Mayor Reker: There’s no evidence that the molesters were refugees — And besides, women should stay away from them!

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker held a crisis meeting today with her police chief and federal police in an attempt to deflect some of the angry criticism directed at her over last Thursday night’s orgy of groping and molestation by culture-enrichers in the city’s main train station.

The mayor and the police chief have backed off from earlier statements that identified the perpetrators as North African migrants — now they say they really don’t know who they were. And their proposed solutions to the problem all involve requiring women to change their behavior to make such attacks less likely.

In other words: If you didn’t get outta line, girl, he wouldn’t have to hit you!

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this video from RT, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a more detailed account from The Rheinische Post about the crisis meeting and the press conference, also translated by Nash Montana.

Women must keep “an arm’s length” distance from foreigners

Cologne’s Mayor Henriette Reker met with Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers and Wolfgang Wurm from the Federal police at a crisis meeting. They spoke about preventive measures, so that large events in the future wouldn’t end up like Silvester night [New Year’s Eve]. There will be “behavioral regulations” — especially for women in the upcoming Festival.

With a catalogue of behavioral regulations and a new regulation that in the future large events without any official organizer or operator must have security plans available in order to prevent attacks and incidents like the ones at Silvester from becoming the new norm.

“It is important to make sure that such incidents never happen again,” said Reker Tuesday after the crisis meeting with the investigating police. “We have in the meantime heard that such incidents also happened in other cities. This of course is no consolation to us.” Among others, Hamburg had to deal with similar riots.

“Behavioral regulations” for Festivalgoers

In the future situations have to be assessed differently, it was said. The first thing is to concentrate on preventive measures, which will then be applied immediately for the upcoming Cologne Festival. Additionally, there will be “behavioral regulations” for young girls and women, “so that they will not experience such things again,” says Reker in reference to the sexual attacks during Silvester night. There is already a behavioral catalogue which will now be actualized and soon be available online.

One of the regulations is that women shall keep an arm’s length distance from foreigners, that they stay within their own groups, don’t separate from that group, and in an emergency that they ask surrounding people for help and to step in as witnesses or inform the police.

Additionally there will be behavioral regulations for Festivalgoers “from other cultural groups”, so that “there will be no confusion as to what constitutes jovial and cheerful fun in Cologne, and what openness, especially sexual openness, means and does not mean in Cologne.” But whether such regulations can prevent future incidents is questionable.

Police plan video surveillance and restricted access

Alongside plans for temporary video surveillance there also will be new regulations in reference to the planning of large events. “In the future large planned events without an organizer must also have a better security plan,” said Reker. The city of Cologne could then for instance become the nominal organizer of the event.

The German League of Cities and Towns criticized the police for not intervening with enough manpower during Silvester night. President Roland Schäfer demanded that in the future police commanders must be on location in “full preparedness” when there are large events. For the upcoming Festival, and especially for the upcoming “Altweiber” [European-wide Women’s Festival, the precursor a day prior to the actual Festival events], there must be more uniformed and civilian police on duty, says Police Chief Wolfgang Albers. And additionally it will be made certain that known criminals and pickpockets can be served with a restraining order to keep them off event property.

No knowledge so far about the identity of the perpetrators

According to Police Chief Albers, in the meantime no knowledge has yet been gathered as to the identity of the perpetrators. Granted, a few suspects had been checked, but whether they really are the guilty parties or not, no one can say. With this Albers has basically contradicted his own statement from yesterday. Some suspects are, according to information available to the editor, already known to the police.

Video transcript:

0:00   As we already said yesterday and responded to the issue […]
0:04   which means the people are being asked to step up… […]
0:10   We do not up until now not have any suspects, which means we also do not know who the perpetrators are.
0:15   The only thing we do know, that we have awareness of, is
0:20   that police on location have perceived that it was young men at the scene
0:27   around the age of 18 to 35 years old, who come from North African
0:33   and Arab areas.
0:40   There is no evidence whatsoever that what we’re dealing with here is people who live in Cologne as refugees.
0:55   We want to have a city that is safe and has a good quality of life,
1:01   and in which everybody can celebrate.
1:04   And what needs to be added maybe, we already said that this morning,
1:09   that we have to do more. Take for instance our upcoming festival and all the devotion we have to it,
1:14   that we have to explain a lot better to people from other cultures
1:19   that this can’t just be taken as an open invitation.
1:27   Well, there’s always the possibility to hold a certain distance, more than an arm’s length,
1:32   in other words, not even seek a greater closeness with people who one finds to be foreign,
1:36   and with whom one doesn’t have a trusted relationship,
1:40   but there are many other cases and possibilities, to for instance walk in groups,
1:45   and to not let oneself be separated,
1:49   and not just get into the party mood and say, “Well, I’ll just go out with this guy or that guy,”
1:53   but to remain and go home with the group that one came with.

113 thoughts on “Mayor Reker: There’s no evidence that the molesters were refugees — And besides, women should stay away from them!

  1. That’s it, next time Mrs. Reker will simply recommend wearing a burka. Not all the time of course, just when you are close to foreigners. It’s for your own safety. And it will even keep you warmer during the winter.

      • Where are the men in Germany, for that matter in all the Nordic countries? Round up these muslim lunatics, and drop them in the ocean.
        If they need help, I’ll make the trip and show them how to defend themselves.
        Cologne, like Rotherham England is a sick, depraved hotbed of Euroweenies. They won’t even protect their women and children from muslim punks. What are they going to do when the Russians decide to annex their sorry countries?

        • In light of that worthless, GODLESS, COMMIE German Govt. the GERMANS might really LIKE to have the Modern Russians and their LOVE of CHRISTIANITY and women’s rights, take over their piece of CRAP government.

        • Myles, Any person standing up for his or even her rights will be branded a racist in modern Europe.
          The migrant savages do not work and a group of five trouble makers will swiftly grow into hundreds in a matter of minutes.
          Take a stand and you will be beaten, robbed and likely raped and in the media if mentioned it will say police are looking for an Asian male between 18 & 55 years.
          The media are gagged or silenced just as the police are gagged and silenced.
          In fact in Australia and the US of A as well as Europe if a member of the armed forces or police happen to make public their dislike for islam then their career is over and they will be named and shamed.
          Yet if a muslim cries wolf the media and government and unfortunately the church will rush to their side.

      • “Mayor Reker: There’s no evidence that the molesters were refugees ”

        How did we plunge ourselves in this mess: They said Renaissance and the Age of Reason has arrived and we are safe. Then they said if women rule then all will be happy, because women have motherly, inborn caring faculties and attitudes. Now we see that women care less about women than men. Women proved themselves no better no worse than men: but are exactly the same : stupid , unconscionable and whimsical.

        Some schools in Britain and USA were run by infants and they were no better.

        The Human pyramid of mastery in Germany and Europe:

        10- Muslims
        9- Blacks
        8 – atheists
        7- single mothers
        6- Homosexuals and Lesbos
        5- other minorities
        0- white citizens

        The most hating “democracy” of its citizens is the most glaring democracy.

        Are we not the envy of the muslim/Arab world. ?

        • Why have you got atheists in 3rd place?
          I’m a life long non-believer, i.e. atheist, also a white citizen, so——‘0’ Right?

          Why this irrational hatred of non-believers? The vast majority of us are on your side.

    • “Wear a burqa when you’re close to ‘refugees’,” gasp…! but, but that’s racist!! (well, isn’t everything these days)

      Seems German women just can’t go by the evidence of their own lying eyes! So instead of admitting the obvious, the mayor and mad merkel are determined to see this happen again, and again…..

      The police said the perpetrators were North African, Arab types but Reker says they were mistaken–couldn’t be the pampered “refugees”, so who were they? As if we didn’t know.

      • I just saw a vid by an eyewitness, a guy working at the hotel right next to what was happening in Cologne. He said a man got stabbed, as well, and another man was being stomped on, as he was lying on the ground. He says that the police were eventually hauling some of those perps away. That means that the authorities are lying when they say they don’t know who was behind the attacks.

        • If one MUST look for a silver lining on this miserable cloud, Cologne’s New Years Eve violence opened the eyes of a few more ethnic Germans…. ff to 2:10 at that video link…from which I quote:

          ” I can just tell you folks, I never witnessed anything like this before and I’m sure it will escalate further by carnival at the latest…in Cologne..It will really explode here! And I hope, well you do know that I’m no right wing person or something along those lines…I always stayed out of that stuff. I always thought all those videos that appeared lately were some sort of right-wing PEGIDA propaganda, bla bla bla. No folks, this was REAL

    • That woman is a five-star card-carrying certifiable lunatic. My jaw literally dropped as I listened to her. Surely nobody could be THAT stupid!

      • I don’t think it’s stupidity. Like you say nobody could be that stupid. It’s cowardice. She can’t afford, politically, to stand up for women in Germany. So the next question is, why?

        Have you seen Merkel’s new years speech? She looks like a zombie. A “stepford wife” type of person. It’s surreal.

      • Reker was elected Mayor of Cologne in 2015 with 52.66% of the vote.

        As at 31 December 2011 Cologne had 1,017,155 residents.

        As of September 2007 about 120, 000 muslims were resident in Cologne.

        (From memory, I lifted the figures from wiki pages. However, they’re enough to give you the drift.)

        • A Freudian slip, perhaps? She does seem to have a soft spot for Muslim “refugees”, and if one gets too close to a poisonous snake ….

    • Probably best to read the original German source instead of trusting someone’s horrible (and largely xenophobic) translation. First their not laws or regulations – it’s basically on online guide which provides tips for staying safe at parties and crowded events (it also includes advice on how to avoid pickpockets. Second, what she actually said was that young folks should stay an arms length away from “strangers” and stick close to their own group of friends. Pretty fair advice.

    • Stupid, Stupid, left-wing woman! Why do the German public swallow this verbal diatribe? Tarring and feathering comes to mind because these politicos have no common sense, no shame, no humility, no sense of irony. If you hadn’t let these thugs pour into you country in the first place there wouldn’t be a problem. I note that reports on vicious attacks on hospital staff have disappeared from press reports too along with the risk of diseases previously unheard of in Germany likely to spread through the general populace. SHAME ON YOU the German media, you do not report to, or represent the views of the German people, you are merely Merkel’s minions. QUISLINGS.

      • Does every single Mohammedan know something that the ever so gay and fun loving west does not?

        • They certainly do know. They know infidels are rich but stupid and The Pirate says that for him and his muhammadan jihadis looting, and raping of stupid infidels are licit ( halal).

          In this world the meek, the honest, the faithful the stupid always lose. You can’t avoid struggle in this world just by loving others. Try and kiss a cobra on the mouth.

    • No not an idiot just a nasty Red “Progressive”….Psychopath…

      It is always the racist “Far Right Nazi” European.

      Germany is about to blow! Trust me!

      • The “Victim” is always the Migrant not the German “Nazi” real victim of migrant violence…

        • They have up to now, and this will not change anything–a week, two at the most, and this will be forgotten.

          You’ll see.

      • Wrong. The Nazis were deeply enamored with the Muslims. Recall the Bosnian/Croation SS troops.

        • And the Kosovo Albanian muslims who had invaded Kosovo during WWII, also formed a division of SS Nazi troops to kill Christians and help send them to Dachau.

          Before WWII, KosovO was 85% Serbian Christian.

        • They weren’t deeply enamoured with them at all, they thought them second rate troops which were useful for freeing up better troops elsewhere.
          They certainly wouldn’t have countenanced hordes of them attacking German women in major German cities.
          While the current politicians are pursuing their ideology with the same zeal as the nazis, there remains the fundamental difference that at a basic level the nazis wanted their own people to survive, something the current leaders seem not to care about.

          • Nazis succeeded only bec the German people were deeply resentful of the terms of the Versailles Treaty imposed on them…they’re in a different environment now. So while the current crop of corrupt pols who are responsible for this mess have their own agenda, it isn’t one the average person shares.

            If Britain really does pull out of the EU, Germany will be left holding the bag…and Merkel’s strange behavior may push that. IOW, she may have the same delusions of grandeur others had before her, but there are few followers to back up her craziness.

  2. So the mayor thinks that the girls actively sought “a greater closeness” with the gangs, and that’s why this happened? Clueless, and condescending.

    • The old “blaming the victim” strategy. The old “if you got groped, if you got raped, you musta brought it upon yourself with your own loose behavior, girlie.” Back 50 years in one fell swoop.

      These people are left-wing totalitarians. And this signals the utter failure of feminism as well. Traitors to women.

      I have seen such outpouring of concern for women on these few critical websites over the last few days. I am so grateful to all you men speaking out.

      • Feminism actually went bankrupt a long time ago and the brand name was bought up by neo-Marxism in a liquidation sale. Now, those who sign up with feminism find that they’re actually signing up for generalized neo-Marxist class warfare where the interests of the most “victimized” class ALWAYS take precedence over anyone else.

        So feminists now are expected not to place the highest priority on the interests of women but on whichever other group is “most victimized” even if that group tramples on women’s rights.

        This is exactly why feminists are not allowed to complain about Muslim savagery directed toward women. They aren’t actually feminists, they’re just neo-Marxists using an old brand name that was bought up cheaply long ago at a liquidation sale.

        • Feminism was born morally bankrupt. It began with “consciousness raising” by a group of entitled middle class and upper middle class women who were wrestling with a meaninglessness imposed on them by the maudlin, nihilist philosophers of the late 19th century. A good example of when a little learning is a dangerous thing.

          There were plenty of lower class women who desperately needed help and mentoring to overcome the obstacles they faced. The spoiled mandarinettes ignored them, preferring to gaze at their own navels…in the end the only thing these “fems” did was to help destroy American families on a large scale.The damage has reverberated through two generations now.

          • Eh, a bit unfair. Men’s behaviors deserved a dose of critical attention. And “sisterhood is powerful” could have brought about something awesome. Instead, sisterhood was sold out for political correctness.

            Still, thank goodness for women’s shelters and changes in the way the legal system treats rape and domestic violence. That was the last gain for women, in the early 90s. Then it all went to hell.

          • I remember when feminism really took power in the Thatcher era here in the UK. Women could, would and had to work. Men’s pay was decreased and children had to be raised by someone else.

            That was the new womens rights. The right to no longer be able to do something that was so important – raise a family, nurture and teach the next generation. But women now had economic viability and could earn more money.

            Now we can import population from foreign nations. Feminism was supposed to enable rights to equality not remove rights from women.

        • The silence of the feminists puzzles me, as does the equal silence of the supposedly powerful gay lobby. I suspect you are right and both brands have been taken over by the Marxists, to be wheeled out only when it suits them.

          It is harder to explain female voting patterns. Why any woman would vote for a multi-culti party is beyond me. Don’t they know what awaits them in the brave new Islamic world?

  3. I am surprised that Reker did not recommend that all women should don the Burka as protection against such assaults. I am not surprised that the so-called Feminist organizations have been silent, it seems they only open their mouths on progressively PC matters. All European parents should and must send their daughters to self defense classes, Krav Magar or similar. Knuckle dusters, pepper spray, Tasers should be part of any woman’s outfit when attending parties, clubs, festivals. If we are to be held responsible for these attacks then we must learn to defend ourselves, these backward medieval men are not used to women who fight back instead of cowering. The criminal irresponsibility of Europe’s elected elite have once again put women in the position of being forced to defend themselves against the barbarian hordes.

    • That woman is so ugly she should wear a paper bag on her head that reads: DANGER DO NOT REMOVE BAG! MEDUSA underneath!

  4. Memo to the failing Mayor:
    Denial is dereliction of duty.
    1000 men are not a gang, but an invasion force.

  5. Look, it is obvious that the real problem here is that the women are so unaccepting of other cultures that they are complaining about the normal reaction to their presence in these other cultures. In order to accept these other cultures women must obviously accept being raped and molested. Any rejection of these different cultural values would be racist and intolerant of other equally valid cultures.

    The lawmakers will be looking into whether or not laws against rape are racist when applied to members of cultures in which rape is often considered perfectly acceptable in a variety of circumstances. There must not be any laws that are intolerant of the cultural standards of foreign cultures like this.

    • Remember that horrible period of European imperialism (grabs smelling salts)? And that story of the brutish, backward British general confronted by some locals from the Indian populace who asked (quite reasonably) a little tolerance and sensitivity with regard to their culture, in particular, with regard to the ancient, noble and time-honored tradition of sutee?

      Paraphrasing from memory here, but the intolerant ignoramus said something like “We have a cultural tradition too, and it is to hang men who burn widows on their husband’s funeral pyres”. Horrific! Thank God, I mean Mother Earth, that we are SO beyond the barbaric, Western, Christian-Judaic, imperialistic ideas of justice and objective cultural values!

      • Unless I have my story incorrect, sutee was established so that Hindu wives wouldn’t be raped/enslaved by the Muslims who had slain their husbands; they would rather die.

  6. How ironic, or karmic, that the crimea happened in front of the same Cathedral that extinguished its floodlights against PEGIDA, and in the square where Michael Stuerzenberger spoke out against Islam and mass immigration/invasion.
    Chickens are coming home to roost big time.

  7. I haven’t seen such a degrading, reality-denying episode of evasion since Obama and the FBI at first denied that the San Bernardino massacre had anything to do with Islam. Didn’t the police ask the victims for descriptions of the men who molested them? And it’s hard to keep an “arm’s length” distance from rapists and molesters when they’ve surrounded you and have their hands all over you, you know, giving you the whole Lara Logan experience. Has Mayor Reker ever had such an experience? Apparently not. She has no sympathy for the victims, no empathy, and she ought to be made to place herself in the situation of the victims. But I don’t think that would do any good. She’s committed to the Merkel ideology; by God, you Germans are going to get used to being assaulted by these “foreigners” if it kills you! It’s for the greater salvation of Germany! What a smug little collectivist is Mayor Reker!

  8. German government states that one of the reasons for their “openness” besides the humanitarian issues is that Germany needs immigrants to fill up the positions in its industry etc. If you look up on the internet you will read that Germany has 600 000 open positions currently. On the other hand you can read that in the next year Germany will employ further circa 160 000 workers. First of all, those numbers don’t add up, and second, its under gigantic question mark if these people, which are called “refugees” can fill up these positions.
    Second and more important question nobody asks is: WHY didn’t Germany invite people from nations in Europe that have financial difficulties to fill up those positions in Germany??? Whole Eastern Europe, Spain, and even Italy, all having unemployed skilled workforce willing to learn German language and relocate.
    I think this is the crucial question nobody asks but should be answered. Then someone will say: “But they can freely come to Germany and work there.”, and since I know this is only true on paper and only true for highly educated individuals or people with family or other connections in Germany, one can deduct that German government is discriminating people of European origin and favoring people who did this few night ago.
    Very dangerous experiment taking place now… which is going to unite all Slavic nations under one banner reading: “No more German hegemony, and we wont accept Muslim refugees”. Add Hungary to that too…

    • yes milan, younare right on many points,but not on all:
      sure enough, young greeks, italians or spaniards can apply for a job in Germany.But please consider that their german language skills are mostly zero and the academic skills acquired in their countries” dottore” after 3 years of college, or ” ingeniere” are often of questionable value, which I regret.I taught german language at a university and to students from those countries ” .Their skills were sorry and their efforts were not worth mentioning,their pretentions however were far beyond their abilities, which I regret.

  9. Can the German media please track these three young German women down and get them to comment on the Cologne events?

    Poor Germans. Their soldiers lost to the Soviets in 1945 and their women paid with mass rapes. Now they are losing the battle against refugees and their women are paying again.

    Some ignorance is truly invincible – I really hope Cologne will wake the country up to what is at stake, but I fear they are too far gone down the cultural relativist plughole

    • Who knows… perhaps they also experienced the joys of “enrichment” down at the Hauptbahnhof, and have concluded that the only way forward is to convert and don a Hijab.

      • Strong belly laughs here. Bag those banner girls in chadors before the next abendveranstaltung!

  10. Not refugees
    It is, actually, very likely they were not refugees. They may, however, have gotten the status as “asylum seekers”, or, even, “refugees”.

    What is more important, is a different question. How many of the molesters are mohamedans?

    • Answer to that, I suspect is not too difficult. Somewhere near 100%? Although it’s less certain as to what the Mohammed coefficient among them was.

      • What if the attackers refuse to stay at an arm’s length away? The “mohamed coefficient”, I like that. We need to stop using capital letters when writing about islam or mohammed. They do not deserve it.

    • Exactly. There’s no evidence that the vast majority of the “refugees” are even refugees.

      The real issue is not whether or not the attackers were actually true refugees, but whether the attackers have legal immigration status from the German authorities based on a determination that they are.

      The authorities did apprehend some attackers and certainly they did determine what their immigration status was. So statements like “there’s no evidence that the attackers had X immigration status” are completely false. The police know exactly whether or not they’re citizens and so there is a 100% chance that evidence exists confirming exactly what their citizenship or immigration status is and what it is, even if that status is “unknown illegal immigrant”.

    • I was scrolling down to see whether there was room left for me to say just that, and you’ve beaten me to it. Of course they are not refugees. They are an invasion force.

  11. Is there anyway in God’s Little Green Acre the moderator can delete the first post I wrote this morning? I was so angry at the content of the material I read, I did not proof-read my comment. Since you do not have an edit application available, please delete first post and maybe post this one. Thank you.

    Blaming the violence on women? Rather than deal with the Muslim issues Germans are sacrificing their own nationals. I am in hopes America is looking at this scenario very carefully because this is what happens to people when they do not have the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves. I seriously doubt something like this will happen here because we have our 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves and many women are not about to sacrifice themselves in the name of political correctness nor will give crap what happens to the Muslims, especially if they will be treated as second class citizens. We have come too far to regress back to times when we were helpless. What this is bringing to mind, and am in hopes people in power remember is, this is what happened when Dorner shut down LA for a few days while the police were looking for him. He exposed the Achilles Heel of our cities. Hopefully people in power have the imagination to visualize what 1000 Dorners can do to any city.
    Like · Reply · Just now · Edited

  12. The appropriately named Mayor (W)Reker has to go, as does Merkel. There will be a civil war in Germany if the cultural Marxists are not stopped and the immigrant problem dealt with.

    Vienna had a lot of big men with big guns to guard their Sylvester. They didn’t have any trouble.

  13. These bureaucrats sound exactly like the 20th Century Communists behind the Iron Curtain, assuring people of the great achievements of Scientific Socialism, whilst meanwhile their citizens live in poverty, waiting in queues for bread in their dysfunctional society. Everyone knows the bureaucrats are lying!

    No wonder the Eastern Europeans have said NO to Muslims! They still remember the rotten smell of tyranny!

  14. What women should do is keep these rapist thugs about the same distance from them selves as a 32 ounce Louisville Slugger and if one of those knuckle dragging middle eastern morons gets in her wheel house she should swing for the fence.

  15. Seems there was a bit more to it than sexual assaults. There’s an interesting clip on youtube — an eyewitness account by someone who was working at a 5 star hotel opposite Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s eve.

    Brief summary: he says it started around 9 – 10 pm; there was a stabbing and the whole thing then escalated; they were shooting at the dome [cathedral] and at the police; more rampages later that night; they beat the xxxx out of the head of some guy lying on the ground; all cells in surrounding police stations overfilled; police had to release previously arrested offenders to make way for new arrivals; attacked and spat at hotel guest; spat at police; the police couldn’t do anything against these people.

    Clip is at this link

    • Deb, what were they shooting at the cathedral and police, fireworks, guns or both?

      All the articles just mention fireworks but “shooting” to me implies guns.

      • I wondered about that myself. The translation says ‘shooting’. I suspect he was talking about fireworks being shot at the cathedral and police, but that’s just my suspicion. I haven’t seen any report of the incident that mentions guns.

    • If one MUST look for a silver lining on this miserable cloud, the New Years Eve violence woke up a few more ethnic Germans…. ff to 2:10 at that link…from which I quote:

      ” I can just tell you folks, I never witnessed anything like this before and I’m sure it will escalate further by carnival at the latest…in Cologne..It will really explode here! And I hope, well you do know that I’m no right wing person or something along those lines…I always stayed out of that stuff. I always thought all those videos that appeared lately were some sort of right-wing PEGIDA propaganda, bla bla bla. No folks, this was REAL

        • Indeed, but this marks his conversion moment from thinking PEGIDA consisted of right wing nut cases to realising that perhaps it has a point.

  16. The solution is stunningly obvious. Merely pass a law requiring females to wear a head to toe black sack and always be in the company of a male relative while in public. That, and if they are raped chop off their head for adultery and problem solved. Works well for Dar al-Islam. Stupid mono-cultural westerners should get on board with their future.

    Western Civilization will not die with a groan: it will die begging, “Please Sir, may I have another.”

  17. Europeans and Americans are caught in a “Scissors Strategy” between Islam and our own governments. At first glance, the blade of Islam and the blade of our own government do not appear to be connected or working together but eventually the blades come together and the Christians, the Jews and our remaining freedoms are cut to pieces.
    The denials by the Mayor and the police chief, of Muslims committing these horrible crimes against German women is proof of the above strategy. We will never solve the West’s Muslim problem until we solve our government problem. Europeans and Americans need to vote out the traitors responsible for the Muslim invasion and then turn to returning the Muslims to their own lands.

    • Alas, I don’t think Germans can vote their way out of this one. No party puts up any candidates who propose any policy that would effect the necessary changes. Or do you think a write-in campaign will work?

      • There is more than one way to cast a vote Baron. As the old saying goes: Soap Box>Ballot Box>Jury Box>Cartridge Box.

      • I agree Baron. But the mechanisms that lead these politicians to power was cultural. Not the Germans who voted for the nut Angela Merkel were eager to be shattered in the jaws of political correctness, and multiculturalism, but at the carriage floor I would say they were duped by a touch of populism. Cruz, Trump and Carson are strong candidates for some reason. I will not say what the reasons, because I believe that you and the others already know. I support and encourage the Germans to look for something along those lines – a truly conservative candidate, actually Christian.

  18. Sounds like it is all the women’s fault for “provoking” those poor Muslim cretins. Does she want them (women) to don burkas for the next mass celebration in Cologne? I believe there is another one coming up soon.

    I will be very surprised if there is any tourist travel to Germany this coming season, other than more culturally-enriched (thanks for that, Baron!) people from the middle East.

    Congratulations, Merkel — you have killed German civilization as surely as Hitler did.

  19. Small story in Frankfurter Rundschau today, from Wismar: a young leftist politician has been stabbed 17 times, by attackers calling him a ‘communist swine.’ Feelings are evidently running high in Germany.

    • Here’s a link to a
      ‘google translation’ of an article on that topic

      On Monday, a 18-year-old left-politician is attacked in Wismar with 17 stab wounds. The three unknown perpetrators insult the politician also as “gay Kommunistensau”. The victim has been released from the hospital.
      Wismar –

      With 17 stab wounds is Schwerin Left-member, Julian Kinzel, was admitted to the hospital on Monday night in Wismar in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Kinzel is circuit board member of the Schwerin left and went for a walk on Monday 17 against clock in a park near the main train station in Wismar when three assailants attacked him. “The men must have known him,” says Peter Brill, district chairman of the Left in Schwerin, because they were received targeted at the young man. An attacker got the 18-year Kinzel initially beaten in the stomach, then he collapsed.”

      Here’s the link to the original:
      Linken-Politiker mit 17 Messerstichen attackiert
      Am Montag wird ein 18-jähriger Linken-Politiker in Wismar mit 17 Messerstichen attackiert. Die drei unbekannten Angreifer beschimpfen den Politiker außerdem als “schwule Kommunistensau”. Das Opfer ist bereits wieder aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen.
      Wismar –

      Mit 17 Messerstichen ist das Schweriner Linke-Mitglied, Julian Kinzel, am Montagabend ins Krankenhaus in Wismar in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern eingeliefert worden. Kinzel ist Kreisvorstandsmitglied der Schweriner Linken und war am Montag gegen 17 Uhr in einem Park in der Nähe des Hauptbahnhofs in Wismar spazieren, als drei Angreifer ihn attackierten. „Die Männer müssen ihn gekannt haben“, sagt Peter Brill, Kreisvorsitzender der Linken in Schwerin, denn sie seien gezielt auf den jungen Mann zugegangen. Ein Angreifer habe den 18-jährigen Kinzel zunächst in den Magen geschlagen, daraufhin sei er zusammengebrochen.
      (follow link for the remaining article)

  20. That’s right Mrs. Mayor. The #1 task of government is to protect its citizens from enemies within and without and you are failing big time! You can blame your troubles on Merkle who invited the enemy in with gusto. But then, you cannot get away from your socialist, Marxist leanings which appear to want these heathens within your borders. It is strange to espouse a worldview that destroys your civilization. Are you folks becoming lemmings.

  21. The number of Germans convinced by this latest instance of PC inspired head in the sand denial will be a lot smaller than that convinced by the previous instance. The PC crowd are sounding increasingly absurd.

  22. Total dhimmitude, how long before women cannot appear in sleeveless dresses in front of ‘foreigners’ (not South Americans, presumably)?

  23. I wonder how these Syrian refugees from North Africa could have been radicalized so that they would behave in this way?

    • I can assure you nick that these “refugees” were radicalized when they were still a sperm: On his way out of the womb they curse Jews and Christians. “radicalization” is a concept invented by the western traitors to deceive us not the jihadis. They brainwash us by such things.

      The problem is not radicalization. Radicals in the muslim countries are taken care of in a fathom of 6 feet. Very effective measure. But for some reason traitors started to import those radicals of the muslim world. Traitors call them refugees. Muslim countries call them criminals. We are fond of criminals especially johadis.

      The problem is inviting jihadis eagerly and our traitors call them refugees to deceive us.

  24. The European rivers will run red with blood when either 1. The people ascend the learning curve and correct what the Islamophiles have done to them or 2. If the Muslims take over.

    Either way a horrible future awaits..


    • Sad . . . my friend .. . it’s doomsday brought on the world by pagan, subservient appeaser, immoral, jihadi-loving Euroope.

      Loving jihadis / invaders springs out of lack of any morals, ethics at all or values. Only low-level creatures love jihadis.

      Gradually Europeans are becoming “modest and demure” under the boots of muslims. Muslims are imposing on women to wear modest clothes.

      Could any mayor or minister impose such a measure? If they had tried they failed. Alcohol Prohibition failed miserably in USA.
      Hence the song:
      ” Husband has money for booze but not bread for my bairn”

      But now some stores – under muslim pressure – meekly remove alcohol and kosher foods from their stores and will never fail as in USA.

      Look closely: It’s the muslims that run the west. Our traitors are temporary instruments until muslims take full control.

  25. Does every single Mohammedan know something that the ever so gay and fun loving west does not?

  26. So basically, if you get raped by one of these guys, it’s YOUR fault for dressing slutty, or whatever.

    OTOH, if you get raped by anyone else, that’s no excuse.

    WTF are the feminists of yore? Have they all be replaced by femiNAZIS, who are more about the NAZI than the FEMI???

  27. Throw her into a refugee centre, and let them men do with her as they please. I think they’ll pass.

    • No, Rob s, they will NOT “pass”. They don’t pass on goats, either.

      BTW, the NYT is carrying the story, though it’s not a front page item.

      Be sure to read the comments. Less PC than you’d think, given the venue. But there is a further warning of another debacle waiting to happen. I can’t get this notebook to cut and paste it, but evidently there’s another festival of some sort coming up in a few weeks. Needless to say, that German is worried…

      Amend this: there are *fewer* pc comments than you’d expect. But there are some real idjits in that thread.

      • Cologne has a very famous (in Germany) annual street carnival around Easter time, probably a reference to that.

  28. This mayor may join the list of imbeciles mayors on European soil. Boris Johnson say so! One of the most grotesque mayors of human history. Apparently Reker is well aligned with her friend, Merkel, another that is making life of the German hell. The worst is that the party it is considered right. I think the Germans should already be aware that right and left are actually the same thing.

  29. In short, a very small step of sharia law has now been enforced upon German women. This is how it creeps up on you.

    • That’s exactly right. From now on, regardless of any lame “let’s pretend we are hard on crime” bloviating of the authorities, German women will be thinking twice, three times, before they put summery clothes on, or before going anywhere alone. That’s how abusers work, instilling fear and uncertainty one small step at a time.

      As I was tracking the various responses to this on the web, I cam across a whole slew of articles about how Germany was finally putting the stop to refugees oh, about October. Of course, it never happened. They are still pouring in. And didn’t Merkel say 5 years ago that multiculturalism failed? It’s all nonsense. They look to pacify people and gain time by these lies, and keep moving on as before.

      • And people never seem to learn, do they? It’s like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football.


  30. Germany is like a George Lucas film.

    Weltkrieg 1 – The Kaiser’s Revenge 1914
    Total War 2 – Weimar’s Revenge 1939
    The Final Solution 1945
    Now playing – The Great Suicide 2015

  31. I know some on this conservative blog will not agree, but this has to start somewhere if Europe is not to fall, and my considered answer to this is vey short.

    [imprudent recommendation redacted].

    • It’s not whether I agree with you or not, it’s simple prudence that motivates me. The Loretta Lynch Mob will descend on us soon enough — I want to give them as little fodder as possible.

  32. Naturally you’d want to stay at an arm’s length from refugees so that you don’t accidentally also pepper spray yourself.

  33. The citizens of Europe, all that are educated in fine schools and universities, that welcome the young army of men, with halal food, accommodation, clothing benefits, etc, should also be stepping forward and supply the “comfort woman”, that is themselves.

    I do not wish that upon them, but it is a real world, when they demand others to sacrifice themselves with their taxes, assets, (accommodation), pensions, health priorities, and ultimately the economy, through social justice warrior syndrome by threats to job security, ostrafication, racism accusations pc etc.
    So those young girls and woman are hoisted by their own imported petards.

    Yet is was a trap of pacfism, as Britain experienced for 2 decades after ww1 which they barely escaped from to fight tyranny for over 5 years of WW2.
    Beginning a century ago, and further inspired by such like as Couldenhove Kalergi, with the philosophy of breaking down nationalities and remixing races ethnics which infused through the education systems, and into supportive groups and societies until it overwhelmingly is the way of thinking for those controlling and middle babbling class. This also took in the elite, who also have lost the way of commonsense, but use it and anything would do, for their advantage, just like a religious hierarchy. They can then righteously sacrifice others, and we may even hear the call to step up and sacrifice your self, to accept the call of islam, and become a wife, ie a “comfort woman”.
    Not that it will cure the rape and sexual assault problem, if they really knew what was ordained in islam.

  34. Yes, they were newly arrived asylum seekers! Most of them, says the police in Köln, according to Die Welt today.

    “POLITIK KÖLNER POLIZISTEN Aktualisiert vor 9 Minuten “Die meisten waren frisch eingereiste Asylbewerber” Polizisten dementieren Angaben ihrer Führung, wonach die Täter von Köln unbekannt seien. Die meisten Kontrollierten seien Syrer gewesen. Den Tätern sei es vor allem um “sexuelles Amüsement” gegangen.”

  35. [redacted] The entire situation from the mass migration to the mass sexual molestation and rapes are a failure of government. The primary duty of a government is the security of the state and the safety of its citizens.

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