The Power of Low-Level, Random, But Unceasing Violence

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir sends his thoughts about the larger meaning of last weekend’s events in Garland, Texas.

The power of low-level, random, but unceasing violence

by The Kafir

After the Texas shooting, there is all round condemnation in the US media of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, the two of the greatest counterjihadists around; for indulging in “needless provocation.”

So, even in the Land of Free and the Home of Brave, after fourteen years of a brutal attack on it, there are open calls for surrender.

This only shows that dhimma can be imposed from the top, in one go, if the believers have conquered the land; or it can also be imposed from below, by imposing one provision at a time, and unleashing vigilantes on the violators.

The real strength of the Religion of Peace is the sanction of vigilantism in it. So government may be sincerely secular and tough, the press may be objective, security agencies may indeed be highly competent and able to control big-ticket terrorism, but there is no solution whatsoever to vigilantism.

If there are millions who are ready to walk up to a person who has offended them and kill him, there is nothing any police can ever do. In such situations, the only way the person can live is to go into hiding, and that is what those who run afoul of Religion of Peace do to survive. In reality they have gone for complete physical separation, though they are alone on the other side of wall.

That is why I always say that complete physical separation is the only solution. Everything else is pure wastage of very precious and sacred human lives, and of time and resources. It is the biggest scandal of human existence on this planet Earth that they (the kafir ruling elite) are ready to live with men getting killed in slow attrition, but are not ready to hold accountable and answerable the belief system that practices such killings to get its way, because then they (the elite) may look like bigots. Better dead than bigots.

I know of course that they know that the dead are someone else, and risks of getting labeled bigots are theirs, the ruling elites of kafirs.

And of course we need to remember here that to run afoul of the Religion of Peace, all you need to do is speak truth about it, from its own scriptures.

Therefore vigilantes make sure that everybody who offends the followers of Islam gets killed, or goes into hiding, disappears. Ceases to exist for all practical purposes. Even if officially he has not broken any law as far as the laws of the land are concerned.

Others soon get the message that if they offend the followers of Islam, someone from somewhere may show up and kill them. So they start adjusting their behaviour accordingly, thinking that this one more concession, this slight accommodation will keep the peace. They start behaving like the frog that has been put in the water of rising temperature. The frog quickly adjusts to the rising temperature, little realising that plan is actually to boil it to death.

And of course those who live next to localities with large Muslim population — generally called “no-go zones” — do not even have to draw any cartoons to offend the followers of Mohammed. Their very existence is an offence. And therefore kafirs living next to no-go zones have to live in a veritable hell of sexual molestation of their women, petty crime, knifings, muggings, etc.

Rich and middle-class kafirs make sure that they live the farthest away from no-go zones in their city. They carefully choose roads to avoid no-go zones, visit restaurants, cinema halls, schools, etc., in the areas where the dark shadow of no-go zones does not extend.

Then they lecture the poorest kafirs who are caught in the areas next to no-go zones and have to live daily with the harassment of their daughters, destruction of their businesses, erosion of the value of their property: that a few extremists do not represent the entire belief system; they know many of its followers who are good human beings; and it is about to reform, just one more poverty-eradication scheme, and all will be well, we will all get together and sing kumbaya.

Leftists also chip in with the claims that folks in the no-go zones and kafirs next to them actually wish to live in perfect harmony, and those rich folks over there are making them fight by promoting hate between communities.

Man’s capacity to deceive himself is infinite. His capability of throwing somebody else to the wolves to save himself is never in doubt, and for the Leftists their ideology is the real world.

The kafir ruling elite all over the world daily buys peace by feeding the poorest kafirs — who do not have the means to move away from the no-go zones — to the wolves. But each kafir must live with the knowledge that being poorest is a relative state, and someday surely HE will be the poorest kafir left, or at least his children will be.

Violence alters the brains of human beings in ways unknown to them; and one of the mechanisms they adopt to cope with violence is to deny that there is any violence. Another is to blame themselves. In the first, no action is required. And in the second they still feel in control of the situation, because if their behaviour is the cause of violence, they can stop it by changing the behaviour.

That is what the elite in America are doing by blaming Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for attack on their event. If the behaviour of Spencer and Geller is the cause of the violence, it can be stopped if they only change their behaviour.

The kafir ruling elite are behaving like the blind in the H G Wells story The Country Of The Blind, who identified as crazy those who can see the danger and are speaking about it.The Country Of The Blind is not just the name of a story. It actually exists, and kafirs live in it.

The only way the kafir world can survive is through complete physical separation between it and the Islamic world. There is no other solution to vigilantism and the resulting low-level, random, but unceasing violence.

The Qur’an is very explicit about the whole matter. It says that kafirs have to disappear from the planet Earth. Therefore kafirs must confront their own ruling elite as to why they are asking the kafirs to share their cities, towns, and villages with those who believe Qur’an to be the word of God. Because those who so believe are explicitly commanded to kill those who do not so believe.

So kafirs have to tell their own ruling elites that either we also believe that the Qur’an is the word of God, and therefore we all must convert straight away. Or, if we don’t, we must be allowed to say so aloud, and those who kill us for saying so must not be allowed to live with us.

It is as simple as that.

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26 thoughts on “The Power of Low-Level, Random, But Unceasing Violence

  1. Sort of makes me think of the word “apartheid”, to live apart, and islam is happy to be enforcers of that state.

    Also “ghetto-ization” as practiced in the 1940’s “Warsaw Ghetto” to isolate, control to aid final destruction.

    Just where is there a safe refuge?

    Appeasement as Winston Churchill-“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” or do they believe in karma in doing good things for crocodiles, and so will they and their families reincarnate as crocodiles too.

    “It is as simple as that”.

    yet rich and middle class and “chattering classes, cover the ears and block their wills with “tolerance of intolerant” “multicultural”, “diversity”, “politically correct” and all the other euphemisms so their lives can blithly continue with no stressful decisions or thoughts.
    That is why some of the upper echelons are quietly converting as some already are, in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

    Great essay and thank you bringing up many points.
    The more we know, then may we be more effective in action.

    • Conversion may save the treacherous in the short term, but in the longer term those who find they cannot afford to pay the jizya will also suffer from kafir status because Arabs are one of the most racist ethnicities on this planet to the point that even other Arabs may be considered less than equal depending on their tribal affiliations or Islamic sect.

      In the scheme of Islamic things, the Arabs have no more time for the white Caucasian convert than they would give to the Black African convert.

      • In reality, Islam is exceptionally welcoming to converts. The sincerity of the convert is taken as given unless and until some proof emerges that he is faking it. He may visit Mecca, forthwith. Hundreds of millions of hajj-visitors from India, Indonesia, and Africa have made their visit to Mecca. There are no separate restrooms for them, nor hotels that refuse them, nor are they given the cold shoulder by their Arab traveling companions along the road.

        Converts, and Muslims raised from infancy as Muslims who are ethnically white or black or what have you, are gladly accepted also into the armed forces of the Islamic State.

        Arab nations still have citizenry rules, and not just anyone may come to live and work in Saudi Arabia. But Japan has citizenry rules. It’s not an exclusion built around who is and who is not Shinto, in Japan’s case. On paper, at any rate, Egypt’s Christians may continue to live as Christians and remain citizens of Egypt.

        Not everything about Islam is laudable by the standards of the Enlightenment, but we must not delude ourselves that everything we hold bad is part and parcel of Islam. It has its good points and its strengths. These give added vigor and scope to its power. And it will never do to misunderstand the power of rivals.

        • I wonder where your last paragraph places me, for I see absolutely nothing admirable, enviable, or in any way useful about the murderous, misogynistic, hate-filled cult of islam–NOTHING!

          Indeed, as I’ve said and written countless times, I find islam so utterly repulsive, I’m constantly amazed the western world tolerates it.

          Take a bow Kafir, in my humble opinion you are entirely correct!

          • Sorry, Peter, but somehow that troll got in. It takes more energy to deal with him than to just trash ‘im, but I don’t want your energy to go to waste so he stands.

            He’s consistently been a hit-and-run commenter. Never bothers to respond. Usually confines himself to climate change credos though.

          • Ah Lady D. I must be getting old, (getting?)
            and my memory is rather slow. Now I remember his name from another blog run by another smart lady!

        • Explain why the term for black people in Saudi Arabia is “abeed” then.

        • OMG!! It’s “Sam Grant: again!
          As I understand, he is a hit and run and last time I wrote a rather long screed on climate change in response to him…
          Let me just say, and then I”l cut it off, that Shinto has nothing to do with the democratic running of Japan today. So, that is a non starter. Disregard anything else he might say because that claim alone disqualifies him.

          • OK. I can’t help myself…

            “There are no separate restrooms for them, nor hotels that refuse them, nor are they given the cold shoulder by their Arab traveling companions along the road.”

            So the road signs that direct non-muslims away from Mecca are an inviting sign of the benign superiority of Islam? Nor is the term usually used for “blacks” any indication of the racist intention of the totalitarian ideology that is Islam? And no racist segregation via skin colour is ever used in Islamic nations?
            We really have to laugh at Sam Grant.

  2. ‘It is as simple as that’. I agree, it is that simple, but then one must realize just how very difficult it is to wean those who have brought us this calamity off the gravy train that provides for their misguided and treacherous allegiance.

    The real power to be has had decades, if not hundreds of years, to reach this point in our civilizational devolution while the fight back against it is just getting started.

  3. “The only way…complete physical separation”.
    Ferdinand and Isabella came to the same conclusion.
    That is what they achieved in Spain.

  4. Had we been intelligent enough to not import these savages into our country, we might be better off today. They should have been penned up in their middle-east origins and allowed to kill each other off. The world would be better. I know it’s unkind to say it, but damn — who likes a murderer?

    • At least ‘we’ the citizenry would not import them if a) we were given the choice and b) the people knew something of Islam , its origins & history . The political and media class however , in the UK ,FRANCE , Australia and the US now look like quislings .

      • Do you think even in Australia? I understand that they have a pretty good anti-immigration policy going. In addition, it seems from news reports that Australia has become quite aggressive about jihadis in their country.
        Please tell me if my western news info is wrong.

        • Good response Babs . True , there is a disconnect between events on the ground and the whole Media , high order public service narrative . In plain speak the average Aussie can see Islam is trouble . Officialdom speaks politically correct nonsense about Islamic terrorism . Cracks are appearing however . People will do their own thinking after seeing the foiled bomb and execution plots of Islamic suburban youth . After all the welfare and ‘fair go’ provided here, its hard to ride the ‘alienation’ argument too hard . Yes , Australia does have a chance to derail Islamisation ;but it has not got off to a great start . The proliferation of halal accredited( often unmarked) food product is a case in point .

          • Domo, Halal accreditation and its manipulation by some individual Muslims is now the subject of a New South Wales Supreme Court case.

            Kirralee Smith and Larry Pickering – c/- the Pickering Post blog – have been at the forefront of getting Halal certification the public exposure that politicians would rather the public not see – and only because the subject causes them unceasing heartburn -but isn’t that what they are getting paid for?

            What is also interesting about the Halal racket, within this country at least, is that there are other Muslims speaking out against its practice by those Muslims who are knowingly part of the racket.

            As for immigration, it may come as a surprise that while the feds have turned back the illegal invasion from the Timor/Arafura Seas, our legal immigration from Muslim lands is continuing at full steam ahead!

  5. Spot on. No SANE society would allow large numbers of proponents of a fascist ideology, who are way above average criminal, violent, seditious, and parasitic, in its midst. Be they “moderate” or “extremist”, because the end result will always be the unraveling of its foundations. Today, I caught a political debate on Flemish tv about education: a lot of money apparently is going to be spent to make sure that teachers can satisfactorily communicate with pupils who do not master the language, and translators will be hired to assure the flow of communication with the parents who don’t master the language (of the pupils who don’t master the language). Insanity is now endemic. We are DOOMED.

    • If that society was ruled by a terribly incompetent and globalist worshiping elite like ours who hated the natives and sought to replace they would indeed import Muslims and others.

      One only has to look across the board at our political and corporate elites(USA) – they support open borders, the importation of foreign workers(they can also bring in their family) to replace American workers. Lets not the off-shoring of jobs to Asia.

      Then there is the militarization of the police, the NSA spying on everyone, the DHS designating people who support the Constitution and limited government as potential terrorists. Continual attacks on straight white Christians and conservative Christianity by the government.

      Add this all up and it amounts to a economic and demographic war turning the average American into little more than a serf.

    • Say it isn’t so Fred! . But on the current trends the train wreck is fast approaching . We are entertaining treasonous behaviour just to prove our multicultural credentials and opposition to “racism” . Hang on , we can fix it all with our de – radicalization programs ( so we are told in Australia). Its nuts !

  6. Since our ruling class is feeding us to the Muslims and will go on doing so indefinitely, I ask: is there any hope whatsoever for the survival of our way of life, our culture, ourselves, without first overthrowing our ruling class? Isn’t civil war, in which the present dhimmi ruling class is overthrown, the prerequisite for any chance that we fight back, that we not be enslaved? The conditions leading to such a civil war would clearly have to be extreme, the societal stress immense; but what other mechanism promises any hope at all?

    • The only thing I can offer is that timing is critical. Armed resistance to illegitimate usurpation of the authority of government is certainly morally justified, but it is not currently as pragmatic as it will become once the fiat currency system on which the traitorous regimes depend for much of their influence crashes.

      For the time being, as long as the dollar and Euro are perceived as being valid currency, the elites have essentially infinite power to appeal to the mercenary interests of most of the population, and especially celebrated popular culture leaders. This does not make successful military action against the system impossible, but it does make it unnecessarily costly. Once the fiat currency being issued by the illegitimate regimes is broadly recognized as being worthless, and no longer can be used to buy the goods and labor of the productive class of society, then there will be a sharp division between those willing to openly resort to naked aggression to take what they wish by force (under the aegis of ‘national emergency authority’) and those who realize that, just like the validity of the currency, the legitimacy of the governments are based on nothing but false promises.

      The global fiat currency collapse is going to happen very soon, China has been deliberately increasing their gold holdings dramatically and is now instituting a centrally administered “social credit system” in anticipation of an unprecedented economic crisis. We also see a increase in the tempo of preparation on the part of the Western elites for unrestricted military operations against their own national populations. Those seeking to defend their traditional national heritages should also prepare for the fiat currency collapse, including making preparations for the resulting breakdown of society, especially among those currently dependent on wealth transfer payments for their daily survival.

    • What is important is to start ‘naming and shaming’, once people are known for what they are they become more accountable.

      In the Mikado by G&S the Lord High Executioner has “got a little list” and the Mikado himself is very prepared to “let the punishment fit the crime”

      think about it!

  7. Lori Marcus’ piece on al-Qaida kingpin, Abu Musab al-Suri, from 2013 after the Boston bombing jihadi terror attack pretty much explains the ”lone wolf” phenomenon, it’s a tactic within a larger strategy. Keeping the public off guard with the sudden ”randomness” of the attack, while appealing to the appeasers who cry ”lone wolf madmen” thereby shielding the greater muslim community who supposedly ”are not represented by these lone nuts”. Removing the top down centralized network of al-Qaida (or IS for that matter) frees up those within the ummah to create havoc of their own timing and choosing.

    Read the entire piece here:

  8. There is the tendency to think that there is no possibility of stopping Isl;am, and the only way our civilisation can exist is banning Islam, and repatriating all Muslims. But I posit that Muslims, far from being confident, are worried about their own future in the West, and the future of Islam.

    The last is a distinct possibility, as Islam, unlike Christianity, measures its success by its success in the political sphere. Thus Islam’s survival is uniquely vulnerable to political and military reverse. At the moment, Islam’s political and military forces are being defeated within the sphere of Islam itself. This is not what Allah promised the faithful. On the economic front, the news is even more depressing.

    There is therefore, a distinct possibility that Islam will destroy itself, unable as it is to live in a connected world, facing military, economic and political reversal at every turn.

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