The Longest-Running Crime Family

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir takes a look at the life script of Mohammed, which authorizes — and even commands — the murder, rape, enslavement, and subjugation of anyone who is not a member of his 1400-year-old crime family.

The Longest-Running Crime Family
By The Kafir

The famous Jesuit maxim, “Give me a child for his first seven years and I’ll give you the man,” talks of the first seven years of life. Eric Berne, the famous American psychiatrist and the originator of Transactional Analysis, says the script actually becomes fixed in the first five years of life. Many other variants of the maxim also speak of the first five or six years of life.

Most versions of Mohammed’s life begin with unfortunate but somewhat romantic ‘orphan boy’ talk. All report that he lost his father before he was born, and his mother by his sixth birthday. Almost all omit, or mention just in passing, that he was in fact in the foster care of a Bedouin family living in the desert for the first five years of his life.

This has very important implications. In his first five years he only saw desert. A desert devoid of any music, art, sculpture and refinement. A desert with warfare, loot and rape. After he was brought back to live with his family, in the one year he was with his mother he found her in utter helplessness. And later, after losing her, he was left dependent upon the family of his grandfather.

Simple conclusions follow:

1.   His life script was fixed before he came to the bustling trading town of Mecca.
2.   He felt utterly helpless in his early years.
3.   He never had the affection and care that only a natural mother in a happy marriage can give.
4.   He never even had the doting male elders around him in his early years.

Some children who feel utter helplessness in childhood are known to grow up to be very cruel (Ivan the Terrible is another example from history), lose all empathy with fellow human beings, and become mad after power.

The above explains almost everything about Mohammed that is not picked from other religions: monotheism from Sabeans and other two Abrahamic religions, a ban on idolatry from the other two Abrahamic religions, prophethood from Judaism and the concept of a Book also from the other two Abrahamic religions, with the Book itself heavily borrowing from the Books of these two religions. The penal code of the Quran is picked up from practices of the day, as are most of the Islamic rituals.

As for Mohammed being a prophet, if indeed he was one: only a very cruel God would make a prophet go through the stratagems Mohammed went through to make his prophethood acceptable, and triumphant. All he needed to do was will, and Mohammed would have been happily accepted as a prophet by all seven billion people of the world. After all, God’s objective would have been the delivery of the message, the code by which he wanted people to live, instead of putting a man born in the desert of Arabia through trials and tribulations, in the process causing him do the evil and morally reprehensible tasks that have become a curse on humanity, because Mohammed’s conduct has also been declared the conduct of a perfect man.

And as for Quran being the exact word of God, upon reading it only a man with a totally broken moral compass can accept it to be a word of God. Though there are hundreds of verses that would offend any civilized person, my favourite are quoted below:

Quran 4.4. We have sent no Messenger save with the tongue of his people, that he might make (the Message) clear to them. Then God leads whomever He wills astray, and He guides whomever He wills. He is the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Wise.

Please recall that this is a verse that is supposed to be the exact word of God fixed till eternity.

1.   This makes it clear that Mohammed can be the prophet only of the Arabic speaking people.
2.   God is saying He only decides who will believe and who will not!!

Then why all the bloodshed and killing of kafirs? The kafirs are kafirs only because God willed it so!! How can they be punished/harassed/killed for being what God willed them to be? Why hell for them? For carrying out the will of God?

Quran 17.13. Every human being’s fate, We have fastened around his neck, and We will bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book which he will see spread open.

So for every human being his fate is fixed by God, leaving no choice for him. Then for what is he to be judged on the Judgement Day?

Then there is this little matter of permitting slaves and sex slaves. Only a person with a sick morality can believe that God will permit slaves and sex slaves, and the rape of war captives.

Quran 4.24. And (also forbidden to you are) all married women, save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. This is God’s decree, binding upon you. Lawful for you are all beyond those mentioned, that you may seek, offering them of your wealth, taking them in sound chastity, and not in licentiousness. And whomever of them you seek to enjoy in marriage, give them their bridal-due as a duty. But there is no blame on you for what you do by mutual agreement after the duty. Assuredly, God is All-Knowing (of what you do and why), and All-Wise.

Quran (33:50). “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee”

The above two verses should have been the terminating words for the claims of prophecy of Mohammed, but the most tragic flaw in man is that he goes strictly by self-interest. Make lawful for him what his base instincts want, and gather around you enough of such men that those who still possess some sense of morality are not able to stop, and you have it made.

For the “Quran only” crowd, the above verses are beyond any explanation. And of course the “Quran Only” ruse doesn’t hold much water in view of the following verses:

Quran 24.52. Whoever obeys God and His Messenger, and is overwhelmed by awe of God and keeps from disobedience to Him in reverence for Him and piety, such indeed are those who are the triumphant.

Quran 4.54. Say: “Obey God and obey the Messenger. “ But (,O people), if you turn away from the Messenger, (then be aware that) what rests with him is only what he has been charged with, and what rests with you is only what you have been charged with. However, if you obey, you will be guided (to the truth). What rests with the Messenger is but to convey the Message fully and clearly.

So God makes it amply clear that Mohammed’s commands carry exactly same weight as his own commands. And since Mohammed’s commands are found in the Sira and Hadiths, therefore these also carry the same weight as the Quran.

Coming back to “Quran Only” ruse, this still presents the same problem for a moral person. The verses quoted above regarding free will, slavery and sex-slavery are simply beyond God. If we go by the context con, that these verses were valid only in the context, then whole Quran falls apart as nothing is known as to what is valid in what context. This also collapses the “exactly preserved” claim of Muslims about the Quran. Because if the message is complete only within its context, and context has not been preserved, then message is not preserved. And if the Sira and Hadiths are accepted to be the record of context, the “Quran Only” ruse flies out the window, and then Muslims will have to declare and accept that the Sira and Hadiths are also fully preserved texts giving true context of every verse. The Sira and Hadiths make the whole message even more horrible and morally evil, because the Sira and Hadiths contain material which is more morally and ethically reprehensible than even the Quran.

However, at first it may seem that one and a half billion people may not believe in such an evil message, and there must be something wrong in our understanding of it. But again we would assume that morality is genetic. Morality and ethics are not genetic. Man after all is just another animal, with faculty of speech. Human beings need to be raised to become decent human beings, morality needs to be inculcated in them; they need to be taught to differentiate between right and wrong.

And even before that, those who are doing the raising, the parents, family and society themselves need to know what is right and what is wrong. What if they don’t? The morality of Islam is the morality of a crime syndicate:

1.   What is good for the gang is good.
2.   Those outside the gang can be freely killed, their women can be snatched, and their property can be looted.
3.   Those outside the gang are not to be taken as friends, are never to be treated as equal human beings.

It is not that Muslims do not grasp that they are living a lie. When Sayyid Qutb, the Muslim Brotherhood ideologue, said that Jihad is the soul of Islam and without Jihad Islam would die, he knew that Islam is a crime syndicate, and a crime syndicate cannot survive in the absence of crime. He knew that without a continuous supply of kafir wealth, kafir women and occasional but regular slaughter of kafirs, his crime syndicate masquerading as a religion would die.

After all, if Hitler had not run into the United States of America, today we might all have been singing “There is no God except Aryans and Hitler is their only and last Prophet.” If Stalin had not run into the United States of America, today we might all be singing “There is no God but No-God and Marx is his only and last Prophet.”

If the Meccans had triumphed at Badr, or at Uhud they had carried their victory to its logical conclusion, there would have been no Islam today. Had the Persians and Byzantines not worn each other down, there would have been no Islam today.

What we moderns are not ready to believe is that evil can indeed triumph. Big Brother may indeed seize power and have his Oceania with total mind control by making any dissent impossible, any revolt impossible. All evil groups met their end only because they ran into groups stronger than they were, or some members of the group had an awakening of conscience and revolted. What if the group doesn’t run into a group stronger than itself? What if the group leader makes revolt impossible by a fortuitous combination of commands?

Mohammed achieved this with a rare combination of evil commands:

1.   He called what he was a doing a religion.
2.   He made lawful not only the property of those outside the fold, not only the lives of those outside the fold, but even their women, just for the crime of being outside the fold.
3.   But his most deadly command, the most evil permission, was the vigilantism in perpetuity. Even in the most evil systems such Nazism and Stalinism, (and even in the 1984 of George Orwell), individuals were not permitted to kill the person they deemed guilty of a crime. They needed to drag such person to the authorities, and a trial, howsoever much a sham, had to be held. But there are no such niceties in Islam if the crime is blasphemy. If a person is guilty of blasphemy, any and every Muslim can kill him on the spot. Thus making dissent impossible. No Muslim can ever criticize Mohammed or Quran or Islam. If he does so, his family member, his friend, any random stranger can kill him. This is far deadlier than Big Brother watching each person in Oceania. With this one permission, Mohammed made sure that nobody would ever be able to criticize him, to examine what he said, to examine what he was doing.
4.   Similar commands against kafirs also exist. Any kafir insulting Mohammed or the Quran or Islam can be killed on the spot, and no punishment may be meted out to the Muslim doing the killing. But the matter of kafirs doesn’t end there. It is deadlier in many degrees. A kafir insulting Mohammed or the Quran or Islam, or resisting Muslims, not only loses protection for himself, he makes every kafir liable to be killed by any random Muslim! So not only does each kafir make it a point never to say anything negative about Mohammed/Quran/Islam, he tries his best to ensure that no other kafir does so either! Big Brother could have never thought of such deadly a mix.

The basic difference between animals and human beings is the faculty of speech. By banning speech critical of Mohammed, Muslims are able to make themselves and kafirs into animals to that degree, and animals are so easy to tame, to control and in extreme cases to kill.

In any case, if a person cannot be criticized on the penalty of death, he forever remains whatever he says he is.

So now we know why Nazis and Communists failed (apart from running into the United States of America): They did not make women of the enemies lawful, they did not permit open ended vigilantism, and they did not call what they were doing a religion.

By a quirk of fate, Mohammed stumbled upon this deadly combination and so we a have a lethal killing machine of one and a half billion parts faithfully executing his commands even 1400 years after his departure.

So we — not only the kafirs, but all the people who still retain the capacity to know what is moral, just and ethical; who know that no man, because of his own beliefs, has any right to other’s life, property and woman; who know that each man has exactly same rights; who know that each man is equal under the law — have to break this combination.

Because the Muslim elite is not going to come out with one big collective mea culpa. Like the members of the communist party, like the men in the security forces of Hitler, they are not ready to lose the power Islam brings them. After all, every imam in Islam literally commands a small battalion of a bloodthirsty army ready to kill, rape and loot at his orders. Who can ever let go of such a power? So the script of Mohammed is being faithfully copied over and over again, because power over fellow human beings is the most basic instinct of man, and Islam gives enormous power to the Muslim elite over Muslims and kafirs alike, and it gives enormous power to each Muslim over kafirs by permitting open ended vigilantism, and by making the life, women and property of kafirs lawful to him. In fact power had gone back to the Meccan family from which Mohammed had won it by the time of the fifth Caliph. Though he never took Islam seriously in personal life, he never dared to abolish it, for fear of losing power.

This brings us to the present.

How do we break this Big Brother-esque hold of Mohammed on the minds of men? How do we break the script of Mohammed that is being copied onto the brains of men born into Islam because of the deadly combination of commands?

Islam is flourishing even in this information age because:

1.   Kafir money is still flowing to it due to oil and welfare payments.
2.   Kafir women are being snatched using oil-wealth, via love-jihad and via sex-grooming gangs.
3.   Kafirs are still being killed, randomly, in small numbers but unceasingly.
4.   Criticism of Mohammed, the Quran and Islam still brings violent, murderous reaction.

So we have to break this vicious grip of Islam on the human race.

First of all we need to say it aloud. That Islam is not a religion. It is a crime syndicate, the longest running crime family. We have to stop to pretend that it is a religion worthy of dialogue, a belief system worthy of recognition as a religion.

After all, we did not accept People’s Temple as a religion just because Jim Jones said so. Then why this courtesy to Islam?

If we are able to proclaim this simple and obvious truth we can begin to find ways to break this vicious multiplication of Mohammed’s own life script.

We may then begin to think logically.

Because logic should tell men that if at 5 % of the population Muslims can decide who will enter the Great Britain and who will not, what will they do when they are 10% or more of the population?

If at 5% of the population they can slaughter a soldier on a London street, what will they do when they are 10% or more?

If at 5% of the population they want to decide the foreign policy of Great Britain and also decide where its army can be deployed and where not, what will they do once they are 10% or more of the population?

That if at 1% of the US population they can decide what can be taught about Islam to the FBI, the CIA and the TSA, what would they decide when they are 5% and more of the population?

That if at 1% of the population they can force every American to stand in a long queue at airport and have his genitalia patted or have him electronically disrobed, what will they do once they are 5% of the population?

That if at 10% of the population they can burn the suburbs of Paris, what will they burn when they are 15% of the population in France?

We may then discern that if politicians are so eager to cultivate them when they are just 1%, 5%, 10% of the population, what politicians will do to win their favour once their percentage in the population goes even higher. That once they are around 15% of the population, they will make election of any sharia-opposing politician impossible.

Then we may comprehend that if at 5% of the population they can start sex-grooming kafir girls, can start forcing kafirs to leave neighbourhoods by making life difficult; what they will do when they are 10% or more of the population.

Then we may see what is most obvious: That every act of violence on their part, instead of making life difficult for them, brings rewards. That after they slaughter 3000 Americans, Iftar starts to be held at White House every year and Presidents begin visiting mosques. That if they slaughter a British soldier on a London Street, the prime minister showers fulsome praise on Islam, police prevent kafir protesters from entering Muslim localities, that a part of their own country has become out of bounds for Britons.

Then we may figure out that if violence brings such rich rewards, it shall never be given up as a currency of discourse with the kafirs.

Those of us who are smug that there is no Caliph to send out hordes of Muslims to conquer kafir lands are failing to see that Caliphs almost never had a coherent strategy to wage a campaign to conquer kafir lands. Caliphs were mostly busy enjoying the enormous kafir wealth Jihad was bringing in, and warding off coups, assassination attempts and treachery. Conquests were mostly carried out by commanders in charge of hordes, who knew that the mercenaries can’t be kept in check for long without loot. So the hordes, the mobs, and not the well-organized armies, eager for kafir wealth and their women and for new slaves did all the conquering. Wherever they got a good beating —Tours (732 AD), Vienna (1683 AD)- they never dared again.

But now the hordes have again crossed into kafir lands and seized parts of great kafir cities such as London, Paris and Berlin, are pillaging via welfare benefits, snatching kafir women via sex-grooming and killing kafirs now and then, with always a pretext such as a cartoon or a defensive action by Israel.

We cannot expect anything from kafir elites. Elites who opened the gates and are now asking kafirs to co-exist with Muslims, but themselves live at the greatest distance from a Muslim locality. Kafir ruling elites know that their own daughters will not as yet be snatched away to be sex-groomed, they know that nobody will offer Islamic prayers in their driveway, nobody will make extortion demand on them, nobody will knife them on the way home. Such treatment is the fate of poorest kafirs who can’t afford to move away from Muslim-majority localities, kafirs who live next to Muslim no-go zones. And so kafir ruling elites will continue to preach co-existence and multiculturalism and will refuse to turn the immigration tap off, and in any case stopping immigration now will serve no purpose, as enough Muslimas are in the kafir lands for a successful “womb Jihad”. Even the so-called pro-poor Left will continue to throw poorest kafirs in slow attrition to this insatiable wolf. In the end the kafir ruling elite will most likely simply convert, as did kafir ruling elites in many countries in the past. Or will perish, never knowing what treachery they perpetrated on the people they taxed in the name of protecting them.

The Leftists have come like a godsend for Islam. In kafir countries Leftists make sure that everything kafir is criticized, junked, treated as evil, gutted. So kafir self-confidence, kafir self-belief approaches zero. At the same time Leftists make sure that nothing negative can be said about Islam, Muslims are to be treated as innocent victims and given a pass on every atrocity they commit by justifying it as a result of some injustice done by kafirs.

So the kafirs have to arise en masse, before it is too late. And tell the ruling elite, “You just can’t ask us to share our land with a crime syndicate just so that you can feel morally superior and defenders of the ‘rights of the minority’.”

Kafirs have to stand up and tell Muslims, “You are human beings just like us. You may feel that you are God’s chosen people, you may believe that have Final Truth. But we do not want to live with you.”

Muslims are also human beings, tragically playing out the life script of a warlord of the worst kind. But they can also not be allowed to continue to harm the kafirs the way they are doing everywhere they are present.


1.   All kafir majority countries must deport all Muslims and proscribe Islam.
2.   If we have become too “decent” to deport native Muslims, we must partition our countries, dividing up land in the ratio of Muslim population to non-Muslim population, and give them separate countries of their own, proscribing Islam in the remaining kafir part.
3.   Any kafir converting to Islam must be required to leave the country.

Only complete physical separation between Muslims and kafirs can save kafirs from certain annihilation, a slow, horrible, painful extinction.

With complete physical separation, the supply of kafir women and kafir wealth will be cut off. Muslims will no longer be able to kill kafirs whenever they feel offended, or want to push sharia a bit more. The crime will stop and the crime syndicate will die.

The above plan may or may not be adopted. But kafir ruling elite must be made to know that for few more years in power and in the name of Multiculturalism and faux Human Rights, they are setting up women of poorest kafirs to be snatched away, making poorest kafirs lose their homes at throw-away prices, handing over ever greater parts of kafir cities and towns to Muslims, making hard-working kafirs pay for the welfare payments for the people who want to kill them.

And if the above plan of complete physical separation is not adopted, the annihilation of kafirs is most certain. And the world will pass into one long sharia night, devoid of music, of sports, of arts, of sculpture, of learning and science, of medical sciences, of all that makes life on earth meaningful and livable.

Big Brother will finally get his Oceania.

17 thoughts on “The Longest-Running Crime Family

  1. To many your conclusions may seem extreme but every day more and more people are coming to realise that what you say here is only true and logical.

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  3. “In the end the kafir ruling elite will most likely simply convert, as did kafir ruling elites in many countries in the past.”

    Indeed. This has been apparent for some time. We are witnessing the very process whereby ‘islam came’ to regions in times past as the likes of Karen Armstrong might express it. The elites have already surrendered and conversion is starting to occur, and will increase when the tipping point looms.

  4. Last Christmas my father in law started: Yeah but there are good “muslims”. My reply: yes there were “good” Nazi’s, thats not the point. It’s the ideology! ( i did not say..its the ideology, stupid!) That remark did make him wonder. I will never forget the look on his face… searching for an answer.

    Still. It did not do the trick. Maybe this article will do!? But then again!? Most middle class workers haven’t got a clue. They never had any good education or whatever it is that makes them so stupid..

    We have to do it with the fact that my father in law still marks the right spot whenever there is a so called “election”. He will press the PVV Wilders button anyway.

    Whe have a world to win. Harts and minds…

    • Yes, my version (pace [not] Bill Clinton) is “It’s the Qur’an, stupid!”, which I trot out at any opportunity.

  5. This article captures not only the roots of Islamic evil but also suggests some possible actions. However, I don’t think building walls of separation is a viable solution. There have been many walls built through-out history to keep the bad guys from the good guys. The best they have accomplished is to buy time until the differences could be resolved. Some walls are still standing — between North and South Korea and now between Israel and the Palestinian territories, for example. Unfortunately, with regard to ingrained criminal behavior there is no path to a peaceful resolution. We must continually speak out about the evils of Islamic ideology until those who have been born into it or who have embraced out of ignorance can come to the senses. It will take a long time.

  6. Where are the atheists when we really need them? I keep forgetting that they only dislike Christ…

  7. Interesting article but, why should we give over parts of our countries to muslims. If they cannot behave in a civilised manner, they must be expelled. However, this will not happen over night. First there must be [an action prudently left undescribed]. Then (in the UK and Europe) we must either leave the EU or dismantle it, thereby returning government to nation states. Finally, having achieved the first two, we can effectively tackle our joint muslim problem without the external interference of the EU, the UN or the OIC.

  8. The author’s question “After all, every imam in Islam literally commands a small battalion of a bloodthirsty army ready to kill, rape and loot at his orders. Who can ever let go of such a power?”
    Therein lies the answer also. Every time a murder, rape or rioting occurs the imam of the mosque to which these perpetrators belong must be held accountable and he must be [held accountable] and the mosque closed and or demolished.

  9. The protection money racket ‘enjoyed’ by the Sicilian mafia and wider cosa Nostra is almost certainly descended from Islamic jizya payments levied on Sicilians by muslims from about 850-1050.

    • Yes.
      Much of what characterizes the Mafia and what characterized Spain in the 16th century as it dealt with the Americas is derived directly from the experience of Sicily, Southern Italy and Spain with the arbitrary and cruel authority of the Ummah.
      We would be fools to think we cannot be similarly affected in the future.
      We will become a harder people.
      Less tolerant. But we will have become so in light of a great need for survival.
      I’m sure the Almighty will understand.

    • In May, we will celebrate, for the second time, the Feast of the Martyrs of Otranto.
      They died at the hands of the Ummah for no other reason than they were Christian.
      This is the tolerance of Islam.

  10. Good text.
    But I’m afraid the proposed consequences will not be sufficient. Europe has rich experiences with Islamic “migration” in the Middle Ages: Spain, Italy (+Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica), the Balkans, also France. In all these cases wars or warlike actions over centuries were necessary till the Muslim threat was mastered. And they will not go voluntarily today just because we decide so, they have also strong and growing political support by the left. And I do not think that donating parts of our coutries as booty will solve the problem in strategic terms, perhaps pay some time. The Islamic virus would just be kept alive and be waiting for the next opportunity. I do not like to say that at all but unless a miracle happens days of bitter fighting in at least some countries might come. Victory or dhimmification.

    • Your listing of Sicily reminded me that calling this the oldest crime family draws attention to Emmet Scott’s thesis that the continuous raids in those places by Arab pirates may have led to the rise of the Mafia. They took on the values of their most dreaded enemy in order to fight on the same terms…the overlay of an intensely Catholic religiosity for/by the women in that region is akin to the treatment of women in Islam also.

      • Sicily was ca. 250 years under Saracenic control, and I guess that 50 % of the population were Muslim (Arabs and Berbers).
        There may be other influences of a somehow similar type in the whole of southern Europe, too. I’m thinking of the kind of warfare of the Portuguese and the Spaniards, the high importance of religion, the specific formation of Catholicism, that hardly could be of a “soft” type in a climate of permanent war against Islamic armies and looters. I mean they had to emphasize their religious identity under these circumstances, otherwise Christian power would not have survived in these regions. This had enormous consequences in world history, as these countries ascended to world powers. Here they applied what they had learned previously. It’s not too bold to think that history would have gone completely different ways without the Islamic invasions of Southern Europe.

  11. One point in this article resonates with me because for some time I have felt that the removal of all the ayatollahs, imams and mullahs would greatly assist in the demise of islam. That, together with better teaching of our children about the wrongs of socialism. These two forces together will kill all normal people unless we combine to resist the onslaught.

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