Mohammad Will Style Your Hair — And Slit Your Throat

Mohammad Hussain Rashwani is a Syrian “refugee” who came to Germany for a better life. He is a skilled hairstylist, and found employment working for a woman who owns a hair salon in Herzberg. He did so well that he was touted as a model of successful “integration” in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Yesterday there was a little integration glitch: Mohammad was unable to resist emulating his namesake, and slit his employer’s throat.

I hardly need to point out that this incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating the two articles below from Lausitzer Rundschau. The first is a flashback to last summer, for background:

Syrian Hairstylist finds employment in Herzberg

Salon owner Ilona Fugmann is amazed by his skills

August 31, 2016

Herzberg — In early September, Ilona Fugmann will give the Syrian Mohammad Hussain Rashwani a permanent position in her hair salon in Herzberg. The 38-year-old’s skills immediately convinced her. Mohammad Hussain Rashwani is an example of how well integration can work out.

It was late June when Mohammad Hussain Rashwani introduced himself to Kevin Freiwald, the job adviser in charge for refugees at the Elbe-Elster job center in Herzberg. He said he was a hairdresser and was looking for work. Bärbel Meyer of the employers’ service of the job center knew of salons that were looking for good staff. “The demand in Elbe-Elster is very high. There are always three, four hair salons looking for staff,” she said. The job management staff member’s words fell on sympathetic ears with Ilona Fugmann, who had opened a salon in Herzberg in mid July. She wanted to give Mohammad Hussain Rashwani an apprenticeship first. But the ultimate goal was regular employment. “It is very difficult these days to find real good staff in the hairdressing craft. Why shouldn’t I give him a chance?” says Ilona Fugmann.

She immediately realized that Mohammad Hussain had an excellent command of his craft. He also gets along well with the two female colleagues in the salon on the Mönchstraße. “The chemistry is right. Admittedly, Mohammad is a proud person, but very attentive and prudent. He even helps with the clean-up,” says Ilona Fugmann.

Salon in Damascus was destroyed

Even though the Syrian only began the apprenticeship a few weeks ago, he already has regular customers, his colleagues say. The customers are just as convinced by his skills as his boss. This is no surprise. Mohammad Hussain Rashwani reports that he, a master hairdresser, and his family operated two salons in Damascus for more than fifteen years. The women operated the salon for ladies, and he operated the one for men. He does not have a problem with the fact that in Germany ladies and gentlemen are served in one salon. But he needs to brush up his skills on ladies’ hairstyles. Nevertheless, that won’t be difficult for him; Ilona Fugmann is certain. She will give Mohammad Hussain Rashwani regular employment. He is very happy about that. He came to Germany because his salon in Damascus was destroyed. He wants to start a new livelihood in Herzberg. Now that he has employment, his family can come, too. The 38-year-old has a wife and two children. He misses them very much.

The only thing that is still difficult for him is the German language. He tries very hard and is taking a language course at the community college. But in the meantime, he uses a translation app on his mobile phone to communicate with colleagues.

Language skills a problem

It is not everyday that a refugee like Mohammad Hussain Rashwani finds a job in Elbe-Elster. “In his case, it is a lucky constellation, and everyone involved is helping”, says the job center boss Eike Belle. “In the metal industry, with its many safety regulations, integration is much more difficult,” the manager says.

There are 411 refugees currently registered as unemployed in the job center for Elbe-Elster county. Only five to ten percent have got a sufficiently advanced command of German that they can find work, says Eike Belle. That is why they try to combine German language courses with career training, and offer several welcome courses. In addition, the refugees can use all the offers that German job seekers use.

[Photo caption: Kevin Freiwald of the job service allows himself to be convinced by the skills of Mohammad Hussain Rashwani, under the eyes of Eike Belle, Bärbel Meyer and Ilona Fugmann (right to left). Photo: Rudow]

The second article is about yesterday’s unfortunate incident:

Herzberg: Syrian hairstylist slits boss’s throat

Suspect arrested. Committing magistrate will decide today

June 29, 2017

HERZBERG A bloody deed horrified Herzberg (Elbe-Elster) on Wednesday. A salon owner was attacked by her Syrian employee, and gravely injured.

He was regarded the paramount example of successful integration. The Syrian Mohammad H. (39), a master hairstylist who had fled his homeland, started a new life and found work in Herzberg. He was appreciated and popular in the salon of Ilona F. (64). This makes what happened yesterday, Wednesday, even stranger.

As the Prosecution Cottbus confirms, around 6:30 PM Mohammad H. assaulted his boss with a knife, and injured her neck. Another Syrian (22) interfered and “in doing so, prevented worse,” Chief Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon reports. It is yet unclear to the prosecution what sparked the attack. Investigations are ongoing.

The injured woman was taken to hospital. She had to undergo surgery and is in in-patient treatment. Her condition is not critical. Mohammad H. was arrested and will be presented to the committing magistrate today. “We asked for an arrest warrant to be issued for attempted murder,” says Bantleon.

Attempted murder! Why, surely Mr. Rashwani will be sentenced to at least eighteen months in jail if convicted! Even with time off for good behavior, he won’t walk the streets of Germany again until at least the middle of next year…

81 thoughts on “Mohammad Will Style Your Hair — And Slit Your Throat

  1. I read proud as meaning he hated working for a woman. I suspect if he’d been from a country like Poland he would have been described as rude or arrogant.
    Typical doublespeak.

    • islam is full of paradox….a muslim has many complex behave …
      an koran-obeyed muslim is totally in disastrous thought and imagination ….
      Muslims are able to kill you any time just in blink because of discovering you are against their biggest mean-thing Allah.they kill you just they know you haven’t accept their creator Allah…if you see some muslims are nice to you ;it is just because of hopping their target maybe became a muslim later but as soon as they lost their hope,they kills.a comic book of koran and showing in media brings out the real savage hater killer in front of your eyes

    • An entire continent of “men” subservient to their women. Depressing to see that the only virile and aggressively male men in western europe are these imported muslim scum. I suppose if I was a european woman I would also choose these aggressive, masculine men to my own weak kind.

      • But they aren’t masculine. That is a common misconception, but it is important to realize that they are not.
        They are puny and extremely short, shorter than even petite European women. And as odd as this sounds, often malformed. For example, extreme knock-knees so they have an unusual walk, or tiny thin legs in comparison to the body. The only thing “masculine” is a strong growth of dark hair. I think in all seriousness that this is a reason (probably not the only reason, but an important one) behind both: the rapes, and the attacks in packs.

        • Agreed. It’s the constant reminders of their inferiority to Western man that causes them to become bitter and resentful, and to attack — usually in packs. The same is sometimes observed among American blacks.

        • Egri-

          Agreed. I lived in a Muslim country for four years, and the average young male is scrawny, with poor muscle tone, posture, and reflexes. Hardly a physical threat one-on-one, and hardly an attractive picture of manhood.

          On top of that, their typical behaviors and fashion sense would be considered flaming by normal US standards.

          I think the main issue on the Western side is that the legal system and state power have utterly neutered Western men in their relations with women. One false accusation is all it takes to destroy the typical Western man who was making a good living working hard at his job.

          • Not a member here, and first post, but why is it the men have to be ’emasculated’? Some of them are, sure, not even trying to deny that; but let’s be real here, what incentive is there for ‘real’ men to save this worthless, useless, dangerous effeminate culture?

            Stefan Molyneux mentioned something to this effect while interviewing the utterly useless ‘former’ feminist Ingrid Carlquist a little over a year ago. That “there seems PLENTY of men willing to save ‘Western Civilization’, but they don’t want to save the feminists, who they believe, quite rightly, brought this disaster on themselves.”

            I don’t think we should be so quick to admonish men for not throwing their lives away to save a social-system that is overtly working to destroy them. Try to remember that we’re in this predicament because most of the good blood was squandered over the last 100-years murdering each other in pointless battles, in two pointless European wars. And these conflicts left Europe in the incapable hands of pacifist academics, gay uncles, destitute widows and shell-shocked cynics. In what comes next, yes, some buildings may be knocked down, some people will endure tribulations, but we need to remember that the leftists CHOSE chaos and it is not incumbent on conservatives or nationalists or just normal, liberal-minded Westerners to save them now that they’ve thrown open the gates. We have to do our best to navigate that and survive, while these freaks are destroyed by the circumstances of their own creation.

            It seems difficult to see it now, but try to remember, when it comes down to it, we can remake the civilization; a rabble of asexual feminist academics, communist gay uncles, and unappreciative welfare leeches can’t. They can’t even maintain one.

        • very true,Egri!
          In Morrocco in my best days, I had to smack a pickpocket, not with high violence.
          He went down to earth and screamed like crybaby, as if stabbed.Just ridiculous clowns.

        • 85% of muslim males have had a homosexual experience look that up, and then bachi bachi boys and pakistani bus boys and know this the imans know this gay [activity] goes on big time and that is why they constantly bring up the quranic verses that state how allah sends all who take part in homosexual acts to the eternal hellfires but BUT allah forgives all sins for those who die fighting jihad ie become a suicide bomber and what do you think these Muslims choose raised from birth on their evil cults quranic surahs WE ARE IN DEEP [effluvium] pakistani SSI rounds up the tens of thousands of bus boys and takes them every friday to saudi sponsored mosques all over pakistan where saudi guest imans lead prayers teaching just that as i said we’re in for it BOOM

        • 60 generations of inbreeding will take a while to fix. Guess who the “fix” is?

  2. I am approaching the stage where I no longer feel sorry for fools like Madam Fugmann.

    Okay, I made that up. I have gotten to that stage already.

    • getting there? I love these stories.

      They are getting what they deserve. And the internet censorship .. wherein nobody is allowed to opine on this… will bite their kraut [derrieres] as well.

      This whole debacle is awakening the inner Adolph from Budapest, to Warsaw, to Vienna, to Brussels.

      Oh, and the Italians are about to start killing them in the streets.

      • Agree. At first I felt sorry for the victims but I have run out of tears as they are still too stupid to understand what they have done. They have a cognitive impairment which makes them unable to see what is right in front of them.

        • I spoke to a friend in the UK last week. I was shocked to hear from him that he was considering offering temporary accommodation to some muzzies displaced by the Grenfell fire.

    • Agreed! At first one sees the ‘victim’ as being subject to some kind of irrationality in their thinking that needs to change, but as time progresses, it becomes very obvious that it is only the rational thinker who sees the irrational behaviour of the victim that brings with it larger than life expectations which has a tendency to negate any sense of danger it seems the victim cannot or will not, comprehend.

  3. That is a real example of workplace violence. Bathhouse Barry would be proud of him.
    I wonder if he’ll ask for his job back when he’s let out of prison.
    I wonder if Germany will deport him.

    • He will be released. He will be pardoned and will get his job. Frau
      Fugmann cannot forget his erotic looks. They want something different. Novelties are exciting. Fräulein Fugmanns of the same food. They want different type of foods. They are thankful to Merkel Mo. for her
      Führung . She is the best Fuhrer so far. No Fuhrer from the 1930s comes close to comparing her with. Lucky Deutschland the Fuhrer of EU.

      Germany is so successful due to its being a democracy. They don’t need faith.

  4. My new(ish), and very good, local hairdresser is an Iraqi Kurd. I’ve told him (entirely sincerely) I support his people’s aspiration to nationhood, so I should be ok.

    • I support their statehood, too. Their Islam, not. And I know nice ones, too, just like the lady in the report above thought she did. All is fine until the day they pop.

    • Mark, my father once said to me, “Never trust an Arab son, they will slit your throat as soon as look at ya!”

      Do you believe he was wrong?

  5. For one reason or another, these moslam men have a huge inferior complex… and
    they always seem to blame women for this phenomenon !
    Pathetic… but also very dangerous

  6. At least the appeaser might wake up to reality with her head properly screwed on now.

    • Don’t bet on it; remember Maria Ladenburger? Raped and drowned by one of her “Welcome, migrants” friends, and did her parents wake up?

      Many people have been well and truly brainwashed–in all western countries.

      • Yes, indeed. And remember what Maria’s deluded parents did as a funeral commemoration for her? Asked those mourning Maria’s death to donate to a charity to help “refugees”!

  7. Another Syrian (22) interfered <– Ein anderer Syrer (22) ging dazwischen
    Literally, "went therebetween". I might have said "intervened", but it's good that he interfered with the knifing.

    • The English translation would be interposed himself between the attacker and victim.

    • He probably interfered with the knifing because it would have prevented any opportunities for raping had she been killed first.

  8. If he had succeeded in killing her, that would have been a Muslim Permanent.

  9. Because they are inferior. They are arrogant but some part of the subconscious has to know that they are inferior. After all, no one is beating down the doors to get in *their* countries. Most of the material good that they want–including their ubiquitous cell phones–are Western in origin. Even their clothing is often Western–they are able to wear comfortable Western clothing even if their women are not.

    How often do we see, on a warm summer’s day, a Muslim man in cool, Western clothing–often in shorts–walking with his wife who is swathed in a body bag or has long sleeves and a hot head scarf.

    But the women are as brainwashed as the men.

  10. Just note all the fuss and bother and excitement at the employment of one refugee as a hair dresser! This was considered a huge success. Can you imagine how much it costs to sustain all the unemployed and unemployable refugees so thoughtlessly imported by Merkel?
    This is a truly horrible story. It should be on the front page of every Western newspaper.
    As I write this, Trump’s partial travel ban has just gone into effect. Why can’t Europe stop and think about the destruction of its constituent countries being brought about by the massive importation of Muslims?

    • Because it is being done deliberately. The destruction of the constituent countries is the intended goal; once you realize that is the desired endpoint, every illogical and perverse action taken to date begins to make sense.

      • In UK even the Royals are encouraging the adoption of Islamic style dress. There is no doubt now that the “ruling classes” have determined we shall all become Muslim. Why in the Lord’s name why?

          • So like third rate lawyers, they would sell their country for a few dollars, sickening.

          • Twas allways thus, cherchez l’argent. I too have asked myself why, and Occam’s razor answers… Money. What money? Petrodollars money.

          • Yes they are very close to Saudi Arabia, always tripping off there. Charles is very pro. I wouldn’t be surprised if they marry one of the younger generation off to one; George or Charlotte . Diana was dating one.

        • There is also the ‘pizza gate’ factor of pedophilia that apparently is rife among the controlling elite who use such depravity with which to ‘recruit’ fully vetted like minded ‘new’ members to their ‘club’.

          Islam is the perfect tool with which to legitimize their depravity whereas Christianity is not.

        • One reason, religion is a means of controlling the masses systematically.
          Catholic/christianity used to work vary well until the church deatroyed it name with all the scandals.
          The elites need a new system, what religion is better than one that reverts the masses back to a violant misinformed ball of confusion.
          The koran contradicts itself time and time again, it was a script written to deceive the people in order for one man to rule above all.
          Things are not so different now, except instead of one man it is a group of elites.

    • That was sarcasm on my part, a reference to the ludicrously lenient sentences (sometimes just probation) handed down for brutal violence by culture-enrichers in Germany.

      The sentence will more likely be 4-6 years. The Germans will have to tell you how much of that he will probably serve. And I doubt he can be deported when he gets out, because of the situation in his homeland — it would violate his human rights to send him back to Syria.

    • No, that is the new radical liberal left. Now if HE had been attacked by a razor or knife weilding jihadist, and he had defended himself, he probably would get a 15 to 20 yr sentence if he had not injured the attacker. If he had, … well the sky’s the limit. Cheers.

  11. Mohammad Will Style Your Hair

    Bearing in mind that particular 100%, “Mohammad Factor”—there is but little doubt about how the most dramatic application of his shears will be at the neckline.

    As in, “a close shave” has nothing to do with truth in advertising.

    PS: “Mohammad” is the most ideal spelling as it includes both, “Ham”, and “Mad”.

    What’s not to like?!?

  12. Now he’ll porbably sign up for unemployment benefits:

    Unemployment Office: Mohammad, why were you sacked from your last job?

    Mohammad: I had a job cutting hair, and I tried to slice my boss’ head off, so she sacked me.

    Unemployment Office: Well, that certainly sounds unjustified, so you qualify for unemployment in the People’s Republic of Jairmany. Here’s your cheque!

    Talk about a cutting-edge attitude.
    It’s certainly time for them to cut out the idiocy.

    What’s next? Steel neck protectors?

  13. Let’s just hold firm that “he was regarded the paramount example of successful integration.”

    The idea that this “model” went off the rails and is therefore no longer the “paramount example” isn’t correct. Slashing the throat is a feature not a bug.

  14. oh, my, another master of a trade.After all those master brain surgeons and master rocket scientists. Unfortunately he will have to find another opening in jail: what if I suggest ” master soap-lifter- under – the- showers”?

  15. I lived in that part of the world for nearly 3 years. I was not military, nor was i living on a “base”. I lived “on the economy”, and bought my groceries down in the baazar, just like everyone else – rubbing elbows with the locals ever day. Every single one of them, without exeception, if you scratched them with a quarter, would reveal a raving jihadist under the paint [IMHO]. I was asked things like: “Since all you Americans are wife swappers, how do you manage – since you are not married??” This was from people in their 30s and 40s, and they were deadly serious. I was also asked why people on my staff (other Americans), worked for me – since the locals knew they were from all over the US – and “Did they know my relatives”?? In that part of the world, you only work for someone if you know their relatives, or they know yours. I was also asked what religion was my staff. When i told them i didn’t know – we didn’t pay any attention to that – they were astounded! Cheers.

      • sorry,but I did achieve this education on my own means.
        Being a house guest of moroccan friends in the seventies, we were all invited for a simple rural dinner on the coutryside. A modest half brother was hosting well by his standards, no harm. When conversation came to GOD, I let it slip that I was not a religious person.This guy then said, that I had the existence of a donkey.
        It has to be added that he lived mainly on the generous contributions of his half brothers who did not let him pay any rent for the modest paternal farm and was an illiterate, when I was a college professor young in my career.This shows the incredible arrogance and stupidity of those people.

    • I lived on my own in one of these countries for over 3 years, and Harrold’s main point that they are all lunatics under the surface is entirely correct.

      It is very difficult to relax much when you are in a location where 99% of the population is secretly fantasizing about murdering you to punch their guaranteed ticket to paradise.

      • According to my next door neighbor who once worked for a Muslim boss in a body repair shop – motor vehicles – once were called panel beaters, but the steel they use in vehicle panels today excludes any way of reshaping them. Anyway, his boss, according to him would not employ other Muslims, only Australians because he didn’t want staff to be praying five times a day or provide them with ‘prayer rooms’.

        He was also warned by his boss to stay away from those Muslims who pray five times a day as they were the ‘mad ones’.

        • Lol, looks like the boss here was relatively OK, but I still like your dad’s advice best; certainly I would NEVER trust one!

  16. Maybe the scissors just slipped /sarc.

    That said, if we condemn one Syrian for attempted murder, we should not denigrate the other one who saved her life. Replacement immigration is a bad idea, but we do not have to insist that every single immigrant is a rapist in order to oppose it.

    • Perhaps other commenters “denigrated” the other Syrian who stopped this killer? If so, I failed to read them carefully enough. Please point out the offender.

      It is estimated (and the current stats in the newspaper make it clear) that only about 10% of these migrants will ever be self-supporting. So 90% will be a burden on the tax-payer in Germany. It is beyond sad that one of the few employed turns out to be a killer – or would-be killer.

      • I think someone further up suggested (jokingly, I presume) that he only saved her so as to rape her later.

    • Unfortunately, Islam has gained for itself over its 1400 year history nothing but a bad rap, and which in my opinion and I would guess in many others who bother to know their world history, is highly deserved.

      My own take on those from Islam is that if they self-identify as being Muslim, then I automatically steer clear of them, and it does not matter from what Muslim country they may hail from.

  17. Having read the upstream denigration of the shop owner, I would like to put in my 2 cents.
    We lived in SoCal from the beginning of 1985 to 1997. There wasn’t a day went by that we weren’t bombarded with the narrative that if you dislike the massive immigration of Mexican and Central American illegal immigration into your community then you are a racist. TV, newspapers and radio reinforced this message daily. This was talked about in whispered tones even among friends due to the heavy media bombardment. Even the public schools supported this liturgy. I had the principle of my local public school tell me that my child would “learn Spanish” by sitting next to a school mate that spoke no English.
    I didn’t buy it… And so started our removal from the area with a couple of stops in private school.
    My point is that the shop owner is a product of the extreme coercion of gov’t entities combined with an amazingly effective media voice. I don’t blame her. She is a small business owner that cuts hair for a living. A person coming home from standing up on her feet all day long is the prime target of this kind of propaganda. So please, let’s be a little more kind to the native German that has been fed this BS by the wagon load by their media and their gov’t.

  18. A man walks into a sex shop and asks to purchase a blow-up doll. The clerk asks if he wants a Christian, Jewish, or Muslim doll?
    “Why” the customer asks, and the clerk says “because the Muslim blows herself up”.

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