Brown Border

After a long hiatus, Max Denken returns with a film review that is much more than a review: he has a family connection with the area of Poland that abuts the border with Belarus and is featured in the movie.

Brown Border

by Max Denken

The movie

Tired and jet-lagged upon arrival in Warsaw, I bide the daytime hours. A walking distance from my hotel, a movie theater is playing Green Border, the new film by Polish émigré film director Agnieszka Holland.

America’s most prominent film school and a stab at a Hollywood career are as long behind me as are Holland’s days at the FAMU film school in Prague. I once introduced to a Los Angeles audience Krzysztof Zanussi, the Polish film director with whom, as his assistant director, Holland began her career, but my paths never crossed hers nor did my interests in film or life run parallel. Still, I loved her children’s film The Secret Garden (1993) and, as an animal lover, could identify with her revulsion at a driven hunt’s wholesale slaughter of wildlife in Spoor (2017). I drag myself out of the hotel and go to see Green Border, Holland’s film that had just had its premiere screening at the 80th Venice Film Festival in September, 2023.

What I proceed to endure for two and a half interminable hours is an agitprop salad similar in intent but far below the artistic level of such famous purveyors of film propaganda as Sergei Eisenstein for the Bolsheviks and Leni Riefenstahl for Hitler. There is no story with real human characters in the traditional narrative sense but a weepy outburst about numinous Syrian, Afghan, and African refugees trying to invade Poland’s via its border from Belarus and being brutally repulsed.

The New York Film Festival synopsized the film as, “A Syrian family leaves the violence of their country behind, hoping to cross from Belarus into Poland and then onto the safe haven of Sweden. But, like so many lost souls, they end up caught in a political maelstrom, demonized by the Polish government and press and used as pawns in an inhumane, deadly border game.”

The reality background to Holland’s invention is that in July, 2021, Alexandr Lukashenko, the dictator leader of Belarus, threatened to “flood” the European Union with drugs and migrants and proceeded with this scheme of hybrid warfare. Belarussian agencies in tandem with some Middle Eastern airlines fraudulently promoted easy entry into the EU’s territory and arranged for the delivery of migrants to the Polish-Belarus border. It was an inhumane, cynical ploy probably ordered by Lukashenko’s ally in the Kremlin to either force a stream of undesirables onto Russia’s foe, Poland, or to make Poland look bad if it refused to grant them passage.

A flood of Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, Congolese, Cameroonians, and Sudanese followed to the forested border. By November 2021, Poland’s border guard had intercepted over 32,000 migrants’ attempts to invade Poland. Having defied the EU’s order to take in a share of Angela Merkel’s invitees since 2015, Poland’s PiS government, to its credit, was not going to yield to this Putin/Lukashenko ploy, either.

And that evidently unleashed in Ms. Holland — daughter of a Polish-Jewish high communist official and notorious European “progressive” — her own flood: that of the maternal bonding female hormone oxytocin. The same one that a group of German — what else — scientists stated in their 2017 paper “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection “ would reduce “xenophobic outgroup rejection” if administered to all those racist white people who don’t want half a billion African and Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Europe and North America.

Holland’s migrants are “refugees” and “people like us” — middle class in their countries, handy with English and cellphones, and with means sufficient to have paid the stiff costs of this passage. In reality, they are not like us.

Holland’s Syrian “refugees” are not the stabbers of children in a playground in Annecy or hateful attackers of Jews in Vienna. They are not the Syrian refugees who just in 12 months of 2016/2017, set a homeless man on fire on Christmas in Berlin or, screaming “Allahu Akbar,” attacked and injured four people at a bus station in Lünen. They are not the Syrian refugee who murdered a pregnant woman with a machete and wounded two others at a bus station in Reutlingen.

They are not the Syrian “asylum seeker” who raped a 44-year-old mentally disabled woman in Soest. They are not the 27-year-old Syrian who stabbed and killed a Red Cross mental health counselor in Saarbrücken, or the one who tried to behead 64-year-old Ilona Fugmann who had offered him a job at her beauty salon in Herzberg.

They are not the Syrian “asylum seekers” who were filming and molesting underage girls at a swimming pool in Löbau or the ones who did so in Mariendorf, or the one who sexually assaulted a ten-year-old girl in Tübingen.

Holland’s Syrians are not the “migrant” who went on a “stabbing-spree” on board a train in Bavaria, or the one who attacked passengers on a bus from Berlin to Milan. They are not the “asylum seeker” who blew himself up next to a wine bar in Ansbach and wounded 15 people, or the one in Pittsburgh, who sought to blow up a church for Isis. Nor are they like Abdalfatah who sought refuge in Germany after murdering 36 people in Syria for the Jabhat al-Nusra jihadist group.

No, they are just a cute family with a genial grandpa, a well-married couple, and their nice boy, little girl, and a baby. Not even a Syrian “refugee” family where the father murders his wife because she irritated him, or murders his wife and two daughters and leaves them dead in a freezer.

Holland’s Afghan refugees in the film consist of one English-speaking, kind woman who “helped the Americans” during the Afghanistan war. In reality, Afghan rapefugees sow terror in the heart of Europe’s women. They rape and murder. Again and again, everywhere in Europe, solo and in groups, boasting of it on Facebook, the victim alternately an adult, girl, or boy.

Holland’s sole Afghan is not the 19-year-old Afghan “asylum seeker” who stabbed three people in Ravensburg, or the 41-year-old who murdered a five-year-old Russian boy and severely wounded his mother in Arnschwang, or the one whose sexual intercourse with a woman in Limerick included stabbing her to death in a “frenzied attack “. Nor is she portraying the Afghan migrant who murdered two people in Serbia and then one in Britain, or the one who stabbed seven people in Sweden. Just a kind, educated, Afghan woman mistreated by Polish goons-in-uniform.

Holland’s Africans are not the testosterone-filled, young primitives landing on Europe’s shores by the hundreds of thousands and terrorizing the local population, roasting cats, brandishing their penises or defecating in public, brawling and destroying property incessantly and everywhere. One ought to check out the @RadioGenoa account on X to see much evidence of what they are about. But for Holland they are just a couple of nice, well-behaved teens.

The border has a barbed wire fence. Those nice Syrians, Africans, and one nice lady from Afghanistan are trying repeatedly to breach that fence and each time are repulsed by pitiless, all-black (in character) goons serving as Poland’s Border Patrol. When on the staging side of the barbed wire fence, they are exploited and humiliated by even worse Belarussian goons-in-uniform, and then pushed through that fence into a country whose Border Patrol pushes them back.

They are hungry, thirsty, cold. Some are sick. But then, before Western progressives decided that reality is optional, the law of the Universe has always been that one suffers the consequences of one’s mistakes. Few mistakes can be as bad as to have traveled from faraway Asia and Africa to the Polish border in the belief that it will give way.

Eventually, some manage to get through the fence and, after more harrowing adventures like drowning in a swamp, are aided by a group of young Polish radicals, given food, medical treatment, and shelter and transportation deeper into Poland in the approving glow of the demiurge of this moral fantasy: Agnieszka Holland.

Holland portrays the enforcers of Poland’s territorial sovereignty as primitive cartoon villains, pitiless at the bottom, and fascist at the top. The bottom is the Polish Border Patrol that has no pity even for pregnant women. They toss one over the fence back onto Belarus soil and manhandle many others. Their officer shouts that the pitiful group of migrants mired between the barbed wire and the swamp are “not people” but bullets fired into the heart of Poland.

The only border guard portrayed with sympathetic shading is Jan, whose wife is pregnant and disapproving of his “brutal” occupation. Jan initially participates in the pushback actions but is gradually sickened by the required violence and softens to the point of pretending not to see “migrants” transported into Poland’s interior by another kind Pole.

At the top are the “fascists” — Poland’s slightly right-of-center PiS ruling party that has given the finger to the European Union’s demands for absorbing a “fair share” of the kind of “refugees” that Angela Merkel and the EU were importing by the millions before Lukashenko decided to give them more of their medicine.

Holland, along with most of Poland’s cultural elite, is an outspoken, leftist enemy of PiS — the party that has said No to invaders from alien cultures. She has gone so far into the swamp of “progressive” hysteria that one of her two more developed “good-guy” characters, Bogdan, tells his therapist that he cannot stand the “Nazis” marching in Warsaw under the protection of the “fascist” government — a lie so grotesque as to indicate the warped furniture in Ms. Holland’s brain. Bogdan confesses as well that because of those Polish “Nazis” and fascists he is impotent, cannot sleep, eat, or think.

Vitality returns to Bogdan’s so-dreary life with a loving family in a luxurious villa near Warsaw when he too engages in the “activist” effort. He and his wife and children host three young North-African migrants just smuggled in from the border, invite them to their dinner table, and so on. In a scene characteristic of the twisted minds of Holland and white progressives everywhere, Bogdan’s sons bond with the Africans by joining them in a French rap.

For the white rich kids, knowing French is normal. But what’s more telling is that they, Poles far removed from Africa, have adopted the black culture and they rap in French as expertly as their African guests do. In Poland.

It would never have occurred to Holland to write the scene in the opposite way, with the African guests making an effort to adapt to the culture of their hosts and singing with them a Polish song with the harmonies that are Europe’s culture heritage.

Julia is the other more developed “good guy” character. She is Bogdan’s psychologist and Zoom interlocutor. Moved by the plight of the migrants in the forest near her home, Julia turns from a bystander to a committed rescuer working with the younger activists to smuggle as many migrants into Poland as possible. Maja Ostaszewska, who plays Julia, is a well-known “progressive” and major pro-migrants activist in Poland.

The rest of the positive characters are the bleeding-heart Polish volunteers who help the migrant invaders and made it past the border fence. They are all unalloyed cartoon goodness just as the border guards and policemen who are the barrier against the invaders are the unalloyed evil.

I have written a book and several articles about the horrors that refugees, “refugees,” and migrants from Asian Muslim countries and Africa inflict on Europe. I saw this film while a true African invasion was landing on the beaches of Lampedusa. I am writing this in November, when that invasion is continuing while huge crowds of Muslim imports are marching and rioting all over Europe and the entire Anglosphere, waving black jihad flags, shouting “Death to the Jews,” and generally behaving in ways not seen since the Kristallnacht. I am appalled at Holland’s specious propaganda masquerading as a film drama, her smearing of the one, rare state sane enough to have resisted to rush to self-obliteration, her libelous depiction of the Polish Border Patrol.

I am therefore renaming Green Border as Brown Border. The brown adjective comes from my long-ago Hollywood mentor, an Irish curmudgeon who had elbowed his way to a position of influence in that Jewish-founded-and-dominated industry. Art had long-ago mastered Yiddish, so he taught me some. When it came to a lousy film, hackneyed book, or a revolting painting, he invariably called it dreck. When it came to a lousy human being, he reverted to his native Irish brogue: shite.

Whether dreck or shite, it’s the same color. Green Border is not a work of art but a lying, hysterical outpouring of agitprop by a female raised in a privileged communist home, favoring her ideology over reality, and attacking a polity that, since 1989, no longer adheres to diktats of the Comintern. It’s par for the course that the World Socialist Website attacked Holland’s detractors in a headline reading “The Polish far-right’s vicious campaign against Agnieszka Holland’s film ‘The Green Border’ replete with ‘ antisemitic and fascistic undertones against the film’.”

The reality

Something needs to be said about those “bullets into the heart of Poland” — words that Holland put in the mouth of the Border Guard’s commander, no doubt to imply that he is the epitome of evil. In reality, those words are appropriate and would have been even if the border-busting migrants consisted mostly of women, children and kind men — which they didn’t.

A still frame from Zielona Granica (Green Border) shown on the web page of the 2023 Venezia Biennale film festival.

The Poland-Belarus border, with the actual menacing migrants trying to force it.

One now has ample opportunities to see what happens to countries that had a more tenderhearted approach to Muslim refugees and “refugees.” Here is Berlin and here is London. Or New York, or Dearborn, or a hundred other cities in the pathologically altruist West. A European or Europeans-founded country signs its death warrant even if taking in African and Asian Muslim women and children, let along young, military-age men who are the great majority of the invaders.

That death is often pegged at the level of more than 30% share of Muslims in the population — and countries like Sweden and Germany are projected to reach that level by 2050. However, since Whites, and Whites alone have been stripped of their ethnic survival instinct by massive brainwashing of the sort that Ms. Holland dishes out in Green Border, far less than 30% is sufficient.

Four percent of Muslims in Great Britain are sufficient to see Muslim imports as mayors of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Blackburn, Oxford, Luton, and Rochdale. All UK schools serve halal meat, cross buns are banned because of the “offensive” cross, and many schools have foot baths installed at great expense so that Muslims students can pray.

Hundreds of thousands of British girls were being “groomed” for 15 years by “Asian” men with all complaints to police, social workers, etc. useless because of fear of being accused of “racism.” There are over 3,000 mosques, over 130 Sharia courts, and some statistics show that 63% of Muslim men and 78% of women don’t work and live off lavish benefits and free housing often in excess of what legacy Britons can get. There is much more.

Such a picture of a small, imported Muslim and African minority throwing a whole country into an orbit of madness, fear, and self-obliteration can be constructed for every European country except those situated in what I called in my book “The Camp of the Sane,” with Poland and Hungary paramount. And it’s that sanity that infuriates Agnieszka Holland and her co-religionists in the church of Progressivism. Hence Holland’s motivational audio-visual presentation denouncing the self-preservation of a rare European country that has chosen to survive.

An old Hungarian cartoon (source unknown)

Fortuitously, I have come to Poland to visit a cousin who lives just a few miles from that segment of the border where the whole drama had played for real in 2021. It’s in Podlasie county, which is a living museum of what Poland used to be. The houses are wooden and very old. The kitchens have tiled, wood-burning stoves just like they did 100 years ago. The last primeval European forest is here too, with flora and fauna extinct elsewhere.

But the main museum piece is the demographics. There are Poles, Lithuanians, and Belarusians here; the Jews are missing but only because the Germans murdered them all in the 1940s. Those four constituted the bulk of the population of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that ended in 1795 — but not here.

And then there are the Tatars. Muslims in a Catholic country often accused of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and so on. But they are not the Muslims “enriching” and tearing apart Germany, UK, Sweden, and other countries doing away with themselves. Descendants of renowned cavalry units that switched their loyalty to Poland during the reign of King Jan III Sobieski, they have been living in several all-Tatar villages in Podlasie since 1674 and fielding their units in defense of Poland ever since.

My cousin knows everyone here. She takes me to visit her friend, the very Border Patrol officer, now retired, who was in charge of this sector of the border. We drive to Sokółka, a central town in this region, population about 18,000.

Jan greets me with the traditional kiss on both cheeks, and his wife Marta plies us with home-made delicacies. And their house is a museum piece in museum land.

I tell Jan about Green Border that I had just seen. It’s not playing here in the remote countryside yet, but he had read about it in all the newspapers and on the Internet.

“It’s all lies,” he says.

“So what happened at the border here?” I ask.

“They did not come here as refugees requesting asylum,” Jan says. “If they had, all they had to do was to show up at the border crossing in Kuźnica, fill out the appropriate form, and then we would take them to a refugee processing center. They would live there while their petition was under review and they would be checked for Covid and other diseases. Instead, they showed up at the border fence, trying to force it. They were not interested in an asylum in Poland but in forcing their passage through Poland to countries west of us with higher welfare benefits.”

He looks at me to let that sink: “Not a single person asked for asylum.”

“Were there really so many women, children, old people like the movie shows?”

“In July and August we saw families with women and children. After that it was all young, aggressive men. The proportion was the inverse of what the film shows: not 95% families, women and children and 5% young, single men, but 95% young, single men and 5% women and children. “

“I was fearing for his life every day,” Marta says, her voice quivering. “They were throwing large rocks at our men that could have killed them. He came home one night with a bleeding gash on his forehead.”

“At the beginning,” Jan says, “we did not have shields. And those were not just rocks — there were large pieces of concrete with rebar in them, truly lethal weapons that must have been supplied by the Belarusians. They also used slings. And they would come to the wire and scream at us, ‘Polish soldier, I kill you.’“

“It was worst on November 21, 2021,” he adds. “That was a war zone, but we were not allowed to respond in kind.”

“I saw some of the border guards here in Sokółka and on the road close to the border,” I say. “They are young men. It must have been hard for them to retain their composure under such a barrage, to not draw their weapons and fire at their attackers.”

“I am proud of them,” Jan says, “we had strict orders not to use our weapons and not a single men disobeyed, no matter how hard it was for some hotheads to retain their cool under attack.”

“What about medical emergencies? The film hints that those were not tended to.”

“We had ambulances here,” Jan says, “and took the sick to the hospital in Sokółka. We discovered that some were pretending to be sick, just saw the ambulance as a way of getting inside Poland.”

Later I find a precise number: from the start of the migrants’ pressure on the border zone, border guards have called medical ambulances 830 times.

Beyond the brown border

Agnieszka Holland, already president of the European Film Academy, is now the hero of the West’s cultural elite. At the inaugural showing of her film at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, Holland received the Special Jury Prize and a standing ovation. The festival’s write-up states with the typical pathological altruism of the white liberal that the film “opens our eyes, speaks to the heart, and challenges us to reflect on the moral choices that fall to ordinary people.”

Speaking to the heart is one thing, but speaking to the heart by manufacturing a one-sided propaganda tale out of complex reality is another.

Green Border received two long, standing ovations at the October 4, 2023, screening at the New York Film Festival. The festival’s website referred to its depiction of a “contemporary global humanitarian crisis.” The film won first prizes at the film festivals of Chicago, Valladolid (Spain) and La Roche (France).

The Standard called the film “astounding” and opined that “Holland reveals the biggest killers of all: not just the Taliban in Afghanistan or Bashar al-Assad in Syria, but the governments and policy makers of Belarus, Poland and the EU, whose heinous treatment of asylum-seekers is depicted so graphically here.”

While there are no good words for Lukashenko’s role in this sorry chapter, to brand as “heinous” EU’s nearly nonexistent will to keep “refugees” out, or even PiS-governed Poland’s much stronger will, is a grotesque farce.

The film critic Philip De Semlyen gave the film five stars and wrote in Time Out, “Green Border leaves us with a slight chink of optimism. Holland is at pains to show Poland’s young people rejecting the poison of state media and the cruelty of their government to embrace a more human approach to the migrant crisis.”

Apart from the maximum three, not five, stars that Green Border merits for its film craftsmanship, Semlyen’s and the whole cultural elite’s agitation for “migrants” is the talk of imbeciles. It would be hard though to surpass the reality-is-optional craziness of Ms. Holland herself. “It [sic] a forbidden zone, a zone of fear, and a zone of the dead,” she said. “The situation is so dangerous for the future of Europe because if we accept this violence as a response to the political problems, if we forget the rights of the human beings just because they are ‘illegal’ or Black or whatever, the next step [will be] to kill them.”

With such fools as custodians of Europe’s and United States’ culture, it’s not for nothing that Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi said in 2006 that “ Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot” and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in 2017, “Our minarets are our bayonets, our domes are our helmets, our mosques are our barracks.”

There was nothing exceptional about these statements. Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, Chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said that Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor. Saudi Sheik Al Arifi said, “ We Will Control the Land of the Vatican.” And Mohamed Akram, writing for the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, advised already in 1987: “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers.”

The European Union’s, America’s and Canada’s progressive regimes are pushing Muslim and African migrants on their peoples. For the media’s consumption, King Charles recently told the fawning Sir Michael Palin he wants refugees to “feel more welcome.” But Viktor Orbán, the one great leader in Europe now, tweeted recently his outrage at Europe’s demise forced by its brainwashed ruling elite:

A bureaucratic terrorist attack against free speech: the European Parliament lifted the immunity of four PiS MEP’s for speaking out against illegal migration. The beginning of the end… Good morning, Europe!

In the United States, multiple voices ranging from the Lutheran Refugee Service to Senator Durbin and House members Pramila Jayapal and Jane Schakowsky in their petition to the White Hose are clamoring for giving one million Palestinians asylum in the United States. Meanwhile, Egypt has vowed to place its army at the Rafah crossing so that not one Palestinian will cross into Egypt, and Jordan said No as well.

Not a single Muslim country has offered to take in Palestinian refugees displaced in Gaza now or ever since 1948. Muslim Pakistan has started bulldozing refugee camps as they expel 1.7 million Muslim Afghan refugees. Do they know something that our peoples have been brainwashed not to know?

The entire community of European and Europeans-founded countries except those saved from the horrible brain sickness by the Iron Curtain is now in dreck territory beyond the brown border, conditioned for 60 years by lying Neo-Marxist, Gramscian films, books, plays, TV programs, fake news, fake advertisers, fake education, and fake leaders.

The swamp of dreck from which our people have swallowed and inhaled enough to have lost their minds is so vast that Congresswoman Schakowsky, who wants to bring a million Jew-hating Palestinians to the U.S., and Agnieszka Holland, who pillories Poland for keeping out “migrants” from the worlds’ most anti-Semitic culture, are both Jewish. Meanwhile, Copenhagen’s Imam Mundhir Abdallah — that’s Copenhagen, Denmark — called in 2017 for jihad to invade and conquer Europe. He also said that the Jews’ “filth, and their vileness, reflect [their] immutable nature.”

Poor Shani Louk — kidnapped by Palestinians on October 7, ultimately decapitated, her naked body paraded triumphantly on the streets of Gaza — had stewed so long in progressive dreck during her childhood within the hip-progressive Jewish community of Portland, Oregon and adulthood in Angela Merkel’s Germany that she would come to dance seductively at a rave party for love and freedom held five kilometers from an enclave of stone-killer Palestinians with hate-filled minds formed in the 7th century.

Who is responsible for her death: the savages of Gaza or the tender-minded “progressives” who had put blinkers on her eyes concerning Palestinians’ nature, Islam’s true face, and the evil that’s out there in the world?

Take Western “gays.” Here is how they flaunt their “progressive” creed:

And here is the reality. In a video. And in a cartoon passed around in the social media:

There are no plaintive “Why can’t we all get along” bumper-stickers in any Muslim country in the world. There are no Africans kissing the feet of Whites for having rescued them from slavery and poverty first in Africa and then in America, but there are lots of Whites kissing black feet in apology for slavery. It’s all because of the cultural dreck that pounded 330,000 U.S. African slaves into the heads of all Americans, but omitted to tell them that ten million African slaves were shipped each to Central/South America and the lands of Araby, and at least 3.2 million white slaves were taken and sold in the same period by Muslim Berbers, Turks, and Tatars.

It’s high time for film criticism and all evaluations of contemporary Western art to start isolating and removing the brown sediment.

Max Denken was well on his way to PhDs in Economics and Political Science until he discovered that the former was based on quantifying wildly fanciful assumptions and the latter was much closer to Scientology than to Science. Born Central European, he has become Marginal American: wrong race, wrong gender, wrong sexual orientation, wrong religion, wrong thoughts. For his previous essays, see the Max Denken Archives.

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  1. I cannot understand why so many Jewish intellectuals and politicians are so supportive of getting as many Muslim migrants into (formerly) Christian countries as possible? Why don’t they notice that they put the lives of European, US or Canadian Jews in danger? Don’t they ever think that they might themselves become victims of Muslim fanatics? They talk so much about antisemitism, but don’t they see that practically all violent and really dangerous antisemitism in the Western world comes from Muslim?

    Where does this suicidal mentality come from?

    • Excellent question! Just look at Blinken and the rest of the jino democrats.
      Do the powers that be see this as inviting millions of new voters for their parties?

      • Cassandra: To answer your questions, yes. More votes. More taxable bodies. More federal aid for states to provide “free” education and healthcare. More money laundering opportunities for “immigrant aid” front groups that funnel money to politicians and political donors. More multicultural destruction of countries that present an obstacle to globalism and “the new world order.”

    • They don’t serve the LORD God whom they are supposed to serve, so they serve the King of Babylon, and the king of Babylon weakens the nations wherever he can, for he wants to be the ruler of all, and the independent Nation States are a hindrance to him.

    • Because they hate and fear whites more than they hates muslims. Also they think, they can handle IQ 85 muslims.

    • I agree with much of what has been written in the comments. That said, I think it is important to note that–as incredible as it might seem–there are many naive people, Jewish and Christian, who truly think they are on the side of right when they advocate taking in more immigrants. Christians want to act in a Christian way; Jews remember that their ancestors had to emigrate many times. They are amazingly naive and ignorant, even those with a high IQ.

      • I agree with your comment 100%. The way I see them is like what they say in case of sudden loss of pressure, 30 thousand feet above the sea level – you must first save yourself so that you be able to save others…

        These naive people behave in a deadly counter productive manner, trying to save the child first and then save themselves, not realising this is how they seriously risk death for all…

      • Lefty Jews think of the time they were refugees, throughout time and WW2. Unfortunately making equivalence between millions of murderous Muslims and Jews that just want a peaceful productive life is typical of their utter stupidity plus clinging to false marxist nonsense
        about how everything must be made equivalent, it’s all “relative” etc.
        Or it’s just appeasing the crocodile hoping it won’t eat them yet.

      • There are too many people that think being Mohammedan is just like being Baptist or Methodist, except on Friday.

        “Beware of stupid people in large numbers.”

    • the moment that you realise the value of oil for the west, it follows that Islam will become rich which translates into a massive increase in population and armaments, which must eventually include nuclear. Then a sensible tactic for Israel is to get Islam into Christian countries until the west must fight for its survival, and thereby the survival of Israel.
      Alternatively, if the plan is eugenics then Israel and Islam are merely means to an ends of ridding the planet of low IQ carbon-based bipeds

      • So Israel is behind getting Muslims into the west? I’d like to know your source for this idea. Certainly Obama is not Israeli, nor have any of the British leaders been Israeli, Macron is not Israeli, nor was “Mutti” Merkel. Soros is a Nazi and proud of it, he was never an Israeli.
        So maybe you could point me to which Israelis/Jews are pushing Muslims into the west. Oh by the way, the head of WEF is the son of a Nazi.

        • Logic is the source for the first idea. Logic is the source for the second idea. I spell out the logic in both cases. Notably, the second idea has no Israel as instigator and you could have attached all of your actors the second idea.
          You are on the internet right now so it would take you five minutes to purchase a massive library on the theme of geopolitical interests. Mostly they would be spelling out how and why USA interfered in any particular place, but there are multitudes of such analyses for multiple agents, contemporary and historic. It is called geopolitical analysis in every case, and in this regards Israel is not a special case.
          The article here is about one Agnieszka Holland getting muslims into the west. Hallo? Likewise there is Barbara Lerner Spectre but you already knew about her because like me you were introduced to her at this web site without having to go searching in conspiracy sphere or whatever. Then there is the Frankfurt School and Hollywood objectively making our morals stink. There is the nothing to see here case of Brian Epstein, and at a pinnacle of influence there is Henry Kissinger. The list goes on and on but the point is that the list is not all about Israel. There is the KGB and the Confusius Institute and CAIR and a list as long as your arm of foreign influence and then there are ostensibly domestic agencies and institutions that are probably international. Each and every one of them can legitimately be described as giant vampire squid on the face of humanity. We wish that the people of the USA had infinite resilience but their capacity has been reduced and surpassed.
          The ten ton elephant in the room is why Israel has not been doing everything in its capacity to prevent islam entering the west. The Michel Houellebecq novel Submission has as its end point that the women stayed home and thereby unemployment ended. Its true end point is that islam has control of the French nuclear arsenal and a sacred duty to turn Israel into glass. Am I missing something here?

          • No you are right in every point
            The Jews are behind all this evil
            They have to break havoc in Europe so they can have free hand in everything
            Like they always did
            I used to live in Israel
            Bad bad country
            Bad bad people
            I am Christian

          • 3, 2, 1, there it is, Danny Dannon and Ram Ben-Barak in the Wall Street Journal telling the west to take the ‘opportunities’ from Gaza.
            On the other hand there is Douglas Murray on Triggernometry saying that the British are decent and should confront the Hamas supporters, that the indigenous public should protect the public, and that the fact that they eventually will is an observation rather than advocation. Good for him BUT if Tommy Robinson said the exact same words then he would be in prison direct from the broadcast.
            Douglas Murray, God bless him, can defend Tommy Robinson and stay free, but Tommy cannot defend Douglas Murray without going to prison

          • Jan it is logically impossible for me to be right in every point because I have made two mutually exclusive points.
            Point one that it is logical for Israel to have foreseen the problem and the solution, and Point two that it is logical for Eugenicists to have foreseen the problem of excess low IQ carbon independent of race or culture or religion and the solution. Also the list is non-exhaustive – we could be a nightmare of a higher intelligence or their game, or we could be in hell, or whatever you will. I think our chance of having a life worth living via benevolent aliens more credible than via Humanism and its Panopticon. Assuming that we are in a universe of self-determination I would love for westerners to find what I regard as a balanced view of their culture and it would follow that we would find the mechanisms to preserve and develop it. We have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like powers so the challenge is immense.

    • “I cannot understand why so many Jewish intellectuals and politicians are so supportive of getting as many Muslim migrants into (formerly) Christian countries as possible? Why don’t they notice that they put the lives of European, US or Canadian Jews in danger?”

      I think it’s due to an ignorance of human nature and history and a hope—which’s NEVER a reasonable strategy—that if they just treat others like they’d like to be treated, their “friends” will return the favour.

      If the last car load slaughtered their daughters, surely, the next load won’t if they just make it clear[-er] that “we feel your pain”.

      “Where does this suicidal mentality come from?”

      If it’s not the consumption of too much herring and matzah, then I’ve no idea…

      I think alotta this wet dreamy utopian skrell stems from the same head-in-the-sand that causes fear (and hate) of guns.

      Alotta truth in this article:

  2. I wonder if Soros incorporation inc. is bankrolling these “small time” directors and producers of these tear jerk movies about the illegal invasion of the west. Like the rent a mob crowds at BLM, operation wall street years ago and now the Hamas loving crowds running a muck in western cities world wide.

  3. These leftist marxist like all 3rd worlders are our enemies and must be dealt with and treated like the enemy they are. That means ridicule them at every chance and challenge them by any and all means necessary.

  4. This article is not really about da Joos but about the rot in our culture and all our institutions. In Europe, Jews play a very small and rather insignificant part in that; to wit, the farthest gone region, Scandinavia. Here is a comment, though elsewhere, from Matt Bracken, who understands the dynamics of our existential problem:

    • “”High fashion” in Paris 2023.”

      Where the hell do you keep your wallet in get-ups like that?

    • “Signs of the End Times.
      More degenerate than Weimar Germany,
      and we know what came after that.”

      In all seriousness, I think Bracken’s spot-on. At least the Weimar government had the good sense to contain [most of] the rot to within the confines of Berlin. And they only had the commies’ rot to contend with. We, in contrast, have multiple forms of rot eating away at our cores.

      “Assimilate, Separate (i.e., a peaceful “Two-State Solution”) or Assassinate (i.e., go to war)—those’re the choices; and history offers no other solutions that I’m aware of. Hopefully, cooler heads’ll prevail before the worst’s hoisted upon us by events. But once large numbers of middle classers’re unable to work—either due to widespread protests/riots, financial calamity or political chaos—I fear that the collectivists’ cheese’ll slide off the cracker….and we’re just one Franz Ferdinand-style shot away…” —Me to fb (2008)

      • Sorry, fred, but we are NOT in the End Time yet.

        The complete destruction of Damascus will be the sign of the end times.

        • “Sorry, fred, but we are NOT in the End Time yet.”

          I’m talking about human nature and history repeating itself. [I said] nothing about “End Time”.

  5. Typically propaganda by this Polish idiot , Holland, “ somebody pay Her good money to spread this garbage!!, just unbelievable..

  6. Where is dear Teresa with her ideas of Jewish superiority? If Jews think so, then God wants it so!!!

    • Elena…Could you post a comment that gives us your background, your religion and more about your life.

      I would really be interested in knowing more about your life and why you don’t like the Hebrews.

      And, by the way, my name is spelled THERESA. .

      • Sorry. I write messages on Google Translate and it translated your name that way. There is no interdental sound “th” in the Russian language.
        My past and present are very ordinary. I’m not sure about the future – most likely the globalists will kill me in one way or another. I have no questions about individual Jews as people, except for the ideas of superiority and God’s chosenness. Most of the Jews I have met in my life are te sweetest and kindest people. The minority are arrogant as***les.
        I don’t like Abrahamic religions. I give Catholicism a small allowance because of its incredible beauty. I consider Abrahamism to be a mental virus and spiritual colonization. I myself have successfully decolonized myself from it. I’m even ready to give up the “Nativity of Christ” calendar.
        Despite the fact that my love for Mediterranean antiquity prompts me to keep the calendar Ab Urbe Condita (From the Founding of the City of Rome) my observations of the surrounding world incline me to count from the beginning of the “Kali Yuga.”

  7. I happened to see this film too. Likewise thought the Afghan intellectual lady was a ridiculous caricature – totally unlike the average Afghan woman.

    In fact – it’s as if all the caricatures that have been going since 2015, of wonderful poor innocent refugees and evil soulless racist white border guards were condensed into one film. Perhaps Holland thought the Polish public would be naive enough to swallow it?

    However – there’s also another aspect. After Duda, the President of Poland, slammed the film by repeating the slogan “Tylko świnie siedzą w kinie” (“Only pigs go to the cinema”) – a WW2 slogan of the Polish resistance, encouraging Poles not to watch Nazi propaganda – interest in the film skyrocketed, and it was one of the best-selling premiere weekends of 2023 in Poland – almost matching Barbie and Oppenheimer. (incidentally the president is now being taken to court over this comment, by the Orwellian “centre for monitoring racism and xenophobia”)

    So, in a way the ones responsible for the film’s popularity were the PiS government, capping off a series of PR blunders which helped them lose the election. And now – Poland heads into very uncertain times ..

  8. My name is THERESA.

    I know you are [ad hominem redacted] and that is sad because The Hebrews ARE the Chosen people

    The Bible clearly says tht those who curse Israel will be cursed. And those who love Israel will be blessed

    Sad, that you may be cursed for your hatred.

    • Matthew 3:9 “And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”

    • Relax darling
      You may blow a fuse and the Jews will not care
      Jews are controlling the world
      They are rich and they don’t care
      The plan was to destroy Europe
      So they did it

    • theresa, I’m totally at a loss to understand your constant repetition of this idea. Yes, I come at this from a different direction as a nonbeliever, but to me, any just and credible God would not play favourites between different human populations.

      (Rather as I agree with Robert A Heinlein, in that I’ve got no time for a God who wants to be worshipped; many people have awful, tragic lives, and they may have preferred not to be born, but they weren’t given a choice.)

  9. It’s because socialism has hit the Old People so hard..
    Obviously one of the sturdier tenets of the jews’ new secular faith is ‘antiracism’. Jews think antisemitism equals racism, and that non whites are their natural brothers..
    Their brothers beg to differ, but the jews won’t listen..

    • In the United States, Orthodox Jews vote conservative. And since they have more children than the secular and reform Jews, the political future for Jews will be conservative. New York City Democrats already are having to gerrymander districts to prevent the Orthodox from having more political power.

    • Yes, the Bergoglio Vatican. The victory of woke progressivism, which we now see playing out in all its ugliness, could not have happened without the complicity of the Vatican, specifically the modern Vatican 2 Vatican. Prior to Vatican 2, Catholicism presented a formidable bulwark against the leftists. However, that regime was overthrown with the election of John XXIII. From that point onwards, the Catholic Church became an engine of destruction.

  10. Once again, Max Denken provides us with an exceptionally insightful analysis, this time about Agnieszka Holland’s film “Green Border”, which he eloquently explains presents a wholly false image about the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Holland’s film follows a fictional group of Syrian migrants portrayed as innocents trying to enter Poland from Belarus who are then brutalized by Poland’s Border Guards and vilified by the Polish government. This is of course untrue, which is why he accurately renames the film “Brown Border”, in a not so subtle reference to its true composition. We plainly see that Holland is quite the Progressivist. As Polish President Duda pointedly noted, instead of making a film about how Poles opened their hearts to Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russian forces, her film distorts the truth and falsely denigrates Poland’s Border Guards and Poles themselves.

    Max’s many examples of horrific crimes committed by migrants who were accepted en masse by other European countries because of naïve political elites are quite sobering. He says it best as follows: “Here is Berlin and here is London. Or New York, or Dearborn, or a hundred other cities in the pathologically altruist West. (Each of the cities named are linked to supporting articles.) A European or Europeans-founded country signs its death warrant even if taking in African and Asian Muslim women and children, let along young, military-age men who are the great majority of the invaders.” Of course, our enlightened director ignores such inconvenient and compelling truths.

    Holland, who some say is known for tackling challenging themes, has said “To talk about it, I decided to do what I know how to do, which is to make a feature film.” Many others have also drunk her Progressivist Kool Aid. The Federation of European Screen Directors, which represents over 20,000 European film and TV directors, said in an open letter it was “full of admiration” for Holland for her “strength and courage in the face of the appalling attacks against her and the film in Poland.” As Max points out in his book “The Camp of the Sane”, which I highly recommend, Poland refuses to allow a Muslim invasion of its country as other EU countries have and it is this rock-solid sanity that he points out enrages Holland and her EU “co-religionists in the church of Progressivism.”

  11. I don’t see PiS in a positive light, and I’ve made it clear more than once here. PiS is a party that calls itself nationalist, that resists mass immigration, and is absolutely right to do so. But PiS at the same time adheres to another type of integration, which is not multicultural, military and governance integration. Here I reiterate facts that I brought about PiS and that can be easily found and proven: PiS is in favor of integrating the EU with NATO, and the armies of the Member States into a European army. Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he was in favor of a military world order against Russia. More than once former Polish presidents have expressed their desire for a European army.

    During the pandemic, the Polish government was one of the helpers in implementing the digital Contact Tracing system. The Polish government in 2016 reached agreements with Beijing for the New Silk Road. What kind of nationalist government adheres to Brussels’ health agenda, helps implement oppressive technology, and wants to hand over its military sovereignty to a centralizing body like the EU? All these facts are proven, and no one can dispute them. For me, there are misinterpretations of the papers within the European geopolitical context. The Polish political class has proven that their interest is not in having sovereignty, but in delivering it, as long as they are leaders in something, in this case, they want to be military leaders.

    • I could add more negative items about PiS–above all their insane Russophobic obsession that made them hurl all of Poland into this lost-from-Day-1 war on behalf o another sworn enemy, Ukraine. The consequences will be felt disastrously in Poland for decades to come. Just about the only thing they have done right is their unbending position v. EU’s “migrants” and the ones I describe in the article. So kudos on that but, as far as I am concerned, from the time they put Morawiecki at the head of the government, hardly anything else.

    • Oh yeah! You should have heard these tearful reports about the “unfortunate refugees” on Russian television.

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