Pamela Geller, Asma bint Marwan, and America

Our Indian correspondent the Kafir returns with an essay on the parallels between Pamela Geller and a woman whom Mohammed ordered assassinated.

Pamela Geller, Asma bint Marwan, and America

by The Kafir

Asma bint Marwan did not travel to Mecca to lampoon Mohammed. She might not have even heard of him before he took shelter in her city. She was happily living her life among her own people, in her own city. When she was murdered by one of the Muslims at the behest of Mohammed, already nineteen months had passed since Mohammed came to Medina seeking asylum, and Asma had not bothered about him.

Medinans had given Mohammed asylum, and used to accept mediation from him, because they thought he was a man of God.

But soon he started his reign of terror. First against the Meccans who had driven him out of that city for lampooning their religion. And soon against everybody who raised their voices against him.

Abu Afak, a Medinan, a man over a hundred year old, could see what was coming to the Medinans, and tried to warn them. Mohammed immediately ordered his assassination, and his orders were carried out.

It was after Abu Afak was murdered that Asma bint Marwan became alarmed and challenged her tribe, asking how they could obey a man who was killing their chiefs. How could they let him live among them?

Her words reached Mohammed, and as usual he ordered her assassination as well. The deed was carried out by a man of her own tribe, in the night, as she slept with a suckling child at her breast. The man went to Mohammed next day early morning, offered prayers, and told Mohammed of his deed. Mohammed said, “You have helped God and His apostle, O ’Umayr!”

As if God indeed needed murder of a woman.

Mohammed also assured the killer that there wouldn’t be any consequences.

Encouraged, Umayr, the killer, went to her house and mocked her five sons.

The next day her whole tribe, Khatma, impressed with the power of Islam, converted to Islam. Islam learnt the lesson it has not forgotten: that violence works, and that violence works wonders for Islam. That violence breaks resistance to it, and kafirs quietly submit to violence. All of this happened in the year 624AD.*

Now cut to the year 2015AD.

Pamela Geller is a quintessential American woman, leading a life of quietness in her fantastic country. I doubt she ever travelled to any Muslim country to bother them or say anything about their religion.

Then on one sunny morning in September of 2001, over 3000 of her countrymen are murdered in most brutal a fashion.

She takes to writing and blogging with the passion of person who loves her country, and wants to preserve it with all its Freedoms. Threats start coming her way, but she refuses to submit.

And now an open order to kill her has been pronounced by the successors of Mohammed, the Islamic State.

The parallels with Asma are striking.

Like Asma, she only wants to warn her countrymen of the clear and present danger. Like Asma’s people, her people seem to have gone blind and deaf, and like the Asma’s people, her people are also importing and welcoming people like Mohammed — in droves, in fact. And like the Asma’s people, Pamela Geller’s own people, the citizens of America, are trying to kill her.

I only hope and pray to God that the parallels stop here. That Pamela Geller lives to see the world finally fully cured of the cancer called Islam.

Because if she gets assassinated like Asma, what will stop other parallels from coming to fruition? Will violence and terror not have the same effect on Americans that they had on Asma’s people, who on the second day after her assassination all converted to Islam, impressed with its power to have poetesses assassinated?

After all, if Americans so far have submitted a little more after every act of terror from Muslims, why should we think that they will not follow the balance of the script. And, after Pamela is assassinated, God forbid, won’t all convert to Islam en masse, just as Asma’s people, the Khatmas of Medina of 624AD, did?

Islam’s policy of murdering without fail everybody who gets out of line is bringing it rich dividends. As in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, rebellion against or resistance to Islam is impossible, because every voice that tries to warn or organise people against it is immediately silenced through assassination. In the case of 1984, the remaining people were under the jackboot of Big Brother, so every murder of persons guilty of rebellion or Thoughtcrime went unchallenged. But in case of Islam, even the people who are not yet under its yoke are not ready to learn anything, are not ready to act against it when they can. They are in fact busy convincing their warners to keep quiet, not to disturb the “beast,” because once the “beast” is disturbed, it doesn’t go back to sleep without human sacrifice.

America is not an ordinary country. It is the only country that is standing between the world on the one hand; and Islam, the Left, the Environmentalists, the tyrants of various stripes, and the evil of every kind on the other.

It will be the greatest catastrophe if the men whose fathers put a man on the Moon behave like Khatmas and submit to violence. Because although the media and the politicians may put any spin on their abject crawl, in reality they are submitting to violence from a murderous cult frozen in 7th-century Arabia.

If America is not able to find an antidote to the Islam’s policy of assassinating every voice raised against it — which makes organised resistance against it impossible — no other entity will, and world will return to 7th century Arabia, and will freeze there till the Sun runs out of hydrogen.

If America, the last best hope, does not find an antidote to the low-level, random, but unceasing violence of Islam, we are all doomed to a most painful and brutal annihilation.

Are we going to surrender the world to the 7th barbarians, just because they never gave up violence, and we became civilised?

Is civilisation a suicide pact?

*   All of the details about what happened in Medina in 624 are taken from the books of Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Saad, the authoritative biographers of Mohammed.

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17 thoughts on “Pamela Geller, Asma bint Marwan, and America

  1. What’s worse than the silence so as not to upset the beast is the refrain that the beast is really the victim — that poor, innocent Muslims are grievously harmed whenever a kuffar shows any concern about Islamic supremacism and violence. Then there’s the preening self-righteousness of all those who rush to demonstrate how sympathetic they are to the plight of the poor, misunderstood Muslims who (they imagine) must suffer more than anyone else when their religion is “hijacked” by a handful of bad people who claim to be Muslim but are only “abusing” religion as a “mask” for their agenda of “death and destruction” (as the hapless David Cameron put it).

    Why is it so difficult for an Eton graduate (inter alia) to put together some easily observable facts and arrive at a rational conclusion?

    • The Legacy of Islam, one of the standard anthologies of articles on Islam in English was published in 1931.

      It was re-issued in a 2nd edition in 1975. There was one change. An introductory article which warned that the Christian church and the Left were busy whitewashing islam.

      The deceit has been thorough and systematic for the past 40 to 50 years. The elites in the West want our countries to be islamised.

      • Note that 1975 is just after the OPEC oil embargo of 1973. The timing of what is described in the introductory article is not a coincidence.

      • So who published, or who are the authors of The Legacy of Islam? How can I get a copy of the 1975 edition? I need more than the title for Amazon.

        • Sir Thomas Arnold was the editor of 1931 edition.

 has a free download of that edition.

        • I typed the title into

          The first in the (small list) was the right book.

          Strangely, they list the publication date as 1979. My copy has been in storage for a year, so I was going off my memory. I’m sure it was a few years earlier than that.

          That the TinTin comics could produce a comic illustrating Mohammed’s violent rise to tyranny in Arabia in 1977 shows how much things have changed. No-one objected to Mohammed being portrayed on the front of a kids’ comic, sword raised, leading his army in an onslaught on non-muslims.

    • Islam plays ‘carrot and stick’ in Europe, the carrot being anything money can buy; from catamites to catamarans, the stick being raw naked violence. But there is another force at work here as well, which is the insidious legacy of the Nazi Holocaust.

      Prior to WWII the idea of ‘racism’ as bad thing did not really exist, more important was the ‘duty’ of superior races to evangelize (enslave) inferior races (untermensh). Jews were dangerous because they were ‘superior’ untermensch and Slavs were just in the way.

      This, or something similar, was the status quo in Europe at the time, but national/international socialism then resorted to mass extermination to assist in their evangelization efforts.

      When this ‘failed’ (was exposed), history had to be rewritten, and the idea of ‘racism’ (instead of antisemitism) as a dominant theme behind the Holocaust was introduced.

      The “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem” was not about ‘racism’, it was about hatred of Jews, something that has cropped up in history as a constantly recurring theme. The term ‘racism’ is a semantic camouflage that can be wrapped around ‘antisemitism’ to obscure the focus.

      The likes of Cameron are the result of this socialization of ‘racism’ as a defining credo across the whole spectrum of western society. One is not allowed to doubt or even question the credo of ‘racism’ because that in itself is ‘racist’.

      So, by a perverted twist of logic, Islam, a religion, becomes the gross beneficiary of an antisemitic holocaust in which it participated (and still participates in; those missiles that come over my home in Sderot are not perceived as what they really are, out workings of Hamas’ antisemitism, and are thus widely accepted as ‘legitimate’) And the Camerons of this world cannot (or will not) see the difference.

  2. And that to me proves that Islam is a lie. Because Islam is spread through Lies. And Murder. Deceit. I could never believe in a god who wishes his message to be spread in such a manner, conversion through fear. But there is a spiritual being who does his work this way. And the Muslims are too stupid to see it.
    I’ve never known a Christian who accepted Jesus by reading the Bible. But I’ve lost track of how many “converted Muslims” I’ve read about who read the Koran and immediately become killers. I would never read that book. There is something unholy about it.

    • Muslims are trained to recite the Koran in its Arabic, which most do not speak. They are not encouraged to understand what it says, and may be discouraged (sometimes by threat of physical punishment) from asking questions. It is the recitation that is esteemed. They are discouraged from looking at a translation, as this is “less pure”.
      As Rifqa Bary from Sri Lanka says, “In Islam you pray in Arabic, so you don’t really know what you are saying”. Islam expert I.Q. al Rassooli explains: “Ninety per cent of Muslims have absolutely no idea about the Koran.”

  3. To tedh754
    You need not fear reading the Qur’an. You will not become a killer. I have read it twice and have yet to till anyone. A few Muslims, a very few unfortunately, have read the Qur’an in a language they understood and have become atheists. That’s was Taslima Nasin did.

    You can watch her say so at at about 8 mins 20 secs.

  4. I think it was Asma bint Marwan wrote the limerick about Mohammad:

    There once was a prophet- Mahound-
    Who heard voices that made not a sound,
    And his message from God
    Came across rather odd:
    “Kill thy neighbor wherever he’s found

  5. google pamela geller’s blog direct. it’s my third stop each morning after jihad watch and gates of vienna.

  6. Pamela Geller is the unsung heroine of our age. I hope and pray that her security team keeps her safe.

    The “people” have long been known to be ignorant of many important things, which is troublesome. But sooner or later they wake up (see WWI and WWII), so I still have some hope that we will eventually realize what is happening to our country.

    To paraphrase somebody, the future must not belong to a bunch of murdering savages.

  7. After the confrontations that have occurred in the past, it shows a lot of good will to put all that aside for a greater cause. At the very least, Pamela should acknowledge the support she’s getting.

  8. “The parallels with Asma are striking.”

    …and thank you, Baron, for pointing it out!

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