Sweden: A Warning to the World

Sweden: A warning to the world
by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

In February 2013 the then-Swedish foreign minister and former prime minister Carl Bildt announced to the world that Sweden had become a “Humanitarian Superpower”.[1] Ikea and Volvo, the great international symbols of modern, progressive Sweden were joined by another mighty symbol: Sweden, humanitarian superpower and moral beacon for the whole of mankind. Sweden was to be known as the land of tolerance and acceptance, a safe haven for the world’s dispossessed where all were welcome and multiculturalism worked. The world was to look up to Sweden in admiration, the Mother Theresa of nations.

Sweden’s borders had been opened to mass immigration decades before Carl Bildt’s proclamation, and for a long time this was no problem. Sweden was a rich, well-functioning and modern country with a high standard of living, and it was easy to accommodate the refugees and migrants who slowly began to arrive. Over the decades the trickle turned into a flood as hundreds of thousands of migrants from some of the world’s most dysfunctional and violent societies poured into the country. Immigrant ghettos sprang up round Sweden’s towns and cities. Most ordinary Swedes never came into contact with the crime-ridden ghettos and were not affected at first, their blissful ignorance helped by a largely politically correct and censorious media committed to the state ideology of Multiculturalism. For years it was possible to live in Sweden and actually believe the country was a multicultural paradise where mass immigration made the country a better, richer and more interesting place to live.

But a tipping point has now been reached. Riots, shootings and gang rapes, once practically unheard of in Sweden, have become regular occurrences. Crime is spreading out from the ghettos, and ordinary Swedes are increasingly coming into contact with the terrible effects of their disastrous immigration policy. Sweden’s shopping malls, some of the best in Europe, are being invaded by gangs of North African and Middle Eastern youths from the ghettos. It is in these malls that many Swedes get their first real taste of Multiculturalism. Sweden’s largest mall, the Nordstan mall in Gothenburg, is no longer a showcase of Swedish modernity and prosperity, as immigrant gangs attacking, mugging and sexually assaulting shoppers are turning it into a no-go zone.[2]

Just before Easter a news story broke about a particularly violent attack in Stockholm’s showcase Mall of Scandinavia. A 17-year-old Swedish boy was approached by a gang of approximately ten Somali youths who, according to police, were “looking for trouble”. When the boys’ father intervened to rescue his son the gang turned on him and beat him to the ground. The gang of ten then formed a circle round the prostrate father and treated him like a football, aiming repeated and savage kicks straight into his face. The badly injured man was hospitalized with what police described as “serious facial injuries.” Police say they believe the gang came from the nearby ghetto of Järva.[3]

As incidents like this increasingly intrude into the lives and consciousness of Swedes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the illusion of a multicultural paradise. What is particularly worrying for Sweden’s political elites is that news of what is happening in their country is leaking to the outside world. It is seriously damaging their long fostered image of the “humanitarian superpower.”

A major blow to Sweden’s self proclaimed image came in February 2017 when US president Donald Trump asked the world to look at “what happened last night in Sweden,” referring to a Fox news report the previous evening about Sweden’s immigration-related problems. The Swedish and international press were quick to pounce on President Trump. It was triumphantly pointed out that nothing dramatic happened last night in Sweden. It was a normal, uneventful evening in a tranquil and peaceful country. Ex-prime minster Carl Bildt even posted a tweet aimed at Donald Trump, mockingly asking, “What has he been smoking?” Then, two evenings after President Trump’s remarks, a riot erupted in the ghetto of Rinkeby on the outskirts of Stockholm. Cars were torched and police were attacked and pelted with stones. Police officers were in such danger one had to fire his service weapon to warn off attackers. The riot made international headlines and the mocking voices were silenced. One wag commented on Twitter “It’s not Donald Trump that’s smoking, Mr. Bildt, it’s Rinkeby that’s smoking, just look out your window”.[4]

The world’s eyes were now on Sweden, and what they saw wasn’t pleasant. Sweden’s neighbors are especially concerned about what is going on in that troubled country. In August 2017 the Norwegian integration minister Sylvi Listhaug went to Sweden to see for herself. The visit did not go well, and sparked an incident between the two Scandinavian countries. After what was described as a “learning trip” to the ghetto of Rinkeby, Ms. Listhaug warned Norway to not follow the example of Sweden and allow crime-infested ghettos to spring up round the nation’s cities. The Swedish immigration minister Helene Fritzon was enraged at this criticism of the humanitarian superpower, and canceled a planned meeting between the two ministers, accusing Ms. Listhaug of speaking “complete nonsense.”[5]

In another blow to Sweden’s increasingly tattered image, Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg, a Swedish citizen born in Sweden to a Hungarian mother, appeared on Hungarian television in March of this year, where she explained she was leaving Sweden and moving to Hungary because of rising crime and insecurity, especially for women, in Sweden. The interview, which has been posted on YouTube[6], painted a very bleak picture of Sweden and put the Swedish authorities in full damage-control mode. Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg was vilified in the Swedish press, and last week the Swedish government sent education minister Gustav Fridolin to Hungary to do what he could to try to repair Sweden’s reputation.[7]

As the problems caused by years of catastrophic immigration escalate, it will become increasingly difficult for the Swedish authorities to hide what they have done to their country. There will be more attempts at damage control like the education minster’s pathetic mission to Hungary, but it won’t work. The dam has burst. Instead of being the land of tolerance and acceptance where Multiculturalism works and everyone lives together in harmony, Sweden is becoming known to the world as the land of ghettos and riots, of shootings, rapes and hand grenade attacks. Instead of a humanitarian superpower, Sweden has become a warning to the world of the folly of mass immigration and Multiculturalism.


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37 thoughts on “Sweden: A Warning to the World

  1. “Instead of a humanitarian superpower, Sweden has become a warning to the world of the folly of mass immigration and Multiculturalism.”

    Yet what is being seen isn’t even the end of the beginning.

    There will, one day, be an accounting of those responsible. A cold, calm, measured accounting.

    They know it too.

  2. Sometimes the whole point of one’s existence is to serve as a warning to others…

    Swedestanlia will be such an object lesson before this current round of madness is over that multiculti will be a vile ephithet for at least a generation or more.

  3. “…former prime minister Carl Bildt announced to the world that Sweden had become a “Humanitarian Superpower”

    Was there ever a better example of hubris?

    • I just sent a check myself. I quit PayPal when they cancelled the Vdare account, and have no intention of returning. The techopolies could not care less about individual customers, but it’s a feeling of freedom for me personally to know that I am not contributing to PayPal in any way.

      I personally support the right of companies to support whom they wish, except that the US has chosen to institute anti-monopoly laws stating that a company holding monopolistic or duopolist power cannot use that power to manipulate the marketplace. Suddenly canceling the accounts of subscribers, causing them to lose customer lists and history, seems to me to be an abuse of monopoly power. If we had an Attorney General committed to the basic requirements of a representative, constitutional government, these companies would be under investigation for monopolistic practices.

  4. Swedens day of reckoning is near. I hope they [redaction for incivility] wake up as well as for the sponsoring of terrorists worldwide including the ANC and its terrorist operations
    Winnie Mandela, Nelson’s ex-wife, just died a day or so ago, was a recipient too and she was responsible for thousands of deaths of opposition blacks in 1991-92 who did not believe in communism and who were tribal and aligned with their own leaders. Mass murdered with benzine and tyres. So Sweden will get its share too and it will be horrific.

    Sweden’s politicians who allowed all this to happen cannot escape. They can run but not hide due to modern surveillance systems.

    • Oh to be sure they can and will “run” or “hide”. That is what elites do. Or they’ll hunker down with lots of security and carry on as usual. It’s the same everywhere, otherwise Hillary would be in an orange jumpsuit by now.

    • Labour’s Naz Shah, the Member of Parliament for Bradford West responded to news that Nelson Mandela’s widow had passed away by tweeting “RIP Winnie Mandela” and sharing an ‘inspirational’ poster of the South African featuring the quote: “Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country.”

  5. It’s already horrible to observe what the Swedish authorities have done to their once so beautiful country. Another danger may soon be that it can easily spill over to the neighbouring countries as well, when the Swedish welfare funds dry up, which is likely to happen within a few years if everything continues like it is doing now. Many of Sweden’s direct neighbouring countries are even smaller and even more vulnerable.

    What we will see then, I do not even dare to think.

    Thank God there is a slight shimmer of hope glowing on the horizon, which may prevent the catastrophe from further escalating in the last moment.

    The proud and free-spirited Danes, Norwegians and Icelanders are rapidly returning to their senses, and this shows politically. Even the shy and silent Finns and the guilt-ridden Germans are following suit, having been confronted with the brutal reality their authorities invited upon them.
    Concerning the other neighbours of Sweden, the Poles, Russians and Baltic nations: Thank God, they were never infected by PC-virus to begin with.

    In Sweden itself, the newly founded party ‘Alternative for Sweden’ may gain a huge electoral success this autumn. The strength of this party is the fact that it completely democratic and free from any “nazi” connotation, which was haunting the older ‘Swedish Democrats’, and that they can attract a more well-educated part cadre and electorate, due to a more civil style, and because the situation grew so bad, that the urgency has become obvious for everyone who wants to see it.

    Now the time has come to speak up about it, collectively, and to push for a more sensible political course.

    • Now is the time for the Berserkers to arise en masse and put an end to the madness.

      Sweden’s Achilles Heel is its hubris about “soft power” – feminized power is more like it. Keeping people in line with “consensus” doesn’t work with tribal mentalities. They think their hosts are a joke. The longer the Swedes roll over and play dead, the more intense will the pushback be…

      As for Russia, they have their own Islam problems.

      • I talked with a Russian woman who moved to Sweden. She doubts that the Swedes will fight. Even those who position themselves as nationalists do not go beyond closed chats.
        Perhaps, as the ancient Berserkers it’s time to start eating Amanita?

    • If the economy has a serious downturn, a lot of job-seekers among the native Swedes will try their luck in Norway and Sweden, leaving more of the welfare-dependent and “refugees” behind.

      This is how I predict that a final spinout could start.

      • I think you mean they’ll try their luck in Norway and Denmark.

        Here is a warning. Norway, Denmark and Finland would do well to consider if they want to open their borders to Swedish refugees.
        The Swedes clung to politics and values allowing their country to be overrun. And what assurance is there that those Swedes now seeking to immigrate are free of the altruist virus? In other words, will Swedish refugees simply vote to create another Sweden?

        If I were the Danes or the Norwegians, I would close the borders with physical barriers right now and suggest to Swedish wanna-be refugees that they tend to their own mess.

        • Norway has been deporting some of them; Denmark has made its border with Germany more robust. And Denmark makes demands of immigrants that Sweden doesn’t.

    • As for the spill-over you mentioned an interesting piece of history comes to mind.
      When war broke out in 1914 the Netherlands managed to remain neutral.
      Belgium to the South on the other hand became a battlefield resulting in a million refugees fleeing North to the Netherlands.
      Some of them were of independent means others had relatives to go to.
      But the majority had lost everything and didn’t had a nail left to scratch their backside.

      Keep in mind the Netherlands at the time had barely 6 million inhabitants therefore those large numbers of refugees turned out to be a serious drain on our national resources.

      After trying to house them initially in cast-off army tents, since the war would be over by Christmas anyway [harumph], the government provided lumber, tools and nails and those refugees were ordered to build there own barracks where they would live for the duration of the war. After all it’s not like they had anything better to do.
      At the same time they were allotted plots of land to grow their own food since we had no intention of feeding them for years to come.

      In Dutch we have a proverb “ledigheid is des duivels oorkussen” a good English translation would be “idleness is the pillow of the Devil”
      We were not planning to let that happen.
      Work parties were organized to do “chores around the house” like cutting timber in the forests [we had plenty of those back then].
      The good pieces were carted of to the sawmills and what remained they could take home for firewood in lieu of pay.

      When finally peace broke out in 1918 they were ordered to carefully de-construct their barracks [don’t forget the nails] stack the lumber in neat piles ready for transport to wherever it could be reused.
      Anything edible from their plots they were allowed to take with them and they were send on their way home to rebuild a ravaged country.

      The sites and plots were plowed under and today not a trace of those settlements remain.

  6. It’s easy to say “Sweden is so dumb they deserve their fate.”

    Alas, we are not brats on a schoolyard.

    We don’t want to be dumb ourselves and allow Sweden to deconstruct. We don’t want it to lose. We want the entire European landmass to overcome this Islamic threat and to thrive.

    We need to be shrewd, not give up, and try to figure out strategies and arguments and diplomacy that will help Sweden survive…and develop leaders ourselves who will help us do these things.

    It would be an unimaginable catastrophe if Europe were lost.

    • That’s true and I’m generally in favor of blistering Swedes for eternally voting for abject traitors with rotating blue lights on their heads. (A common European pastime, yes?)

      We should indeed not abandon any Western country but Lord I do want to be like Dirty Harry in that one movie where he’s called to investigate a customer at a restaurant who’s collapsed. Harry recognizes the man as a scam artist out to victimize the restaurant and, to the horror of the other patrons, starts kicking the man till he gets up and leaves.

      I especially want to do that to Mona Sahlin, surely one of the more repulsive lizard people on the planet. Löfven is another one. Six weeks in the stock. Starting January 1. Outside.

    • I’m sorry such a remark got through. I usually delete or redact such comments. Countries like Sweden claim to rule by consensus. The problem with that is when the consensus changes, those in charge are not flexible enough, realistic enough, to make the necessary changes. So much for Sweden’s vaunted “soft power”. It doesn’t work in the real world.

      Yes, catastrophe looms but in the form of deep chaos as people who have nothing left to lose turn around and make their stand.

    • There’s a problem with jumping in and running interference for the Swedes.

      The problem is that they are allowed to not experience the consequences of their actions and failures to act. I have no wish for the Swedes to be harmed, but a country, or an individual, has to accept responsibility for their own actions. If Sweden’s chestnuts are pulled out of the fire by another country, they will have learned nothing. They will not have the experience of suffering the natural consequences of certain decisions.

      I doubt if it would be possible to help Swedes who do not choose to help themselves. Similarly, I doubt that Swedes, once they decide to act, will be unable to recover their own country. Western armies, once on the move, have a huge advantage over Muslim armies. Muslims organize on the basis of tribes, so any army unit will display more loyalty to itself than to the army as a whole.

      The biggest danger in actually taking back control of their country is the real possibility of invasion from NATO or European Union forces, once the nationalist armies begin winning. This is exactly what happened in Bosnia and Kosovo.

  7. The writer could have added, “Sweden the rape capital of Europe.” That little bit of information escaped a few years back and is known by alert outsiders. I believe the Swedish Police have stopped collecting data now, or by some statistical sleight of hand now lump rape in with other assaults, to muddy the waters.

    As to “crime infested ghettos”, here’s the problem. The Jihadist terrorists that have attacked in various European countries over the last few years, in most cases came from the crime infested ghettos. They were former drug dealers and petty criminals. Somewhere along the line they develop Islamic fervour, and then the bombs start going off. So Sweden in allowing the no-go areas to develop, fool themselves into believing they have only got a social problem or a crime problem, when they have a Islamic terrorism problem in the making. Terror is the natural conclusion of the no-go areas.

    • Fjordman, the Dark Prophet of Norway, has been calling Sweden the rape capital of the EU (maybe the world) since 2005. So we’ve been talking about that at Gates of Vienna for THIRTEEN long years…and no-go zones, beginning with Rosengård in Malmö. They were absorbed into Husie, forming Öster.

      Rosengård is now 86% immigrant and a dangerous place for ethnic Swedes. The police well know what the real problem is. Some of them have even spoken out about it.

  8. It’s paradoxical that this year’s fundraiser is focused on traditional, or civic, virtues. These virtues comprise what we think of as “character” in the individual. It is absolutely necessary to have a society comprised of individuals who display character and virtue. Otherwise, there is no trust and no common identification.

    But, there is more than honesty, dedication to keeping one’s word, and the like. There is also the part of character with impels one to commit acts one would rather not commit, but needs to for the sake of the broader community and the future of his own family. When your country is attacked, you need to not only be willing to join the army. You have to be willing to commit grisly acts on people you would rather not brutalize. Think of the bombing campaigns of World War II or the atomic bombing of Japanese cities. We can argue if the campaigns and the bombings were really necessary, but we absolutely had to have commanders who were willing to carry them out.

    So, virtue in Sweden consists of more than simply telling the truth. It has to encompass the willingness to push people out of the country, back to unpleasant or possibly fatal circumstances. Africa is going to have mass starvation and drought sooner or later. The question is, will the mass starvation and disease take over Europe and America, or will it stay localized in the African countries of its origins?

    The Swedes have to stop thinking of themselves as the general good guys. They use this stereotype of themselves as a vehicle to avoid making difficult decisions and making hard choices. They are coasting along right now.

    It will absolutely not benefit other countries to allow mass migrations of Swedes out of Sweden. Will they grow civic virtue by means of changing their locales? No.

    • The bombing campaigns, or otherwise known as Terror Bombings of german cities were orchestrated by the same global cabal that are behind the population replacement of ethnic Swedes.

      I really don’t get why you’d rather see all Swedish children die at the hands of islamic Butchers than let them in as refugees if/when the time comes.

      • You just made the argument for open immigration. We have to take in refugees from any threatened area, rather than allow them to be butchered at the hands of whoever is butchering them at the time.

        • No actually I did not, I never specified the circumstances.

          I’m saying neighbouring countries with similar culture and ethnicity should take in those child refugees.

          Are you saying it was wrong for Sweden to take in Finnish child refugees during the Finnish winter war?

          • Let’s look at the logic involved.

            You asked if I was willing to allow Swedish children to be butchered by Muslims rather than allow Swedish refugees into, say, Hungary.

            I replied it is not sufficient that people face the prospect of being butchered to consider them as desirable immigrants.

            You said it is sufficient that they be from similar ethnicity and culture to make them eligible for immigration.

            You then ask if I opposed Swedes giving refuge to Finish children during the Finnish winter war?

            The difference is, I advocate looking hard at the national interest of the host country as a criterion for immigration. For example, the whites of large cities like Chicago or New York vote heavily in favor of left-wing, gun-control, redistributionist, public welfare governments. Suppose the US split up, and Chicago became unlivable for whites, not such a far-off notion. Suddenly, masses of white Chicagoans, sharing your ethnicity and general (though not specific) culture wanted to pour out of Chicago into your location. All other things being equal, they would likely vote for the same leftist , one-man, one-vote, all-refugees-are-equal government that ruined their original living regions.

            Would you allow them in?

            By any reasonable or systematic criteria, Swedes allowing in Finnish children in 1939 would probably not cause the slightest dislocation or political shift in the Sweden of that time.

            Therefore, the question of Hungary allowing in leftist Swedes who are unlikely to modify their world view is completely different from Sweden allowing in the refugee children of Finnish nationalist fighters.

    • Mass migration of ethnic Swedes to other locations is called (in Alcoholics Anonymous) a geographic cure. Look at the most severely Somali-infested place in the U.S. – Minnesota.

      Because Swedes.

      Wherever you go, there you are.

  9. To RonaldB:

    I am talking about Swedish CHILDREN, they are not leftist.

    Do I understand correctly then, you don’t think Swedish children should be saved because some of their parents might be leftist?

    • I don’t think you understood my argument at all. Which is fine, but makes it rather difficult to continue.

      By argument is, a potential host country should make a systematic and scientific study of how any migration into the country would affect them. Intuitively, it seems that allowing in Swedish children under the age of, say, 14, would not cause a shift in the host country. But, it’s something they ought to examine systematically and objectively before jumping in, one way or another.

      If the Swedes are unwilling to defend their own country in the slow-moving catastrophe of the Swedish migration, I’m not at all certain that allowing in masses of those same Swedish children will benefit the host country. How likely are those children to develop into exactly that same type of adult: unwilling to assert their own sovereignty.

      I’d be far more inclined to allow in the children of Finnish freedom-fighters, than children of Swedish multi-culturalists who surrender their own country without a fight. And this is not to punish anyone, but merely looking at the types of change such migrations are likely to make on the host country.

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