Sweden: The Death of a Nation

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this gloomy overview of the political situation in Sweden with a multicultural apocalypse rapidly approaching.

Stackers at Stornäset sawmill, Sundsvall, 1912 — Somalis in Sweden, 2012

Sweden: The Death of a Nation

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Like a drunk the morning after a magnificent binge, Sweden is slowly waking up to the grim reality of the past few decades as a humanitarian superpower and the hangover is going to be of monstrous proportions.

The Swedes were a privileged people. Their hard-working Lutheran forefathers handed over to their keeping a wealthy, modern, homogeneous and well-functioning Scandinavian nation with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Their future was secured; they had all a people could wish for. And they completely squandered it.

The damage recent generations of Swedes have wreaked on their own country is almost beyond comprehension. Coming generations of Swedes will inherit a country in shambles and struggling with insurmountable problems. Ghettos, crime, segregation and ethnic strife are now the hallmarks of the once progressive nation. And perhaps the worst thing of all for the grandchildren of today’s Swedes: in the second half of this century they will in all likelihood be just one competing minority amongst many in what was once their own country. It will be a country no previous generations of Swedes would recognize — poor, shabby, Middle Eastern and African in appearance and dominated by Islam.

What went wrong for the Swedes was they became infected by what author Tom Wolfe called “radical chic”, revolutionary romanticism. The 1960s generation of spoiled middle-class rebels in their Che Guevara T-shirts completed their degrees in social sciences and feminist studies and went on to careers in politics, education and the civil service. Many of them went into media and journalism. Their solidarity with the oppressed of the third world knew no bounds, and from their positions of power and influence they could put their revolutionary romanticism into practice.

Sweden’s coffers were opened to third world revolutionary movements and their charismatic and radical young leader, Prime Minister Olof Palme, flirted with left-wing dictators and subversive groups across the globe. It was a heady time. By decree Sweden became multicultural, the borders were thrown open to mass immigration and the decay started. The fervor with which the revolutionary romantic elites pursued their goal was practically religious in character and tolerated no dissent. Politicians promised voters that mass immigration enriched Sweden; it brought economic and cultural wealth and made their country a much better place. State television and the press abandoned their critical role and trumpeted the same official message.

A few cautious dissenters raised warning voices but were soon shouted down. They were hung out in the media as “racists” and “xenophobes”. Ridiculed and vilified, they lost friends and jobs and were sometimes even hounded out of the country.

One early and high profile dissident was the university lecturer and Swedish member of parliament for the Liberal party Mauricio Rojas, himself an immigrant to Sweden from Chile. As the Liberal party spokesman on refugee and integration matters, he saw the damage uncontrolled third world immigration was doing to Sweden and warned the Swedes the path they were following would inevitably lead to disaster unless there was serious public discussion and radical reform. The retaliation was swift. Publicly branded a “xenophobe”, he was held up to public derision in the media. He received death threats from left-wing extremists and was put under 24 hour guard by Säpo, the Swedish security police. The campaign of character assassination continued unabated for months afterwards and demands were made for his removal from parliament. Unable to live in the country any longer Mauricio Rojas left Sweden forever and took up a position as a university lecturer in Spain.[1]

The fate of Mauricio Rojas and a few other critical voices was a warning to would-be dissidents to keep quiet. With their silencing an essential component of political policy-making was lost. With critical examination effectively stopped, there was no way of checking if policy was working as intended. As any engineer can tell you, remove negative feedback from a dynamic system and it will accelerate towards infinity until it shakes itself to destruction. And this is what has happened to Sweden. The policy ran away with itself on a wave of glowing rhetoric. Ordinary Swedes soaked up the illusion of the eternal blessings of mass immigration and multiculturalism like drunks on a binge and year after year the problems grew catastrophically without any reality checks.

But now the inevitable has happened. The system is breaking down and reality can no longer be ignored. The massive welfare burden of a vast underclass of poorly educated and unemployable African and Middle Eastern immigrants is straining the economies of communities across Sweden to the breaking point. Large areas of Sweden are more like the Middle East and North Africa than Sweden. Crime once confined to the ghettos and relatively easily ignored is spreading to ethnic Swedish areas. Ordinary Swedes are feeling less safe as rapes, assaults and robberies escalate out of control and intrude into their lives. Riots, car burnings and open warfare waged by immigrants on the police, often carried out with machine gun and hand grenade attacks on police stations, are a regular feature on the evening news.

Immigration and its consequences have become a major public concern and is one of the main issues in the run up to the general election in September. Faith in the established political parties is rapidly shrinking while the once-fringe immigration-critical Sweden Democrat party is rising steadily in the polls, and is now at 23%, on a par with the ruling Social Democrat party.[2]

This has put established politicians in an impossible situation. A complete and radical change of course is urgently needed, and establishment politicians will now to have to advocate what they have been denouncing as morally reprehensible for their entire career, if they are to have any hope of being re-elected. With Orwellian abandon many of them are doing exactly that. Without blinking an eye they are busily turning into their opposites. After years of denouncing the Sweden Democrats as “xenophobes” and “racists” they are frantically copying the policies of the Sweden Democrats and espousing them as their own.

The major party of ruling coalition and Sweden’s largest political party, the Social Democrats, have made a 180-degree turn in a very short period of time. From being a party of open borders, international solidarity and free immigration they are now a party of closed borders and restrictive immigration. They are even recognizing the issue of immigrant-driven crime, a connection they have been denying existed for decades.

The party’s leaders understand this radical change of policy is an unavoidable necessity if they are to stand any chance in the September election, but it also threatens to tear the Social Democrat party apart. Many influential people in the party are still convinced ideologues of mass immigration and multiculturalism, and do not accept the change in direction.

A group of leading left-wing intellectuals has warned that the new immigration policy is “deeply immoral” and “xenophobic” and threatens Sweden’s image as a “humanitarian superpower”. They accuse the Social Democrats as well as the leading opposition party, the Moderates, of aligning their policies with growing “xenophobic” and “Islamophobic” public opinion in a cynical attempt to get votes. An internal rebellion is developing within the Social Democrats and over 100 politicians are threatening to leave the party if the new restrictive line is not abandoned and an immediate return made to the old open borders and mass immigration policy.[3] [4]

The outlook for Sweden is very bleak. The country is overwhelmed by problems caused by decades of irresponsible mass immigration and a catastrophically failed multicultural policy. That alone is a serious threat to the country’s stability, but at a time when strong and resolute leadership is needed, Sweden is also being plunged into a deep political crisis. The election will not solve any of the country’s problems, but will in all likelihood make them worse. Neither a fragmented Social Democrat party torn apart by internal warfare nor a Moderate-led conservative alliance will be able to form a majority coalition. The Sweden Democrats will likely be the largest party with between 25-30% of parliamentary seats, but also unable to form a majority government. A bickering, divided parliament will be presiding over a strife-ridden and disintegrating country.


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75 thoughts on “Sweden: The Death of a Nation

  1. Hopefully Sweden will at least be a warning to the rest of us.

    I can’t see this ending without violence, one way or another.
    That’s the really disturbing part.

    The question is of when it “kicks off”?
    A hung parliament could easily be the trigger.

    • “The question is of when it “kicks off”?
      A hung parliament could easily be the trigger.”

      That is a very interesting point and in truth is impossible to predict. The entire “Arab Spring” I believe kicked off in Tunisia by the local police shutting down a street vendor because of some permit issue or other.

      Kick off it will of course. There cannot be any other outcome unfortunately.

      As I’ve said many times though, as long as the people have their Nuremburg Trials Mk2 afterwards then we can have a degree of closure.

    • If this surrender to Islam is not stopped immediately this will end only one way. Massive violence, rape, and destruction. Those who don’t submit will be murdered or expelled. In the coming years there will be a exodus of Swedes and this will only speed up the process. “Christian Sweden” will pass into history and a new violent chaotic and poor “Sweden” will emerge.

    • It won’t be a warning, it will simply be ignored. There is the World Cup, the Superbowl, Trump Derangement Syndrome etc. to distract the idiot Left. Idiots never learn. It’s why they are idiots.

  2. @ Mike

    Re: “Hopefully Sweden will at least be a warning to the rest of us.”

    Thus far, that warning appears to have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes.

    “I can’t see this ending without violence, one way or another. That’s the really disturbing part.”

    The violence, chaos and bloodshed which always follow Islam where Muslims go has already begun in Sweden. Formerly one of the safest countries on earth only two decades ago, Sweden is now one of the rape capitals of the world. Recently-arrived “migrants” and “refugees” thank their hosts for the hospitality by torching hundreds of autos a night on warm summer evenings, and by throwing grenades at police stations in places like Malmo.

    The Muslim newcomers increasingly assert their dominance by imposing their will upon Swedish society more and more by the day. Native Swedes seem passively to accept these developments, if not aid-and-abet them. The majority of Sweden’s so-called leaders are nothing more than 21st-century Quislings – betrayers of their civilization, nation, and people.

    “The question is of when it ‘kicks off’? A hung parliament could easily be the trigger.”

    At least by fourth-generation warfare standards, Sweden is a nation which is already under attack, and has been for some time now. Under siege would be a more-accurate descriptor. Native Swedes are now afraid to walk the streets of their own towns, cities and villages after dark, and are increasingly forced to take extraordinary measures to protect themselves, such as going out only in pairs or in groups for the sake of protection.

    Islam is the oldest and most-implacable enemy of western civilization, and now the globalists at the European Union have thrown open the gates of European civilization to its most-dangerous enemy. Swedes, just like their counterparts in Britain, Germany and France, must realize that they face two enemies – the Muslims themselves, and those traitors within their own societies who have aided-and-abetted the enemy.

    • “Swedes, just like their counterparts in Britain, Germany and France, must realize that they face two enemies – the Muslims themselves, and those traitors within their own societies who have aided-and-abetted the enemy.t on,

      You can add the entire Western World to that: the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all of Europe. The leaders are interchangeable. Justin Trudeau, May, Merkel, Macron and so forth could leave their own leadership positions in their own countries and walk right into any other country in the West, learn the language and be no different in policies than the person they replaced. Asian and Eastern European countries fortunately appear to be the exception.

    • Sweden is becoming an islamic country? If it does it will be done willingly, and it will descend into poverty and ignorance. The swedes appear to like their new image. So the hell with them.

      Does frau merkel want the same for Deutzland? Apparently sharia law is okay with most Germans, as long as renewable energy is part of the program.

      Two sick societies that are ripe for a revolution. Hoist the petards and sharpen the guillotines, forget it. These euroweenies would rather sip coffeee and go shopping than defend their wifes and kids. This islamic transistion will be the death of both of these pathetic countries.

      • “These euroweenies would rather sip coffeee and go shopping than defend their wifes and kids.” What children?

  3. The worst is, the SD only has 23%. This may seem a lot in a country that’s the most PC indoctrinated worldwide, but it’s still not enough to form a majority government. Knowing about the cordon that the other parties will form against them, the chances of ever getting into office before it’s too late are negligible.
    Even if they get a chance to form a coalition with the “Moderates”, for which the chances are slim, they will have to compromise with them, because the latter are globalists and paid by the corporate world, hence pro-EU and pro-migration.
    And even if the SD would manage get a majority rule (chances zero), they sttill have to deal with antifa thugs (see what Trump is facing on a daily basis) and armed muslim gangs.
    Sweden won’t be able to generate the necessary manpower anymore to deport all the unwanted elements from their country, taking into consideration the massive resignation of police officers, their insifficiernt training to deal with the insurgency they are facing now, the spending cuts in the defense budget for decade since 1990, and the demographic imbalance.
    The future looks bleak.
    The only hope will be that, what generations of Europeans before feared the most: An intervention of Russia, which will clear the mess the European governments made for decades.

    • Russia Salvatore?! who woulda thunk ? and in only a couple of generations.

    • I actually think if (and it’s a big “if”) Sweden could get a decent leadership, the army and police, with the help of militia, could get the best of the armed Muslims and Antifa. Antifa is composed of anarchists, who obviously do not cooperate very well. Similarly, most Muslims do not work well with other Muslims in large ventures like a military campaign.

      Without a leadership change, the Swedish police and army would be used to suppress native resistance, rather than clean the country.

      Probably the biggest danger, should Sweden get past the internal hurdles, would be the EU and NATO, which could very well turn into an invading force on the pretext of protecting Muslim communities under siege. Any country contemplating a nationalist policy has got to do a tremendous amount of intelligence preparation to deal with the likelihood of globalist, foreign intervention.

  4. Eventually all muslims will have to be expelled from the UK and from Europe. It took Spain something like 800 years to be finally rid of their muslim problem but I hope we begin the task much quicker. However, the mood change that will be needed for this to happen will only come about when a sufficient number of the white, Christian indigenous population of each country is directly adversely affected by islam, so things will probably have to get a lot worse before they begin to get better.

    • Oh John, why “white”? In the local authority-owned block where I live (designed for those who need “sheltered” housing- I must be older than I feel), about a third of the residents are black, and it’s never been a problem; some I’ve talked to agree that Islam is a far more divisive issue in the UK than race.

      • You’re right. You can see that in the sentiments of the black men who attend Tommy Robinson rallies. They’re on the same page as the rest of the Brits re Islam.

      • Some of the most committed allies the Counter-Jihad has across the world are black Nigerians and Ghanaians.

        • instead of just ‘white’, which term i do use, i also say, ‘loyalists’, ‘those who are not traitors’, and similar terms.

      • Why isn’t “white” an acceptable adjective for the indigenous population of the UK?

        It’s not disparaging to any other ethnic group to simply notice that amongst the current, diverse population that there’s one rather large group, who were here before all the others, and that they happen to be those pale, white folks you see on the streets.

        Different ethnic groups can get along, share interests, form alliances, and still be comfortable recognizing each others differences. What’s the big deal?

      • Why not white? It’s who the English are? Not to mention ‘multiculturalism’ and the like is how we got here.

        • In john in cheshire’s original comment, he said “…when a sufficient number of the white, indigenous Christian population… is directly adversely affected by Islam…”

          As gjest says above, “Different ethnic groups can get along, share interests, form alliances…” Exactly so; john appeared to want to exclude some of those with whom we have common cause because they are not white. If this was not his meaning, I apologise.

  5. Yet in spite of the accumulating examples, like this one, of the chaos across Europe we are still up against the globalists plan. Witness the statement made in a news conference last week by EU Commissioner FOR Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos.

    “Mass Migration is Here to Stay. Europe is set to absorb massive waves of migration for decades to come”. He stressed that the European Commission would oppose any plans to build a fence on the Greek-Turkish border.

    “We are against building fences, on the contrary, we are in favor of building bridges with neighboring countries,” he said, after news that more than 6,100 people have entered Greece illegally over the Turkey land border so far this year — a nine-fold increase from the same period in 2017. “The EU will never be a fortress. Migration will stay not only in Europe and the world for the decades to come, and we have to be well prepared. No country can manage this situation alone.”

    Discussing plans for a common EU policy which would see asylum seekers spread across the bloc, he said that no corner of the continent will be allowed to escape third world migration, insisting that “solidarity has to be maintained and be upheld by all member states”.

    • This highlights the risk for physical invasion by EU or NATO force against countries like Hungary asserting their national right to control their borders and immigration.

  6. Exactly 25 years ago, in May 1993 I was visiting Sweden for a scientific conference held in Sigtuna. This serene, clean place was like a dream come true, particularly for someone coming from the chaos of a post-Comunist “country in transition”. Near the Town Hall, several teenagers were walking noisily, neighing and giggling, which sounded ugly in the quiet street. Some of them were dark skinned. To my surprise, when finished with their soft drinks, they threw a couple of empty cans behind their backs. And to my even greater surprise, a very young Swede boy of 4-5 years, who was walking with his mother 10-15 meters behind the group, without any words or sign from her went to pick up the empty cans and drop them in a dustbin nearby. He was so small that this seemed like an instinct for order and cleanness rather than the result of upbringing… The children of those swarthy teenagers may be pelting grenades or Molotov cocktails now.

  7. A culture that won’t save itself from obvious danger isn’t worth saving. Let them burn.

    • The problem with such a flaccid Sweden is that whilst it cuts off Norway from the rest of the continent, it ALSO seals off its Northern flank.

      True–that the enemy who must be defeated FIRST are EUrope’s suicidal PowersThatBE.
      THEN comes the rope………………
      Then…………..at long last……………….comes the war.

  8. .

    Swedish stupidocracy has hit again.
    The well-known journalist, author and dissident
    Jan Sjunnesson has been police reported and
    registered for disrepute + hate crime after publishing
    on his twitter page a satirical picture representing
    two children’s book covers with the titles “Also
    Mustafa wants to participate” and ” Together with
    grandfather at his workk”..

    Author college Katerina Janouch calls on her blog
    to viral and organized distribution of the image.

    Get going!
    Katerina Janouch calls for organized crime
    (Katerina Janouch uppmanar till organiserad brottslighet)



    • .
      The prosecution against Sjunnesson is laid down

      On his blog today Jan Sjunesson announces that the charge against him is being put down. He writes, among other things, that he “is sure that the people’s reaction was to vivid for the public prosecutor
      to withstand, so they decided to lay down any prosecution this time.”


  9. In a few years, Russia will be invited to send Peacekeeping troops into all the Scandinavian Countries as those nations descend into anarchy. The horse has bolted, its rider trampled, and the bear waits in the woods.

  10. I hope every blue collar middle class American reads this article.
    It is amazing what the liberal elites have managed to do.

    We must take this lesson from Sweden and fight tooth and nail to preserve our Country and our way of life.

    My parents taught me at a very young age, If you cannot stand on your own two feet, with asking for help you do not deserve to live in this great country.

  11. We grew up thinking that common sense was just that, common, but now we see it sadly lacking among people who had all the privileges our civilization afforded them, apparently because left wing ideologies, with feelings instead of logic, put blinkers on them. Their suicidal policies have condemned their children and grandchildren to a lifetime of violence, and the outcome is anybody’s guess. I am sorry for the future generations and even sorrier still that the treasonous, irresponsible politicians may escape being held responsible for their perfidy.

  12. The Swedes clamored for the State to play the people’s shepherd. Now, several decades later, the Swedes are surprised the State looks upon them as livestock. Why the surprise?

    For a people to surrender their rights and freedoms to the State in the hope of salvation is a primitive reflex, not a progressive one.

    • Your quote above is even more applicable to South Africans than Swedes. Civil war is well on its way too.

  13. Modern Swedes never faced a brutal reality check. Unlike Israel and other countries. Their self-indulgence in humanitarian super power may ironically be a consequence of their now-discarded Lutheranism. Yet, without Christianity, they sought meaning in their pampered socialist existence as international social justice warriors. Another factor in their decline is their social conformity. They do not have Anglo-American style individualism. They quickly hammer down the nail that sticks out. I have noticed this among fellow American liberals of Scandinavian extraction. Nice people, but very conformist and tribal in their leftism. A Jewish leftist, by comparison, expects to debate others.

  14. What was and is Swede’s bane, what was the mistake Sweden made to bring it to this situation – its the same mistake that Germany, England, France, and the rest of Europe made – their apostasy from Catholicism to Protestantism. There are over 100 Catholic prophecies over the last few hundred years, warning European nations that their apostasy from the Catholic faith would bring ruin to all. Now the Church itself in Rome has also been appropriated by Judeo/Freemasonry to the point of throwing the Church into apostasy itself. God warned through over one hundred apparitions and warnings that He would punish severely not only these countries, but the Church itself for the great apostasy now unfolding in former Catholic Europe.

    Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) and Blessed Elena Aiello (1895-1961) both mystics, stigmatics and visionaries, have warned from their heavenly revelations (among dozens of others) that God is going to punish the whole world with tidal waves, earthquakes and war soon, for this great loss of faith, this apostasy from the true faith and doctrine of near 2000 years. These warnings reveal that the tidal waves, earthquakes and other tragedies now happening are just a small warning of what is about to come – 3/4 of the world will die for their loss of faith, including most of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, for there worship of man rather than God.

    • There have always been incompetent popes, throughout history. Luther initially wanted to reform the deep corruption he saw in the Church; he didn’t plan to leave the Augustinians. But in many ways the Church had long become an obstacle to faith.

      People do not die for their loss of faith, except insofar as whatever deep meaning it had for them is gone.

      For thousands of years, the fearful have been listing the world’s calamities and using them as guidelines for what’s coming real soon. But Jesus instructed us to be like lilies of the field – i.e., not to worry about things that are out of our hands. The perennial problem has always been to figure out what it is when can personally effect.

      But you’re the first I’ve seen on these comment threads to give us a percentage on who’s gonna make it. Three quarters are toast, eh? I don’t think I want to be among the remainder; it won’t be pretty.

    • “…its the same mistake that Germany, England, France, and the rest of Europe made – their apostasy from Catholicism to Protestantism.”

      As a protestant I happen to disagree: The disasters seem to come to these countries only after they abandon their – ehm – “protestant” faith in God. And it doesn’t have to be called protestant you see, but truth be told, they were strong as long as they had faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible.

      Catholic Italy or Spain doesn’t fare much better these days.

  15. Good, but we have changed our minds quite rapidly in the past. Look at smoking or acceptance of LGBTQ or MeToo or the Reformation or the rise of Napolean. But, maybe these may have been much easier convulsions and mind-changers because of the absence of a vicious entrenched status quo, already in the institutions.

    Depressing but also promotive of urgent change.

  16. The Israelis were in worse straits in 1948. There are plenty of Swedes who don’t want to self-immolate, and this minority can do a lot of good. They may not save the entire geographic Swedish nation at first, but as long as they keep the countryside, the cities will starve and the ports will fall into disrepair.

    And Sweden’s army is bigger than most European armies, too. Small and hollowed out as it is, it can’t be ruled out just yet. Mob violence isn’t as efficient at killing as professional soldiers are.

    • I completely agree, people reading newspapers and living in city centers drinking coffee and reading newspapers have little idea what Skandinavia is really about 🙂

    • I served in the Dominican Revolution in 1965. The Communists killed about 2,500 people and the dead laid in the streets. It was hot. What could be done with the dead? You can’t bring them into your house. You can’t call the local funeral home. I had the only helicopter in the nation for four days. I was busy rescuing live Americans.

      In Sweden, Muslims are sharpening their knives and reading their book of instructions.

    • Muslim armies don’t do too well because most people from the ME and Africa have a tribalist, rather than a nationalist, world view. So, a Muslim officer will protect the soldiers under him who are members of his tribe, and exploit the rest. The soldiers are perfectly aware of this dynamic and act accordingly. This is one factor in the consistent victories of the Israeli army over the combined Arab armies it has faced.

      I think that due to generations of technology benefits and the welfare state have contributed to the genetic deterioration of the Swedish population, serving to weaken, among other things, the will for self-survival and the will to have and raise children.

  17. It is not difficult for me to understand the Swedes. We, the northern people, are very calm and non-aggressive. It is difficult for us to resist the southern onslaught.
    I will draw an analogy with the animal world: why do many species prefer to breed in the North? Because in the conditions of the northern climate, fewer predators survive.
    But now these predators are brought to our land in an unnatural way.

    • I totally disagree with your premises. Finland, a very northern country, fought the much larger Russia to a standstill in the Winter War. Further, Finland allied itself with the Germans in the invasion of Stalingrad.

      Similarly, the predators in the north, wolves and bears, are highly evolved social species very effective in culling the herds of prey, antelopes, deer and the like.

      The predators to which you refer, actually parasites, probably could not have survived the trip or the existence in a frigid climate, had the governments not interceded for them, protecting them, giving them tax money and public housing.

      In fact, a very simple solution occurs to me. Arm and organize the native population for defensive action, and cut out all welfare payments, and benefits from the invader immigrants. Leave the ones with jobs alone. Chances are, those who don’t starve would seek means back to their home countries. It would involve the willingness to shoot a starving person invading your foodstocks. Not a nice solution, but a thoroughly ethical one consistent with even the libertarian non-aggression principle.

      • Your “very simple solution” is completely unrealistic on about a dozen levels. “Arm and organize the native population” ? Really ?

      • Invasion of Stalingrad? Er, the Finns invaded Karelia. Stalingrad was a thousand miles south.

    • Les gens du Nord “calmes et non agressifs” ?
      Hum … en cours d’ histoire les Français apprennent que les Vikings pillaient, violaient, incendiaient, tuaient sans pitié tout le long des côtes du Sud, remontaient la vallée de la Seine et autres, jusqu’ en Sardaigne et en Sicile … que sont devenus leurs descendants ? Mous, passifs, baissant la tête, pétris d’ humanisme égalitaire , quelle misère !

      [Machine translation:

      ‘Northern people “calm and not aggressive”?
      Hum … in the course of history the French learn that the Vikings pillaged, raped, burned, killed mercilessly all along the southern coast, went up the valley of the Seine and others, until Sardinia and Sicily … that became their descendants? Soft, passive, lowering your head, molded with egalitarian humanism, what misery!’

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  18. I could not add to the other comments, except that they are painfully correct. Think of all the heart burn there was in the southern half of Africa when the white man showed up, eager for land and mining profits, in the 1900’s. Now the Africans are the invaders, and the white man does nothing but beg for his own extinction. Madness.

    • Actually, the Boers were in Africa for 3 centuries, and treated the black Africans rather decently. The Boer War was the British invasion of the Boer states for the purpose of taking over the gold and diamond mines there. The British were losing the war until they adopted concentration camps and genocide of the Boer civilian population.

      It was the British-dominated Union of South African legislature that actually adopted the codified statutes known as apartheid, which had been practiced previously on an informal and likely flexible basis.

  19. The brainwashed Swedes are the LEAST capable people on the planet to fight a brutal and desperate battle to regain their country. Men who acquiesce in the rape and degradation of THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS rather than ‘seem un-PC are not the stuff of heroes.

  20. It seems that when you take a species which originated in the muck and evolved over billions of years to supremacy, scraping by its finger nails to survive, and put it in an environment of plenty and safety the reaction isn’t balance and gratitude but self destruction. There is something pre-programmed that needs the chaos and seeks the chaos when there is an abundance of order

    • Absolutely.

      Read this description of the mouse utopia experiment:
      Mouse Utopia

      It turns out that when mice were raised in an environment with plenty of food and shelter, with no predators, the mouse population stopped having babies and literally went into extinction in a few generations.

      Read for yourself the details, rather than my describing them here.

  21. Check out the term, ” Jante”… the rules by which Swedes live.

    It’s really just another term for Collectivism.

    Group before individual… the single most poisonous concept to ever be iterated.

    I’m with the RECTOR … screw ’em, and the rest of Europe, too, if it fails to pay heed.

    As already stated, there is no longer any possibility of a peaceful solution to European’ problems with Islam. Their numbers are too great for any attempts at expulsion to be met with violent resistance.

    So, the choice for the white man is quite simple … either Fight, or Submit. Voting won’t do the business.

    I’ve been here for 60 years, and I see no prospect of there being a fight … in which case, the whole Continent will be under new ownership in a decade or two. And, any of you Americans who think yourselves insulated from European’ problems, need to consider what will happen when those Nuclear Weapons fall into the hands of an Islamic French/English Government.

    My prediction is that American troops will be dying on European’ soil again, before too long.

    • As a Czech, I see the nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Islamic French/English government as the greatest danger to the future.

      I’d rather fight with swords, to be honest.

    • Let me submit a scenario I just thought of.

      Instead of undertaking a massive, ethnic cleansing in Europe, which would be thoroughly immoral among other things, what about simply stopping all welfare payments, housing, and all other government benefits? Along with arming and organizing the native population to protect their homes, businesses, and communities from criminals and armed gangs.

      Seems to me that would get rid of a lot of the detritus, without having to kill innocents.

      If the Muslims decided to shift to active jihad, the natives could organize defensive militia, like the Serbs did successfully in Bosnia until the criminal intervention by NATO. In the scenario of organized Muslim militia, chances are whole Muslim communities would be relocated, involuntarily, to Muslim areas, again as in Bosnia. Not the most just solution, but not the worst either.

  22. “***Politicians*** promised voters that mass immigration enriched Sweden; it brought economic and cultural wealth and made their country a much better place. ***State television and the press*** abandoned their critical role and trumpeted the same official message.” (Emphasis added)

    Therein lies the heart of the problem – the government was both pushing and pulling, and the average Swede was simply stuck in the middle. At least Olof Palme got his, so one responsible party paid a price.

  23. Let’s make a comparison of Western Europe and Russia.
    In Cannes brought a tearful film “Ayka”.
    I was told that Google tolerably does Online translation from Russian to English (you can try Yandex-translator).
    Question: how will the average European audience perceive this film?
    I read Russian reviews – very little sympathy and many negative reviews (Let she go home), because we ourselves are in a similar situation, and migrants create a criminal atmosphere and take jobs.
    On the one hand, this is very bad – it indicates a brutalization of society.
    On the other hand, it’s good, because self-defense works

  24. How easy people are to fool ! Leopards DO NOT change their spots – and these people DO NOT change their ‘principals’, their opinions – or their intentions. THEY WILL SAY WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET (RE)ELECTED – then once back in power it will be back to business as usual. This has happened for at least the last four elections in the U.K. Suddenly it is ‘not racist’ to voice concerns about immigration, suddenly we can ‘have a grown up conversation about race. Once in power, back to normal (or at least what ‘passes for normal in the lunatic asylum called europe). Cameron even promised to get non EU immigration ‘down to the low tens of thousands’ (per year). It continued unabated at a rate of about 300,000 per year throughout his tenure, and continues at roughly that rate to this day. These people will NEVER be swayed from their course because the destruction of the nation state, and, by default western civilization is their aim and its working perfectly

      • 100% correct once safely in office the ‘esteemed’ representatives of the people seem to suffer from terminal amnesia completely forgetting why they got elected and for whom the work.

  25. Dumb, dumb, dumb. What happens when a nation throws off it Christian heritage and embraces liberalism and their liberals.

    What took blood and bullets to conquer is now done with a wink and a pen. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Sweden and the West is to become a [third] world nation very soon as these people have proven who they are for thousands of years.

    Unproductive, backwards, pagan….

  26. The proposed law SOU 2017:70 against damaging Sweden’s image abroad is terrible, the kind of thing we would expect in Zimbabwe or Iran.

    It violates Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which Sweden has signed.

  27. “Prime Minister Olof Palme, flirted with left-wing dictators and subversive groups across the globe. ”

    I recall the 60’s and 70’s when Palme was in TV and condemned the Americans for their race politics ie. he knew better than the Americans how to deal with the blacks. At that time Sweden was 100 percent. So stupid arrogance.

  28. Diversity has destroyed every advance civilization. So too will it destroy Sweden. Just do the math on birthrate. The US is a fake country now. Hopefully its breakup will spawn a nation much like Estonia, but Christian and large enough to defend itself. The American Redoubt looks like a viable candidate.

    • Actually, it is success which has destroyed every civilization. The relaxation of evolutionary selection pressures due to civilization, and the development of larger governments and cities, devastating the bedrock original inhabitants, destroyed any civilization. By the time the invaders/migrants came, the civilization was largely dead anyway.

      A long, but very interesting, read on this is
      Law of Civilization and Decay

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