, because of disturbing content and foul language.
– – – – – – – –

Hat tip: DJ.

They Want to be Themselves

I reported last night on recent opinion polls in the Netherlands indicating that gay voters are forsaking the socialists and turning to the right-wing political parties.

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has his own thoughts on the same topic.

Dutch Gays Turn Conservative
by H. Numan

If anything, the Dutch are a reasonably down-to-earth people. We pride ourselves on being straightforward, up to the point of being rude in the eyes of other nations. The national slogan could be “doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg” (just be yourself, that’s weird enough already).

In the past homosexuality was seen as a disease or a perversion at best. One could not hire a gay, for he might be blackmailed. Circular reasoning, of course. For if homosexuality wasn’t seen as something bad, there isn’t a reason for blackmail. Oops, there goes the argument so popular in the US armed forces…

The first political change came from the left. They embraced gays, knowing full well that most gays aren’t married, don’t have kids, and have consequently more income to spend and tend to do that. Hence, the strange idea that all gays are by definition left-wing oriented. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gays want to be themselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

It seemed for a while everything was going the right way: gay-bashing was almost eradicated. The general populace began to understand the world won’t end if gays are allowed to marry. The Netherlands was the first nation to — almost — give equal marriage rights to same sex marriages.

Almost, for if you ask for a marriage certificate, today, that document still has “husband” and “wife” on it. “Oh, yeah, well, don’t worry about that. That’s because of international treaties and some nations objecting to same-sex marriages. Nothing to worry about.” De jure it means the government doesn’t stand behind their policy internationally. Those nations objecting to gay marriages more often than not have the death penalty for being gay. Should the Dutch government start executing gays, just to be multiculturally acceptable? It seems the present government would mumble: “why, yes, of course”.

Then we got a new pressure group. The ones with beards and long, very long and extremely sensitive toes. These folks quickly replaced the gays as interest group on the left. First of all, because gays aren’t actually very vocal, whereas this group most certainly is. Secondly, this group breeds much faster than your common household bacteria. Thus, a lot of new voters in the near future. The only problem is that they have a difficult time deciding whom they hate the most: Jews, gays, infidels, atheists, women or certain (other) animals. Gays, however, rate very high on their hate list.

Before the year 2000 it seemed everything gays would like to achieve had been achieved. Gay bashing was almost gone, one could marry. No problems getting a job as a civil servant, or in the armed forces. Want to walk hand-in-hand with your partner? Why on earth not?

But after 2000 things began to change. Fast. Gay bashings were committed more and more. Not only in dark deserted places, but right out on the street in broad daylight. An American, Chris Craine, was viciously attacked in 2005 by juveniles of Moroccan origin. The only reason was that he was gay, and they would like to show off the fact that they are not. “Ah, nothing to worry about,” hushed the mayor of Amsterdam, over a cup of tea. “Just try to behave normally, so you don’t offend those people. It’s their culture you know; you have to respect them. And welcome to my gay-friendly Amsterdam!” Fortunately he took another sip of tea, otherwise he might have let slip: “you bloody faggots should know your place!”
– – – – – – – –
It wasn’t an isolated incident, as the by now desperate (2008) government would like you to believe. Last year during Gay Pride several gay people were attacked simultaneously in broad daylight in different parts of Amsterdam. Groups of Muslim juveniles now prey on gays, no matter where or at what time. One isn’t even safe in the gay red light district anymore. At the moment one doesn’t have to carry a gun (yet), but would surely be helpful and far more effective than the protection offered by the police. Guns are very illegal in Holland, but I would recommend a sturdy cane or strong umbrella. That isn’t (yet) illegal.

Teachers at “black” schools (school where the majority of pupils are Muslim or other ethnic minorities) today have to hide their sexual identity and their partner or spouse, as it is not accepted by their students. The few that were silly enough to let it slip out were pestered until they found employment elsewhere. School management… Well, what can I say? Perhaps that they have magnificent red rugs? Excellent for sweeping inconvenient truths under?

In the meantime, things changed. Remember Pim Fortuyn? He almost became prime minister, despite the fact he was gay, and very vocal about it. Vocal in the sense of: “Me, gay? Yeah. What about it?” You might call him a Teflon politician, but in a positive way. No slander ever stuck on Fortuyn. And believe me, people did try! Fortuyn showed the nation that being gay doesn’t mean you have to be automatically left-wing. It also showed conservative people that gays can be excellent politicians, or highly capable managers. Fortuyn was regrettably murdered, but his performance showed gays could do very well in the conservative camp.

Add two and two together: gays aren’t any more interested in being left-wing that you or me. They want to be themselves. No need to advertise your sexual preference, either way. You don’t shout from the rooftops you’re straight; neither do most gay people find it important to scream to the world they are gay. All they want is to be left in peace, and live their lives as they prefer.

It used to be possible only within the left wing camp to make a career as a gay politician. Fortuyn showed differently, and his stand pointed the way. Today many gays realize their bread and butter are conservative. They make on average more money than socialists find acceptable. They have become an embarrassment to the PvdA and SP; who have found a more profitable source of voters. Voters who have absolutely no problem in spouting as well as practicing virulent hatred, who are protected by a fascistic novel called the Koran.

Anything the Koran says goes. That is the present left-wing policy. Conservative parties have discovered Fortuyn wasn’t a screaming queer in drag. He was a man certainly worthy of leading a nation. So the ice has been broken, on both sides.

It’s now only a matter of time. Panta rei, as the old Greeks said.

Of course gays aren’t going to turn the country upside down, or enforce their sexual preference on others, much as Muslim would like to believe. But the change is there: little by little everybody who supported left-wing policies slowly see they have everything to lose, and nothing to gain by voting left. That is something we can thank those Muslim hooligans for. And of course both the left-wing parties (PvdA, SP, GL), as well as mainstream Christian parties, which in fact would be more than happy to accommodate Muslims here. The prime minister said so himself on his last trip in Indonesia.

Would you yourself be happy voting for, or being member of, a party that would rather see you in jail?

Neither do gay people.

The Forest, the Shmoos, and Pundita

It’s a peculiar job I’ve taken on here, an American peering through the cloudy transatlantic glass trying to make sense of what’s going on in Europe.

I’ve learned a lot in the last three years, but there’s still a lot left to learn. Denmark and Britain mostly make sense (the latter in a discouraging way), but I doubt that I’ll ever fully understand Sweden or Norway. I just keep plugging away, reading the tips, watching the videos, and posting both the appalling and heartening bits and pieces that come my way.

It’s hard to get the big picture. Last week Pundita and I began a conversation on the topic, with each of us filing a report afterwards detailing whatever portions of the elephant’s anatomy that we had managed to grasp.

I concluded by saying, “From where I stand I can’t see anything but trees. It’s not possible to see the forest. None of us can. But it’s occasionally entertaining to imagine what a forest looks like.”

Now Pundita has responded with her peek at the forest: “Gates of Vienna Forest and Cultural Counterjihad”. She’s no more European than I am, but she understands very well the need to pay attention to Europe and try to understand what’s happening there:

…GoV is not a milblog; it focuses not so much on armed conflicts as on political-cultural ones. Unlike Vienna in 1683, modern Europe is not in conflict with invading Muslim armies. Rather, Europeans (to include Anglos) are battling each other over issues connected with Muslim settlements in Europe and immigration of large numbers of Muslims from non-European regions.

For readers outside Europe who haven’t been following this story:

The battles have been bloodless — so far — except for scattered incidents of ‘bullying’ carried out by one faction against another — usually those calling each other “fascist” or “Nazi” from one side and some variation of “Quisling” from the other.

And there have been numerous violent incidents carried out by non-European Muslims against the Europeans in the countries where Muslims have settled. (And to a much lesser extent hate crimes have been carried out by Europeans against Muslims.)

Yet those who speak of European “dhimmitude” are imprecise to the point of misleading. Dhimmi is associated with conquered peoples and the Muslims haven’t conquered so much as a micron of European soil.

I must confess that I frequently use the phrase “European dhimmitude” myself. But it’s obviously not meant to be taken literally — the aboriginal Europeans are not (yet) serfs in their own lands. I use the phrase prodromally, to represent the Eurabian future that inevitably awaits if events continue on their present course.

“Dhimmitude” describes a certain mindset, a lack of cultural confidence, an eagerness to surrender before the battle is fully joined. It’s a shorthand descriptor for a decadent and licentious culture that seems perversely intent on destroying itself.

Last night in the comments Laine pointed out the resemblance between Western European elites and the Shmoos. Shmoos were an imaginary animal species created by the late cartoonist Al Capp, and appeared in the comic strip Li’l Abner:

The ShmoosThe Shmoo loved to be eaten and tasted like any food desired. Anything that delighted people delighted a Shmoo. Fry a Shmoo and it came out chicken. Broil it and it came out steak… The Shmoo satisfied all the world’s wants… The Shmoo believed that the only way to happiness was to bring happiness to others.


Ironically, the lovable and selfless Shmoos ultimately brought misery to humankind because people with a limitless supply of self-sacrificing Shmoos stopped working and society broke down.

The analogy fails in one important way: Shmoos could behave the way they did and yet avoid extinction because they multiplied extremely quickly. Europeans, of course, scarcely multiply at all.

But back to Pundita:
– – – – – – – –

To whatever extent Europeans now feel overwhelmed by Muslim populations it is the Europeans who created the situation. It evolved from European government policies, and with the tacit and even overt approval of the majority in European societies that accepted large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

Protests against the situation have launched an ever increasing political-social struggle that has received very little attention in the American mainstream media — and I suspect the same is true in Canada.

Even when there is coverage, it’s done in a narrow and piecemeal fashion; e.g., reporting on the number of votes received by a ‘extreme’ right wing party in say, France, and which has ‘something’ to do with immigration.

This narrow coverage, when applied to European electoral politics, results in a simplified and distorted account of European trends.

A preoccupation with celebrity political personalities and the “horse race” was made evident this past week in the wake of the Italian elections. The vote was a major Southern European electoral earthquake, with its epicenter in Tuscany and Lombardy, but leaving the entire region rippling with aftershocks.

The Greens and the Communists — the Italian branch was at one time the largest Communist Party in Europe — lost their representation, and the Lega Nord scored an amazing success. But what did the American press see?

“Berlusconi Back in Office”

Berlusconi is just an afterthought in all this, the tip of an enormous iceberg of change. But to the American MSM, it’s the horse race that counts, and nothing but the horse race, all day, every day.

Pundita continues:

You can’t get a handle on the struggle through such reports. You can’t understand the myriad issues unless you follow European blogs specializing in the issue, and keep up with press reports in several European countries. Yet this tack can bring you up against the language barrier if you are not fluent in a range of European languages. And it requires a big investment of time for someone who’s just trying to see the big picture.

That’s where Gates at Vienna comes in. There are other North American blogs that routinely or sporadically report on various aspects of the European struggle. But GoV specializes in discussing the struggle.

We do indeed, because the European struggle is the most important of our time. The fate of the entire West hinges on what happens in Europe over the next two decades.

And the struggle is very definitely going to be played out, in some fashion, in North America — and here I would not exclude Mexico. Not today, not tomorrow, but it’s on the way and could end the two-party political system in the USA. Thus, what we can learn from the Europeans can avert much grief down the line.

Western countries — Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and all the other components of the “civilized world” — have already bought their tickets for the upcoming millennial event. Europe just happens to be first in line at the gate.

Pundita has much more to say about the global ramifications of these issues. Go over to her post and read the rest.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

American opinion about events in Europe consists mostly of fantasies and half-truths spun out of press reports, misinformation, disinformation, wishful thinking, and schadenfreude. Depending on the predilections of the blogger or reporter, “Europe Is Doomed”, or “Support Grows for European Far Right”, or “Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Emerges in Europe”. Forget the elephant’s tail — these reports don’t begin to describe even a single bristle.

But Europeans themselves are not immune from simplification and over-generalization. Whether optimistic or pessimistic, they are all writing on the basis of incomplete information.

Nobody, not even the most alert and well-informed European, has a complete picture about what’s happening. Government statistics, with their lacunae and rampant politicization, resemble those of the Soviet Union in its heyday. Newspapers, television, and radio are either state-controlled or state-intimidated, and generally downplay or fail to report news that runs against the multicultural party line.

Opinion polls are laughable. Even when the questions aren’t tendentious — designed to elicit the “correct” answer from a respondent — the polls are conducted in an atmosphere of political repression that discourages honest responses. Considering that the left-wing vigilantes at Expo can access people’s phone records, would you tell the truth to a telephone pollster if you were a Swede?

So anyone — European, American, or otherwise — who says with certainty that “Europe is doomed” or “Europe will be all right” is either blowing smoke or whistling past the graveyard. Nobody knows.

All of us are groping in the dark, because adequate information isn’t available. Not only that, the situation is chaotic, and a chaotic system may change state without warning. Cause and effect still apply, but even when every actor in a chaotic system behaves rationally, its future state is not predictable except in the short term. The differential equations simply aren’t solvable.

All we can do is gather information and observe, hoping that the wisdom of crowds will sift the data and give us a clearer picture of what is happening.

Backward I see in my own days where I sweated through fog
               with linguists and contenders,
I have no mockings or arguments. I witness and wait.

—Walt Whitman, from “Leaves of Grass”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Pundita concludes her post by settling on a sidebar category for Gates of Vienna:

From all this, perhaps Baron and Dymphna can forgive me for fussing about how to categorize GoV for my blogroll. I will split the difference between “Counterjihad” and “The War for Civilization” by naming the category “Cultural Counterjihad.” And I might include this essay in the category by way of explaining my view of Gates of Vienna.

Next step? I would suggest a project to list and categorize the major debates arising in different European countries with regard to immigration/assimilation issues and preserving European cultures. Nothing fancy; maybe in chart form.

“Cultural Counterjihad” will serve just fine. And as for the next step — we’re working on it.

The Wind in the Tall Trees

I know I’ve been posting a lot of Dutch news lately, but I can’t help myself — I have to put up one more before I turn in.

This is a comment from our Dutch correspondent Sagunto, who was responding to H. Numan’s portion of this morning’s post. It reminds me once again of Wilfred Owen’s poem “The Calls”:

For leaning out last midnight on my sill,
I heard the sighs of men, that have no skill
To speak of their distress, no, nor the will!
              A voice I know. And this time I must go.

It seems that Sagunto has both the skill and the will, and is speaking out on behalf of his country.

Here’s what he had to say. I’ve edited it a little bit for spelling, punctuation, and clarity:

“..If some jihadist fundy pops Wilders, rest assured the response would be fierce (to say the least). I expect this might be the trigger incident for a civil war or the beginning of serious ethnic cleansing. It might very well lead to a massive uprising, not from Muslims, but from the Dutch.

“This must be known in Muslim circles as well, so I expect serious organizations (political Muslims in the Netherlands, or Al Qaeda) would not be so stupid as to go that far. The result would be counterproductive..”

I agree completely.

The current rate at which Islamists see their goals realized without any need to resort to violence, or even without them asking, will for the moment probably forestall the violent death of Geert Wilders at the hands of a Muslim, ‘cause it will almost certainly be deemed counter-productive to the cause of jihad.

It is the often neglected part of jihad that’s most destructive, the Islamization of Western society in small steps, the creeping unmaking of our way of life, often through the preemptive self-Islamization of the elites, forced upon the people.

The method of boiling the hapless frog, easy does it, is their most favoured, planning Islam’s Silent Takeover. But no less silent, and unnoticed (or else vehemently denied) by our political elites and their paladins, is the gradual buildup of a reservoir filled with Dutch aboriginal anger, resistance and resolve.

– – – – – – – –

The level in this inner lake of Dutch defiance is rising fast and it already would suffice to power a rebellion — should Wilders fall victim to the jihadists — of such magnitude that it would totally shatter for generations to come the usual rosy picture of the Dutch as a mild and somewhat naïvely irenic brand of Westerners.

I witnessed the anger of those present at Dam square in the aftermath of the assassination of Theo van Gogh, and that anger has spread and become stronger. The Islamists wouldn’t know what hit them. And they’re aware of that.

The politicians in their fancy managerial dress sense and fear it, and are unsuited to ask the fundamental questions that need to be asked, because they’re afraid of the answer. The answer that they hear in the whispering reeds below. And it’s haunting the dreams of these mandarins and their Muslim clients.

For they represent the tall trees who will be caught by it, when the whispers have turned into a great storm, boiling like surf about the tops of them. And they already cower at the wisdom of a little boy who once remarked to his mother, “Well, why don’t we take away the trees, and then it wouldn’t wind.”

Kind regards from Amsterdam,
— Sagunto

Dutch Gays Turn to the Right

Dutch gays are starting to like Geert Wilders.

If it weren’t for the fact that they’re voting for other conservative parties, too, I’d assume it was his bouffant blond mop that’s drawing their attention. But now that gays on the streets of Amsterdam are routinely beaten up by gangs of immigrant “youths”, it seems that homosexuals are waking up and voting their best interests.

According to NIS:

Dutch Gays Prefer Conservative to Leftwing Parties

If only homosexuals were to vote, Proud of the Netherlands (TON) would be the biggest party in the Lower House. Conservative parties are more favoured among them than progressive ones, a poll by TV programme NOVA reveals.

NOVA carried out the survey in cooperation with gay publications Gaykrant and TON pulled in the votes of 19 percent of the readers of Gaykrant. From, the party of Rita Verdonk won as much as 33 percent. Among all of the Dutch, 13 percent would vote for TON, according to NOVA.

– – – – – – – –

The centre-left D66 party scored best with Gaykrant readers: 22 percent. With, it scored 14 percent. Together, this makes D66 the second party for homosexuals. Among all of the Dutch, only 3 percent would vote D66.

NOVA said this was the first time a survey has been carried out on such a large scale of the gay vote. It did say that compared with a Gaykrant survey from 1997, leftwing parties have dropped out of favour. TON and the Party for Freedom (PVV) of anti-Islam champion Geert Wilders have prompted strong growth towards the right.

In 2007, the Socialist Party (SP), Labour (PvdA) and the leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) together captured 40 percent of the gay vote, compared with just 25 percent now. Together with TON and PVV, the conservatives (VVD) and Christian democrats (CDA) would now win a combined 45 percent, up from 35 percent in 1997. TON’s Verdonk and Wilders’ PVV have emerged from the VVD.

In the NOVA poll, PvdA scores 7 percent on average among the gays. GroenLinks does better with 10 percent, while the SP gets 7 percent of the gay vote. The VVD would win 9 percent of the votes and PVV, 8 percent. CDA, the biggest Lower House party, traditionally has a very low score among homosexuals (4 percent).

If gays are turning their backs on the Socialists, then anything is possible.

If voters start voting their interests as far as Islamization is concerned, then will women also begin to shift their votes to TON and PVV?

And if women and gays start to abandon it, what will become of the Left?

Hat tip: TB.

Why the Madrassa? And Why “Hussein”?

The Donklephant

Earlier today, when posting about opinion polls in Afghanistan and Somalia, I was forced to mention the current presidential campaign.

Since I had to bring it up, I decided to have a little fun at the expense of the candidates, particularly the Democrats. I’m not a party-line voter, but — to paraphrase South Park’s Matt Stone — I hate Republicans, but I really f***ing hate Democrats. I’d sooner vote for a rabid tree shrew for national office than pull the lever for a Democrat.

We have a sometime commenter here who goes by the nickname “The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon”, or — to those who knew him in his LGF days — “Nodrog”.

Nodrog is unhappy when I let my loathing of the Democrats show, and he takes me to task for it. In my recent post he mentioned my use of “the Barack HUSSEIN Obama angle, new, but also pathetically trite.”

He also said this:

As for the “madrassa” angle, I would refer you to the source for such internet-based smears. The Muslim school Obama attended for part of the time he was a child was not a Madrassa. According to the free dictionary online, a madrassa is defined as A building or group of buildings used for teaching Islamic theology and religious law, typically including a mosque. Websters online dictionary has a more broad definition, a Muslim school, college, or university that is often part of a mosque. So, of course Baron, you will now crow that you are technically correct to say that Barack Obama attended a madrassa in Indonesia. But, given the popular understanding of a madrassa as an al qaeda nest, the characterization of Obama’s Indonesian school as such is nothing more than another cheap smear.

Nodrog isn’t the only person on the Left who objects to formulations such as these, and his comment made me wonder what all the fuss might be about. Here’s my response to him.

Nodrog —

While it may or may not be “technically correct” to refer to the school that Barack Obama attended in Indonesia as a “madrassa”, mentioning it is not a “cheap smear”. Considering that the young BHO — according to the testimony of his sister — did what all the other children at his school did, that is, he memorized and chanted the Koran in Arabic, it’s not a trivial piece of information. It deserves to be mentioned, since it’s unlikely to get much coverage in the MSM.

I freely acknowledge that referring to the next President of the United States as “Barack Hussein Obama” is a dig, and that I enjoy doing it.

So tell me: what is it about my doing so that bothers you?

I presume it wouldn’t disturb you if I referred to “John Fitzgerald Kennedy”, or “Lyndon Baines Johnson”, or “James Earl Carter Jr.”, or “William Jefferson Clinton”, or “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton”. So what’s wrong with “Barack Hussein Obama”?

– – – – – – – –

There’s nothing wrong with his having a Muslim background, right?

So why be concerned about my referring to it?

Is it because the average American, if allowed to become aware of it, would become suspicious of BHO, and thus less likely to vote for him?

If so, why would the average American, despite all the years of incessant televised propaganda that tries to convince him that Islam is a religion of peace, be suspicious of someone with a Muslim background?

Do you think that somehow, against all odds, the truth has gotten through to Joe Sixpack and Suzie Bighair, and that they realize there’s something fishy about most devotees of the Prophet?

Are you perhaps afraid that the truth will in fact sink your candidate?

If so, let truth reign!

Kabul’s Favorite Son and Mogadishu’s Favorite Daughter

I mentioned last week that Sweden’s prime minister had expressed his public support for Barack Hussein Obama in the upcoming US presidential election.

Is it my imagination, or is it becoming more and more common for leaders and public figures to endorse American election candidates?

It seems that the preference is always for the Democrat candidate — if any foreign leaders favor McCain, they are keeping quiet.

Now we have opinion polling in foreign countries on local support for the American presidential candidates. And these polls aren’t only being done in relatively civilized places like Sweden or France, but also in various backwater outposts of the Third World.

AKI has the report:

Democratic candidates gain support abroad

US presidential candidate Barack Obama has generated broad support in Afghanistan, while Somalis would prefer to work with his Democratic rival Senator Hillary Clinton.

These are the findings of a survey conducted by the international think-tank, The Senlis Council, in Afghanistan and Somalia in March and April.

According to the think-tank, the results of this year’s US presidential elections are “critical to both countries,” as they are both “strongly affected by US policy”.

When asked which of the presidential candidates they would back, 69 percent of those questioned in Afghanistan favoured Obama, while 26 percent were in favour of Clinton.

In Somalia, 47 percent of civilians surveyed supported Clinton, while 44 percent backed Obama.

“What we are seeing is that Afghans have overwhelming support of Senator Obama because they are attracted by his promises to bring peace and end the war in Iraq,” said Norine MacDonald, president and lead field researcher of council.

“Most interestingly, we found unified support for Senator Clinton amongst Somalis associated with the Islamic courts, and the extremist parts of the community. According to their perceptions of Senator Clinton’s character and experience, she is best suited as a partner to build peace with Muslims.”

So Hillary is the Shariah candidate, eh? Eat your heart out, B. Hussein!

But, given his madrassa education, why wouldn’t BHO be better for Somalia?
– – – – – – – –

Somalis said that Obama would avoid engaging in Islamic issues because he would be vulnerable to allegations of being overly sympathetic to a Muslim viewpoint, given his family’s Islamic background.

Obama is the son of a Kenyan man and a white woman from Kansas, who met and married in Hawaii. Divorced when Obama was a child, his mother then married an Indonesian man and the family moved to Jakarta for four years.

Although his father and step-father were Muslim, Obama is a practising Christian and attended secular and Catholic schools.

No mention of the madrassa. And also no mention of Barack Hussein Obama’s pitch-perfect mimicry of a yodeling muezzin.

“Obama will not be able to deliver a positive working relationship with the Muslim people. The US people are very suspicious of his Muslim background and if they see him in a room with Muslim leaders they will not trust him to represents US interests,” said one of the respondents in Mogadishu.

The strongest support for Obama in the Somali community came from those most closely associated with the Somali government.

John McCain does merit a mention. Unfortunately, however, the senator can’t expect many votes from precincts in Mazar-e-Sharif and Baidoa:

In Afghanistan and Somalia, there was little support for the likely Republican nominee John McCain.

In both countries, support for Senator McCain was very low, with just 5 percent of respondents in Afghanistan and 9 percent in Somalia opting for the Republican nominee.

“McCain is no different to Bush at all. We would be very concerned if McCain was elected,” said a businessman from Mogadishu.

“The whole world is looking to the US to bring back the dignity and morality of the US.”

Ah, yes: dignity and morality. It will be 1999 all over again!

And what is the Senlis Council?

The Senlis Council is an international policy think tank with offices in Kabul, London, Ottawa, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels and Paris.

Of course — Brussels! I should have known.

I don’t think Sen. McCain will get many votes in Paris or London, either.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni

Exactly How Over-Taxed is Sweden?

Our Swedish correspondent LN took exception to my most recent post about Sweden:

Dear Baron,

Comments by Skalman on “Proposed Suppression of Sweden’s Bloggers” is one thing, but “Demographic Genocide” by “Skalman and Baron Bodissey” is a bit too much.

Today I am no expert on Swedish taxation, but as far as I can see Skalman’s version is highly slanted, if not incorrect.

For example:

Every dollar I make costs my employer (at least) two dollars because he has to pay a fee (tax) to the state that is just about equal to what I earn.

This is obviously not true. The employer fee is 32% — not 100%, as stated!

Sociala avgifter 2007

Procent av årslönen   Arbetare   Tjänstemän
Arbetsgivaravgifter enligt lag        
    Ålderspensionsavgift   10,21   10,21
    Efterlevandepensionsavgift   1,70   1,70
    Sjukförsäkringsavgift   8,78   8,78
    Arbetsskadeförsäkring   0,68   0,68
    Föräldraförsäkringsavgift   2,20   2,20
    Arbetsmarknadsavgift   4,45   4,45
Delsumma lagstadgade avgifter   28,02   28,02
Allmän löneavgift   4,40   4,40
Totalt   32,42   32,42

– – – – – – – –

Of course Swedish taxation is totally abnormal; however, it does not differ that much, as far as I know, from the Danish one.

A rigorous matter-of-fact presentation would have been a big thing, but this emotional version of poor Skalman’s difficulties and his not being able to afford a third child with a wife who is a pediatrician is jum-jum.

What about your or rather GoV’s credibility?

In a way you are our voice to the world, and now and again you through gullibility are risking giving it up. With a lost credibility you are just ridiculous — the Baron and his Baroness, as the “the happy family”, or in Swedish: Löjliga familjen.


Also incorrect is — still — your illustration:

Sweden Umma

…with some 65% infection of mo-mould instead of realistic some 15% (really realistic would have been 85% red socio-mould, that like house-mould you never can be 100% rid of).

I’m no expert on Swedish taxation, either, so I’ll let our Swedish readers weigh in on whether Skalman was guilty of distorting the tax situation in his country.

As for the illustration — I told LN that it represents not the present, but Sweden’s future, if things continue in the direction they are going now.