Sweden — It’s Now or Never

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this report on the increasing political repression in Sweden that is taking place in the run-up to September’s elections.

Sweden — it’s now or never

By Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Sweden, once a model society of hard-working and peaceable Scandinavians with one of the highest standards of living in the world, is entering into a state of dissolution.

Decades of mass immigration from some of the most backward and violent countries in the world are slowly and irrevocably transforming the model society into its opposite. At first the problems were relatively small, and although they inexorably grew over the years, they tended to be concentrated in the ever-growing immigrant ghettos that sprang up around Sweden’s towns and cities. Most Swedes could continue to live their lives as before, largely unaffected by the increasing crime and chaos festering in the isolated suburbs of their clean and peaceful cities.

Swedish media helped to keep the population in their dreamlike state of peace, prosperity and security, while in the background a destructive policy was wreaking ever-increasing damage to the fabric of their society. With an almost religious fervor the media promoted the official government ideology of multiculturalism and its manifold benefits. Mass immigration was good for Sweden; it was culturally enriching; it vitalized the economy; it made life more worth living.

For a long time the propaganda barrage worked, but this is rapidly changing. The sheer scale of what has happened is becoming impossible to ignore, as the ghettos become more unmanageable and crime spills out into the rest of the country. Gang rapes, gang warfare, hand grenade explosions, shootings, riots and attacks against police stations, things just about unknown once are now becoming daily occurrences.

This year is an election year in Sweden, and the September election is going to be the most important election in Sweden’s history. Concern about immigration, multiculturalism, social disintegration and rapidly escalating crime will play a central role.

As the country gears up for the election campaign, Swedish media are in crisis. Confidence in mainstream media has been plummeting for years as the gap between what people see and what the media say increases, and public trust in state-run radio and television as well as the daily press is now at an all time low.[1] Their failure to accurately report what is happening in their country has lead to the rise of a strong and increasingly influential alternative media as more and more Swedes turn to online publications such as Samhällsnytt[2] Fria Tider[3] Nyheteridag[4] and other dissident news sources for their information.

Mainstream media are now in a very difficult situation. They are rapidly losing their credibility as well as their monopoly on information, and need to find a way to manage the unwelcome intrusion of reality into their propaganda bubble while neutralizing those who accurately report it. They seem to have found a way by reading the works of George Orwell: if propaganda no longer matches reality, then reality and those who report it must be suppressed by force. It seems they have never heard Abraham Lincoln’s wise words about trying to fool all of the people all of the time — or maybe they think they have found a way to do what Lincoln said couldn’t be done.

In their attempt to bring about Lincoln’s proposed impossibility, they have a willing and powerful ally in the Swedish government. Sweden has invested a great amount of money and effort in promoting an international image of Sweden as a ‘humanitarian superpower’, an image that is now in tatters as the world watches in amazement at what is happening inside the country.

In an effort to stop the flow of unfavorable information from leaking out of Sweden and further damaging their image, the government has proposed a change in the law which would make spreading negative information about Sweden a crime of treason. The main opposition party, the Moderates, announced over the weekend that they will support the proposal, which makes it just about certain it will become law.[5] The dissident media are understandably worried about the chilling effect this law will have on critics of government policy and how it may well result in alternative media journalists’ being jailed. The proposed law is considered to be going too far, even by some mainstream journalists, and an online petition against it has been started, but with such powerful political support it is hard to see how it can be stopped.[6]

The new treason law is not likely to come into force before September, but the government is deploying other weapons to silence critics in time for the coming election campaigns. A state-funded authority is being set up to counter what it calls “fake news”. This authority will consist of the public broadcasting company SVT and Sweden’s major mainstream newspapers.[7] The object of their anti-“fake news” campaign will not of course be themselves, who are the largest manufacturers of fake news in Sweden; it will be their competitors in the alternative media who they are desperate to neutralize.

The government has also financed a group of online investigators whose job is to monitor social media and discussion groups and hunt down posters of what they call “hate speech” then report them to the police.[8] Examination of the groups’ activities indicate that stopping “hate speech” may not be their main purpose, since they find so little of it, despite the resources they deploy. It seems their real purpose is intimidation.

They have already reported many hundreds of people, but after police investigation this has resulted in fewer than ten prosecutions. People will know they are being watched, and become wary of posting immigration and multiculture critical comments on social media, however innocuous, since the threshold for being reported to and investigated by the police is very low. Even YouTube is eagerly helping the authorities crack down on critical opposition. Dissident YouTube accounts have been demonetized and have even been completely deleted ,thereby marginalizing and eliminating important opposition voices.

Unless there is a radical change very soon in the direction the country is taking, Sweden may cease to exist as a coherent cultural and political entity. The changes which have occurred in Sweden since the decision to become multicultural in 1975 have been so radical that a continuation of them after the September election means turning back will no longer be possible.

Advocates of the current post-modernist agenda and social conservatives both know this, and that the future of the country is at stake. The Swedish Security Police, Säpo, have warned about the polarization of Swedish society and how public discourse is becoming more bitter and hate-filled. They expect and have prepared for unprecedented levels of violence during the election campaign.[9]


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42 thoughts on “Sweden — It’s Now or Never

  1. So they will be protecting treasonous acts by making antitreasonous observations treason? isn’t criticism of Sweden the excuse for implementing diversity. Will be interesting to see if they draw and quarter politicians when it comes to its logical conclusion. No doubt NATO will be protecting the bad guys.

    • implementing diversity

      Hmm, intriguing choice of words there. What implements will they use then? Tongue-slicers, perhaps.

    • Re: “Will be interesting to see if they draw and quarter politicians when it comes to its logical conclusion. No doubt NATO will be protecting the bad guys.”

      Not long ago, EU head Jean-Claude Juncker proposed that the European Union have its own, independent military force. The first thought which popped into my head was: “To protect whom? Native Europeans – or the Muslims?”

      Juncker, good little neo-fascist that he is, doesn’t want his own private army to protect native Europeans; he wants it to repress them and enforce the new order – at bayonet point, if necessary.

  2. The leftist governments are handing Europe over to the worst people in the world. It’s a kind of madness. I had a chance to live in Europe; now I’m so glad I didn’t do it.

    • Not a “kind of madness” at all. It’s simple insanity in service to a post-modern, leftist ideology. The goal is to replace the lower orders with even lower folk. The myth is that the replacement group will be more easily managed…

      good luck with that, you brainless elitist twits.

      • This is what the blogger Spandrell referred to as “biological Leninism.”

    • “The leftist governments”

      The worst part is that in several european countries the current governments are not leftist by european standards. There are political parties way more leftists than this.

      In Europe Bernie Sanders is considered a centrist.

    • Re: “The leftist governments are handing Europe over to the worst people in the world.”

      I corresponded briefly with former Navy SEAL, author and commentator Matt Bracken, and suggested that what is now happening in Europe constitutes one of the greatest betrayals in the history of human civilization. He agreed. Sad to say, I think we’re both correct.

      The globalist elites of the ruling class, the people pulling the puppet strings, have gone to great pains to make the approaching death of old Europe look like the slow and steady natural decline of an ancient civilization, or at worst, perhaps a civilizational suicide.

      This is incorrect; the death of old Europe, should it in fact occur, will have been a cold-blooded and pre-meditated murder ordered by the traitors and Quislings of the western ruling class, and carried out by their storm troops, the soldiers of Allah – all of those young and aggressive Muslims flooding into Europe.

      Make no mistake: Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and the other Quisling so-called “leaders” of Europe who are undertaking this deeply evil enterprise have the blood of innocents on their hands.

      • Fjordman said it first, more than ten years ago:

        “The European Union is the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe. It is formally surrendering an entire continent to Islam while destroying established national cultures, and is prepared to harass those who disagree with this policy.

        “This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

  3. War is coming this year to Europe. Trust my prediction. The Left know they are now on the wrong side of history and they are getting very nasty. Expect the full weight of the State to be deployed against us dissidents. I have been prepared for this event for many years. As Clergy -old fashioned priest- I am their Public Enemy No 1. I have no fear of death. My conscience is clear.

    • my heart aches for U and my other christian brothers in eurabia. the leftists indeed want no reminders of nobility of spirit, and i have no doubt that they will be rounding people up for mass murder. U and others there are in my prayers.

  4. “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” Luke 11

    – Sweden, Britain, Netherlands… Its all the same. You’ve thrown out Jesus and his teachings, becoming spiritually empty, and now – guess what kind of spirits are attracted into your rich, clean and swept house?

    • This is it in a nutshell………………any nation which turns its back on God is flooded with its enemies ………………… look at America, much of it has gone insane ………..reaping and sowing is a spiritual principle. Loving, obeying and honoring our Creator Almighty God and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ is the protection and abundant life He intended us to have. Repent and ask for mercy! ………….if there is still time

  5. How will this eventually play out? I mean where will Sweden in say five years time? Eventually a revolution there, I mean I see no other alternative? Either a revolution or surrender to their Muslim overlords.

  6. There will be no revolution in Europe. As the Muslim vote becomes larger over time, leading parties will kowtow more and more. Governing coalitions will favor more Sharia law, more mosques, less free speech (which is essentially gone already), and more immigration from Muslim countries. It’s really a vicious circle.

    Swedes who don’t want to live in such a place will certainly decamp. If they haven’t already set up a second residence elsewhere, they’re not too bright.

    • “If they haven’t already set up a second residence elsewhere, they’re not too bright.”

      It’s not easy to legally immigrate to the USA, Australia or New Zealand.

      Canada is on the same path as most of Europe, they just started the suicide path later, but are on their way.

      All other white majority countries are either eager to be islamic (France, Italy…) or one election away from starting the process (Poland, Czech Republic, etc.)

      • It’s not obvious where to go. I would say East Asia or, if retiring, the Carribean. The US is headed in the same direction as Europe but, thankfully most of our immigrants are from Latin America and other non-Muslim parts. Hopefully, Trump will make it easier for European refugees to get in.

        We only ask that European newcomers leave socialist, multiculti ideas behind.

    • Uh, I hope these decamping Swedes are not like Californians in the US, who befouled their beautiful state by voting in extreme left politicians who implemented extreme left policies, who then decided their liberal utopia was actually an over-taxed ‘hellhole’, who then decided to decamp to other beautiful states like Washington and Colorado and begin destroying them by voting in extreme left politicians…

      • They are beginning to befoul Texas, too. The Republic of Austin is a particularly rabid example. Much like Charlottesville, sad to say.

      • Your observation is actually a very good reason why a country should look hard and long before admitting any group of refugees, however attractive they appear.

        One example I can think of is the whites from South Africa that many immigration nationalists want to import. The claim is that the white South Africans are educated, share our values, and would act as a counter-force to the uneducated, unskilled Mexican, African, and Middles Eastern immigrants now being dumped on us.

        This may be true. On the other hand, it was the white South Africans who agreed to hand over power to the communist and racist African National Congress. South Africa was more than capable of maintaining its own identity when it reversed course and decided to dissolve itself.

        So, do we want to make the assumption that simply because people are white and need to run from South Africa, that they will necessarily be allies in protecting the values and character of the United States? At the least, I’d like to see an in-depth evaluation of the values, character and history of each immigrant. I think at this point it is necessary to screen the political values of any immigrant. We don’t need to be importing people who think if is virtuous to promote multiculturalism, even if those people are white.

        • I think most of the Afrikaaners and a few of the English heritage whites in SA are naturally conservative.

          However, there are far more SA whites that are so libbed-out they only fit in San Francisco. They can stay in SA and lie in the bed they made for themselves.

    • There already is a revolution going on in Europe. The Visegrad countries. To be joined by other nations, sooner or later. But not France, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Holland. Those are already lost, with no real hope left.
      I see a greatly divided Europe in the future. Multicultural hellholes of the west, free, nationalistic european strongholds of the east.

    • That is catastrophic. My liberal neighbors will be unable to buy new Volvos!

  7. Well, (IRONY ON)
    look at the bright side.

    Will be fun to watch all those feminists loosing all their rights, being turned into nothing more than cleaners and babymachines.
    Laugh when all those freedomloving atheists and belivers in the Noodlemonster Religion are stoned to death.
    See the look of not-believing whats happening to them in the eyes of the LGBT crowd when they are led to their hangings.

    I think, before they die, they wish they could turn back time to come back to the 1990 and join us.
    (Remember BRAVEHEARD the speech of William Wallace aka Mel Gibson?)


  8. I hope the sensible Swedes leave that sinking ship, and emigrate to one of the Visegrad Four nations.

    • They need to fight, not run or capitulate.
      Really in vain for them all these films about the Vikings filmed?

    • The Visegrad countries would do well to consider preventing any mass migrations from the Swedes into the East European countries. The emigrating Swedes will have basically the same political profile as the Swedes who brought in hoards of low-IQ, low-skill, sociopath Africans.

  9. There is a SIMPLE solution.
    The problem though, says Clausewitz, is that in war (yes, it’s war) simple things can be very difficult.

    Call it Civil disobedience.
    That would do the job.
    Organized, persistent disobedience–by citizens of all walks of life. Not just one time or one place–that’s the “persistent” part of the equation. Keep it up until victory. For months–maybe as much as an election cycle.

    The truism is–You can’t arrest all or prosecute ALL. Or imprison all. Or fire all. Or ‘marginalize’ all. Or kick everybody out of college/school.
    Especially a feminized political/military/police system like theirs. Check out the photograph of that country’s “leaders”. They’re merely a bunch of girly WIMPS–and not to be feared.

    Just fight. You will most likely be surprised how quickly you win.

  10. The problem is that the Swedes have not fought for a long time and did not confront external threats. When was the last time they had this?

    • The Swedish-Norwegian war of 1814. And here lies the problem: Over two centuries of peace and prosperity has created a uniquely soft society, where even the very idea of fighting is completely alien.

      Swedes will never fight for their country. They used to be a hard folk. Not anymore.

      • I am acquainted with a fellow from Malmo. He thinks everything is peachy in Swedenistan.

        He also likes to constantly remind you he’s not a racist.

        • I have a niece who studies in the Stockholm University. She also claims that everything is just peachy there. She avoids the streets at night, doesn’t do clubs anymore, has to take the long bus route to the university to avoid the no-go-zones, parties with her friends in private apartments only, and never goes anywhere alone after dark.

          But everything is just peachy. She also constantly brings up how she loves diversity, and hates racists…

  11. The West has been suckered by the adherence to decency and democracy, which has been used to undermine and weaken the traditional peoples and societies that inhabited Europe and the founding stock of Western nations spanning the globe. Without an undergirding of inalienable rights, one’s that can’t be taken or given away, democracy is nothing more than a mobocracy, the tyranny of the majority.

    The starkest example of this is South Africa (SA) where the whites were convinced that the “decent” and “democratic” thing to do was to relinquish power to the black majority. Now, white South Africans face the real possibility of having their property seized without compensation; this, after enduring umpteen years of unprecedented murder rates of white farmers (2–3 times higher than any other group in SA). This was predictable and was forewarned by astute observers of the situation.

    The blind allegiance to “democratic principle” despite the obvious disinheritance and replacement of the native people of a nation is ethnocidal. There’s no guarantee the population replacing them will even carry on these same principles and likely won’t, despite the reassurances of the civic nationalists, seeing how integration is largely lacking amongst the migrants in Europe. This reality was manifest with the UK government’s recent disbarment of law-abiding dissident journalist from the country, which clearly demonstrated that the new demographic realities have changed what it means to be a democracy — and freedom of association, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion are not integral to that definition anymore. Nevertheless, the UK government can still proudly trumpet that they’re a “democracy”; this shows us what humbug this rhetoric has always been.

    Now the Swedish nation is being martyred to the “democratic principle.” If the upcoming elections does not produce an outcome which gives the native Swedes a chance of saving their once prosperous and peaceful society, a Swedish society, which I don’t expect it will, then the adherence to democracy will just have to be abandoned in order for indigenous Swedes to save themselves from extinction. They’ll need a Pinochet. Or Putin.

        • Putin talks about how he supports the idea of Russian nationalism, but then has the creepy relationship with Ramzan Kadyrov. I would have to say Putin supports whatever supports him. Not all that dissimilar to the traitors in the west.

          • I think Putin has that relationship to keep a restive region in line. Putin is savvy enough to realize the West will not allow him to simply turn that area into a glowing parking lot.

    • The variant on the “I need a Pinochet” meme of throwing commies out of a helicopter into the ocean is meant as an absurdity; it’s a very common meme used in this way and is not intended to be taken seriously. Tacking Putin on after this was meant to play off that absurdity while obliquely hinting at mockingly the Swedish establishment’s recent paranoia about a Russian invasion. (Could it be any worse than the ongoing Muslim invasion?) We are dealing with Absurdistan, after all, so a little absurd levity seemed fitting. Assuming I’m a Putin fanboy from this is erroneous.

  12. When replacing the local population with an alien culture becomes a path to political power, it will be pursued to its end, regardless of the consequences.
    A path to power knows only power and retaining it at any cost.
    Any cost.
    No cost is too high for those in power to retain their position.
    Even if the entire country must burn to keep them in power for one more year.

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