The AfD Vigorously Opposes Immigration — And Angela Merkel Walks Out of the Bundestag

The following report from RT has only brief clips from the Bundestag of speeches by members of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). I wish we could see more of their arguments, and in subtitled form rather than with voice-over.

But it’s very satisfying to see Mutti Merkel pick up her marbles and go home. I’m told she often does similar things when she the debate doesn’t go her way.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “The AfD Vigorously Opposes Immigration — And Angela Merkel Walks Out of the Bundestag

  1. “She walks out of the Bundestag?”

    Oh she is angry because she wants to be kind to the refugee invaders. And to be harsh on her own people. Why does she not heed her prophet mohammad’s statement: Be kind amongst thyself and harsh on outsiders.

    Hitler ravaged the poor Germans through his own way, mammy wow merkel the seventh wonder has her own way to destroy Germans AND Europe. Just like Hitler.

    And why the German sheep are content with turning them into sacrificial immolation to the jihadis so silently.
    For goodness sake . . . what is she thinking to take unlimited number of jihadis? Is she not thinking of civil strife, ethnic cleansing of natives, horrible crimes, graveyard space areas dedicated for filthy Pirate corpses.

    Why is she so desperately eager to destroy Germany?

    WHO is motivating her? LUCIFER?

    Why the world is helping the satanic cult to dominate.

    • Marx:

      I shall build my throne high overhead
      Cold, tremendous shall its summit be
      For its bulwark – superstitions dread
      For its marshal – blackest agony

  2. Germany has a glimmer of hope with AFD, at least there are signs of resistance, a right wing party with some intelligence…whereas poor UK, not many brain cells amonst the fringe parties, first-past-the-post voting will be the ruin of us

    • Shown up for what she is – an ethnomasachistic, self loathing,
      Cowardly, bullying shrew.

      Keep up the good work the AFD, hopefully she will be scorned
      By the visograd countries, along with Italy, Holland and Greece
      Also when she next lectures the European parliament too!

      She is not the de facto Queen of Europe, just a deluded, failed
      Communist hag, long overdue for a dose of hubris.

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