God Save Us From Our Own Ruling Elite

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir returns with a brief essay prompted by recent revelations about mass child-rape and sex-slavery in Rotherham.

God save us from our own ruling elite
by The Kafir

Rotherham made me cry. People are not able to comprehend the full import of this crime.

The families of Rotherham pay taxes in the fond hope that the money so collected will be spent to keep them safe. After all, keeping citizens safe from violence is the first duty of every government. The residents also surrendered to the government their right to violence in self-defence in the fond hope that government will stand between them and the violent.

But the people who live off those taxes, those whom people elect to administer the society, and those who are employed to run the day-to-day administration of laws, and whose salaries are paid with those taxes — all of them betrayed the taxpayers. All betrayed the 11-year-old daughters of the taxpayers, on whose money they live the grand life. They betrayed them in the service of some fantasy of theirs, the fantasy of Multiculturalism.

They imported members of a Crime Syndicate masquerading as a religion and settled them among their own citizens. They spend the tax money to give the members of Crime Syndicate a lifestyle they do not earn, cannot earn. All in the service of their need to feel how evolved, how intellectually superior, how broadminded they are.

And they do not act against these criminals because in their eyes, their own sense of fairness is more important than the lives of 11-year-old girls whose fathers pay the taxes to make the ruling elite and its lifestyle possible.

The crime of the British ruling elite are compounded by the fact that no less than Winston Churchill had told them over a hundred year ago that the Religion of Peace in a man is exactly like Hydrophobia in a dog.

Still they went ahead and imported in bulk these ambassadors of peace, and now, to keep them in good humour, to buy few more years of peace and power, they are throwing 11-year-old girls, their own citizens, to these wolves.

The kafir ruling elite the world over is most despicable creature. To gain power — to stay in power — for a few more decades they are sacrificing lives of their own citizens to the insatiable beast of the Religion of Peace. And to keep the citizenry un-alarmed during the time they themselves get to enjoy power, they are covering up the basic tenets of the Religion of Peace, they are covering up its daily atrocities, and they are covering up the infiltration they have facilitated and are facilitating like crazies.

May God save us all from our own ruling elite.

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26 thoughts on “God Save Us From Our Own Ruling Elite

  1. “Crime Syndicate” is a good analogy. Why is it that all other beasts masquerading as men who are sadistic pedophiles engage in this behavior out of the perverseness within their wicked hearts, but somehow these Pakistanis are simply folliwing the devine tenants of their religion? I think these beasts use their religion as a flimsy excuse for the evil already within them. We keep hearing, “Oh but it’s Islam, not ethnicity.” I say it is both with the latter preceding the former and I think their victims were selected by ethnicity.

    • I think you’re partly correct. Islam began as a way of giving “divine” approval to evil human impulses, and it still seems to draw recruits on that basis. But meanwhile it has persuaded many hundreds of millions of people that they ought to do evil they would be unlikely to do if they had been nurtured on a different ideology.

      Islam seriously warps the human character where it becomes established. It turns humans into savages by telling them the deity demands savagery and by nursing white-hot hatred of those who are to be targets of savagery.

  2. There are the tiniest of gaps appearing in the fight for truth. Here in Britain the general population are en masse closing in on their boiling point in their sufferings caused by Islamic colonisation. But more importantly – that gap I mentioned is the light of truth becoming visible to the dullards in their Ivory towers.

    They are beginning to comprehend that there is a problem with Islam and that it stems not from any extremist beliefs or outlandish interpretations of the Koran – but intrinsically from the Koran itself, whose word of god content cannot ever be changed without the consequent capital punishment of death to the heretic.

    The Koran is the perfect blueprint for unquestioning, single minded conquest of every other culture it comes into contact with; a historical fact and easily verifiable truth.

    The only real question – and the one that is the reason as to why our unwise ruling elite are so quiet – What is the acceptable and palatable solution?

    To the genteel minded – THERE IS NO SOLUTION. To beat such an enemy – and make no mistake – Islam is our (Western civilisation) enemy – we must crawl into the gutter to fight Islam. As a multiculturalist (I know not popular) I say Islam cannot mix or integrate with other cultures, it is impossible for it, it is a supremacist doctrine without peer, surpassing even Nazism.

    We must remove Islam from Britain root and branch. Sounds impossible ? It is almost impossible but must be done, regardless of consequence or we will be overrun and end up in open Civil War – the young Islamic people in Britain versus everyone else (except for the ironically termed anti-fascists) and face the loss to Islam of one of the main contributing nations to Western European culture.

    Our rulers have no real choice other than to take their heads out of the sand grasp the nettle and do what has to be done – or wait for the civil war and potential loss of Britain to Islam.

  3. “Each child is worth about £200,000 (around $300,000) a year to the gangs – which makes them even more lucrative than the drugs trade.”

    At Breitbart London: Islamic Rape Gangs: Rotherham is just the tip of the iceberg by James Delingpole, 7 September 2014 http://bit.ly/1urRxEh

    Delingpole provides a summary of a conversation he had recently with George Igler of the Discourse Institute, available at a Breitbart Radio Free Delingpole podcast here
    Podcast – Radio Free Delingpole episode 58: Muslim gang rape for drugs and profit in Occupied Europe, 5 September 2014 http://bit.ly/1oi6jsh

    Delingpole notes in his article of 7 September 2014 that if people take apologists such as Diane Abbott seriously, the problem may continue ‘unchecked’ for some time …
    See Diane Abbott: Class and money – not political correctness – caused Rotherham’s abuse scandal, The Spectator, 6 September 2014 – http://bit.ly/1s0rBj5

    Diane Abbott is a Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

    Finally, see Cherson and Molschky for a re-posting on 6 September 2014 of a post previously published by Y K Cherson – Why Muslims rape, 15 August 2014. http://bit.ly/1rsXGw8

      • Diane Abbott: Class and money – not political correctness – caused Rotherham’s abuse scandal

        should read: Diane Abbott: Class and misogyny – not political correctness – caused Rotherham’s abuse scandal

    • £200,000 per annum per abused child, 1,400 child victims in Rotherham over 16 years, if each child was abused for just one year that amounts to £280,000,000 – and just in Rotherham!

      • Don’t tell the politicians that. They will want to legitimise and tax it. Funny isn’t it that the “groomers” appear not to work but can drive expensive cars and buy their victims presents. I’m sure that they do have some work but fail to declare to the tax authorities. Cultural I think. Ah the joy.

  4. “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity”.

    -WB Yeats, The Second Coming. Could have been written for our times.

  5. Dangerous and misleading to call the JIM a Crime Syndicate it is a tyrannical theo-political ideology. To equate the JIM rape, pillage and plunder of the British peoples with the criminality of a Crime Syndicate gives the impression that the threat is not from an external ideological motivator or acts of conquest but the actions of an indigenous criminal subculture.

  6. We are the problem. We have the power to change the rules of war or peace anytime. We are shooting up on some very cheap street drugs. No enrichment at all.

  7. In a sense those in power who allowed, and still allow, this to go on are even worse than these Muslims.

  8. I knew the so-called “War on Terror” was lost when, in the aftermath of 9/11, George Bush gave us the meme “Islam is a religion of peace”, which has been used to bludgeon any opposition to the jihad. He then told kids to send $1.00 to Afghan kids, and would not strike back against Afghanistan until after Ramadan. Even worse, he changed the name of the operation in Afghanistan from “Operation Infinite Justice” to “Operation Enduring Freedom,” because Muslims took offense to the former, claiming that “only Allah has infinite justice.” We are truly doomed. The ruling elites will let citizens of the Western world be butchered en masse in their own streets in the name of “diversities über alles” and “better we cease to exist than be called racist”.

  9. Don’t we want to have a festering Shia-Sunni war going on forever in some relatively safe place like Syria-Iraq? Isn’t this perfect strategy to attract the maggots? Our goal should be to keep it going and try to keep one side from winning. When our radicalized citizens leave the west to go fight in such a war, isn’t this good? [no return policy however…surprise!] The more, the better. We want to foster an Islamic crusade from the west to help ISIS and to battle ISIS at once and together..and, if Iran gets the bomb.to finally abet a larger Sunni-Shia face-off between a nuclear Iran and a nuclear Pakistan/Arabia as an ultimate stalemate?

    Our long term objective must be to let the fires roar but to contain them.

  10. “Unalarmed” & unarmed. Bad combo. This isn’t going to end well for the British or what’s left of them.

  11. Every month I get a sales report on my book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY. It’s a primer on how to conduct an armed revolt. Lately I’ve started seeing sales in England. Maybe only one or two a month, but steady. I’ve been wondering why the book is selling there. Now I think I know. Even Brits who have allowed themselves to be disarmed will get it eventually.

  12. But still remember, even if they HADN’T done those things, even if they were normal, decent people, multiculturalism is still a disease and should be opposed on the grounds of diversity alone.

  13. Now, wait a minute! Those Muslim immigrants were initiating young girls into the beauties of human sexuality and a unique multicultural experience! They should be knighted by HM ASAP! [Sarc]

    • They did in the 60s when the first few thousand Pakistanis were allowed to immigrate.Known as “paki-bashing” it was stopped and criminalised even though assault was already criminal. Today it is impossible to even state an opinion without being hauled before the courts or even imprisoned.
      One poor soul in Cumbria was imprisoned for stating in a public square that islam (or was it scientology?) was a cult. Imprisoned for publicly stating the truth. ALL religions are cults. It is OK though to issue racist or religious insults to the indigenous population and to tolerate the rape of underage girls for fear of inciting riots by the muslim population.

  14. And people wonder why the Scots want to distance themselves from the multicultural hell-hole called England that was once part of a united kingdom.

    • Unfortunately the politicians of Scotland are no different. They are first “anti-islamophobia”. I imagine for a while at least it will “it’s not us – it’s those Sasanachs”.

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