Volkswagen Not Allowed to Fire ISIS Mujahid

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Egri also translated the video.

Samir B. (right) with the ISIS terrorists Bilel H. (red cap) and Houssem H. in a Berlin restaurant. Photo: Facebook

Germany: Court orders Volkswagen to keep Islamist employee

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Bild:

After dismissal on terror suspicions:
Court orders VW to keep Islamist employee

by M. Manske
March 12, 2018

Hannover — It is 11:42 AM when Samir B. (30) strolls into the Hannover State Labor Court in sweat pants and moccasins. The Islamist is suing Volkswagen.

The car manufacturer dismissed him in November 2016 because he threatened coworkers, and because he appeared to be leaving for ISIS territory. The German-Algerian had acted provocatively in the court’s hallway, filming the journalists present. A court clerk makes him delete the video, as he doesn’t have a permit to film.

The allegations against the assembly line worker (monthly net wage €3,500) are serious: Volkswagen were concerned that their employee might carry out an attack on the manufacturing plant in Wolfsburg. For example, at one of their workers’ caucus, where up to 10,000 workers attend.

BILD is documenting the case

It was late August 2014, when Samir B. was in a restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Next to him sat the Wolfsburgers Bilel H. and Houssem H. Both of them went to Syria shortly thereafter, and joined the Islamic State. Both of them are dead now!

They were part of the Wolfsburg terror cell. And it seems that Samir B. was involved in their activities more deeply than he wants to admit.

On December 28, 2014, Federal Police stopped him at Hannover airport — he had €9,350 in cash and a drone with him, Wolfsburger Nachrichten report.

The investigators are certain: B. wanted to travel to the Syrian war zone. His passport was confiscated.

According to VW’s lawyers and the Braunschweig District Court, it is an established fact that Samir B. “was involved in recruiting and supporting fighters from Wolfsburg”.

According to one investigator, Samir even drove the ISIS-recruiter Yassine O. and the two sentenced returnees Ayoub B. and Ebrahim H.B. to the airport.

The Islamist played it cool, just smiled arrogantly, when the judge read out the case. He had the stamps of Saudi Arabia, Egypt ad Turkey in his passport. From Turkey, he travelled three times over land and back by plane.

Hans-Eberhard Schultz (75) with Samir B. on the way to the courtroom

In the Wolfsburg shopping street, he and other future ISIS fighters handed out Korans and literature by the hate preacher Pierre Vogel. And that is not all: according to investigators, Samir threatened his colleagues in the tyre factory: “You are all going to die.”

According to VW, the workers feared their radical colleague more and more. Therefore the car manufacturer had no alternative but to dismiss him. On January 11, Samir B. got his passport back.

In Hannover, he puts it on the table in front of him defiantly. VW want to get rid of the man by any means; upon the judge’s advice, they even offer him a €65,000 settlement and a clean employment reference letter — the Islamist seems interested, asks repeatedly what net sum that would get for him. But his attorneys refuse the deal!

Then at 6:39pm the court hands down the verdict: They deem the dismissal invalid! VW had not been able to show that the company’s peace was manifestly disturbed.

This means: in four weeks, when the Islamist receives the written verdict, VW will have to let him work again. The car manufacturer still consider the dismissal valid, and will probably take it to the Federal Labor Court.

Video transcript:

00:02   Islamist Samir B. wins lawsuit against Volkswagen.
00:06   The former Volkswagen worker went to the Hannover Labor Court over his 2016 dismissal.
00:17   The car manufacturer based the dismissal of the Algerian-German
00:21   on his alleged membership in the Islamic State terror organisation.
00:27   They were concerned he might be intending to carry out an attack on the Volkswagen premises.
00:34   On Sunday Samir B. won at the next higher court.
00:39   The car manufacturer insists that the dismissal was justified,
00:43   and will probably take it to the Federal Labor Court. Samir B. acted provocatively
00:49   when entering the court building by filming the attending press with his mobile phone.
00:53   [Court clerk:] “Excuse me – do you have a permit to film? Delete it, please. In my presence.”
01:04   He is required to delete the video in the presence of a court clerk.
01:07   The written copy of the sentence will be delivered in four weeks.

9 thoughts on “Volkswagen Not Allowed to Fire ISIS Mujahid

    • Indeed. He should at least be the defendant, not his former employer, who did the right thing by dismissing him. Very strong circumstantial evidence he was on his way to join a terrorist group when stopped at the airport.

    • The borders are wide open for “refugees” to come into Germany, but its like trying to cross the Berlin Wall if they want to leave.

  1. Couldn’t the judge give him a job? After all he thinks this muslim is a threat to no one, so the judge would be quite safe. Wouldn’t he?

  2. threatened coworkers? My god, what happened to german workers in the past 50 years? When I worked in factories and constructions to make extra money as a student back then, a threat would have lead to serious injuries.

  3. “Germans”


    No, not so much.

    Amazingly, Raspail predicted this exact thing all the way back in “Camp of the Saints.”

  4. The German state has screwed Volkswagen so over and over on this issue, that the car manufacturer may be left with only one, desperate option: to hack the islamists employee’s social media accounts and write bad s[tuff] in his name – you know, stuff that insults islam and mocks the so-called prophet.

    That will be the only way Volkswagen can be assured that the jihadi goes to jail for a long, long time. As we know – even the slightest critical remark on islam is a *serious* offence in Germany, a serious country that takes serious matters pretty seriously. Threatening the kuffars with death on the other hand, is nothing. It doesn’t even merit a slap on the wrist.

    So don’t be surprised if you soon see ‘hacker sought’ ads that somehow seem to come from Germany. Ads that for some reasons give you an impression of a large and desperate industrial conglomerate being willing to pay a lot of money for help. Because any company fighting a powerfully islamofriendly state is in dire straits. Not even the economy of the country matters for a state like Germany when it comes to promoting islam. ‘It can all go to hell as long as islam comes out unscathed’ seems to be the attitude.

  5. We have that in the US. It’s called kritarchy, where judge make their own laws by pulling legal requirements out of thin air. Or else, they drill down on the details of a statute or legal case so closely, at their own discretion, as to make it either impossible to win.

    The difference, of course, is that the bureaucracy in the US is currently headed by a President who is interested in protecting the country. The German government is directed by a sociopathic narcissist who displays her own power by showing it is virtually impossible for her to do things destructive enough to the country to get her thrown out of office. Her attitude goes to the bureaucracies, of which the courts constitute one branch.

  6. The underlying problem is there has been a change in the values of the German society: the value of the community has been replaced by the value of the indivuum. While in former days a guiding principle like “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz” (public interest is over individual interests) had been cherished, the society is today more a mass of individuals. In that special case the interests concering the labour law of that islamist are regarded to be more important than the security of the public. Things cannot be strange enough to be supported by left wing extremists, genderists and anybody else who wants to destroy the structures of the state. The left extremists hope to build up a state of their laws on the ruins of the present state. – They will find their ends like the left wing Christians did in the Lebanon civil war, who fought side by side with the muslims.

    Volkswagen by the way has a lot more workers/employees with islamistic or at least anti-Christian aims. I had been working in Wolfsburg years ago and have seen these blackbearded guys in their morning gowns, never beeing together with some normally clothed colleague. Some of them drove an old Passat that’s back was stuffed with teaching material of social subjects, whatever had been beyond it. They earned really a lot of money and I am absolutely willing to believe that they spent it somehow for “Allah”. They were fighters for the expansion of the Islam. – Absolutely nobody cared. People here fear the repressions they may get by people who fear getting repressions by not saying the formally and politically correct things. So the majority tears itself back into privacy and the blessings of a consumer society.

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