Sweden: Ripe for the Taking

Below is the latest report from our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg.

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Swedish Culture Minister

Sweden: a country without a history, ripe for the taking

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

The history of Sweden stretches back over thousands of years. From petroglyphs dated at 5000 BC, through the Vikings and all the way to modern times, Sweden has woven a rich thread of history and culture through the ages. During that time there have been many changes, but the biggest change of all is happening right now: the long history of Sweden is coming to an end. The Swedish parliament began the process when it unanimously voted to transform Sweden into a multicultural society and opened the floodgates to mass immigration, but the death blow was delivered by the Swedish government in 1998. In that year a government motion was passed which abolished Swedish history. According to Regeringens Proposition 1997/98:16, p23:

“A country’s history often works as a connecting link between people. Because a large group of people have their origins in another country the Swedish people do not have a common history. A sense of belonging in contemporary Sweden and affirmation of societies fundamental values therefore has greater importance for integration than a common historical origin”[1]

Since then the open denigration of Swedish history and culture and even denying such things exist have become fashionable amongst politicians, the media and trendy elites who want to signal their postmodern sophistication. Every major event and holiday in Sweden — Christmas, Easter and Midsummer — is greeted with mocking newspaper articles and television programs informing Swedes that these traditional celebrations aren’t Swedish at all but foreign imports, and the cultureless Swedes don’t really have anything they can call their own.[2] According to Fredrik Reinfeldt, the previous prime minister of Sweden “The original Swedish identity was just barbarism, and since then all progress has come from the outside”[3] The woman who was to become the leader of the opposition Social Democrat party, Mona Sahlin, proved her postmodern credentials when she said to a group of immigrants “I’ve often been asked, but I don’t know what Swedish culture is. I think what makes many Swedes so jealous of you immigrants is you have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve festivities and ridiculous things like that.”[4]

The present government of Sweden is working hard to prove Mona Sahlin right. The Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke[10], the daughter of an immigrant from Gambia, recently appointed the Pakistani immigrant Qaisar Mahmood as chief of Sweden’s Cultural Heritage Archive. Qaisar Mahmood has said he has never studied archeology or culture, something which is hardly necessary, since part of his new job is overseeing the destruction of Sweden’s historical and cultural heritage.[5] The soil of Sweden is full of Viking artifacts, and building projects have often provided a rich source of objects for museums, but now many of the unearthed Viking artifacts have another destination. In the new, modern and multicultural Sweden, Viking amulets, bracelets and other historical objects are not considered worth preserving, so they are sent to metal reclamation centers and melted down as scrap.[6]

Despite denying there are any such things as Swedish culture and traditions, Sweden’s postmodern elites have no problem at all declaring Ramadan a Swedish tradition.[7] But it is probably only a matter of time before Ramadan is an established tradition in the place that once was Sweden. In what might be considered a symbolic act, a mosque is to be built on the site of the Battle of Halmstad in 1676 where an invading Danish army was defeated and southern Sweden was saved from becoming a Danish province.[8] The Danes are no longer a danger to Sweden, but Swedes don’t seem to understand that a culture with a very strong sense of its own identity is rapidly growing in their midst, and represents a much greater threat to Sweden than Denmark ever did. This culture does not suffer from the same existential angst as the Swedes, and will happily take over when the self-doubting Swedes have lost the last vestiges of their own sense of identity. As if to herald the coming future of Sweden, the Muslim call to prayer will soon ring out across the town of Växjö, one more in the growing list of Swedish towns and cities where the Adhan is becoming part of daily life.[9]


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Alice Bah Kuhnke, Swedish Culture Minister


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37 thoughts on “Sweden: Ripe for the Taking

  1. When in the coming years and decades asylum seekers from Western Europe will be knocking on the doors of the remaining countries of the free world, you should only take those in who can prove that they did oppose this insanity from the very beginning. But please, don`t rescue the scum that has destroyed their own homeland!

    • @astuga: The term “free world” has not been used since before the end of the Soviet Union in 1991: it was a slogan contrasting those unfree countries in the orbit of the USSR or China with US allies, i.e. vassal countries as being “free.”

      Your “remaining countries” in 2018 would mean those countries attractive to W. Europeans that do not run open door, diversity immigration policies: that would include only the Visegrad countries and Japan , as far as I can see.

      Possibly Russia too, except that the very risky US-led hostility to that nuclear-armed country may make any Westerners unwelcome there over time.

      I would think that as time goes by, immigration matters in previously White countries, whether indigenous White (Europe) or White by conquest (Canada, USA, Australia) will increasingly be run by non-White bureaucrats so as to achieve reliable albophobic policy.

      However you raise an interesting point: are the Visegrad countries close to western Europe already vetting potential migrants for their political views and prior behaviour as regards diversity, multiculti, race realism, etc?

      • There might be a few others: Singapore, Chile, Argentina (despite the economic problems), Uruguay, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea and a few others all have some Western-like characteristics, while not being overrun by migrants.

        • Singapore is affected by an ageing population demographic and falling birth rate (among the majority Chinese population), and is therefore having to import large numbers of migrant workers, somewhat to the chagrin of the local population. Meanwhile, births among the low-achieving and often delinquent Muslim Malay community are steadily increasing. Singapore’s leaders are however generally astute and pragmatic, and do not appear to have adopted the suicidal immigration policies embarked upon by Western politicians of all stripes. Yet. They are also acutely aware that their prosperous but tiny city state is surrounded on all sides by predominantly Muslim nations, which are currently witnessing a surge in Islamic fundamentalism. Not entirely sure that Singapore would be a good future bet as a Muslim-free safe-haven.

  2. Hmmm, Ms. Bah Kunkhe looks neither ministerial, nor cultured, nor Swedish, which, I suppose, according to modern “Swedish” maxims, makes her perfect for her job.

    • This photo is surely “shopped”or is some kind of a joke. (Please tell me that it is both, and that this woman is not “Minister of Culture”.) If all of this article is true, then the lunatics have truly taken over. But – and it’s a big BUT – Swedes as a whole allowed them to do so. So could it be that a majority of Swedes do in fact approve of the ongoing destruction?

  3. I need only look at Sweden to understand why we need a well-armed America. There has to be a point when the people stand up to the government and the police and army join them. That is the only moment that counts.

    • Not in Sweden! The “boys”love their soya protein. I travelled around Sweden a lot- indeed around Scandinavia too. The people I once knew have all bought into the PC State. All you get whem you question them about their awful plight and fate-now a certainty they accuse you of being “waycist”. Nope the Scandinavians will become good little dhimmi.

      Beautiful countries and people once. Now they are becoming Third World and welcome their own demise. You cannot use logic in such societies. Mass insanity “Please hand me my burka!” and now thwy aree destroying artefacts? I am also a trained archaeologist that has done work in Sweden. My words in raction are not repeatable in polite society.

      “Bloody Socialists!” will do for now.

      • They ruined the Netflix show Vikings for me! I found myself yelling at the screen, instead of enjoying the travel back in time…

  4. Well.

    Ms. Kuhnke is certainly a poster child for the West’s vibrant, Coudenhove-Kalergi future!

    • As a follow up her husband appears to be an ethnic Scandinavian and they have produced a trio of children that are probably spot on the Coudenhove-Kalergi ideal.

  5. I would invite displaced Swedes to the US, but they’ll probably vote like their deluded brethren in Minnesota.

    • Well, everyone loves a nice set of assets.

      Apparently the local gentlemen’s establishment was not hiring that day.

  6. Hi-
    This is the second time immodest photos here have kinda shocked me since you claim this is a Christian-oriented site with a lot of homeschoolers who view it. Or have I missed something?
    I don’t care, but I find congruence missing when GOV is often enough upset over minor indecent cuss words, saying those are not for the eyes of your clean homeschooler kids and families and so you go ahead delete them.

    • I understand your concern. The photo is relevant to the topic (the moral and cultural destruction of Sweden), so I felt it was appropriate to include it. Although it’s vulgar and disgusting, it isn’t pornographic. I’m not sure where the PG-13 line falls these days, but I cropped it for the header, and put the full image in all its glory below the fold.

      • In this case, it’s relevant, because it shows what passes for a culture minister in Sweden.

        This makes it non-pornographic. It’s the same way that bare-breasted women in National Geographic aren’t pornographic: they simply show how the natives of X look when going about their daily lives.

        This, instead, shows what passes for culture (minister?) in Sweden.

    • I have no intention to place it on the same level.
      But you should google for “Maria Lactans”.
      As long as it`s not pornographic, moderate nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. I’m curious as to why the Swedes were guilty? They live quietly, do not touch anyone, they do not even have the natural resources to appropriate them (for example, as agricultural land in Ukraine – earlier they were interested in Nazis, and now Monsanto).
    I think it started since then, when they the king appointed rootless Bernadotte.

  8. At least the Swedish politicians make no secret of their intentions – they articulate more clearly than anyone else what is happening throughout the Western world.

    Slightly off topic, but not so far I hope as to have this redacted – check out (YouTube) Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern on the plight of Whites in South Africa. I felt the tears welling as I watched it – tears of sadness, frustration, and anger.

  9. The attire of the lady is not really compatible with the new ‘culture’ being introduced in Sweden. It may lead to her public flogging or worse in the near future.

  10. “In the new, modern and multicultural Sweden, Viking amulets, bracelets and other historical objects are not considered worth preserving, so they are sent to metal reclamation centers and melted down as scrap.” .

    Sounds ominously similar to how “archaeologists” from the RoP operate in Pakistan, Afghanistan and (below the) Temple Mount…

    • I am a Hindu from India. As most readers here would know, pakistan, bangladesh, indonesia, malaysia and afghanistan were once part of greater hindu homeland. Then came islamic invasion, hindus fought an 800 year long endless guerrilla war, somehow managed to save their civilization but these areas were ‘lost’. Today they are the lands where sharia rules. Most of the hindu temples, ancient universities which once were all over this landscape, today lie in ruins (sharada peeth temple in pakistan occupied kashmir), others have been converted to mosques, (gyanvapi mosque) and some grand ones have turned into public toilets (suryadev temple, Sindh, Pakistan) . This is the kind of respect, our 10,000 year old heritage gets. The worlds oldest university, Nalanda, was burnt to ground and the massive library which had handwritten texts, some dating back 5000 years, burned non-stop for 2 months. The library was guilty for not having a single copy of the most holy book of worlds most peaceful religion. I think you can guess which that book is. Name starts with Q.

      I encourage western websites to read Indian history and our long endless struggle to survive against hostile forces. It has been 1200 years since our first contact with them and even after fighting back and resisting for 800 years and over 80 million martyrs, hindu civilization is still not out of danger zone.

      80 million hindus dead, 5 islamic countries out of historical hindu homeland, 800 years of resistance. Let that sink in a bit.

      I encourage my european brothers and sisters, to take a deep breath, understand whats coming their way, tighten their belts and do something about it. Each passing day, its only going to grow.

      Peace and Love
      From Hindu India.

      • The suffering of the Hindus and other faiths in India through the hands of Muslims didn`t went unnoticed.
        Stay strong, love and peace from Austria!

  11. A find it funny some comments. There are cultures that do not leave any livid footprint to mankind and the reason is that those cultures are self repressive to their individuals. The so-called Swedish culture has a strong “Jante Lagen” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Jante#Definition), which is very self destructed to their own people. Don’t put the blame on the newcommers.

  12. Google “Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies” on Youtube for an amazingly revealing first-hand admission of guilt by one of the actual, behind-the-scenes, architects of this irreversably destructive policy…!

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