Gábor Vona, Leader of Jobbik: “In the Darkness of Globalism, Islam is the Last Ray”

In a recent speech, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán referred to the leader of an opposition political party who had stated that “Islam is the last hope of humanity”. The party in question is Jobbik, and its leader is Gábor Vona.

Mr. Vona made his remarks during a speech he gave in Turkey back in 2013. The relevant excerpt is shown in the video below; the exact quote is: “In the darkness of globalism, Islam is the last ray.”

Vlad Tepes has added a more recent clip to the end of the video, in which Gábor Vona is confronted in an amusing way about his earlier expression of devotion to Islam. That portion of the video doesn’t really require any translation, and has been left without subtitles.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A note on the word “Turanian”

In his speech Mr. Vona mentions “Turanian folk”. The word “Turanian” was coined in the 19th century to describe an ethno-linguistic group that was said to include the Turkic languages and other non-Indo-European languages of the Caucasus and Central Asia, plus Hungarian. The alleged kinship between Hungarian and Turkic was deduced from the languages’ agglutinative characteristics. Scholars who defined the new family had perhaps hoped to identify a group that would rival the massive family of Indo-European languages.

However, more recent research by linguists has divided the Turanian languages into a number of different and entirely distinct families of languages, among them Turkic and Finno-Ugric. The latter family includes Hungarian. Turks and Hungarians are thus not closely related, linguistically or genetically. The designation of a “Turanian” family is now considered obsolete.

Video transcript:

0:00   One of the questions concerned our turn to the East,
0:04   because we are Turanian folk, and brothers with the Turanian nations.
0:08   Today I am not here as a leader of a party, but because all Turks are my brothers.
0:14   I told the Hungarians, if you meet with a Turk, you will know each other after two minutes.
0:23   If you meet a French person, you could talk for two years,
0:26   and you would still not have a tight connection.
0:29   I said, you should take an example from the Turkish folks,
0:36   and take an example from Islamic people [direct translation; i.e. Muslims].
0:41   And in an article I wrote about that, and I got a lot of criticism for it:
0:46   “In the darkness of globalism, Islam is the last ray.”
1:08   I am slowly getting more Turkish friends on Facebook than Hungarian ones.

5 thoughts on “Gábor Vona, Leader of Jobbik: “In the Darkness of Globalism, Islam is the Last Ray”

  1. It looks like Hungary is not free from the cancer of Islam either.
    He even looks more Turkish than Hungarian.
    And not surprisingly, he praised Islamic people and boasted about having more
    Turkish friends. This leader of Jobbik looks and sounds sinisterly pro-Islamic.
    Of course globalism is bad in many ways and pro-Islamic globalism is even worse.

  2. I have Jobbik in memory as the extremist party in Hungary, openly despising Jews and calling back for fascist “greater” Hungary. It surprises me that such a party turned pro-islam, considering Hungary’s suffering under Ottoman rule. I guess traitors really can be found anywhere and the one in question clearly didn’t expect anyone to remember his speeches from a few years back.

  3. Actually it`s due to Orban that those nutcakes from Jobbik didn`t grow stronger.
    If it would`ve been for the other political parties they very likely had grown to become a major political player by now.

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