The Power of Low-Level, Random, But Unceasing Muslim-on-Kafir Violence

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir returns with a look at the constant endemic (and increasing) violence by Muslims against non-Muslims. Within Western societies the violence is generally low-level, but as the Muslim population grows, it becomes more and more overt and extreme.

The Power of Low Level, Random, But Unceasing Muslim-on-Kafir Violence

by The Kafir

This passage from the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl struck me (from page 50 of the book):

Each man was caught in a mental turmoil which threatened all the values he held and threw them into doubt. Under the influence of a world which no longer recognized the value of human life and human dignity, which had robbed man of his will and had made him an object to be exterminated (having planned, however, to make full use of him first — the last ounce of his physical resources) under this influence the personal ego finally suffered a loss of values. If the man in the concentration camp did not struggle against this in a last effort to save his self-respect, he lost the feeling of being an individual, a being with a mind, with inner freedom and personal value. He thought of himself then as only a part of an enormous mass of people; his existence descended to the level of animal life. The men were herded — sometimes to one place then to another; sometimes driven together, then apart — like a flock of sheep without a thought or a will of their own. A small but dangerous pack watched them from all sides, well versed in methods of torture and sadism. They drove the herd incessantly backwards and forwards, with shouts, kicks and blows. And we, the sheep, thought of two things only-how to evade the bad dogs and how to get a little food.

Just like sheep that crowd timidly into the corner of a herd, each of us tried to get into the middle of our formations. That gave one a better chance of avoiding the blows of the guards who were marching on either side and to the front and rear of our column. The central position had the added advantage of affording protection against the bitter winds. It was, therefore, in an attempt to save one’s own skin that one literally tried to submerge into the crowd…


It is very difficult for an outsider to grasp how very little value was placed on human life in camp.

Now read Quran 98.6:

Surely those who disbelieve — from among the People of the Book and from among the polytheists — will be in the fire of Hell a seed of which unbelief bears, abiding therein. They are the worst of creatures.

And Quran 3.110:

(O Community of Muhammad!) You are the best community ever brought forth for humankind, enjoining and promoting what is right and good, and forbidding and trying to prevent evil, and you believe in God. If only the People of the Book believed , this would be sheer good for them. Among them there are believers, but most of them are transgressors.

And Quran 4.92:

Yet it is not for a believer to kill another believer unless it be by mistake. He who has killed a believer by mistake must set free a believing slave, and pay blood-money to his family, unless they forgo it as a freewill offering. If he, while himself a believer, belonged to a people hostile to you, then set free a believing slave. If he belonged to a people between whom and you there is a treaty, then pay blood-money to his heirs, and to set free a believing slave. But he who has no means, must fast for two consecutive months — a penance from God. God is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

And finally 9.111:

God has bought from the believers their selves and wealth because Paradise is for them. They fight in God’s cause, and they kill or are killed. This is a promise with which God has bound Himself in the Torah and in the Gospel and in the Qur’ān. Who could be more faithful to his covenant than God? So, glad tidings to you because of the bargain you have made with Him! That, indeed, is the supreme triumph.

So the god of the Quran makes a few things clear:

1.   Kafirs are the worst of created beings. Worse than animals. And indeed in Muslim countries, domestic animals of Muslims are safer than kafirs.
2.   Muslims are the best community ever brought forth for (the good of) humankind, enjoining and promoting what is right and good, and forbidding and trying to prevent evil. So Muslims are to forbid and prevent evil, that is kufr (the worst evil in the eye of the god of the Quran).
3.   The god of the Quran specifically tells Muslims not to kill a Muslim. He doesn’t say do not kill a human being whether Muslim or not; he specifically prohibits only the killing of a Muslim. (Of course, remember the god of the Quran in any case says that kafirs are not human beings.)
4.   And finally, the god of the Quran tells Muslims that their lives are not their lives. They have been purchased by God; all they have to do is to slay and be slain.

Now read the excerpt from Frankl’s book again.

The kafirs living next to Muslims in a city are actually living the life lived by inmates of Nazi concentration camps.

The fact is that Muslims are openly being raised to believe that kafir lives do not matter. They can be killed just like animals. Whenever they do not behave.

Where kafirs still hold political power and therefore control police, Muslims keep the violence to a level that doesn’t attract attention of police — vandalizing kafir homes, blocking their driveways, blocking roads, sex-grooming their eleven-year-old daughters, shoplifting, crowding into kafir shops next to no-go zones. The violence against kafirs is low-level, but random and relentless. Randomness of violence breaks kafirs mentally, and its relentlessness makes sure they are never able to take stock and unite and respond.

Like camp inmates, kafirs also learn that safety is in the middle of crowd, so they sell the homes next to no-go zones cheaply, and move deep into kafir areas. This, of course, exposes the next block of kafir homes to low level, random, but unceasing violence.

Kafirs lose belief in the certainties of life. They lose belief in the most basic assumption of human existence- that if you do no wrong, no harm will come your way.

Like camp inmates, they become like sheep. Kafirs are herded like sheep at the airports, they move like sheep through various security drills; just so that those who are trying to kill them do not feel that they (prospective killers) are being profiled because of their “religion”.

Just as the camp inmates were made to do whatever work they could before they were killed, so are the kafirs being allowed to live so that they can fund those welfare benefits. In fact, dhimmis in Muslim societies are allowed to live exactly for this purpose: so that they can pay jizyah and thus fund the Muslim State. And they are killed if they are not able to pay jizyah any longer.

In the same book, Frankl reveals that actual day to day controlling of prisoners was done by persons chosen from among the prisoners themselves. Prisoners used to call these “supervisors” Capos.

These Capos more often than not were even more cruel than German guards, mistreated prisoners severely, beat them up, and even killed them.

And this is the last connection. The members of the kafir ruling elite are Capos. Controlling kafirs on behalf of Muslims.

The men who created the greatest country on the earth, the United States, staked their wealth, their life, and their honour just so that they could live as freeborn human beings.

Present-day kafir rulers are staking the eleven-year-old daughters of the poorest kafirs so that they may rule kafirs for a few decades more, before Muslims move in to take full control.

Man is capable of the noblest conduct, and man is capable of the most despicable and contemptible conduct.

In summary, the world is just one big Auschwitz camp. Muslims are the SS guards. Kafir ruling elites are the Capos. And kafirs are the prisoners, waiting to die. Funding the welfare state off which Muslims live, so long as kafirs stay alive, or are allowed to stay alive.

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36 thoughts on “The Power of Low-Level, Random, But Unceasing Muslim-on-Kafir Violence

  1. You make an excellent point here concerning the accumulated effect of “random” acts of “madmen” that “have nothing to do with Islam”: eventually, they will win.

    Reading your essay, I was thinking – why don’t we all “convert” to Islam? Would that stop the bloodlust, or does Islam needs the existence of Kafirs, just like predators are dependent on their preys?

    At any rate, the countries in which 100% of the population is Moslem (as long as they do not belong to different sects) seem to be in relative peace. Backwards and corrupt, but peaceful.

    Watch what happens in France in the next 10 years: we will see more and more French women convert to Islam. Then the men will follow. Women are always first to convert, since they are more easy targets.

    • At any rate, the countries in which 100% of the population is Moslem (as long as they do not belong to different sects) seem to be in relative peace. Backwards and corrupt, but peaceful.

      Could you name these relatively peaceful countries?

      Seems to me that most largely Muslim countries are poverty-stricken holes of despair. Saudi Arabia is wealthy but who would want to live under such cruelty and repression? There are worse things than dying: living in a sadistic place which lets its prisoners “recover” from officially sanctioned beatings before applying the next round of lashings – imposed for a minor infraction of speech ‘rules – is one of those worse things.

      A sharia-ruled country is a place of sadistic barbarity. A screaming nightmare.

      • Could you name these relatively peaceful countries?

        Any country in which you do not have different Islamic sects: Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi, the Gulf Emirates, etc.

        Of course I wouldn’t want to live there, as you excellently point out, but however, my original question remains: if we were to all “convert” to that “Great World Religion” tomorrow morning, would that stop the violence, or is there a need to Islam to exploit outsiders just like the Mafia needs honest people to steal from?

        • Saudi and all of the emirates are shite ruled by sunni, in Saudi the shite minority is treated abomnably, They describe Saudi as a cow with the head at Jeddah, the udders at Riyadh and the derriere at Khobar (sh1*-ite).

          On the whole, the Gulf States, including the Emirates, are in a perpetual state of ferment with shite majorities being ‘bought’ off by ‘presents’ from the royal families.

          Tunisia and Morocco are tinderboxes whose rulers walk a knife edge.

      • Saudi Arabia is not wealthy due to the benevolent ideological background to which most people live their lives but in spite of it as they have the easiest commodity on the planet to sell – petrol. Without oil Saudi Arabia would just be another hell hole in the sand.

    • Which version of Islam to convert to?

      Sunni (the majority, numerically) or Shi’ite (“It’s a Mohammad’s family-run faith, damn you!”)?

      Islam is split in an eternal war until one of these gangs exterminates the other.

      Even if you converted, you are then plunged into that schismic war.

      Far safer to consign Islam to the ash heap of History, along with the Aztecs, Moloch, and Jim Jones’s kool-aid cult.

      • And even if one of those factions kills off the other, there are many other levels of schism within muhammadanism. The compulsory jihad against al munaafiqeen or hypocrites (those who profess to be muhammadans but do not follow exactly the same muhammadanism as the muhammadan making the judgement) means that bloodlust and barbarism will be the bedfellows of muhammadanism unto the end of its days.
        Best that that devil cult be wiped out now before it consumes humanity in its death spiral.

    • Papa, Islam by its own ideology is a self-terminating belief system that no one within this mind boggling to Westerners mess of thinking that some give the status of religion to has quite come to terms with, yet.

      If the whole world submitted to Islam – one does not convert to Islam one is expected to submit body and soul – there would still be the racial aspects to Islam that would have blacks, yellows and whites as being unequal to those born into Islam and of Arabic descent, so therefore, they would be viewed as lesser Muslims that they could rely on for the jizya. And then there would be the patrol by the ‘religious police’ to make sure that all submitters practised what was expected of a ‘good Muslim’.

      I’m sure just that aspect of Islam would be enough to turn many off from submitting.

      Saudi Arabia is a distinct state that allows low paid workers from other third world countries to make some measly wages working as slaves for the Arabs. Arabs and Turks once had Muslim slaves and used ex-Christian slaves who would submit to Islam as foot soldiers or janissaries to fight their wars against the Europeans. Given the opportunity, they will revert to what they used to do.

      So the act of submitting to Islam will not protect anyone from what the true Muslims – those who consider themselves to be – will decide to do with those who submit on submission day. It’s a win, win situation for Islam and a losing scenario for those who believe that submission will somehow spare them the ‘unpleasantness’ that Islam has such a reputation for. They may have their lives, but would it be a life worth living?

      Eventually, and if everyone on the planet submitted, Islam, just like any other totalitarian system would turn in upon itself as its means of survival diminished from lesser and lesser numbers of second class Muslims being able to support the caliphate.

      The ending is written for all to see, but no Muslim is able to bring himself to admit it.

      • Nemesis, what you wrote is very true, and I can give an interesting illustration.

        One of my friend at school was a Muslim from India – she went at school to one of the Friday prayers and to her great displeasure, she was treated like dirt by the Muslim Arabs – who apparently have the belief that since “they” invented that racket, other Muslims were just their lackeys. It was a shock to her, and she stopped going to Friday prayers. She did not stop being a Muslim, though.

        Mass conversions have occurred in the past – people reading this blog are well-aware that Middle East countries such as Syria were once Christian, and the reason why the people of these countries turned to Islam en masse was entirely for security reasons, however repulsive that may seem to any red-blooded Christian.

        People simply get tired of fighting and they submit. It is a very rational decision to make.

        Western civilization, having been demoralized by attacks coming from multiple directions, has lost the will of survival and is not defending itself. We are losing this game. It is only a matter of time before France becomes an Islamic country, and other countries will follow.

        SyB, I am not content concerning this – resigned is the word.

        I am resigned because the logical conclusion of all of what we see, in spite of all these horrific attacks, is that there is no one, there is no will to oppose Islam in the West, and Muslims come to our countries in even greater numbers.

        Should anyone dare fight back, they would immediately be labeled as fascists, or demonized like the Israelis. Anyone suggesting publicly to stop Muslim immigration – or sending back those who are already here – would be either demonized or sent to prison (in Canada). People in power and in the Media do their best to whitewash the reality of Islam.

        What can we do, other than resign ourselves to becoming Muslims?

        • Papa, historically Islam has had its day. Islam’s best days are behind it. Islam is not just attacking individual countries as they did in the past which gave them their success, Islam has made the biggest blunder in its 1400 year history, in this their Fourth Great Jihad they are attacking the whole world and 1.7 billion Muslims cannot subjugate the other nearly 8 billion humans who do not share the fanatical ideology of Islam.

          Big mistake!

          In the past – the early days of Islam – individual states or countries were virtually on their own, especially those countries around the Mediterranean that were once part of the Roman Empire. When Rome collapsed it left a power vacuum throughout the Mediterranean that Islam rapidly filled because those countries had no real means to defend themselves when the Roman Legions had been withdrawn.

          That is why Islam was so successful then.

          Today, if not for the ‘education’ of the masses to not understand what Islam actually means we would not be having this conversation because the problem would simply not exist, but we do have a problem and a battle to cut through the fog that has been deliberately put in place that prevents the average person from knowing real danger when he or she is confronted by it.

          But compared to just a decade ago, parts of nearly every western country is now alert to the danger that Islam poses and has at least one political party in place that is hosing down that fog.

          Don’t be despondent, just get angry and arm yourself!

          • Arm yourself in Britain would be fun. In order to protect their own self interest our ruling elites have decreed that normal citizens cannot bear arms as is their right. So when an even worse tyranny than being ruled by a bunch of Oxbridge chaps comes along everyone’s neck is in the chopping block.

          • Remember that the worlds next super power China is seeing conversions to Christianity by the the thousands everyday-it will not tolerate a world dominated by Islam even if the liberal secularist West wants to capitulate.

          • steve, I wouldn’t crow about that aspect of the Chinese. The Communist government, that the collective seems to forget is in control of China, has been cracking down on the number of Churches being built – the Democratic Peoples Republic of China will not tolerate religious dissent, Christianity included.

    • Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither — BenFranklin

      You seem content to or resigned to do just that.

    • Chop chop square is not an expression of peace. The prescriptions of Muslim tradition are violent, every expression of good will is evanescent and insincere. The Ummah is inherently violent. The Sharia is inherently unjust.

    • “At any rate, the countries in which 100% of the population is Moslem (as long as they do not belong to different sects) seem to be in relative peace. Backwards and corrupt, but peaceful.”

      If that’s the case, why do so many of them wish to emigrate to the West?! In most of these places, one’s “safety” depends on one’s contacts with the ruling elite, or with high-ranking police/army officers, etc. Once the inevitable revolution takes place, all those contacts become useless, as the preferred apparatchiks of the new ruling sect/party take their place. Also, you make it seem like no low-level violence takes place in Muslim countries… if so, why are most Arabs armed and many skilled at knife-fighting? couldn’t be because they need those skills to survive on the “Arab street”?

      And sometimes, such intra-Muslim conflicts reach the streets of the UK. Besides – why do most Muslim governments need to clamp down so hard on any dissent? Do they perhaps fear any lenient behaviour may be seen as a weakness?

      You make one very valid point though – there is more peace in Muslim countries with a single denomination and ethnic group… isn’t that another great argument against multiculturalism in general?

    • There is never peace in Islam. Muslims are always killing someone. If there are no none Muslims to kill they kill other Muslims who are not Islamic enough.
      Islam is violence, as Muhammad who started Islam was extremely violent.
      Muhammad is a picture perfect example of intolerance. He could have peacefully started his religion of Islam but instead chose to start a religion of violence by attacking the Pagans who had worshiped at the Kaaba in Mecca for thousands of years.

  2. Hell on earth anyone? It is increasingly apparent that we will soon have no choice but to submit or die. Well, yours truly is dead already, in Christ, and had risen with Him in newness of life. I am a citizen of heaven and not of the badly fallen world. It appears that very soon I will be recalled along with the rest of the ambassadors after which open war between heaven and earth will break out. Using World War II’s timeline, it is my guess that we are at about 1938.
    One aspect of the encroaching Shari’a does beg the question. If it is a hate crime to target for murder someone solely because of their religion or faith, why haven’t we seen prosecutions in this country? Why are acts of violence that are obviously premeditated in Canada not prosecuted, but speech against those acts laying the blame at the feet of Islam where is prosecuted with extended jail sentences? The same question goes for England, Sweden, Belgium and France. It appears that a functional double standard is in place in Western Civilization.
    Finally, and I dare anyone to rationally answer this question, how can an ideology that has premeditated murder as a core obligation qualify as a religion?

    (tongue-in-cheek) The assignment for this week involves answering one of the three questions posed above with a reasoned answer in essay format of a minimum of 250 words. Logic, evidence, spelling and grammar will be the essay component that are graded. 🙂

    • “Finally, and I dare anyone to rationally answer this question, how can an ideology that has premeditated murder as a core obligation qualify as a religion?”

      Easy to answer: a religion is determined by its texts, and not by outside standards.

      Allah has encouraged believers in the Koran to smite the kuffars at the neck, and there are many examples of atrocious murders committed by the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) or by his followers in the various oral tradition collections. That may not be Christian, but it is 100% Islamic.

      Moreover, I can tell you that from an Islamic perpective, the Christian injunction of “Turning the other cheek” (from the Sermon on the Mount) is derided as a ridiculous concept only weak-minded kuffars could believe. It simply glorifies the losers, whereas Islam is all about winning the domination of this world.

      So in total, it is only because of lack of cultural relativism that we may think Islam is not a “religion”. Islam is a religion, and it intends to kill infidels (you).

      Please be easy on your grade 😉

      • A religion can be shaped by history. Europe had the Wars of Religion, fought by secular authorities. Now it is the ummah’s turn. And no boast of perfection will keep the Westerner from calling Islam genocide.

      • well put and succinctly stated. You have been given a grade of Outstanding. 🙂
        Now for the Bonus Question, “If what an entity speaks is the expression of the character of the entity, what is the character of the author of the Bible as opposed to the character of the author of the Qur’an?”

    • There is one multifaceted answer – our rulers are trying to keep the peace by appeasing the bully. Those of us who have not grown up in ivory towers know that bullies cannot be reasoned with except in their own terms.

  3. Like Auschwitz, but instead of tiny portions of food, we have obesity problems. Instead of tiny spaces on rock-hard bunk beds, there are package holidays. Instead of 14-hour days under a screaming Kapo we have welfare benefits, plus workers’ rights and shorter working weeks. All of which may help lull the kuffar into a false sense of security, while the inevitable slide into oblivion gathers pace.

    And unlike the inmates Auschwitz, there are no obvious powerful allies fighting for the freedom of the Kuffar. Who may come to rescue them when all other countries are also falling to the “best community ever brought to humankind”, who bring with them all their “peaceful” gifts??

    • Without the welfare state there would be no Islam problem. More importantly Western civilization would be much healthier. As you put out the current system has sedated us to the point that we are oblivious to the encroaching doom. All most care about is sports, reality tv and partying.

      The only thing that may save is a economic collapse of some kind where the welfare state ceases and forces people to wake up.

      • anon, your first sentence makes a connection I really can’t see.

        Concerning your second, you’re absolutely right; without the welfare state, the disabled, ill (physically and mentally), and those who can’t get jobs because there aren’t enough would likely be dead. I guess Western civilisation would be “healthier”, but I’m not sure I’d want to live there any more. Oh, come to think of it, without my state pension, or the free medical care, including the drugs that keep me alive, and able to see, I wouldn’t be living anywhere. I daresay some might welcome that!

        • Mark H No? When I came to Canada as an immigrant my wife and I received no benefits, indeed we had to have enough money to survive for a year, and enough for the return trip if we hadn’t found work in that year.

          Not only do ‘refugees’ go straight on to benefits (which incidentally are twice my CPP and OAS) they receive free housing and are accorded VIP treatment!

          Now if they were treated as my wife and I were (which is entirely fair) would they be here at all?

          • Point well taken,Peter35.

            Of course it would be difficult to deny benefits to those who arrived as refugees without denying them that status, which in some cases will be correct, even if the UK (or Canada or Australia) isn’t the “first safe country” for any of them.

            Sorry for the delay replying; my laptop was sick for a few days.

      • The welfare state has existed, in one form or another, since at least the 1800s when emperor Bismarck introduced rights for workers in Germany. Islamic immigation has existed since the 1960s, accelerating only recently.

        Therefore, how could the welfare state as such have been the cause of it? Most of the oil-rich Middle Eastern states fund their citizens to a huge extent – in some cases paying for their large homes, sevants and studies abroad. Yet immigrants to those countries don’t come for the welfare – simply because it’s not available to them. Rather, the Western states, by accepting everyone into receiving their education, healthcare and benefit money, rather than ensuring it’s only available on a pay-in-before-you-claim basis, have perhaps unwittingly made a problem by creating a huge incentive for immigrants from much poorer countries to enter. However, if the immigrants were not eligible to claim such benefits, this incentive would cease to exist.

  4. One of the chief aims of the terror war doctrine is to maintain a sense of confusion among the target nation. The point of the confusion is to bring about a situation where the targeted society is no longer able to make the causal link between the source of its pain – the terrorists and the regimes supporting them – and the pain itself. Once the link is broken, a target society will turn against itself and the terrorists will win.

    Glick, Caroline (2008-04-20). Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad (p. 13). Gefen Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

  5. And the Euros wonder why we Americans are so adamant about keeping our guns. Sure, the barbarians have them also but at least the playing field will be level. And I would never convert to a “religion” which believes in a “god” that cheers while his “believers” rape and torture. Sorry, just can’t believe that the creator of the universe takes joy in human suffering. Personally, I’d rather the entire world be nuked out of existence than see islam taking over. Because it truly would be hell on earth. Courtesy of the most brainless savages ever to exist.

    • Yep, guns are the great equalizer, it can Abdul and imans straight to perdition in short order. One thing about Muzzies is that most are straight up cowards who can only kill defenseless people and have to hide behind innocents when confronted by men who are not afraid of their howls of allah.

      And boy do the political class hate our guts because of it.

  6. We judge Islam by its fruits. Matt. 7
    Islam is profane, and no stroke of sword or whip will ever make it holy. Mohammed remains a false prophet. His first impressions of “Gabriel” were correct, he was caught by his own arrogance.

    puublished on Oct 19, 2014
    Historical facts and Comparisons: How many times Muslims invaded Europe vs. Europeans invaded Muslim countries.
    Islamics Launched their Crusades in 630 A.D. Western Crusades started in 1095 A.D. to Stop Muslim Invasion. Crusades were a defensive action against the forcible expansion of Islam into territories that had been part of Christendom for centuries.

    The individual attacks are the core of the Jihad. The strategy of encroachment has been used for generations in Africa. Islamic jihadist move into a village and demand all Christians convert or pay tax to remain Christian. Eventually the Christians are forced out.

  8. Yes, and then Muslims complain that they are being picked on and blame their violence on that.
    The fact is Christians are picked on 24/7/365 and they don’t start attacking others.
    The fact is Muhammad, who all Muslims follow, was an intolerant terrorist. Muhammad is a clear example of a true intolerant extremist.
    Muhammad who started Islam stole the Kaaba at Mecca from the Pagans. The Pagans had worshiped there for thousands of years. If Muhammad had been a man of tolerance he would have worshiped elsewhere. He would not have used violence to take Mecca away from the Pagans.

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