Low-Level, Random, But Unceasing Violence

The following guest-essay from our Indian correspondent The Kafir is relevant to the latest news from Cologne, as well as earlier incidents in Paris, California, and many other locations throughout the Western world.

The UC Merced stabbings and the San Bernardino massacre: Low-level, random, but unceasing violence, and Muslim immigration into the West

by The Kafir

Quran 9.120 (Translation by Yusuf Ali):

”It was not fitting for the people of Medina and the Bedouin Arabs of the neighbourhood, to refuse to follow Allah’s Messenger, nor to prefer their own lives to his: because nothing could they suffer or do, but was reckoned to their credit as a deed of righteousness, — whether they suffered thirst, or fatigue, or hunger, in the cause of Allah, or trod paths to raise the ire of the Unbelievers, or received any injury whatever from an enemy: for Allah suffereth not the reward to be lost of those who do good.”

Please remember, for a Muslim this is God personally speaking.

This verse is the basis of low-level, random, but unceasing violence — the most effective weapon in the armoury of the followers of Mohammed till they have a stronger army/dominant demography, after which it is submission in dhimma or death for the kafirs.

So read again:

“…or trod paths to raise the ire of the Unbelievers…”

So do anything that angers the kafirs, and a good deed is recorded in your favour, and you are one step closer to the 72 virgins.

Throw pieces of meat in their streets, defile temple/church doorways, defile temples/church, slash the tires of their cars, molest/rape kafir girls, block entry to their shops, make the neighbourhood unliveable, degrade trade and businesses, always raise volume of loudspeakers at the mosques, block roads for prayers, make sure to take religious processions through their streets, steal, loot, kill…

The deadly power of low-level, random, but unceasing violence.

And of course even if kafirs retaliate, it is a win for them:

Read the next line: “…received any injury whatever from an enemy…” is also a good deed.

So for every injury you give to a follower of Mohammed, Allah gives him a virgin after he dies…

The Western social compact — in which nobody uses violence to settle differences or to enforce his point of view on others, or eyes others’ property or women — makes modern civilisation possible. It is true that still there are people who do take recourse to violence to dominate others, who loot and rape; but they are few, they are called criminals, and the justice system generally takes effective care of them. For the simple reason that they are few.

What Islam has done is that it has frozen tribalism as the religious code, and therefore everybody outside the Tribe, i.e. non-Muslims, is an enemy who can be harassed, looted, killed, raped, and enslaved; and Allah will reward the perpetrator.

And therefore the most basic prerequisite of civilised society, that you do not harm a person who does not harm you, no longer needs to be observed by the followers of Mohammed in their interactions with non-Muslims.

Coming back to “or trod paths to raise the ire of the Unbelievers.” What is the key requirement for it to be possible for the followers of Mohammed to “tr[ead] the paths that raise the ire of the unbelievers”?

The key requirement is that Muslims live in physical proximity to the kafirs. They share with the kafirs the cities, towns, and villages of the kafirs. Only then is low-level, random, but unceasing violence is possible.

With the overwhelming military superiority of the kafirs, outright invasion and conquest is no longer possible. So the only way to fulfil Allah’s command to subjugate the whole earth for Islam is low-level, random, but unceasing violence. This was not possible fifty years ago, when there were hardly any Muslims in Western countries. But with immigration of Muslims into the West, it has not only become possible, but has become a daily occurrence.

That brings us to the UC Merced stabbings and the San Bernardino massacre. Although both these incidents can hardly be called instances of low-level and random violence, they were made possible only because Muslims have immigrated to the US. Had there been no Muslims in the US, both these incidents would not have taken place.

Men are free to follow Mohammed. It is their decision to accept a man with such a twisted moral compass as the messenger of God. But now that we know that they think of us only as the means to secure a place in heaven, with no rights whatsoever on this planet earth, why should we agree to share our cities, towns, villages; and countries with them?

If they have no control over their killer instincts, which our societies have taken thousands of years to suppress, why should we place ourselves in constant danger of violence?

If they take crime against kafirs to be the worship of God, why should we enable them to commit the crime by bringing them to live next to us?

There is a lot of suffering and violence in the Muslim world. But those Westerners who want to alleviate that suffering should not be allowed to place their own countrymen’s lives, women, and property in grave danger. The citizens of the Western countries owe it to nobody to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the people who do not even think of Westerners as human beings.

The governments of Western countries are not charitable organisations. They are arrangements put in place by the peoples of Western countries to govern their own societies. They have first and last responsibility to their own people only. Just because persons currently in charge of the governments in Western countries feel merciful to the peoples of the Muslim countries, they can not be allowed to destroy their own countries.

How have the peoples of Western countries come to accept that their governments have the power to import into their nations the people it deems fit?

Westerners need to wake up, and wake up fast, before their ruling elites surrender their countries to Islam. Already the Congressmen in the US are proposing to take away the Constitutional right of free speech, in the service of the people who have no right whatsoever even to enter the US. It should be readily obvious to Americans what their Congressmen would surrender once the Muslims become electorally significant.

Quranic exhortation to low-level, random, but unceasing violence; and the propensity of the politicians to surrender to the Muslims in exchange for votes, emphasise the point I have made many times before: that the only way for the kafirs to survive on this planet is complete physical separation from Muslims, at a country level. Kafir countries should have zero Muslim population. Deportation of Muslim populations / partition of kafir countries with Muslim population, or whatever other means need to be employed must be employed before more 11-year-old girls are gang-raped, before more office workers are killed in their workplaces, before more students are stabbed in the corridors of their colleges.

I hope kafirs wake before they discover that they never moved to a Muslim country, but rather their own country became Muslim. Otherwise, some great kafir cities will have mushroom clouds rising over them.

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20 thoughts on “Low-Level, Random, But Unceasing Violence

  1. A succinct explanation of why returning new immigrants to their home countries is imperative.

    But the current crop of global politicians have neither the will nor the motivation to act on imperatives that would save the people they were elected to serve. Supranational groups – the EU, UN, etc., will block any such attempt. The media will conspire…

    What are the four poison pillars of mendacity again? Politicians, media, academia, and (I think this is the fourth) – the emergence of the mega-wealthy.

    Bezos is a prime example…now the fifth richest person on Earth and yet Amazon is run like a 19th century mill. Ripe for unionization. Or for ruin as people walk away from a tainted company, no matter how much more cheaply it sells what people want.

    • Daniel Pipes referred to the four ‘P’ establishment professionals as: Politicians, Police, Press and Professoriate. He said that as the Islamization crisis deepens they’ll go farther to the left while the general public turns to the right. The Mayor of Cologne and her police chief have attempted misdirection, the press tried to ignore this story, and there’s certainly some professor somewhere lecturing us that this has nothing to do with Islam. This conforms nicely to your “four poison pillars.”


  2. so, islam and pre-medieval tribalism, imported to the West, “might be dangerous to your health”, and “can kill”.

    maybe it is time to focus on “what to do” type questions.
    namely, on the motives, morals, social base, and the techniques of the Resistance.

    why do I choose (this time) to resist instead of running away?
    what am I ready to sacrifice?
    on whom can I count?
    what to do?

    basically, there are few options –
    1) Hard Confrontation until victory is won
    2) “Separation”
    3) option 2) followed by 1)

    issues of crucial importance:

    – horizontal self-organization (via volunteering, PEGIDA-type movements, charities)
    – breaking off with, and replacing the renegade political class
    – army, police, people militias
    – weapons smuggling
    – foreign interference/intervention
    – international cooperation
    – logistical/social reforms

    these are not arbitrary points, but issues revealed recently by the Ukrainian revolution.
    BTW the “Separation” was implemented there literally/geographically.

  3. I suspect it will be far less common in concealed/open carry states.

    Police: “Anybody see who shot this person of diversity?”

    Bystanders: “Nope, didn’t see anything.” “He was wearing a white body suit, had a black mask, a white cowboy hat, and yelling something about ‘Hi Ho Silver’. And an Indian was with him.” “No, he had a black body suit, a black cape, and some kind of hat with pointed ears sticking straight up.”

    Police: “So you’re telling me he was Tea Party type, Iraq Veteran?

    Bystanders: “No, you idiot. He kept saying ‘No Habla Ingles!, No Habla Ingles!’ He probably couldn’t understand ‘Alu Akbar, Alu Akbar”

  4. I guess Trump isn’t looking so bad to Europeans now, is he?

    Aside from the Brits who have the audacity to actually debate whether to allow him into their precious country…

    Oh well, there’s always Tower Hamlets to retire to.

    • Bill – Lets make it clear. Us Brits – the demographic majority are not in favour of mass immigration and Islam. We are however polarised and have strongly held opinions – which is why idiots signed the petition against The Trump.

      There was another petition to stop immigration into our nation that gathered around the same amount of votes.

      It must also be said that there was significant evidence of fraud in favour of the petition to ban Trump.

      Its also to Trump’s credit that he copies Geert Wilders hairdo.

    • What is this Europe-bashing good for? America will be in exactly the same situation very soon. You voted for Obama, didn’t you? And thank you a lot for sex, drugs and rock’n roll. A lot of good that did us. And you can retire to Detroit, as happy a place, I’m sure, as Tower Hamlets. We are in this mess together, and you americans have certainly done your bit. Marceuse and the Don’t forget that. You gave us reality-TV and all the other stuff that has turned us into mindless zombies. Don’t try to escape the responsibility YOU also have for all this by putting all the blame on Europe. Maybe we wouldn’t have been in this place if not for your obsession with creating “democracies” in countries with no democratic traditions, like Irak, Afghanistan and Libya. Not to mention CIA’s misplaced ideas of toppling Assad – wich resulted in the creation of IS.

  5. My hat is off to Gates of Vienna and other sites that offer the truth. What happened in Germany during New Year’s Eve is hideous. And how many similar crimes went unreported for fear of reprisal? That Merkel was the recipient of the Coudenhove-Kalergi award in 2010 is also telling. None of this is by chance — it is, in fact, an orchestrated chaos; a genocide of the European civilization by elites who will never suffer the same humiliation. The time for polite discussion is finished. Only by fighting back can we, the people, take back what is rightfully ours. Again, thank you Gates of Vienna. You are a trusted source.

    • The European continent has a decades long history of downplaying the threat posed by generations of Muhammedan migrants. Perhaps it’s time to revisit
      1:55:45 documentary film, “The Muslim Agenda
      ff 0:51 to witness unabashed Muhammedan threats viciously verbalized in European streets
      “Death to you, by God!” “May Allah bomb you! May Usama Bin Laden bomb you!”
      ff 1:23 “We will take revenge on you!” “Allahu akbar…x3” “May they bomb Denmark, so we can invade their country!” “And take their wives as war booty!” “Allahu akbar…x3”
      ff 01:42 Because you’re walking through a Muslim area…
      ff 02:15 for CNN reporting “Young muslims want to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque…and the UK into an Islamic State”

      ff 4:13 to watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper discussing Homegrown Terror with
      “Revolution Muslims” rejoicing in the Fort Hood Carnage, Americans who praise Usama bin Laden and celebrate the 9/11 attacks.

      **********and that’s just the first few minutes of this not so new film…NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE…make these reports and this film go viral

  6. To some extent this has even been played down by FOX. Just watched Megyn Kelly show, where Megyn and guest agreed about 8 were taken into police custody.

    And the other 900 odd? Shaping up to be an interesting year….
    As Ivan said; “These are the people we welcomed with food and Teddy bears!”

  7. Great essay, but I am not sure I agree about the mushroom part.

    I think, if current trends do not reverse, we are going to suffer the boiling frog analogy in the West. Eventually there will be so many of these low-level acts that they will simply become the new normal. I feel as though we are well on our way to that place already.

    • In that case, the appropriate response is for the law enforcement authorities or their legitimate substitutes to retaliate with overwhelming high-level violence.

  8. Thank you for another clear and well presented explanation, often the gift of those who were brought up bi-lingual.

    Unfortunately, too few people, including the well-educated, have that much of a grasp of the English language. Please keep on writing.

    And, we can all hope that the inability to communicate (not only in English but also in Polish, Russian, Hungarian and a few other things) can be used to the advantage of the counter-jihad.

  9. There is another reason why they are uninhibited in their dealings with us infidels. Their religion is fatalistic. Whatever happens is the will of Allah and that conveniently absolves them of blame or responsibility for their actions. The same cannot be said of the traitorous Western Pols who have sold us down the river.

    “Men are free to follow Mohammed” maybe but they are not free to stop. They are subject to military discipline in support of their ideology. An army deserter gets shot, a Muslim apostate gets a death sentence. And remember, most Muslims are born into it and most converts do so under extreme duress.

  10. Ignore gun laws, set up black markets and arm yourselves, Euopean Muslims
    Are way ahead of you. If you don’t they will bury you and fast. All of the current PM’s and presidents of various nations are traitors and despots.

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