Geert Wilders: “We Must Finally and Urgently Introduce Administrative Detention”

The video below was recorded in the Dutch parliament today during the debate on counterterrorism. In it you’ll see Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), make the case for administrative detention for terrorist suspects when there is not enough evidence to arrest them under normal judicial procedures:

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “We Must Finally and Urgently Introduce Administrative Detention”

  1. he is on pressure !!! and the reason is clear!….chamber members are safe in the saloon ;).they don’t know the difference between Islam and a Muslim.
    they think Muslims are the Islamic person;but it has been predicted in koran that as soon as Muslims got majority and got most amount of population, then Islam will rule.the brutal rule of islam is hidden among nice words and of course written on koran!.Respecting Islam to respect you also, is a raw idea and misunderstood by the social human law.and the answer for the good question is to humiliate koran,Alla,Prophet and if a muslim couldn’t tolerate;you must know he is a potential danger;at least you don’t have to wait for a muslims to behave savagely for what ever he/she imagines as an insulting to the greatest idea in the universe

    • I’m sure they’ll get a “Christian” to do it, or maybe an animal rights activist.

    • is he in danger really????….
      yes he is.killing people who talks about islam without a holy type respect must be done.therefor if a muslims just feel that another person is mocking islam then he can kill the suspect without any being interrogate!…………in islamic governmental country, every day every moment every person is living under high pressure and stress of islamist reaction to your life style…..islamist ;they are potential killer….because their Alla is greater and stronger than everything else and it is ordered to kill whoever insults Islam.but the insult unit and measurement is dependent on your idea and because of that a none muslim never understand how much danger a muslim is

  2. This is a debate that all Parliaments need to have, unfortunately most of the useful idiots who constitute politics now will vote it down. As a Brit, I regret that Mrs May threw away her majority, hence scuppering the possibility of an Emergency Measures detention.

  3. I thought the Green party woman made a couple of good points. So you “detain” a person with the wrong connections or waved the wrong flag or made a video you object to. In the detainment milieu he/she becomes more radicalized. And then, 6 months later, you put him/her back on the streets? I don’t see this as a productive solution.
    In addition, there is a very easy creep from this policy of detaining ”
    potential” terrorists to detaining anyone with which you disagree.
    I understand that the islamisation of the Netherlands and the west as a whole is a very serious problem. I just think this is an idea that has a huge potential downside.
    I would rather see an increase of stripping Dutch citizenship to dual citizens as that could not slip into turning the gov’t on indigenous citizens as this idea might.

    • Taking their Dutch passport won’t work as long as the EU doesn’t protect it’s outside borders. Nor is the open border policy inside the EU helping matters. They just go to any EU country that will have them and walk right over the border to the Netherlands (or any EU country) again – Then you don’t even know the person is here because he/she is unregistered in that country.

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