It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

The following essay by The Kafir arrived just before my computer crashed last week, and was thus delayed. As if to underline the theme of his article, one of this morning’s tips from Struggle for Hindu Existence included a news story with the headline: “Jihadi Attack on Hanuman Jayanti Rally at Jawad (MP) injures over 25, 10 with severe acid burns”.

As Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

It is Surreal. It is Like Watching a Movie the Second Time. You Know What is Coming Next, But Can’t Do Anything About it Except Sit Back and Watch.

by The Kafir

The first successful Muslim attack on India took place in 711AD. Delhi fell to a Muslim army in 1192AD. A gap of almost 500 years. I always used to wonder: Was there no one who could study the real character of the invaders, and could thus warn the Indian ruling elite and the public of that time that they were soon going to lose everything: their kingdoms, their religion, their language, their dress, their cuisine, their customs, their festivals, their arts, their culture, their way of life, the world itself as they had known it?

Before the Muslim invasions started, wars between Indian kings were little more than sporting events, as far as non-combatants were concerned. The revenue would start flowing to the victor; that was the only change for the people of the defeated kingdom. The victors never touched the non-combatants, their property, their women, their children. India for most of the time was divided into small kingdoms. Every king used to dream of politically uniting the country under him, and every few centuries, a king would succeed in doing so. Wars were fought according to very strict rules, and nobody ever dared to violate them.

When the invaders from Arabia, and later from Central Asia, poured into India under the banner of Islam, they fought wars according to only one rule: victory at any cost. And after victory, did as they always do: the put all adult males to the sword, seized all their property, threw women and children into slavery, and destroyed temples.

So could Indian kings, who were conquered one by one, not have united and defeated the invaders? Could they not see the fate of the vanquished? Could even such horrors as the invaders routinely visited upon the whole populations of the defeated kingdom not wake them up and unite them?

Of course, seeing what is happening in the West today, I have the answer. It is simple: once the death wish takes over a civilization, nothing can break the spell. Nothing.

After all, some very courageous persons are risking everything they have, their lives, their property, and their honour, to warn the peoples of Europe and North America that walls are closing in on them, that they are going to be annihilated, and will be annihilated in the most brutal fashion. Those issuing the warnings have a very powerful medium in which to do so: the Internet. Still, their cries are falling on deaf ears. Instead of listening to them, their own elite and their own fellows are turning on them, are calling them the problem, instead of recognizing them as their saviours, their warners.

Even as they are being warned, even as they see daily what happens to those who fall into the hands of the invading Muslims, in response to every atrocity both the elites and the populace of Europe and North America bend some more, surrender some more, accommodate some more. They are vehemently refusing to ask one simple question: if this is the scene at present population ratio of Muslims to natives, what will happen when the population ratio becomes 15:85, 20:80, 25:75?

It is clear that demographic inversion in Europe and North America is now irreversible. Soon, Muslims will decide the winners in elections in most European countries, and also in Canada. As a reward, they will demand ever more sharia, and politicians will be ever more willing to accommodate. And, as we know, more sharia means less freedom, and fewer kafirs.

More sharia would mean even more gender segregation than at present. Even more exclusive Quran schools than at present. And these two sharia provisions are what have kept the Islam going for last 1400 years.

It has been demonstrated in experiments that rats deprived of mates become very violent. Male human beings deprived of partners become very violent, frustrated, and quarrelsome. Islam’s gender segregation will continue to supply its leaders with dysfunctional violent males who can be unleashed upon kafir women, thus mentally breaking the kafirs who wither under low level, random, but unceasing violence against their women and their property.

Quran schools, using brutality as the weapon, teach Muslim kids never to think, never to question, never to argue; but only obey and follow, like robots.

These two programmes of Islam, gender segregation and Quran schools, mean that they are never going to be assimilated, productive members of Western societies based on equality of the sexes, which demands a very high level of mental development.

So we are going to see a very painful and brutal death of the finest achievement of man: Western Civilization.

It may seem ridiculous to even contemplate that men whose fathers put a man on the Moon could be decimated by a handful of uncompromising, determined, fanatic clerics from Deoband, Al-Azhar, and Qom, still living in 7th century. But that is what has happened in the past to the equally advanced societies, in the face of Islam.

The dilemma is clear and simple: Muslims are too cruel to let kafirs live, and kafirs are too kind to kill Muslims.

If kafirs are able to resolve this dilemma, they may yet live. Otherwise we, or those remaining kafirs, will see the Louvre in Paris destroyed just as the museum in Mosul was recently destroyed. And of course mass beheadings, rapes, crucifixions, and burning people alive would go on outside its gates as usual at the same time.

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57 thoughts on “It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

  1. This is an excellent reminder. But it would help if you iterated the main Muslim invasions of India and the estimated number of victims of each, drawn from scholarly sources. I have no deep knowledge of the subject but seem to recall from a discussion in an Indian academic forum that the victims of just one such invasion, by Mahmoud al-Ghazni, numbered 75 million. It’s these numbers that are the real eye-openers, and Tamerlane’s are probably worse.

    There is of course the issue, too, of what peoples lived in countries like Afghanistan and built the Bamyan Buddhas, and how they were “population replaced,” just as the French, for instance, are now.

    • Takuan Seiyo..Pickled in a Japanese city. You are a superior teller of stories. Irishmen need be jealous.

      Observing your product over time I believe you to be of middle-eastern European Jewish origin and clearly disenchanted by how America treated you; perhaps an idealistic frustrated academic with failed economic aspirations?

      Love your stuff; nearly as inspirational as Daniel Greenfield but there is that niggling sense that I’m being sold short. I’ve met your ilk (I grew up in the ‘smartest town in North America’) and I think you know a bit about nuclear science. Sing me a song gentleman please and Kepha butt out.

      And lest I be misunderstood (the songs in my head) my host and hostess Baron and Dymphna are also brilliant deciphers of the human condition.

      • Thank you, friend, for this kind assesment. I would prefer not to discuss me, as this is too puny a subject in these times of emergency. I have disclosed some personal details in some of my writings, simply because the topic touched on something which is a part of my personal background; it would have been unethical not to disclose it. Those details might lead to the inferences you have made, though the actual correspondence is quite partial. What is more important to me is that you try to entertain the idea that I am seriously interested in the truth, and try to go after it not to indulge a personal cultural bias or material interest but for the same reason that a deep thinker calls himself “lover of wisdom,” i.e. philosoph.

  2. Interesting theory on gender segregation leading to violence, but why doesn’t the same occur with Orthodox Jews? I don’t know much about either religion so their practices could be very different.

    • One difference might be that Jews don’t practice polygamy. When a few men have multiple wives, lots of others go without, leaving them with three options: (1) farm animals, (2) boys, or (3) jihad.

      • The Baron is right. When I was in Pakistan, there were many reports in the local English language papers of Pakistani men being caught having sex with animals – sheep being the beast of choice.

        At the time I was a vegetarian.

      • Good point. Multiple wives would certainly cause a problem for the have-nots (and anyone in their general vicinity!), but how much polygamy is there in the Middle East today, never mind among 2nd-generation French or Dutch, Swedish, etc. Muslims, who seem to be every bit as frustrated and violent? I haven’t come across numbers for the Middle East but I’d guess that there wasn’t much polygamy in the largely secular states of Iraq and Syria, at least before their dictators lost control (I’d also bet there’s a fair amount of it in Saudi Arabia and the other oil-rich states with small popultions). Is this incorrect? Do you know of a source of reliable statistics on this subject?

        • No, I don’t know of any figures. The Saudis definitely practice polygamy. And the Islamic State practices both polygamy and female chattel slavery, so that the emirs have wives and a harem. That really cuts down on the pool of nubile women available to those lowly mujahideen who aren’t emirs or higher-level functionaries themselves. The lucky few who are so inclined can obtain positions as instructors at the training schools for ISIS “cubs” — a dream come true for those of certain tastes. The only outlet for the others, aside from sheep and donkeys, and maybe their nephews, is to take part in the jihad against the unbelievers, and acquire some of those kafir women and girls for themselves.

          • There is a high incidence of polygamy amongst urban muslims in the UK. While polygamy is illegal for White, Anglo Saxon, British people, polygamous marriages involving four spouses are recognised by the UK Benefits Agencies for immigrants provided that three of the four “marriages” took place outside the UK..

            The net outcome is that UK muslims are making a career out of propogation and the UK taxpayer is picking up the bill.

    • I don’t believe gender segregation is nearly as extreme among Orthodox Jews. For example, no burqas or niqabs. Also, what the Baron said.

    • Women have religious duties in Orthodox Judaism, duties which *cannot* be fulfilled by men, just as men have religious duties which *cannot* be fulfilled by women. Thus both men and women are necessary for Judaism to flourish, unlike Islam, which has *no* place for women in its rituals.

      • I agree that Orthodox Judaism provides a better deal for woman than Islam (not a very high bar, to be sure!), but that alone shouldn’t explain why its males wouldn’t also be frustrated and violent by the separation of the sexes.

        • If every full-grown male has an equal opportunity to take a wife, that should cut down on the prevalence of violent rage born of frustration.

          When a wealthy Islamic emir has 4 wives and 50 enslaved concubines who enjoy his attentions and those of no other man, that leaves roughly 53 men who have to go without, or avail themselves of the less-than-satisfactory alternatives mentioned earlier. Jihad offers them the chance to collect their own harem.

        • There is an organized effort to get the boys and the girls married at an early age in Judaism. Not at all the same type of segregation as in Islam.

    • Regarding Orthodoxy women are treated well, highly respected even and any man who hits his wife will be reported and basically excluded from the community (I think a he also may find himself divorced very quickly too). There practices are very different although both separate the sexes fairly early that is about the only thing they have in common.

    • Also: jews generally are a far more spiritual, intellectual people. A frustrated male learning to pray and think will do less harm than one practising aggression and hatred.

  3. I might be just willfully blind here with this but as I have read on these pages before I have a sense that Islam is peaking way too early and they are going to overplay their hand with an outrage too far.

    They are mistaking our flexibility and kindness for weakness.

    My sense is that we are NOW in the era where the above outrage will occur but could not even speculate as to the nature of it.

    A Beslan perhaps in Central London? All uploaded live. I’d like to see the politicos try to spin that one…

    After all, my understanding is that the entire “Arab Spring” kicked off just because a single individual immolated himself in Tunisia as an angry demonstration about some minor administrative matter. A matter that might now lead to the Islamic state getting their hands on a fission bomb. Odd how things can trend isn’t it?

    However, with respect to the “correction” of current trends I suspect that the European civilisations (note I include Russia/USA/China and Japan in that term) are struggling to NOT answer back with overwhelming violence with what we are seeing because, lets be honest, when it comes to warfare we cannot be excelled and we are very very aware of our own brutality. Maybe more “sanitised” technologically but with the same outcome.

    Japan with all it’s perfidy and brutality attacked the United States in 1941 and that same (from Japans viewpoint, soft and decadent) nation returned the violence possibly a hundred-fold.

    As an aside I harbour deep hopes that Israel will act in a manner that will prevent my own sons from having to fight in the next 20 years.

    Terrible thing to say but true.

    The above is not advocacy in any sense just prophesy. An overwhelming percentage of those who are to be our enemy are completely and utterly innocent and therein lies the real tragedy.

    Sorry for the rambling on…..

    • I don’t agree with you. I don’t think that by pushing their program too quickly, the Muslims will goad the West into taking decisive action against them.

      It’s true that the Muslims are pushing the boundaries to almost breaking points. Our response is to back up even faster and further. The Muslims have their backup groups already in place: the Ahmadiyyas, Ismailis, and in a pinch, the Baha’is, all of whom eschew violence but revere Muhammad and the Koran. But these groups, willing to be sacrificed and persecuted by the majority of Muslims, turn out to be not necessary. The West is in full surrender.

      It’s true that our armies cannot be beaten. But, the Muslims do not bring up armies. They engage in immigration, and in bribery and infiltration. The biggest battles our armies have taken on is…armies opposing Muslim aggression. NATO forces bombed the Bosnian Serbs and Serbians into submission, when the Serbs were pushing back Muslim militias who attacked them. But, the Saudi princes fund centers for Muslim-Christian understanding in Georgetown University, which bankroll “educators” who rationalize tolerance for Muslim subversion.

      I wonder if the Indian civilization fell to the Muslims battering their walls down and overrunning their armies…or, did they simply open the gates, like the West is doing? Hinduism is a famously tolerant religion and they, like us, may have mistakenly assumed that by displaying tolerance, it would be returned.

  4. What do you make of the western Left’s love affair with Islam? Supposedly Islam represents everything they claim to despise: theocracy, subjugation of women, intolerance of homosexuality, etc. Yet the Left can’t seem to import them fast enough. What gives?

    • What gives?

      I feel it’s a profound sense of self-loathing and an attempt to “make up” for the horrors of the world wars.

      All completely misguided of course and leading us to disaster but then what is one to do?

      They probably also feel they can control them when (if) the Orwellian state is fully in place.

      They won’t be able to of course but this is a belief system we’re talking about here.

    • It’s the fact that leftists are neo-Marxists. Read about Marxism, especially zero-sum conflict theory (aka class warfare theory, from which ideas of “social justice” are derived) and also Marxist critical theory.

      The self hatred is because of Marxist critical theory.
      The double standards are derived from Marxist conflict theory.

      And I bet you thought communism was a thing of the past.

    • The Left believes that humanity is infinitely malleable. All one need do is educate the masses correctly. Whilst the adherents of Islam demonstrate some decidedly awful cultural characteristics that are an anathema to the Left, nothing, but nothing, must trump:

      a) the commitment to the belief that identifying such characteristics as group-identity characteristics is “racism” and any form of this so-called “racism” without exception must be ruthlessly stamped out; and

      b) the commitment to the belief that said cultural characteristics of Muslims will evolve over time to more benign forms with the kind, accepting and supportive (morally, legally and financially) encouragement of non-Muslim host societies – just be patient and give it time as they are malleable. They will eventually embrace the tenets of secular multi-culturalism.

      So government-subsidized Swedish newspapers will publish photographs of native Swedes accused of rape, but not publish photographs of accused (or convicted) rapists of MENA background (and will untruthfully describe them as Swedes even when they are not Swedish citizens) in order, in combination with a refusal to compile crime statistics that disclose national origin or ethnicity (or even citizenship status), to hide the inconvenient fact of the Muslim rape pandemic in Sweden from native Swedes as this would undermine the a) and b) above narrative.

      • This explanation, unfortunately, makes all too much sense when filtered against the scene here in the S.F. Bay Area. “They” will get used to “our ways.” Right….

      • ‘“racism” and any form of this so-called “racism” without exception must be ruthlessly stamped out’

        ‘Stamped out’ is a little generic and soft. The various socialist collectives which spring up when ordinary people gather to express their disquiet about what is happening love to proclaim they are there to ‘smash racism’.

  5. I hate to say it, but — a few well-placed bombs would solve this problem for quite a number of years, maybe even generations. but it will take a president with [redacted]-> manly parts, not this eunuch, to do it — pardon the expression.

    • Anyone who heard Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the “We have a framework!” announcements the past few days absolutely *knows* for a fact that Israel–or at least her government–has no plans at all of lying down for Iran or anyone else.

      I was on a week-long bicycle trip to the hinterlands of the Grand Canyon in September 1980, no Internet, cell phone, nada. Towns with *weekly* newspapers. Trip started on a Sunday. It was a presidential campaign season. Finally, on Thursday night of that week, I just couldn’t stand the absence of news: how was Jon Anderson’s / Jimmy Carter’s / Ronald Reagan’s campaign going? Anything noteworthy in the larger world?

      My then-fiance (now DH) said, as I hung onto the pay phone, “Well, the U.N. Security Council is in session about the Israeli destruction of Iraq’s bomb factories; not sure how that will turn out.” I almost passed out. I hadn’t heard anything about any facet of this, being so out of touch.

      Iron Dome is one thing, but a nuclear-powered Iran is Something Else Entirely, and the world should not expect Israel to accept it, esp. when Iran hasn’t agreed that Israel has a right to exist.

      • The left world doesn’t admit that Iran threatens Israel. They believe the words simply mean that Iran wants Israel to become a nice multiculti country or one of those lovely islamic ones, not that they actually want to murder all the jewish Israelis.

        • I disagree. Iran leads the Muslim pack in saying that Israel must be pushed into the sea and destroyed. The totalitarian Left in the West agrees with that proposition, and pushes the idea of making their own democracies Judenrein.

          The saddest part of all that is the number of suicidal Jews in the West who agree with this. The word “jewicidal” has been coined to address this bizarre phenomenon.

    • One problem with your idea, Mariadee: this would fill the west with even more muslim refugees and speed up the colonisation. And all fueled by western guilt.

  6. Situation is worsening. Global warming, AIDS, Continental discord, Piling of Nukes, Health hazards, Food Crisis?… No. All these have been belittled by the Radical Islam, Jehad and Wrath of Allah!!!

    We have to make an Unity among the Infidels to fight against Islam and Sharia.

    We are grateful that you are giving importance on our news, upon our crisis.

    Conveying gratitude.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Ed. HE.

    • Just focus on Iran’s being nuclear please. If you are dead none of the rest of it matters.

      Also you should realize that Global Warming (now called Climate Change) is a hoax and pretty bad science.

      As to AIDS – unless you have same sex sex or do drugs that is not your problem. In fact it is a behavioral problem and probably punishment for doing something so un-natural or stupid (or God’s punishment if you prefer).

      • What percentage of new HIV cases are heterosexual in origin? (hint, it may be a LOT bigger than you think….)

        What percentage of new HIV cases are diagnosed in young adults under age 25?

  7. Reminds me of China’s war against Islamic invasion in 751 AD ( Tang Dynasty) known as the Battle of Talas . Wikipedia has all the details.

  8. Here is a Hindu king who finally figured it out:

    In short, he used a fake surrender to lure muslim invaders into an ambush. The Muslims were so used to Hindus fighting or surrendering according to their honor codes that they just couldn’t conceive that a surrender deal might be a ruse for an ambush.

    I believe the history of Indonesia and India would be helpful in understanding this problem. Too bad public schools are more interested in pushing neo-Marxist zero-sum conflict theory than history.

    • Just highlighting the single most important sentence in the article Nimrod linked above:

      “This unorthodox idea succeeded, and it caught the Muslims totally off-guard as it had never been used till then, by any Hindu king, as it went against the Hindu rules of warfare based on fair-play and fighting a noble war.”

      We in the West would do well to learn from Narasimhadeva’s example.

  9. Another great post, but I’m the ultimate optimist. Western civilization has many quivers that the opposition can never have, it’s just that they’ve not yet been used. When our next Charles Martel appears there will be solutions at hand, until returning power again to the weak socialists thus allowing another uprising.

    • We have them: they are called Geert Wildres, Jimmie Åkesson, Nigel Farage and others who see the truth and many people see it too and vote for them

  10. This is also a Chinese problem. (or is this a Western Civilization problem?)
    The one-child policy of these past decades have produced a genocide of baby girls.
    There are now Millions! of young Chinese males who will never know a female.

    The wolves are circling, Nobody was ever guaranteed a good future. I’m pessimistic.

    • Same female ratios exist in India, despite laws against abortion of female fetuses.

      So China and India have huge male cohorts who will never have the chance to marry and raise a family – in former times they were called cannon fodder. That reality may come ’round again.

  11. To defeat Islam one must defeat the Left.
    The problem is that the Left has an iron grip on all social, educational, history re-writing, media, language and policy institutions which means that the political center is inexorably shifting further and further to the left supported by this self-reinforcing indoctrination and social engineering machinery. The resilience of our children’s generation is systematically being undermined.

    I, for one, doubt that the pendulum will swing back, the pendulum is no longer free to swing. The ordinary citizen is gagged, bound and blindfolded. This means that the democratic process can then be easily subverted until the demographics of mass Islamic migration will be able to commandeer the democratic process for its own ends.

    The Left while using the ‘Fight against Racism’ as a propaganda tool is engineering policies of extraordinary racism – a stealth genocide against the white race. We have been blinded to see the extraordinary hypocrisies and contradictions of the Left.

    Will there be a cathartic event that wakes us up in time?

    • Very well said doxRaven. I particularly like the pendulum being unable to swing back because it is no longer free to do so. What the Left fail to understand is that if they take the democratic process away from us (via brainwashing/propaganda coupled with mass immigration) and they criminalise or marginalise our free speech, what are we left with if we wish to resist? Roger Scruton once said that when words no longer have the desired affect, then words will be replaced with deeds. I have little optimism about a peaceful way out of this in the future, but I’m not sure the average Lefty fully understands the catastrophic future they are so intent on building today.

      • Paul,

        The average Lefty most certainly does not “fully understand the catastrophic future they are so intent on building today”. Insofar as they think it through at all, they proceed implicitly from two highly dangerous notions:

        1) Everybody, every culture, shares the same basic values and outlook, they just dress differently, speak different languages and worship God in a different way. They fail to understand the power of culture and the irreversibility of destruction;

        2) The freedoms and prosperities they enjoy will be there forever. They are a given. One can gleefully chant “f*** the police!” and then when in dire immediate trouble seek the help of the police. Like a child who rails against his parents and utterly rejects them and their values, but has a certain security that his parents will bail him out if he gets into trouble.

        that somehow the essentials of the societies which they inflict their ideas upon will remain fundamentally unchanged

    • This isn’t just about the destruction of white people, it’s about the destruction of western civilization. First they destroy minorities with false narratives like “hands up don’t shoot” so they do stuff like riot and destroy minority-owned businesses, then hope the same ignorant unthinking mentality bleeds over into the general population to a sufficient degree. The goal is to “fundamentally transform” a society into something like China where an unaccountable oligarchy can do anything they want with no accountability short of mass insurrection.

      The best way to stop what’s happening is to point out the disastrous effects that racist “anti-racist” policies have had on minority groups such as the black population in the US. One obvious example is the 50% drop in property values in Ferguson since the false-narrative-inspired rioting there, and the black businesses that were destroyed.

    • The collapse of the dollar hegemony and the debt Ponzi may be a triggering event. When the Left can no longer mortgage the future to pay for ‘panem et circensis’ in the West, that will be a huge wakeup call.

      A ground burst nuclear strike against a Western city might also be a wakeup call.

      The first is inevitable, the second, likely.

  12. “Iron Dome is one thing, but a nuclear-powered Iran is Something Else Entirely, and the world should not expect Israel to accept it, esp. when Iran hasn’t agreed that Israel has a right to exist.”

    Unfortunately there may be a limit on what Israel can really do without the material help of the United States, even if Israel has the covert support of Saudi Arabia the Arab Gulf states. This is partly due the nature of the hardened Iranian facilities (as well as the fact that some may be completely hidden from our intelligence agencies) as well as the distances involved between Iran and Israel.

    Netanyahu has been desperately trying to avert a second holocaust. While I hope to God that this does not occur, I see it as a real possibility.

    I cannot help but speculate about the possibility that certain bureaucrats/military officers in our intelligence would come to the aid of Israel without informing the Obama Administration. But that just may be a pipe dream.

    • Sure hope you are right about our military guys helping Israel without telling Obama aka that [fragment of ordure].

      • Sure hope that’s right as well.

        Does anyone know anything about this? Is there anything to know?

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