Shariah Police in Wuppertal

A group of Islamic zealots have formed a vigilante squad in the German industrial city of Wuppertal, wearing homemade vests marked “shariah police” as they try to deter young Muslims from engaging in haram behavior. They have distributed leaflets describing the sleazy nightlife area they monitor as a “Shariah Controlled Zone.”

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Below are excerpts from an article about the Shariah Police in Wuppertal:

Islamists Patrol German City as Shariah Controlled Zone

A group of radical Islamists have formed a vigilante squad, wearing homemade vests marked “shariah police” as they try to deter young Muslims from drinking and vice in a German industrial city.

German police said Friday they are seeking ways to stop the bearded young fundamentalists, who have been sighted on several recent occasions at night.

The radicals have distributed leaflets describing the sleazy nightlife area they monitor near the main railway station of Wuppertal — a city of 340,000 — as a “Shariah Controlled Zone.” They wore fluorescent orange traffic-safety vests marked “shariah police” in English on the back.

The Wuppertal radicals, who have won some converts among young ethnic Germans and have exasperated authorities with previous publicity gambits, are followers of Salafism, a puritanical stream of Islam.

Video transcript:

0:01   NGH / The Media Pig
0:05   Eternal happiness … Eternity … Paradise … We will not let this be taken from us.
0:11   The self-named Sharia Police talk young men into “The Right Way”, proselytizing.
0:17   They have started this themselves. Salafists patrolling in Wuppertal, Germany,
0:21   want to outlaw music, smoking and tight clothing.
0:26   An unsettling signal for the Islamic community in Wuppertal.
0:30   The video of young Salafists walking the streets of Wuppertal shocks the community.
0:36   We see this also as a danger to our community,
0:40   for unfortunately we have young people who have not really dealt with their faith …
0:45   The community attempts to warn against the Salafists with education.
0:49   This is clear: They are becoming radicalized. With these activities
0:53   they seek to solicit the young, also for the battle in Syria.
0:56   One young man has died, actually in Syria, for which we were unfortunately too late,
1:04   and after this, after this incident, we have specifically talked to the young.
1:11   The Sharia Police proudly present themselves on the Internet,
1:14   and encourage the founding [of similar groups] in all German cities.
1:18   The police are undertaking an investigation. The charge: Violation of public assembly laws.
1:23   In the night between Wednesday and Thursday we arrested a group of young men,
1:29   who walked the center of the city in this “Sharia Police” uniform,
1:34   and talked to people, young people, unsettling them.
1:37   We immediately arrested these people.
1:42   There is also a “Sharia Police” force in England.
1:44   Here those of other beliefs are downright harassed:
1:47   ”Get out of here, this is a Muslim area. Admit you’re dirty!”
1:53   Such extreme behaviour of intimidation and provocation must be stopped,
1:57   say the police in Wuppertal, Germany.

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10 thoughts on “Shariah Police in Wuppertal

  1. Schauen Sie mal dieses Video um 1:33 an!
    Da sehen Sie diese sogenannten Salafisten
    mit “SHARIAH POLICE” Westen.
    “SHARIAH POLICE”? Was is denn das?
    Warum nicht Arabisch?
    Warum nicht einmal Deutsch, als
    Das ist lauter Englisch-Imperialismus!
    Kaufte diese soganannte Scharia-Polizei
    ihre made-in-China Westen billiger mit
    Englisch als mit Arabisch oder Deutsch?

    Das ist Scham und Schande fuer den Islam!

    • Google translation of Dr. Spahn’s comment (note – Google had trouble with “soganannte”):

      Check out this video at 1:33! As you see these so-called Salafists with “SHARIAH POLICE” west. “SHARIAH POLICE”? What is this?
      Why not Arabic?
      Why not German, as “SHARI’AH POLICE”?
      That’s louder English imperialism!
      Bought this soganannte Sharia police their made-in-China West cheaper with English than Arabic or German?

      This is shame and disgrace for Islam!

      • My intention was that my broken Fraktur-Deutsch would be so simple as to require no translation, but it is interesting to see how Google (mis)translated it.
        * The “soganannte” is a mistyping of “sogenannte” (= so-called), and Google was not forgiving enough to correct the error (or even to notice that it was an error).
        * Google encountered two ambiguities, and in both cases chose the wrong meaning. A human reader would effortlessly choose the right interpretation, without even noticing the ambiguity.
        (1) The word “lauter” means “nothing but”, as in “das sind lauter Luegen” (= that’s nothing but lies). But “laut” is an adjective meaning “loud”, and its comparative form “lauter” means “louder”. Here, “Das is lauter English-Imperialism!” means “That’s nothing but English imperialism!”, referring to the domination of the English language.
        (2) The bigger error is the misinterpretation of “Westen”. This word is a singular masculine noun, der Westen, meaning “the West” (the countries of the western world).
        But there is also a feminine noun “Weste”, which means “vest”. Its plural is “Westen”, meaning “vests”.
        So the intended meaning was “these so-called Salafists with SHARIA POLICE vests”, and “Did these so-called sharia police buy their made-in-China vests cheaper with English [lettering on the back] than [with] Arabic or German [lettering]?”
        The Google translation completely missed this meaning of “vests”.
        — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY) — kein Doktor!

  2. Shariah police:
    When elected politicians are faithless, dishonorable, can be bought and sold, have no values, hate their own people, are unscrupulous, have no direction, are hypocrites, are everyone and no one, selfish and inapt, hesitant and don’t know right from wrong. Then

    THIS IS WHAT WE GET: sharia imposed on us.

    Life is struggle whether we like it or not. Either we impose our culture and will over islam or they will do. There is no middle ground as Jack London says.

    IF I neglect to do my duty I am sued and convicted for negligence. But we cannot sue the government or any politician for negligence.
    When they neglect securing the borders they justify that by : Oh these oppressed muslims by muslims need our help.

    And they come here to oppress us and we don’t like it but still they are imported and we cannot stop that through “democracy”

    Why muslims hate democracy. Democracies are committing suicide. We are committing suicide by muslims, whom we invite here. Muslims are lucky that we have this type of suicidal democracy that we destroy ourselves by ourselves using democracy. But Muslims hate democracy because they don’t like to commit suicide.

    Democracy is / was when only Irish were in Ireland, or British were in Britain, or French were in France. No matter how they wallowed things stayed the same.

    When muslims came they saw this confusion in “democracies” and they took their chance and the rein.

    They know where to go and what to do. And we are getting more and more confused and lost.
    They more confused and stupid we get, the more muslims are determined and clear in their intentions. And the more we feet that we have to surrender.

    We don’t even know the mechanisms for survival? What are we? Unthinking insects? zombies, stupid.
    We are sheep … or sheeple that is why Herr Hitler herded us. And today a muslima can herd us. She passes through the airport haughtily and everyone looking with awe at these new gods.

  3. Surely impersonating the police is a crime in Germany. I know it’s a stretch, but it will at the least put them on notice that somebody has eyes on them.

  4. We have this problem in the East End of London. The police pay lip service to stopping it but they have been told to take it easy on them. I am reliably informed that “Britain First” has a more direct approach.

  5. A group of armed black belts should simply walk through there carrying beer and break some bones when accosted by these vermin. For the Germans to allow even a hint of this is so wrong and cowardly.

  6. Islamis are cowards. Why would any noble black belt risk his reputation on any islamozombie? Just a few good citizens more gives these Godless misfits pause.

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