Hillary’s Hope Doesn’t Change

My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency

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Here’s a snip from the brief editorial on that Amazon page:

Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency with a message of hope and change. But, as Doug Henwood [author] makes clear in this concise, devastating indictment, little trust can be placed in her campaign promises. Rigorously reviewing her record, Henwood shows how Clinton’s positions on key issues have always blown with the breeze of expediency, though generally around an axis of moralism and hawkishness. Without a meaningful program other than a broad fealty to the status quo, Henwood suggests, “the case for Hillary boils down to this: she has experience, she’s a woman, and it’s her turn.”

“My Turn” is compulsively good reading — not only for its glimpse into Hillary Clinton’s mind but for its insights into the entire Clinton political-philanthropic machine.

There is one review, a five star, and it’s very short:

“I laughed, I cried. Mostly I cried.”

The cover artist is Sarah Sole. You can do a search for her work; NSFW, so I’m not going to link it. She puts Hillary in various iconic poses — e.g., as Marilyn Monroe.

According to some sites I read, Ms. Sole is a “super fan” of Hillary. It would appear that some of the female pairings are of her and her idol… and the one of Obama and mate is equally strange.

6 thoughts on “Hillary’s Hope Doesn’t Change

  1. A hate to admit it but I actually despise that BAD, BAD Hillary Clinton.

    All she needs are horns and a tail…. she is a devil! She has the soul of the devil’s own.

    I believe if she gets in office, the USA WILL be in a war with Russia AND CHINA in her first year.

    I think Russia is beefing up its military because they think that a war monger democrat will take office.

  2. I need eye bleach after looking at that woman’s demented “paintings”. Most definitely not playing with a full deck. Absolutely creepy.

  3. This possible future leader gets it, about the above posts of sexual assaults in Europe.
    Men must be allowed to have “comfort woman”, or whatever his right hand can possess, (so it is not adultery),even as the most powerful man in the country.
    She sure sets an example, particularly to girls and woman that it is ok to be a “comfort woman” in addition to the wife through out the Western World as she surely acted as a pimp, by suppressing/threatening with “mini-aggression” any woman/girl that could have possibly complained.

    After the act it may have been a well practiced line, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” as a good broom to sweep it under the carpet mat.

  4. Wyatt Earp: What makes a (wo)man like Hillary, Doc? What makes her do the things she does?
    Doc Holliday: A (wo)man like Hillary has got a great big hole, right in the middle of her. She can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.
    Wyatt Earp: What does she need?
    Doc Holliday: Revenge.
    Wyatt Earp: For what?
    Doc Holliday: Bein’ born.

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