The Incestuous Relations of France With Qatar

In the following news clip, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National, discusses the current crisis in France and the ultimate causes of the wave of terrorism that has recently afflicted the country.

Many thanks to C.B. Sashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   Many of today’s problems follow from our mistakes and our faults
0:06   in matters of foreign policy,
0:09   many times denounced by the Front National.
0:12   I specifically address the tragic intervention in Libya in 2011
0:16   that Nicolas Sarkozy wanted after taking advice from Bernard-Henri Lévy,
0:20   the only French politician whom we had
0:23   the insight to turn down,
0:25   and which became an overpowering fertilizer for international jihadism.
0:29   Same serious transgressions in Syria.
0:31   Nicholas Sarkozy, like Francois Hollande,
0:34   obviously wants to continue to support the Islamists after
0:38   having already provided them
0:40   with weapons, legitimacy, and forces.
0:42   This geopolitical blunder had a collateral consequence
0:45   for which we are paying a high price:
0:47   the break in our collaboration with Syrian intelligence
0:51   that we all know was one of the key sources
0:55   that could deliver visibility into jihadi activities
1:00   on our territory.
1:01   Against this backdrop, I point the finger at the incestuous relations of
1:04   France and its UMP and PS leaders with Qatar,
1:08   which provides invaluable support to worldwide Islamic fundamentalism.
1:12   It comes down to
1:14   Laurent Fabius or Nicolas Sarkozy
1:17   to dare address this.
1:19   If France continues to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and to Qatar,
1:23   we have everything to fear
1:25   in finding these weapons all over the world.
1:27   What strong action are we taking?

11 thoughts on “The Incestuous Relations of France With Qatar

    • I agree wholeheartedly! I despised her anti-Semitic buffoon of a father, but I would vote for Marine over the current witless incumbent any day (or against Sarkozy or Fabius, for that matter – blinkered corrupt ideologues that they have proven themselves to be). Clear-sighted rational appreciation of the Islamofascist threat at last! Libya was a disaster in the making and now we are going to have to pay the price.

      • About the only good thing to come out of all that meddling in the Middle East by the CIA was Egypt – now ruled with an iron fist by a President who has begun to question Islam’s role in world affairs.

        Obama, his handlers and enablers, must be grinding their teeth at this huge setback to their agenda.

  1. Destabilizing secular Muslim strongmen for the idealistic nonsense of the “Arab Spring” could only result in chaos, the breeding ground for waiting local fanatics, which imperialistic Islam is chock full of.

    Muslims have no respect for anything but a strongman-style leader, in imitation of their founding tyrannical warlord, Mohammad.

    A secular thug, at least, keeps the simmering Islamic maniacs under relative control.

    The imbeciles “leading” the West keep trying to remove these vital restraints on the Jihad.

    And sow unchained terrorists with their delusional attempt to “democratize” an inherently-despotic populace (The Ummah).

    • ” Muslims have no respect for anything but a strongman-style leader, in imitation of their founding tyrannical warlord, Mohammad. ”

      The only creatures worse than mushies are the Traitor Class, those mindless insects that put down Judeo-Christian religion and principles, with the Golden Rule, while promoting jihadism with The Satanic Rule: “Kill infidels wherever you find them.”
      And even worse than the Traitor Class are the voters who put them in positions of power to serve the jihadis.
      Who told the Traitor Class that serving muslim whims was the only feature of democracy?
      Damn them Traitor are not called traitor since 1980s. They are called promoters of noble virtues such as diversity and multiculti stupidity.
      Has the world ever seen such traitorous stupidity?

      • In the 1920’s-30’s.

        Julien Benda wrote a classic book on the subject at the time:
        The Treason of the Clerks” (the “government/academia/media functionary class”). (Also translated as “Intellectuals”)

        He called the Nazis “one of the plagues of the world” and miraculously survived in Occupied France through WW II although Jewish and a renowned patriot.

  2. Talk about an incestuous relationship. Isn’t Qatar home of the U. S. major command center covering the Middle East and a large part of Africa?

  3. I generally like Ms. Le Pen and would probably vote for her were I in France. However I point to seconds .42 to 1.00: the “geopolitical blunder had a collateral consequence for which we are paying a high price: the break in our collaboration with Syrian Intelligence that we all know was one of the key sources that could deliver visibility into jihadi activity on our territory.” Is she suggesting here that the country that is the Iranian proxy is any more reliable than those forces it fights? I am curious how she guards against both these evils.

    • I think what she means is that by allowing Hassan free reign to suppress his citizens and continued funding from Iran (which everyone in the west didn’t seem to have much of a problem with until recently) they were giving the west crumbs of info that were most probably very useful.
      The entire situation has been for quite some time a Faustian bargain.
      Does anyone remember Nancy Pelosi visiting Hassan wearing a head scarf? She called him a “reformer.”

      • @Babs: I do remember Pelosi wearing that head scarf. From that point on, I nicknamed her “dhimmi pelosi” (lower case used on purpose) and have continued the nomenclature to this day.

        Thanks for the “I remember when” reminder!

        • She was only trying to keep her wits about her. Not easy when you’ve packed so many convenient untruths into one little noggin.

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