Culture-Enriching Murders in Hallonbergen

The level of violent cultural enrichment in Sweden, already horrific, seems to be getting worse. Two of the “youths” who committed the ghastly murders described below really are youths — 15 and 16 years old. Meaning that under Sweden’s enlightened penal code, they can be incarcerated for a maximum of two years. One presumes that they cannot be deported afterwards, even if they weren’t born in Sweden — whichever paradisiac Islamic country that spawned them would no doubt be “unsafe” for them to return to.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Double-murder in Hallonbergen

STOCKHOLM — The mother of the family had her neck slashed. The carotid arteries on both sides of her neck had been severed. When the police arrived at the scene, one of the perpetrators was sitting astride the father stabbing him. Information reveals that one of those murdered was supposed to testify as witness to another murder, but now they have been murdered themselves. “They sat laughing when they came to the police station,” says a source in the police to News Today.

On Tuesday, News Today (Nyheter Idag) reported that two people were murdered in Hallonbergen in Northern Stockholm. When the police arrived at a residence, they were forced to open fire in order to stop the ongoing crime. A young man sat astride the father of the family, repeatedly stabbing him. Inside the home, the mother was found with her throat slit.

This is what a source within the Stockholm Police told “News Today”.

The carotid artery on the woman was severed on both sides of her throat.

“It was incredibly brutal. Both of them stabbed to death. The woman in the apartment had her throat slashed. When the police arrived, they shot towards one of the perpetrators. He (the perpetrator) was sitting astride the man stabbing him when the policeman shot at him — but missed,” said the source.

The couple were parents of young children. According to informants in the media who have spoken to sources within the police, the murder may have been a way to silence witnesses before an upcoming trial. According to the available information, there may be a connection to a previous murder in Stockholm where one of the parents may have been a witness.

“They sat and laughed”

Just one hour after the double murder, four people were arrested. Two are young men, 20 and 21 years old. The other two are boys, 15 and 16 years old respectively. The 15-year-old boy was released after interrogation. Prosecutor Olof Calmvik told Aftonbladet that the evidence against the 15-year-old was weak.

When the boys were brought to the police, they showed neither remorse nor understanding of what had happened, tells the source to News Today.

“They were very geared up when they came in. They sat and laughed and were really excited. It turns my stomach knowing that they will be out on the street again after a maximum of two years.”

According to sources in Aftonbladet, the perpetrators are good friends of two people who have been imprisoned for a murder — where the murdered father apparently was a witness. The four perpetrators that the police arrested have associations with the Northern Stockholm area.

“All of them have foreign-sounding names. I know that one is African. I think the rest have a background in the Middle East or North Africa,” said the source.

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    • It should not surprise me if these actually were minors. You want to get a dirty job done, and some misfit youths want in to your street gang. Conseuqnces are near none, so they’ll happily do to get in to the gang for life.

      The officer should have kept shooting until he put that rabid savage down. How could these affiliates know name and location of these witnesses? Did some diversity hire in the precinct leak information, or was information not witheld and resources instead squandered on some free and independent muslim getticng de-shawled….

  1. Sounds like some marksmanship lessons are in order.

    Maybe there will be belated sense of remorse here, and both murderers will choose to hang themselves in their cells rather than live with the guilt over what they have done. I strongly suspect if the victims are also “newer Swedes than other Swedes”, their relatives and fellow clan members will ensure that these two murderers will also assume room temperature shortly after they are released from prison. One positive characteristic of backwards tribal cultures is their sense of justice is much more strongly developed than their more “civilized” western hosts.

    • One positive characteristic of backward tribal cultures is their sense of justice is much more strongly developed than their more “civilized” western hosts.

      They don’t practice justice; they do possess a knife-edged ability to extract revenge, however. Justice and revenge are distant (non-speaking) cousins. We would do well not to attempt to bridge the chasm between the two since it took us so long to mature past the “eye-for-an-eye” equation.

      Can you imagine the icon of blindfolded Justice, holding a balance scale as an image that would be comprehensible to those people? I would love to hear someone attempt to explain it to them.

      Not that Justice hasn’t been traduced and left for dead on many a courthouse steps. We’re not a just culture anymore, and SJWs are proof of that sad reality. We’re not a discerning culture, either. We’ve lost/abandoned so many of our moral faculties that we’re left with “if it feels good, etc…”

  2. actually, one guy got life in prison, a couple got 10-14 years and the youth got three years (much like minors do here in america).

    just sayin’.

    • Thank you, Charles.
      Young men of the West must renounce the metrosexualism foisted upon them by radical feminists; they must be *men,* and do the brave, courageous, and noble things they were born to do.

      They must spit in the eyes of the intimidating slur hurlers — “racist,” “bigot,” — as if they are mere chimera, a horrible creature of the imagination; they must understand that now is the time to exert maximum pressure on those whose wicked schemes manifestly purpose to destroy them and the West.

      • Hi HarrietHT,

        You are welcome. Yes, they must and overcome suppression by the Political correctness in their nation. They must know that their existence is at stake.
        They must completely neglect the foolish behaviour of those slur hurlers. You can contact me to discuss politics with me.
        Thank You.

    • @Charles
      Hope it goes somewhere but I think it’s too little too late. They will be given a long leash for a while for the appearance of allowing diverse opinions. But there are powerful forces out there who can make short work of them if they want.

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