Amanda’s Tale

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg has compiled this account of a sordid incident that is sadly all too typical of what Modern Multicultural Sweden has become.

Amanda’s Tale

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

One afternoon a young Swedish girl, 14 years old and on the threshold of womanhood, was out exploring her growing independence in the adult world she was approaching. Her small town in central Sweden was safe at any time of day or night for youngsters strolling along the tidy streets lined by bright shops and middle-class villas, so her parents weren’t worried. She was looking for new adventures, and now that she had started to notice boys and boys has started to notice her, who knew what excitement she might find?

Amanda (not her real name — that is what the newspapers called her afterwards) went into a McDonald’s restaurant and caught sight of a young man she had seen before. He was a nice-looking young man, one of the interesting and exciting newcomers from distant and exotic lands who had recently come to her sleepy town. She knew all about the dark-eyed and handsome young men starting to make their appearance in her safe little world. She had learned all about them in school. They were our new friends, her teacher told her. “They have escaped from war and persecution to the safety of Sweden and we must show them kindness and understanding. They are just like us and they need our help.”

Amanda was intrigued. She would love to meet one of these newcomers and have him for a friend.

Amanda sat down next to the young man and they started to chat while drinking their coffee. Soon they were joined by two of the young man’s friends, stylish and friendly youths with the same exotic background, and they made small talk together, smiling at the young Swedish girl, making her feel special. Amanda was flattered. She had made three new friends. They left the restaurant and went for a walk, laughing, talking, having fun. Amanda was relaxed and happy. Life was interesting and exciting; so much to see, so much to experience in a whole new world that was opening up for her.

They walked into a wooded area and the young men began whispering to each other in a language Amanda didn’t understand. For the first time Amanda felt uneasy. The further they walked the more the young men’s attitude changed. They became aggressive and began to grope her. Now Amanda was frightened and told them to stop but they continued. Suddenly one of the young men grabbed Amanda, dragged her to the ground and brutally raped her while his friends stood round laughing. When he was finished he stood up and uttered the words she will never forget: “She’s yours now,” he said to his friends. “You can do what you want with her.”

For the next one and a half hours Amanda was subjected to a savage gang rape.

After they left she felt sick and dirty. Once home she went straight into the shower to try to wash off the dirt, but however much she scrubbed she couldn’t get clean. Tearfully she told her mother what had happened. Her mother called the police and the young men were quickly arrested, charged, and a trial date was set. But Amanda’s ordeal was far from over. One of the young men started to call Amanda repeatedly, attempting to persuade her, threatening her and even promising to knife her if she didn’t withdraw her complaint. Her health began to deteriorate. She had nightmares, waking up and screaming in the night and throwing objects around. On one occasion she kicked holes in the door of her bedroom. Amanda was prescribed sleeping tablets, and her mother had to lie in her bed with her to help her get through the night.

On the day of the trial Amanda testified against her attackers by video link. Mobile phone records and text messages confirmed Amanda’s testimony and guilty verdicts were easy to reach. Justice was then dispensed. One of her rapists — the one who threatened to knife her — was sentenced to eight months’ detention in the care of the social services, one was sentenced to six months detention in the care of the social services, and one was freed on all charges because he was under the age of fifteen at the time of the gang rape.

Amanda’s life is changed forever. She is terrified of meeting her rapists in the street, and no longer trusts people. “I used to believe everyone was good,” says a now cynical and bitter young Swedish girl aged beyond her years.

The conditions that led to Amanda’s rape are essentially the cause of Sweden’s problems: limitless naïveté and an incapacity to see that the world outside is a dangerous place. Most Swedes live in a happy-clappy universe where everyone, no matter where they are from, is just like them, open, tolerant and well-meaning. They happily greet all comers from every backward and violent nation on earth with open arms and “Refugees Welcome” signs so they can hold hands and dance around the Midsummer pole together with flowers in their hair while singing “Kumbaya”.

Like Amanda, Sweden is in for a rude awakening. What they are doing will not end well. Amanda’s words might well be Sweden’s epitaph: “I used to believe everyone was good”.

Source: Expressen.

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25 thoughts on “Amanda’s Tale

  1. …”Swedes live in a happy-clappy universe where everyone, no matter where they are from, is just like them, open, tolerant and well-meaning. “..
    Sorry,i don’t believe in any of this…It’s just [material I deprecate]..perhaps of someone who deliberately chose Ignorance over self awareness..But then hi is a victim of his own, poor choices..
    I know few Swedes and any of them fit author description..

  2. It is almost depressing to think that this nation of do gooders is about to reap the old adage about hell, pavement, and good intentions.

  3. A disaster of their own making. The logic of drill holes in the bottom of your boat while out sailing is mind boggling.

  4. two or three years ago we, the workers from eastern EU kept telling the Swedes, and they called us racists and didn’t take us seriously. They even made fun of us, ‘The racist Czechs…’ they’d say. ‘What gives us the right to critisize other migrants…?’ they’d argue…

    Back then I considered the silence of the Swedish newspapers criminal, and I still do, for they kept girls like Amanda ill informed, and unprepared.

  5. Hmmm..”do gooders” have own moral and ethical standards…After all ,they consider them self a Superior Race…:-))
    I totally agree with your opinion.Regards.

    • And still the Swedish men folk stand by, seemingly powerless to
      Defend their women folk.
      Are there mass hospitalisation programmes removing their
      Spines, is there something in the water?

      Where is the Viking spirit for goodness sake?

      I truly despair, god bless this poor little girl, may she find
      Some peace of mind in the future and meet a decent partner
      Who will cherish and protect her too.

      • I agree with you.This Swede man behavior is not Natural..
        Men are meant to protect women and children.
        Real men physically protect women. And our society should back them up on it. The physical-strength advantage that most males have over most females puts them at a huge advantage over women. So men — with all that testosterone behind that strength — can do a couple of different things with it: They can use it to intimidate and dominate women, or they can use it to protect them and, of course, children, too.
        In a civilized society, men protect and care for women and children. And women should learn to expect that from a good man. When that equation breaks down, trouble ensues.

        • I am getting real sick of this “where’s the men” bit.

          Any man that dares to do anything will be smacked down by;

          A. The state, who has way more men. And men with guns. And men with better guns.

          B. The immigrant clan, who has way more men. And men with guns. And men with better guns. And grenades.

          This will stop only when the state runs out of money, think Yugoslavia type balkanisation.

          Or enough men have nothing to lose by sourcing illicit weapons, grouping together and engaging in a low intensity civil war. Think Northern Ireland.

          Either way it requires The State to not exist in any meaningful way.

  6. You are wrong. This is not the thoughtlessness and naivety of Sweden, it’s someone’s devilish strategy.
    Often the British press “relishes” the theme of the fate of victims of Pakistani violence. A show for the plebeians. I will assume that this is a frequent topic of telecasts. This should not be. This should not be discussed. It should be burned out by a hot iron.

    Now we are offered to cry about Amanda’s fate, instead of making the trial extremely harsh.
    From the same series: they fill with flowers, toys and candles the places of terrorist attacks, instead of eliminating the cause of the terrorist attacks.

  7. Now, the story I would like to read is how they got drenched in gasoline and lit. Can you do this story for me please?

  8. “six months detention in the care of social services”

    Is that behind bars? Even if it is, it is woefully inadequate.

  9. *They were our new friends, her teacher told her. “They have escaped from war and persecution to the safety of Sweden and we must show them kindness and understanding. They are just like us and they need our help.”*

    I was going to write something about “the multiculti lie”, but stopped. Amanda’s teacher no doubt believed in (this fictionalised re-enactment of) what she said to the class, that “they are just like us”. But all people are NOT the same. Cultures are (obviously) different and the beliefs, attitudes, behavioral norms etc. etc. which are passed on to new generations by means of that culture are different. Not only are cultures different, some are better than others.

    I asked a “super-pro-multiculti” friend (who lives in a pleasant, leafy suburb of Berlin) whether he would choose (assuming all were suitably qualified and all spoke well a language he can speak and understand) as his doctor, dentist and optician an ethnic Nigerian, Somali, Iraqi, Chinese, Argentinian or German. Without contradicting his beliefs he couldn’t truthfully reply, so didn’t. I managed to get him to tell me, however, that all are German. “Why?” I asked. No reply.

    Progressivism and multiculturalism, the importation of *unsuitable* foreigners (unsuitable foreigners, not foreigners per se) into our countries is a dance of death, one which is leading us to a horrible future. For some, like Amanda, the future is already here. And for me too it is here, because I feel great sorrow and regret about “Amanda” and other girls and other people involved in the cases I read about.

    I hope I’m not going off subject here but Julian Langness’ new book, which I’ve just read and can recommend, provides some measure of hope.

  10. For one belonging to a nation permanently scarred and twisted from hundreds of years of invasions, occupations and relentless exploitation it feels very bitter to see how innocence is brutally ripped off people who don’t know how to defend themselves when facing this kind of invasion. Oh, they would learn because it only takes to reawaken their natural instincts but this comes with a price. From “everyone is good” to “homo homini lupus” is a cruel path to be traveled. May the Lord help that girl to get her life back but she lost her innocence in the most horrendous way. To see a bright, carefree and happy people like the Swedes becoming shadowy, bitter and deceptive (because, as it is said, un clavo saca a otro) is a most disturbing thought.

  11. I’m afraid I take a Darwinian approach to this. The Swedes evolved for optimal survival in a harsh environment and a homogeneous community for mutual support and advancement. They became a highly intelligent people, but their blind ignorance on the actual conditions of their prosperity is evidence that intelligence actually has distinct components. They can brilliantly perform on paper and pencil tests denoting technical and literacy competence, but they don’t have the social competence or self-esteem to recognize a personal threat and act on it.

    I get no pleasure from observing this, but it seems the usual Darwinian rule applies for the Swedes: adapt or die.

    The Swedes, in the name of the welfare state, have also allowed themselves to be ruled by a self-serving, unaccountable, self-perpetuating bureaucracy. The first impulse and principle of the unaccountable bureaucracy is to squelch all avenues of accountability, particularly the free exchange of information. The Swedes have instituted all manner of government and non-government, but mandatory, bureaucracies designed to perpetuate themselves. For example, one women’s union has created a 24-hour “mansplaining” hotline. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. I had to.

    My hope is that the Swedes have enough adaptability to pull themselves out of the tailspin.

    • The Swedes, in the name of the welfare state, have also allowed themselves to be ruled by a self-serving, unaccountable, self-perpetuating bureaucracy.


      The welfare state appears to atrophy those parts of the human brain devoted to situational awareness and personal responsibility. At the same time, it manages to elicit great loyalty to the bureaucracy – after all, who would kill the golden goose in the name of some abstract “freedom”? This accounts in part for the diminishment of men.

      The Sweden that once thrived is a cultural artifact, a ghost.

      • That’s a frightening thought, Dymphna. As Bismarck famously invented the modern welfare state, it may account in part for the Germans’ apparent acquiescence in the Nazis’ actions, though only 10% of them joined the Party.

        And yet… the Danes pay the world’s highest taxes (Sweden is second) to support their benefits, but seem more alert, and resistant, to the dangers of takeover and abuse by incompatible immigrants; of course they’ve been occupied in recent history, unlike the Swedes. Maybe someone better informed than myself could enlarge on the subject?

        • Exactly, Mark H! I’m an expatriate Dane and I’ve been following the development in Europe for some years now. Yes, Danes are different, they have more critical thinking than Swedes in general. Swedes have always been more conformist and middle-of-the-road than us. They have a defining “national word” or concept: “Lagom” which is one of those culturally difficult-to-translate-exactly words like “Hygge”. It means “adequate”, “just enough” “average”, “sufficient”, “suitable”, “in balance”. It absolutely DEFINES the Swedish psyche in a country where it is not good to stand out from the crowd in any way! You are punished for being of a different opinion than the majority!

          They were not always like that, of course, and I’m not sure exactly when the rot started setting in. In the past they were formidable adversaries of Denmark, and they also occasionally fought on our side in battles against common enemies. Of course even further back, they were the fiercest of the Viking tribes.

          You are on the right track when you say Sweden has not been occupied or at war lately. To be exact they have not been involved in a conflict or war for over 200 years! Multiple generations have never been exposed to the hardship of war, and that’s gotta have an effect. Swedish counterjihadists have called the nation “fredsskadad”, which means “peace damaged”. It think it’s a brilliant term that describes exactly what is happening.

          • To be exact they have not been involved in a conflict or war for over 200 years!

            We are a warlike species. A long period of peace causes people to fight among themselves. The Swedes are so cooperative and well-socialised that they were never going to fight each other, so they imported an enemy from overseas.

    • I think the Swedes rather migrate to the North Pole.
      I do not know what there were for tales of brave Vikings, but it’s such a nightmare to sit for six months in snowdrifts and in the dark.
      If they were a militant people, they had to conquer Portugal.

  12. I hardly manage to read these kind of reports anymore. It makes me cry when I think about this poor girl, whose life has been ruined for ever, and her poor parents.
    When I think about these creeps who raped here, and about the corrupted left-winged elites who ignore the native victimes of multi-culti madnes, I get very unpleasant thoughts and feelings, which I never expected myself able to have previously.
    One may wonder what would happen to these sub-human creeps if they committed the same horrible crime in their own countries, but against members of a different tribe.
    Local civil war would be a mild guess.
    But even more civilized or friendly countries may show the way how to deal with this scum. What would f.ex. the punishment be in Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Israel or the Southern States of the USA, just to name a few examples that Western Europe, and especially Scandinavia, should learn from in order to survive.

    • I think it is important to address the cause of this problem rather than just the effects. Moslems like these creatures are the effects of brainwashing from birth by the cause, which is Islam. The authorities that cover up for Islam, meting out virtual exoneration to Moslem rapists and stamping on anyone who objects, are also effects, symptoms if you like, of the disease that is Islam.

      Islam should be banned from all civilised countries, outright and relentlessly, just as we would expect a surgeon to cut out a cancer. Authorities avoiding this responsibility by claiming that only some of the cancer cells are causing visible harm should be ruthlessly punished by the people, as would be a negligent surgeon.

      Surgeons can be sued. Authorities throughout the West who are permitting even encouraging this human disaster, through ideology, incompetence or cowardice, should be hounded out of office, if not hanged in the streets.

      Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Well, the hour is pretty much here. Where is the man?

      • t is cancer, virulent and metastatic.
        must be excised or the patient will die in agony.
        progressivism is also cancer. the progressives progress backward; soon to be cave dwellers–if they are lucky.

  13. It is about time Swedish girls were taught not to seek adventures and give a wide birth to young men from the third world, especially from Islamic countries. A return to 19th century standards, when girls were discouraged from meeting a man without knowledge and approval of their parents and only with a view to marrying him, would be most welcome.

    Alternatively, all girls should get a thorough training in martial arts and never go out without a weapon. Chastity belts could also be a solution. (Chinese women in Indonesia buy them during anti-Chinese pogroms).

  14. The Swedish mindset is standard across Western Europe. True they are slightly closer to the edge of the abyss than the rest, but be assured that everyone will follow them into oblivion. If you could come back in 100 years ( probably less) for a day to see what it’s like in your former homeland you will be glad you are dead and out of it.

  15. In 1960 Ingmar Bergman released “The Virgin Spring,” a movie about rape, murder and the vengeance taken by a father.

    Every Swedish male should be required to view the film; then they should be issued rifles, sticks, baseball bats, teeth (watch the movie carefully)–whatever comes to hand–and be advised to go out to protect and defend their women & girls.

    Sweden’s toilets need to be flushed repeatedly, till clear.

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