The Invasion of Europe

In his latest essay, our Indian correspondent The Kafir shares some thoughts and predictions about the ongoing “migration crisis” in Europe.

The invasion of Europe
by The Kafir

I doubt Jean Raspail, the author of The Camp of the Saints, ever wanted his grim prophecy to come true. Sincere warners of doomsday scenarios write their warnings in the pious hope that they will be proven wrong. Jean Raspail must be a very sad man today.

And so must be every person who knows that civilisation is not Western or anything. civilisation is Civilisation, and Western Civilisation just represents the pinnacle of civilisation in our times.

Therefore the looming destruction of Western Civilisation must alarm all human beings who love freedom and equality. Western Civilisation is about to be destroyed, and will be replaced by the worst kind of ideology masquerading as a religion. It holds that those who do not believe in the prophethood of a man born in the desert of Arabia 1400 years ago have fewer rights than the domestic animals of those who believe him to be a prophet.

Does civilisation destroy the survival instincts of man?

Will barbarians inherit the earth?

What is it that Europe needs to wake it up to the mortal danger it has invited upon itself?

Ignoring history is dangerous, but teaching wrong history to the people is even more dangerous. What is happening in Europe is the fruit of teaching politically correct history to generation after generation for close to a hundred years now. Otherwise, there was no way the elite of Europe could so easily have sold the continent to the barbarians, just to live out its multicultural fantasies.

After all, history is very very clear and undisputed in this regard at least. Syria, Egypt, the rest of North Africa, Lebanon, and Turkey were all 100% Christian at one time. Now they are almost Christian-free. They have been made Christian-free by the Muslims who invaded and occupied them. The Christian-free status of these countries was achieved by imposing the dhimma, which reduces non-Muslims to less than animals. And those who made them Christian-free, instead of making them better countries, are now leaving those countries to move into 100% Christian countries of Europe because those 100% Christian countries are better.

Why should the outcome for Europe be any different than for West Asia and North Africa? It is exactly like a predator killing a healthy animal, eating it up, and moving on to next healthy animal. And only brain-dead dhimmis can just sit back and allow the predator to do this to their countries. It seems unbelievable that millions may lose even the basic survival instincts, but this is what has happened in the case of Europe.

West Asia and North Africa have become uninhabitable purely because of Islam. Islam has led to a population explosion that has made these countries unable to feed their people. Islam has led to the strife and wars raging in these countries that have made normal life all but impossible. So the residents of these countries are moving to the countries where Islam doesn’t hold sway as yet. And the destination countries, in a manifestation of mass suicide-wish, are allowing them to bring Islam with them.

Islam was imposed on the countries of the West Asia and the North Africa by the Muslim rulers who conquered these countries. Though rulers in the Europe are non-Muslims, but Islam will be imposed on Europe nonetheless, because Islam gets imposed either top down, or bottom up. In Europe, the invading hordes of Muslims will take over block after block, street after street, and city after city. Sharia will be gradually imposed on Europe, as the elite is too dumb to even know what is happening. It will in fact facilitate the imposition of sharia.

And the law showing the relationship between the imposition of sharia is almost mathematical: More sharia means fewer kafirs. As sharia encroaches on Europe, kafirs will start disappearing. Christians will lose Europe also, after losing the West Asia and the North Africa. Europe will become uninhabitable, just like these two regions. Muslims will then move to new kafir areas. And as we are seeing today, it is highly unlikely that kafirs of those new areas will be any wiser.

How can European man be so blind to his own annihilation? How?

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59 thoughts on “The Invasion of Europe

  1. What would make this article by your Indian correspondent useful is if he explained how the Moghuls were able to take over the subcontinent for Islam, despite them being outnumbered by the indigenous Hindus.

    Then, if some interesting parallels show up, we might put this knowledge to our use.

    • Actually, they never took over the entire subcontinent. Much of the south and east remained Hindu. And the Sikh religion arose to resist the Muslim takeover by force of arms.

      The Moghuls did succeed in wiping out virtually all of Buddhism in India, Afghanistan, and what is now Pakistan.

      The jihad was still ongoing when the British arrived and put a stop to it in the 18th century.

    • The insight and reminders alone are useful, as in the statement:

      “Syria, Egypt, the rest of North Africa, Lebanon, and Turkey were all 100% Christian at one time. ”

      And the wording (“e.g., “West Asia”) easily often puts a different light on matters.

  2. At my job, there are many Indian contractors, who are similarly baffled by the madness taking place in Europe this Summer. In one colleague’s eyes, the EU is to blame for all this.

    But it’s clear that there are also deeper reasons. Large crowds of Europeans giving a “welcome” to large mobs of clearly-hostile men of fighting age is, I would guess, something without parallel in history. (even in Camp of the Saints, which I’m currently reading, the crowds of French were all streaming North away from the area of the expected “invasion”, with only a small motley crew of hippies and idealists coming south to meet the newcomers).

    Also, Raspail predicted that the immigrants (initially, at least) would comprise Indians from the subcontinent, mainly of the Hindu faith. The reality is proving far, far worse… If there was a similar influx, but of clued-on Hindu programmers and doctors and their families, with mutual respect for our cultures and societies, I for one would welcome it.

    (Then again – Camp of the Saints was written before the Khomeini revolution, which in many ways kick-started modern Islamic fundamentalism, so perhaps it’s something that the author couldn’t have foreseen).

    Otherwise, it’s scary just how real the book seems – the newcomers on board the ships throw away gifts of food, such is their hatred… the students chanting “racists” at the embassy of Australia, for rigidly keeping it’s immigration policy. The one-sided appeals of the media, that the influx is “inevitable” and that we must accept it. And the Pope opening up the Vatican’s wealth to the migrants is called Benedict XVI, and is from Brazil. (almost right, in both the sequence of name and the country).

    If there was ever a film made of “Camp of the Saints” (unlikely though that is), perhaps this compilation of real-life scenes from the past Summer could serve as a trailer:

    • Armed resistance would mean civil war, as to destroy the Islamic threat, we would need to subdue and overcome the political Left who will continue to believe the fallacies that have got us into this quagmire right up until the 11th hour. If it kicks off, I would envisage it flaring up in central Europe, Greece or Italy and then snowballing to other countries, assuming there’s a groundswell of support. I can easily see East Europe and Russia eventually playing a lead role in defeating Islam and ‘saving’ much of Europe. Maybe that sounds lile a work of fiction, but I say that based on my belief that we’ll not galvanise a comprehensive resistance in West and North European countries.

      • From what I’ve read, Russia’s military is almost 50% Muslim. I’m not sure they can be relied on, to help stave off any Islamic threat.

        As for Eastern Europe – yes there is a large, in many ways mainstream hostility to Islam. Whether things will stay that way, if the newcomers go on a charm offensive (their other big weapon – possibly more potent than terrorism), remains to be seen… Then again, from what I’ve seen of the current “invaders”, they are largely so primitive and aggressive, as to be incapable of charm. And in Poland’s refugee reception centres, already Chechens tell Ukrainians what they are/are not “allowed” to wear, and lessons in the Polish language are segregated (due to the Chechens’ demands).

        So, among the new arrivals, I’m not sure there’ll be too many Reza Aslans or Taqiyya Ramadans to fool the infidels. And they may feel powerful enough to even “go on the offensive” from Day One. All of which may mean, that the Taqiyya-mongers may not have enough chance to fool the Eastern European infidels into being subdued.

      • Russia has a huge Muslim population and I think I read not long ago that they are a majority within their armed forces! Not very encouraging. Russia will impose dictatorship. Europe is between the Muslim-Post-Modern PC Devil and the deep blue sea of Russian aggression. Also Russia is now working with Iran to take over Syria and from there, march into Israel and wipe it off the map. After that – Europe and the USA!

        • I am surprised such a high number of Muslims feature in the Russian military. Either way, I don’t think Russian is a natural ally of Islam and that it supports Assad is a sign that it wouldn’t be the same kind of imposition on Europe as the jihadis, although is not a desirable alternative. It’s interesting that Russia courts European nationalists, and perhaps vice-verser, due to their mutual dislike of the EU. I saw that as leverage perhaps, rather than a Russian takeover.

          • As an orthodox country, it most certainly is not on cahoots. But it allies with islam inasmuch as it upholds, prima facie, perennial truths, unlike the West. Western liberalism will chide someone for believing there are universal norms. At least Islam, moderates, if we can say that, will say the same. So this a an ideological convenience. I don’t foresee Russia invading the Us. That is not realistic.

        • According to the October 23, 2013 edition of The Australian newspaper, Russia has a population of 23 million Muslims compared to the total overall population of 144 million – that is around 15% of the population and at a stage when Islam exerts its influence. (Daniel Pipes)

          Also, the article highlights that in a ‘few year’ nearly half of the recruits into the Russian military will consist of Muslims – that would be a real turning point within the Russian military, particularly if numbers of senior military officers are filled from the Muslim ranks. (my opinion)

  3. What we have here is not migration, it is Hijira. It is invasion. I do not think any of our regular subscribers will think any differently. The video evidence shown here on GoV and on You Tube showing hordes of aggressive and violent young men, gives the lie to the selective footage shown by the BBC and other MSM outlets which do have the occasional woman with a small child.

    What concerns me is that, all summer we have had “refugees” crossing the Mediterranean in small boats in relatively small numbers until about four weeks ago when the floodgates opened and hordes of migrants descended on Europe from several directions at once. This strikes me as suspicious. It is like someone, somewhere has given a signal and started a gold or land rush.

    There is something in play here that we can only guess at and I think the cause lies somewhere in the Gulf.

    • No, it was a change in Turkish government policy at the highest level. ISIS attacked Turkey this summer, causing a 180 degree change of course. Turkey is now willing to fight both the PKK and ISIS. To release some of the jihad pressure, it stopped trying to prevent migrants from making the crossing to Lesbos and Kos — which is a much shorter distance than from Libya to Lampedusa.

      I think Turkey knows who the smugglers are, who provides the boats, etc. Until this summer, they kept a lid on things. They used to stop the boats, turn them back. Then they deliberately changed their policy; they’re letting everyone through, hoping to pass the mujahideen on to Europe and get them out of their hair.

      • Tonight on Dutch television a Dutch journalist (who went to Bodrum Turkey and actually took a boat) said: Many political parties in the Netherlands now want troops on the ground to enter Syria and fight IS and Bashar Al Assad.

        They want the European people to give them a causus belli to do what they wanted all along. A reason to go to war with Assad. Just like they did in the Khadaffi case.

        They want European public opinion to cry out for war…
        Look at all these refugees! Now Nato has to fight in Syria….Something like that. They did it in Kosovo, they did it in Libya. Syria is next. To bad those damned Russians are moving troops and material into Syria (that last sentence was sarcasme)

        If this journalist is right, and i think he is, we will see an escalating war in Syria soon. With some unexpected combatants.

        • According to Sometime next week Australia will join Russia, Iran, France and Canada to begin bombing ISIS while the Obama administration pretends that all is well within the Middle East and continues to alter the intel reports of 55 American intelligence experts to reflect that opinion.

          Strange place the 21st Century so far!

  4. It was also the scne of the biggest ever religious massace; possibly well over 60 million.

    Whilst the Nazis had acute psychological problems from those they forced into the destruction of Holocaust victims, Islam does not seem to suffer from the same issues.

      • Agree! And it is because they are one and the same in the ideology with a few major differences that are kept well hidden from the West’s useful idiots until it comes time to split the spoils – and that is when the real killing will begin.

  5. I don’t think it’s quite correct to say that those countries were ever 100% Christian. To start with, they very likely had at least small Jewish communities. Minor quibble, perhaps.

    • Well, no population is ever actually 100% any one thing, in reality, so I took that 100% with a grain of salt. Groups of people practicing Judaism have been found in many unusual places that nobody these days would suspect.

  6. Your Indian correspondent writes that teaching wrong history is even more dangerous than being ignorant of it.

    As a schoolboy I was taught that the British, as part of their drive for expansion of empire, invaded and took over “India” – which did not exist as such until the British unified it – economically exploited it for a couple of centuries and then waged a brutal colonial suppression of the Indian independence movement until it gave up. See the film “Gandhi” for the eponymous hagiography.

    Students were not taught that what since 1948 has been known as “India” was, when the British first arrived, a fractured mosaic of Muslim-ruled statelets and Hindu-ruled statelets which were in a defensive war with the Muslim statelets. And that this was precisely the reason that bit by bit the British were able to extend their colonial rule over all of India – the first bits were those seeking protection from the very real and ongoing Islamic threat.

    Even less well known was that Islam ruthlessly eradicated Buddhism as it expanded eastwards. When the Taliban blew up that giant cliff-statue of Buddha at Bamiyan in Afghanistan, my first reaction was “There was Buddhism in Afghanistan???” Who knew that?

    Western students of the post-war period, ie since 1945, have only been taught about the nasty colonialism of the Europeans. And nothing else. Similarly, the founding of Singapore is a classic case of this narrative: prior to the British it existed precariously as routinely pirate-raided port town that paid tribute to Muslim Malay rulers for non-existent protection. Once the British established themselves there, as with Penang, it flourished. Only the Chinese diaspora of south-east Asia “know” this. Your average product of the Western education systems in London, New York, Hamburg and Sydney don’t have a clue.

    • I want to believe you but I can’t. I try bringing these issues up with people at work and they just shrug their shoulders and go back to watching The View. I despair. I have this overwhelming desire to stand up and scream that Europe is being invaded and we here in America are too and that we have no time to waste but the population seems anesthetized.

      • I know what you mean about the mounting frustration: our very civilization is being lost, by degrees, and few seem to know or care – it’s intolerable. At least if we had open warfare, awful as that would be, we would be able to directly oppose this insidious ideology which is bent on enslaving us.

      • There is a brainwashed liberal mindset that you need to be aware of that will literally go beserk at the mention of Muslim bad or any attempt to have an honest rational discussion. A bit like the ‘Alu is at the bar’ scream of gut wrenching pain from the devout Christian and Jew killer devout Muslim confronted with the truth.

  7. Islam and Post-Modern PC ideology have one thing in common. They both abhor the followers of Christ. Freud would no doubt speak of repressed guilt.

    Why are these angry young invaders not back in Syria fighting for their country? Can you imagine Englishmen fleeing from the UK at the beginning of World War 1 and 2? Do they expect the EU to feed them and do all their fighting for them? They are cowards and traitors.

    Merkel and the EU are puppets of the financial cartels who are already in Tehran salivating at the thought of the $100 billion Iran is about to receive.

    Our only hope is that the Sunni and Shia wipe each other out as our leaders have deserted us. They should all face Nuremberg Trials.

    Perhaps when these hot-head invaders begin to rape our girls, as is inevitable, the fathers will rise up and slaughter them!

    • I regularly look at the local news in the Otago Daily Times, a newspaper I delivered as a kid, and note that Maori politician Winston Peters is in hot water for having the temerity to suggest that instead of pouring into NZ, Syrians should indeed be going back to Syria and fighting for their country; he said NZ should only be taking the women and kids–not the men.

      A leading muslim had the stupidity to comment:
      “What are they going to fight with, sticks?” And no doubt there will be naïve Kiwis, particularly the religious crowd, who will agree with the muslim. (What we’re up against)

  8. I think that it all boils down to guns–as to the ability to fight as ONESELF for one’s own rights, beliefs and property–as individuals and small groups or neighbourhoods.
    The ‘elites’ can never seem to organise themselves to oppose a tyranny like Muzzslim–there are always enough ‘reasons’ why ‘officials’ cannot get their acts together.
    Inaction breeds societal consent.
    On the other hand, once there is a culture of arms (think Sikhs) there will be a different paradigm–the present rape culture of poor white girls in the British Midlands (for example) simply could not exist here in the USA. The fathers would have slaughtered the rapists (if the girls hadn’t done so by themselves), and their mosques would be piles of cinders.
    I suspect something of the sort will start sooner rather than later.
    What’s needed now is the WILL to oppose. I think the huge invasion influx in Europe is an error of overreaching by our Islamic Enemy. History shows that ‘they’ (whatever enemy ‘they’ are) usually attack too soon. I think this is the case in 2015. I smell the opposition rising everywhere, but as Wellington said of Waterloo–“It (will be) a close-run thing”.

    • Yes. Although many employ taqqiya, a significant number are given to aggressive and honest religious outbursts as to their true intentions. They simply can’t help themselves, such is their conviction that Allah will back them.

  9. From the article:

    “…. the looming destruction of Western Civilisation must alarm all human beings who love freedom and equality…”

    I love freedom. Freedom doesn’t mean equality.

  10. Not a Death Threat but I think I would be looking to raze Brussels and destroy Belgium if I was a ‘citizen’ of any European country.

    I would then head down to Switzerland.

  11. All the schoolkids have been raised to believe that history really has absolutely no relevance because “everything is different now”.

    Get your kid, if you have one, to ask their history teacher if anything similar to Nazi Germany could ever happen again somehow. I’m sure the answer they will be given is “no, because everything is different now.”

    Well, some parts of the world are “different now” and others are pretty much the same as they have been, but even the ones that are “different now” are not nearly as much different as they think they are, especially in that they will be just as clueless to what the name of the next Nazi party will be because it wont actually be called something obvious like the Nazi Party.

  12. If their is arm resistance Europe will definitely fracture into autonomous zones, majority muslims and non muslim area. The Europeans living in the non muslims area will accept there dhimmitude and become a satellite state of Saudi Arabia, people like juncker, merkel will take their orders from Saudi Arabia. Another theory is the EU may instigate nuclear war with Russia as to depopulate Europe and repopulate it with muslims

  13. There are enough of us in the USA ready to fight. Never believe the media. Or the illegimate regime in the White House. Once again, we will have to save Europe from self inflicted suicide. But Islam will never win. Never, not a shred of a chance. Not an option in the true American heart, ever. No matter what you see, or read in the drivel that poses as news these days, we love our country and our weapons, and know perfectly well how to use them effectively, for the collective good. Keep pushing…tomorrow is Patriots Day. The anniversary of 9/11. Let’s Roll!’

    • Thank you for your sentiments. As a Brit, I too would have no hesitation in defending America should such a conflict ever arise.

  14. People generally don’t see the bigger picture even now. Western Europe, the UK: the economies, the skill set, industries, the agriculture, the police and the armed forces there are under the control of, maintained by the native Europeans and Brits, not the invaders. Yes the governments of these countries are all Quisling traitors and spineless self-haters, but eventually something has to give. And no it hasn’t happened yet. The average European and Brit, those not part of the traitorous bureaucracies, the university elite etc, has had enough; and it won’t take much for them to eventually fight back, yes with their backs against the wall, but remember you are talking millions of people. And working class people, not effete self-loathing liberal pseudo-intellectual twits.

    In other words, there is a terrible fightback coming, literally. And it will be terrible and bloody. And it will sweep all aside, it will be a tidal wave. And it will not play nice. And plenty innocents will suffer. It was not just Raspail who saw the future, so did Lenny Cohen back in ’92, and he said as much. I have seen the future, brother. It is murder.

    There’ll be the breaking of the ancient
    western code
    Your private life will suddenly explode
    There’ll be phantoms
    There’ll be fires on the road
    and the white man dancing
    You’ll see a woman
    hanging upside down
    her features covered by her fallen gown
    and all the lousy little poets
    coming round
    tryin’ to sound like Charlie Manson
    and the white man dancin’

    • I hope you’re right and it will be the working class who first take the fight to the system, but these institutions, the military etc. We don’t have a history in Britain of coups so I wonder if they would step in as you say, like the Turkish military does/would.

  15. In contrast to the EU, we have the Burmese government and the Buddhist clergy who are doing there best to neutralize the Islamic threat (Rohingaya muslims) to there nation and Dharma. Much to the consternation of western Europe’s and U.S.A’s bleeding heart liberals!!!

  16. BTW, Germany is in for a bonanza.

    “Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques — one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend” says a Times of India news report quoting the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. 200 mosques in total it seems.

    Think of all the exotic oriental architecture.

  17. Europe would not give refuge to the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany 70 years ago, but now they welcome refugees from the most intolerant, Christian-hating, Jew-hating regions. Europeans used to support Israel, but now the EU is debating a requirement that all Israeli products be labeled in an effort to avoid buying from occupied Dar-el-Islam. Just recently, Europeans published cartoons of Muhammad, but now they won’t. And once, Europe ruled over Muslims, and France colonized Algeria. But now, Europe is being taken over, physically and mentally. Where before, Europe had a great civilization marred by Jew-hatred, eventually it could become an inferior civilization marred by every sort of intolerance imaginable. It’s just history repeating itself.

    • The first to protest if Europe pursued a policy akin to Isreal’s with regards to “refugees” would be Jewish organizations.

    • Saw some articles on that blog about the EDL and although I applaud their gusto, it’s not the way to resist Islamification. Put simply, they do more to damage the cause than help it. Their former leader, not sure who there leader is now, struggled in terms of articulation and couldn’t master the type of language needed to reach a broader audience of respectability. That’s what we are lacking. The people with the gusto to resist Islamification physically are the ones who struggle to so articulately and convincingly verbally, and help to reaffirm the Left medias portrayal as those who oppose it’s multicultural agenda as thuggish, ignorant and violent, yet we know that the most violent are the Left rent-a-mob thugs of Antifa, but most people don’t. I’m proud of my country, but I don’t want to be a flag waving, baseball cap wearing yob and it’s not the best reflection on us. Imagine if they wore respectable clothing, spoke with a considered approach and were polite even in the face of Antifa aggression, airing their views in a calm manner. Of course, there’d be no EDL then because aren’t they mostly comprised of football hooligans?

    • In business it’s called the “success trap”. For example, Polaroid was so confident about their amazing instant film business that they wasted some 80 million dollars producing instant film movie cameras just as video cameras and VCRs were taking over the home movie market.

      Europe and the U.S., at least, will just keep doing the same things, continuing to assume they are somehow invincible, until they lose big. And 9/11 wasn’t enough of a loss to make any difference. Europe is ahead of the U.S. in collapse, so maybe the U.S. will have some warning, but perhaps it won’t be enough.

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