The Lone Wolf Lunacy

The latest essay by our Indian correspondent The Kafir concerns the spurious reassurances offered by our political leaders about “lone wolf” attacks — which are not reassuring in the slightest, not to anyone who understands the nature of jihad.

The Lone Wolf Lunacy
by The Kafir

The United States has regularly suffered terrorist attacks on its soil since at least the Fort Hood massacre. Now tragically Canada has also had two terrorist attacks within one week.

The politicians and media have either refused to call them terrorist attacks, or if they have described them as such, have hastened to add that these are the handiwork of Lone Wolf. As if calling them “Lone Wolf attacks” somehow either absolves the politicians of responsibility for the failure to keep their citizens safe, or worse, it is suggested to mean that that makes them ordinary criminal activities.

Whereas, if indeed they are Lone Wolf attacks, that should ring the loudest alarm bells across the kafir world. Because it means that all that what the Counterjihadists have been telling the world since at least 9/11 is true. And that must be the most frightening thing.

The Lone Wolf attacks simply mean:

1.   Islam in itself is indoctrination. A Muslim doesn’t need to be a member of a terrorist gang to be brainwashed to kill kafirs. On any day a Muslim may decide to book his 72 virgins, and hack the heads of kafirs he meets on street. Just like that.
2.   No police force, no army, no counterterrorism force can stop such attacks. Because then every Muslim is a potential headhacker, and millions of such men are on the loose in every kafir country.

Actually, they are indeed Lone Wolf attacks, and they only validate the theory that Islam permits vigilantism. In fact vigilantism is its biggest strength. It is what has kept it alive for last 1400 years. Say anything against Mohammed, or the Quran, or Islam, and any and every Muslim becomes authorized to kill you, fully sanctioned by Islamic law. And a Muslim from anywhere in the world may show up at your door and kill you. And Muslims everywhere will applaud him, will call him a martyr who has brought glory to his faith and his family, and has confirmed for himself a berth in the Islamic paradise.

Vigilantism has no solution in law. Law may catch Lone Wolf and punish him, but he also destroys the very foundation of Civilization. After all, Civilization is based on the covenant that if you have done no harm to a person, he will not harm you. There are criminals, but even they normally do not kill random people, they mostly rob them. Killings sometimes occur, but killers in such cases act upon sudden anger or on some impulse against the victim specifically, and do not kill people randomly.

Islam has broken this most sacred covenant. It has permitted its followers to be judges and executioners, on the spot.

There is no solution to this, except for complete physical separation between Muslims and kafirs. We should send all Muslims to Muslim countries, and take out all kafirs from such countries. And then kafirs should deal with Muslims at arm’s length.

Kafir rulers may accept this reality. Or they may continue to let kafirs get murdered in their own cities, just for being kafirs.

The Lone Wolf attacks are not the solace. They are the most terrifying confirmation of the evil of Islam. And they should be taken as a bigger warning than 9/11.

I only hope that kafir world wakes up before Lone Wolf gets to lay his paws on some nukes.

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11 thoughts on “The Lone Wolf Lunacy

  1. In logical terms, what they are saying is that belonging to a “terrorist” organisation such as AQ or IS is not a necessary condition for a Muslim to suddenly go jihad and kill someone. And as the Baron has pointed out, this is a very important acknowledgement by the political elite (although they probably don’t realise it.)

  2. Hatchets, pistols, swords, and knives are one sort of thing.
    I am more concerned with some nasty germs or viruses.
    Anthrax by mail–used by the 9/11 bunch against ‘American Media’ Inc–Marburg or Ebola can be much worse.

  3. Simply the best, most cogent and realistic, contribution to the Counterjihadist narrative I have ever read at GoV. It should be disseminated worldwide in/on as many platforms as possible, for its simple truth is so compelling. The logic is flawless …impeccable.

    In one hundred years time the Kafir’s above words will be extensively reproduced and quoted with robust approval in scholarly and popular works as prescient and sagacious. Perhaps fifty years. Perhaps twenty.

    As an aside, I have no doubt that GoV is demonised and excoriated as a “racist” website providing a platform for modern day Klu Klux Klanners in disguise. I once referred somebody (a leftist PC Multiculti “pod”) to this site and their reaction was along those lines. So it is wonderful that this was written by your Indian correspondent who ipso facto must be a “brown” person: QED as a rebuttal against the charge that GoV is a “racist” website.

  4. Now let me get this straight…

    On many, if not most, occasions, the eventual perpetrators of a jihadic attack (for example, the Boston Marathon, and the recent Ottawa murders) had been previously interviewed by “the authorities” and it had been agreed amongst said authorities that the person(s) in question had to be “watched”. But of course there was no question of them being arrested as at that point in time they had done nothing.
    So even if some “watching” had been implemented, that fact that the “watching” would have been essentially open-ended, means that it would eventually stop, perhaps after a few weeks or perhaps even the day before the murderous incident(s) took place. Will definitely attack, but we don’t know when, and we have only “intuitive proof”.
    So one can infer that the only realistic way of maintaining some sort of dedication toward coping with potential attacks is to continuously remind people that they can and will take place… and that the general population should arm themselves accordingly where this is practical. Everyone his own defender…
    This approach will not, of course, guarantee that any attack will be thwarted. But it will guarantee the POSSIBILITY that someone is out there ready to put a spanner in the jihadist works, to coin a phrase.
    Better to be able to put up a fight of sorts than to be the eternal sitting duck.

  5. Why is the West so refractory to learning about the nature of Islam? Or is it only the West? Are there any countries that have properly educated their people such that Islam is castigated, ridiculed, forbidden and criminalized?…these all normative and healthy responses to an egregious movement that seeks to kill people who disagree with it?

    What is our problem? Are we stupid? Is Islam fiendishly clever? We have had deadly battles with Islam in the past. Why are we so deceived and demented now? What has changed?

    The only variable now seems to be the presence of transnational progressivism contaminating many of our elites….reeking in the halls of academia and government like some global stink bomb. These folks must have decided that they can use Islam to get their Third Way. Surprise ! They feel they can dispose of Islam when it is all over and go back to postmodernism and their nirvanna. Ho ho. Not so fast, Heidegger-man , you’re dead.

    • Too many people have little knowledge of history and don’t know how Islam came to cover so much of the earth or hold on to it; they don’t understand the truth of Qaradawi’s matter-of-fact acknowledgment that Islam would not have survived without the death penalty for apostasy. They just know that a billion-plus people call themselves Muslim, and find it uncharitable to think that so many of their fellow human beings would adhere to a fundamentally evil doctrine.

      So they keep trying to find a virtuous core in a religion that they imagine to have been “hijacked” or “perverted.” After all, lots of Muslims don’t behave in noticeably evil ways, so could it really be Islam that inspires evil? The idea that their good behavior might reflect a lax approach to Islam just doesn’t occur to those who subscribe to the “hijacked” theory.

      On top of that, many people automatically assign Muslims to the “poor oppressed victim” category because Islamic societies are so undesirable — and it would be mean to say that the people living there made them unpleasant places, wouldn’t it? Maybe it was “Western imperialism” that did it. Everyone knows about the brief history of Western imperialism, and to many people it’s a gratifying explanation for Muslim backwardness.

      Western culture has long been distinguished from virtually every other culture by its capacity for self-criticism — even an eagerness for self-criticism. Obviously, cultural self-criticism tends to be a good thing (to a point). But usually it doesn’t mean individuals criticizing themselves; it means individuals criticizing their cultural forebears and/or their societal contemporaries. And doing so can make people feel so very much more virtuous and broadminded than criticizing some other culture far away, or criticizing immigrants or colonizers from another culture.

      That’s one reason why many people are so quick to blame “us” (i.e. “my neighbors and countrymen”) for any conflict with Islam: it makes them feel superior to their fellow citizens.

    • India is well aware of the issue. As are the Muslims in India – there are more there than in Pakistan and they’ve no wish whatsoever to move.
      Could be a lesson there for the West.
      The first non Europeans allowed to migrate to Australian in the 1960s were Lebanese Christian and when the Tory government in the late 70s/early 80s started to allow Muslim Lebs. entry to escape the civil war in the Levant, the Maronites warned the federal government what would happen, it being the reason they’d left 15-20yrs earlier.
      They are too polite and well integrated into Oz society now to say “told you so!”.

    • My encounters with americans are as such: You get the americans who are straight up and on the point with regard to Islam. However, it appears that most americans have been denuded of their christian foundation although they live in a christian environment, they appear to be unaware of this fact. This has happened through education which is anti-west, anti-christ, and anti-colonial/imperialist. This means that there are alot of americans, who have voted for Barak Hussein Obama twice into the most powerful seat in the world. They are giddy, and have been taught that christianity is bad if not worse than islam. The islam taught in the kafir schools to kafir kids is not the kafir version but the taqiyya version of islam from the muslim point of view. Whenever there is an event proving the evils of islam, you get the attack on christians and christianity, pretending an equivalence that does not exist. And this is the problem. There is a strong anti-christ anti-God force coming to the fore in america and europe. And this has been bred by the atheists/darwinists, homosexuals, and muslims, masons and marxists. These elements appear to have overthrown the western governments in the main. The professing christians cannot even tell that Israel is an important part of our christian foundational heritage, and often support palestinians, not realising that they are in fact supporting the fascist, supremacist ideology of islam’s muslims. The universities have been infiltrated and taken over by the same elements who are in collaboration. Marxists, Masons and Muslims indeed share the exact same goal which is world domination, a new world government. But the main attack right now is to take down the whites through forced immigration and loss of control over our own countries.

  6. For the record… The Canadian PM Strphen Harper and the Conservative government in power have called these terrorist attacks and have no qualms doing so. The leader of the NDP opposition party… well like the article said these were ‘criminal attacks’ not terrorism.

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