Sweden: The Sleeper Awakes?

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg reports on the earliest signs of a shift in the Multicultural winds in the World’s Only Humanitarian Superpower.

Sweden: The Sleeper Awakes?

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Sweden, once regarded by many as perhaps the most modern and progressive country in the world, is having big problems with its image. News reports about no-go zones, riots, gang rapes and rising crime are appearing with alarming frequency in international media. Sweden has spent a lot of money and effort over the years in promoting itself as a ‘humanitarian superpower’, and the government is very worried about the rapid disintegration of their long-fostered superpower image.

After the Stockholm ghetto riots of 2013 broke out and raged for days across the TV screens of an incredulous world and headlines like “Stockholm burns as rioters battle police”[1] dominated the international press, Swedish authorities moved into full damage-control mode. The world’s attention was now fixed on Sweden, and it was going to be very difficult for them to continue presenting the Scandinavian country as a tranquil place of peace and harmony. Unfortunately for the Swedes, the news coming out of the country got progressively worse as the years passed.

But perception management can sometimes work wonders. Just give the statistics a bit of a massage, bend the truth a little — or quite a lot if need be — and all will be well. Swedish spin doctors via credulous journalists in left wing media assured international readers that the bombings, shootings and riots that were now exploding uncontrollably all over Sweden with alarming frequency really weren’t so bad at all. Such articles aren’t hard to find in The Guardian and Huffington Post and the like, but unfortunately for the spin doctors, reality is brutal and became impossible to hide no matter how hard they tried.[2]

Such was the desperation of the Swedish authorities that they have not been averse to outright lying in an attempt to play down the escalating crime and social disintegration plaguing the humanitarian superpower. But lying is a dangerous game that carries the risk of being found out, and the consequences can be humiliating. In an interview on BBC TV news in March of last year, Swedish Interior Minister Ylva Johansson was asked about the rocketing rape statistics in Sweden after reports appeared in international news media about the city of Malmö being the rape capitol of Europe. Ms. Johansson confidently assured BBC viewers that all was well in Sweden, there was no escalating rape problem and rape statistics are actually improving. In Ms. Johansson’s own words, the number of reported rapes and sexual harassment cases in Sweden were “going down, and going down, and going down”. The world’s Left rejoiced. Jubilant articles appeared in left-leaning media. Here was solid confirmation that the negative things being said about Sweden are “fake news”.

But brutal reality was quick to intrude into Interior Minister Ylva Johansson’s cozy little world. Experts, opposition politicians and media in Sweden pointed out that exactly the opposite of what the minister said to the BBC is true. She was informed in no short measure that rape in Sweden is escalating out of control, and has been doing so for decades. Ylva Johansson was accused of peddling “fake news” herself, and it didn’t take long for the news of her embarrassing public reprimand to reach international media. Ms. Johansson was forced to make a humiliating retraction in front of the entire world and apologize for her false claims on BBC TV news. Sweden’s humanitarian superpower image took yet another battering across the headlines of the world’s press.[3]

Sweden now has the dubious honor of being known as the rape capital of Europe. And it is steadily getting worse. Official statistics from the Swedish Crime Prevention Agency show that rape and sexual assault have been rising for decades. The latest government figures published in January of this year show that rapes have increased by 10% since 2016 and in the last ten years have increased by a massive 34%[4]. It is going to be an impossible task for even the most skilled of spin doctors to put a spin on that, and of late ever fewer of them are trying to.

This could well be the year in which Sweden’s humanitarian superpower charade completely and finally collapses. After decades of lies and outright denial the gulf between what politicians and the media have been saying and what ordinary people are experiencing has become so great that public confidence in them is dropping alarmingly.[5] This has spurred some of them to take a more reality based-position. The last year has seen increasing numbers of Swedish politicians and journalists start to wake up to what mass immigration and multiculturalism have done to their country. The beginnings of a realistic discourse can be detected amongst political and media elites, although this is likely just a matter of their own political and financial survival rather than honesty and integrity. After all, why did they remain silent for so many years while the problems were growing? As an old Swedish saying goes: a “conversion under the gallows.”

Still, some of them are now trying to be truthful and the enthusiasm with which some politicians and sections of the press called out Interior Minister Ylva Johansson over her dishonesty on BBC TV news is symptomatic of the new climate slowly entering Swedish public discourse. Just a few years ago press and politicians would have lined up solidly in support of her, and the spin doctors of Swedish media would have worked overtime to prove everything is just fine in the superpower and the figures don’t say what they obviously do.

The election in September of this year is going to be the most important in the country’s history, and the grim truth about the immigration-driven degeneration of Swedish society will be a central issue. Politicians can no longer credibly deny what is now becoming glaringly obvious if they want to be elected and will either have to publicly recant their years of denial or brazenly change tack and hope no-one notices. The latter strategy is the one being adopted by the leader of the Social Democrat party and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Throughout his political career, Stefan Löfven has been extolling the virtues of mass immigration and multiculturalism. Immigrants and asylum seekers were a making a great contribution to Sweden’s economic well-being and would secure the country’s future was Mr. Löfven’s enthusiastic message to all who would listen. At the height of the immigration crisis of 2015 he was the main speaker at a big “Refugees Welcome” rally in Stockholm. “My Europe builds no walls,” thundered the Prime Minister to an ecstatic crowd.[6]

Now that colder winds have started to blow, Stefan Löfven has a different message. Incredibly and without blinking an eye he is using rhetoric the left have always condemned as racist scare-mongering. According to the Prime Minister, who just over two years ago stood up in central Stockholm and proclaimed “Refugees Welcome”, foreigners are now coming to steal Swedish jobs. Politicians in other political parties have accused Mr. Löfven of stealing the nationalist Sweden Democrats’ party platform[7], but all the major political parties are to some degree copying policies that were once the sole domain of the Sweden Democrats in a cynical scramble for their own survival.

In the long run it won’t matter.

Sweden might be on the threshold of a political seismic shift, but unfortunately for the Swedes, even if they do face up to what they have done to their country it is too late. Far too much damage has already been done.


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39 thoughts on “Sweden: The Sleeper Awakes?

  1. If one accepts the premise that even though politically there may be a mood for an end to multiculti in Sweden but practically it is too late to stop what has been set in motion, what is the likelihood that kinetic resistance whether as official policy or by non-sanctioned citizen’s groups can succeed in halting and reversing multiculti?

    Is the percentage of islamists and africans too high to be overcome by native Swedes when fighting breaks out? How would other European governments and their muslim populations react to ethnic war in Sweden?

    I see the start of ethnic and religious war in Sweden as being the moment when European governments are forced to choose between multiculti and globalist visions or nationalist ones. To support the islamists in a fight against native Swedes risks civil war in many countries between those who oppose invaders and those who support them, but the reverse is also true. To support Swedes in expelling the africans and muslims (and no other option but genocide exists once the fighting starts) also will bring conflict from the large invader populations in every European country that participates.

    • The thing to remember here is that a large proportion of these third worlders are parasites. They have come like the proverbial fly to the picnic for a free feed. They are not motivated people, they barely play an active role in defending their own bad behaviour, that is left to the leftists.

      Any western society wishing to divest itself of such people would get rid of a sizeable chunk simply by covering up the food and watching them as they buzzed away to some other picnic.

      In an actual conflict they’d flee. I certainly wouldn’t equate african gangsters and moslem terrorists with actual fighters. If it came down to it, the native Europeans would wipe the floor with these types.

      • I agree that the parasites would flee; however there is a sizeable portion of invaders who are second or thrid generation inhabitants, and while living in ghettos and remaining isolated from the society upon which they prey, they have families and clans and legal citizenship. And they present a conundrum; legally they are citizens but culturally they are not. And they will likely fight much harder since they have a little more skin in the game than some random african who managed to slither across the Mediterranean into Europe. Ignoring dealing with these invaders will leave a fifth column which will ultimately multiply until they are a demographic and electoral threat to the future of native Europeans.

      • “If [civil war] came down to it, the native Europeans would wipe the floor with these types.”

        Possibly, if there are enough left and they are determined enough.

        However, don’t forget the thousands of hardened Jihadis which have been welcomed back into Europe. The Intelligence community knows about them but doesn’t have the manpower to track even a small percentage of them.

        And don’t forget Turkey which is ranked by globalfirepower.com below only France and the UK in NATO. Once civil war erupts and Muslims are under general attack in Europe I expect Turkey would be quick to ship arms or perhaps even troops to help them fight the Infidel.

        Indeed, don’t forget the EU which is developing an army which could be used against partisans in any country which tries ridding itself of Muslims.

        There’s a future business opportunity here : bombing and strafing holidays in the EU for the eco conscious hunter.

        • Hubert Wagner,

          I think you’re on track that the major danger in ethnic fighting in Sweden would be from (supposedly) closely-allied countries like other West European countries and the US and Canada. This is exactly what happened in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo, where NATO bombed the Serb militias and army into submission for no good reason whatsoever. The Clinton crime family is obviously on-board for such maneuvers, or at least is open to bidding by interested, deep-pocketed parties.

          You mentioned the budding EU military force, which would probably not have been developed if Hillary had won the election, as NATO would be used for its internal police function.

          So, without going into the network of cultural-Marxists and corporations merged with government, there is a deep danger that Western military power will be used to intervene in an internal civil war on the side of the Muslims and other immigrants. I think this is actually more dangerous than the prospect of open, internal fighting.

    • In all-out war, the native Swedes would still triumph at this point.

      In my opinion, there isn’t going to be an all-out war. Neither side is going to go all-out on this. What it’ll be is a war of attrition, of sorts. The kind of “war” that led to no white people being left in Detroit.

      Crime, economic pressure, better opportunities elsewhere. Those will be the factors. It’ll become worse with an economic downturn and snowball. Add in the current European native tendency (as a group) to be a bit cowardly and to run instead of fight, and what you’ll see is a lot of emigration of native Swedes, especially among the young. Norway, Denmark, Anglosphere countries will be the places that they go to. The effects of that won’t be felt immediately. But they will a few years later, by way of erosion of the tax base. The taxpayers will be running away. The others will be staying and multiplying. So eventually the Swedish welfare state will collapse, despite high taxes. Crime will become more extreme (think Brazil or South Africa). Even more will leave, and the welfare state will collapse totally. Life will be fairly unpleasant. The non-productive populations will also seek to leave, though to a lesser degree. Norway and Denmark may limit Swedish immigration to natives only (at least unofficially). Ultimately, when the native Swede population is down to about 40-50%, mostly consisting of elderly, it’ll become properly Swedenistan. Possibly by electoral change, or just de facto. The remaining natives will be badly treated, in a society that will already be pretty bad. A few pockets of natives will continue surviving in remote areas, somewhat unmolested, near the borders.

      That’s where I see the “do nothing” scenario leading, and “do nothing” I suspect is the likely outcome.

      • If the other countries know what’s good for them, they will not allow in large numbers, or any numbers, of ethnic Swedes, who were nurtured on socialism and the go-along-to-get-along ethic that made them welcome low-skill, low-IQ, high sociopath immigrant populations. These Swedes, though refugees from the resultant chaos, will still vote for the same socialist, altruistic, globalist viewpoints they voted for in Sweden.

        You do not want to see the nationalist voting blocs in Norway, Denmark, Finland, such as they are, diluted. Even in Hungary. My own preference would be that the Swedes themselves will have to clean up their mess. It’s not that I wish anything bad to the Swedes, but I’m not willing to advocate that any country risk destroying itself to provide refuge.

  2. I recently questioned a former academic colleague about the ongoing “blackwashing” or historical revisionism going on in front of our eyes. Try “Googling” ‘Europeans in History’ or ‘Europeans in art’ and see what happens. You need to set the search engine to Images.


    I have been researching so called ‘Black Egypt’ and was alarmed at what I found- total untruths. I have studied and practiced Egyptology for years. Despite DNA tests showing Egypt was founded and populated by northern peoples from a common Eurasian Caucasian provenance, with even University Depts dominated by Marxists pedaling a false “Black Egypt” narrative. An Egyptian scholar I know is outraged.

    I made inquiries and was told a number of eminent lecturers and researchers had been removed because they objected to teaching “fake history”. One was very angry over the recent supposed “black Cheddarman” scandal. He called it nonsense. I concur having worked on a DNA project study 22 years ago while at UCL.

    I was blithely informed by another member of my old University that the appearance of a black Joan of Arc and black actors playing Romans and Greeks was policy “to present an inclusive view of the globe’s history”. I also spent two whole days reteaching one of my grandchildren the real history of Britain, after he was told in his classes about “Black Britain” but also Black Romans. This is indoctrination.

    One of my colleagues believes that the Left are writing Europeans out of their own history. I would concur in this estimation.

    • I’m sure you are correct. For those on the Left pondering what immigrant children of different ethnicity might make of English History, which confirms they are newcomers and not indigenous to the land, the solution might well be to rewrite that history. And so stories (without any evidence or fact) of black or Chinese Roman legionaries landing with Hadrian are invented. You can see how trying to prove Britain was “multicultural” in the ancient times, could serve a purpose for the pro-migrant lobby today.

    • I did what you suggest and found the plethora of black faces for the first hundred or so images to be quite amusing. The search algorithms have obviously been doctored. The later images are a bit more balanced, although anytime “Moor” is referenced, you see a sub-Saharan African, although “Moor” obviously refers to Turkey, whose population is, at darkest, swarthy.

      My fear is that the only way to address the academic abuses you cite is to totally abolish public education, from kindergarten to post-graduate. As long as academic administrators get to spend tax dollars, and students see themselves as getting free rent, however erroneously, they will ignore considerations of value-for-money. It’s getting to the point where a young person of adequate intelligence and motivation is far better off not wasting the cream of the years of his intellectual and moral development in the waste-pits of modern academia.

      • Moors are actually the pre-Arab residents of Western North Africa, mainly the Moroccans. They are quite swarthy, but not full Negroes. The Arabs used them as cannon fodder (before the invention of cannons, though) in the invasion of Iberia.

      • I did the same thing in Google and then in DuckDuckGo as a comparison. The plethora of similar black and Arab images on both engines is astonishing. I realize and indeed expect that Google would manipulate the algorithms, but did not anticipate that DuckDuckGo would do the same. Looking at the source files for the images, they seem to be mainly from Wikimedia, Wikipedia and history.com, with a few university sites added to the mix.

        I wish that like you, I could have been amused, however I mostly found it disconcerting and rather disturbing. In the words of Orwell, the most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their understanding of their own history.

    • Speaking of the odd placement of blacks in European entertainment productions, I have recently watched the BBC series “Thirteen”. From watching this show that takes place in Bristol, one would conclude that the city is half black. No less than 4 characters, 3 police officers and the wife of a major character are all black. Out of curiosity I looked up the city’s demographics and found that in reality, it’s 3% black.

      • The indoctrination goes much deeper than that. The BBC has no problem with “blackwashing” its historical dramas either. From Queen Margaret of Anjou, to soldiers at the siege of Troy and Gunpowder Plotters, they have prominently placed black characters in places where, to anyone with even a perfunctory knowledge of history, they clearly would not have been.

        I don’t particularly care when they do it contemporary dramas and historical fantasy, though the episode where Dr. Who apparently travelled back to the Regency period and encountered mostly black characters, to which he muttered “History was whitewashed”, gives grounds for concern. (Fortunately, I haven’t watched the series for decades so my blood pressure was mercifully spared.) However, the deliberate deception of having black actors playing real historical figures is far more insidious. British schools teach very little real British history nowadays, so many kids (presuming they even watch historical drama) will simply assume that what they see on TV is historically accurate.

  3. Very difficult to predict, but here are some scenarios. What events could stir the citizenry to take to the streets in protest?

    1. A massive act of Islamic terrorism in Europe. It would have to be on a scale of 9/11 because the public are so used to micro aggressions involving five, ten or fifty victims. Sadik Khan was right, people just got used to it as part and parcel of living in a large city. There have been several plots to commit large scale terrorism in Europe and North America, but government surveillance has always detected them in time since they can not easily be organized or implemented without using social media.

    2. The effects of an act of terrorism by nationalists are difficult to predict. The attack of Anders Breivik in 2011 suggests that such an event would actually silence the critics of immigration because people do not want to be associated with such extremism, despite the logic that you will not forment any kind of revolution without some form of extremism. Much would depend on the nature of the attack. Blowing up a mosque, without casualties, would definitely be well received but the same attack, involving, say, two hundred fatalities, would provoke the opposite reaction.

    3. The sudden appearance of another tsunami of immigrants on the shores of Europe. This event is not even considered conjecture; it is only a matter of when. This is what drove Macron to declare that Africa and Europe share a common destiny… the poor man can not think of any solutions or policies that do not involve submission and defeat. He was a failure as Minister of Finance, now he wants to prove that he is equally useless in all departments. How could the French, who produced so many thinkers and philosophers, have voted for this lad? How would a Toy-boy resist Mutti Merkel in a confrontation?

    4. A sudden or disastrous financial crash in European markets, involving massive lay-offs and bankruptcies. In the first instance people will look to the Nanny State to provide an umbrella of support, but if the collapse is serious enough and involves a complete lack of confidence in the Euro, it could create hostilities that can be exploited. Given German control of the ECB this scenario is highly unlikely. Any turbulence in the markets would swiftly be addressed.

    5. There are two countries that act as barometers on race relations: Sweden and South Africa. The former because the no-go areas created by the Muslims are becoming increasingly violent and ungovernable and could, even in the short term, require intervention by the Swedish army. This could serve as a warning to the other European countries and damage the globalist multicultural agenda. The latter because any attempt at White genocide will be seen as a warning of what will be coming to Europe… Even though the ANC is driven by strong left wing ideology the European left wingers will be quick to point out the consequences of such foolishness.

    6. The only other catalyst could be an attempt by the EU to punish Hungary or the Vizgrad 4, by denying them a vote but holding them responsible for toeing the line to instructions from Brussels. Ms. Sargentini’s threats to hold Hungary in contempt of EU values is a joke but illustrates just how far those bureaucrats have travelled in their own safe spaces. Any pressure against Viktor Orbán, the hero of all European nationalists everywhere, would increase further support for him.

    The failure of any or all of these factors occurring is actually the most dangerous and catastrophic because it means armed insurrection will only occur when Europe has been thoroughly saturated with Arab and African immigrants and confrontation can only be unleashed at an enormous cost in human lives. But if the nationalists do not succeed in changing the current trends in the EU, that is the nightmare that will befall our children. Europeans cannot say they have not been warned.

    • Basil,

      I’m afraid you’re engaging in a bit of wistful thinking.

      You say that a 9/11 catastrophe might mobilize the Europeans. Except that after the actual 9/11 event, the US President termed Islam a religion of “peace” and Muslim immigration to the US actually increased. Our relations with Saudi Arabia, whose government at the least contained a cabal supporting the hijackers, are better than ever. I would not look to a 9/11 event to mobilize the Europeans.

      You have the same for looking at financial collapse. The recession of 2008, a short depression in all but labeling, was caused by leveraging of derivatives and junk mortgages deliberately falsified by government financial agencies and triggered by the collapse of over-extended minority mortgage holders who were given affirmative-action mortgage guarantees. So, today, we regulate the financial industry even more heavily, and government agencies are complaining about the lack of minority mortgages. So, where does the learning manifest itself?

      I do agree with you that verbal or regulatory sanctions against the like of Hungary’s Orban will simply strengthen him. The real danger is the use of a false-flag atrocity supposedly perpetrated by the Hungarian army or police, to justify a foreign occupation of Hungary. Think Assad and Syria.

    • 7. A mini-ice age, a period of low sun output which decreases temperatures and food production with it. The thing that causes widespread famine and black death – and war.

      Because people won’t fight before they go hungry and cold.

  4. About 3 years ago when I started looking at Europe closely (in Australia one can ignore a lot of what happens) I was shocked to see that they had destroyed their country and without a civil war cannot take it back. Then, as in any war, you have to look at losses and gains and what you can hang onto. Sweden, Belgium, France, UK,Netherlands are probably lost. A long civil war will drag them back to the dark ages. No one can really help them as you don’t know who the enemy is and you can’t just push them back over the border like the old days. I realised the book Defeating Eurabia(Vlad tepesblog) had nailed it. “We” can probably only hope to hang onto Eastern Europe for all the reasons we know and the homogeneous population.

    • I actually don’t agree with you that West Europe cannot be redeemed. Looking at Serbia and the attempted ethnic cleansing by Muslim Bosnian militias, before Serbian militias got the upper hand, you can see that population separations can actually be carried out relatively humanely. There will be death and heinous photographs, and inevitable injustices, but left to their own devices, European civil wars do not necessarily result in genocide (although, of course, they can).

      • Unfortunately, unlike WC vs WC conflicts, Mohammedanism brooks no peace, only temporary truces to gather strength. History doesn’t deal in details as much as broad design and Mohammed designed for the long haul. Most of Europe is already beyond the demographic tipping point. If Mohammedanism is not destroyed root and stock history requires that it wins. To quote Erdogan, “There is only one Islam.” There is no mechanism with even the whiff of legitimacy than can modify or mitigate it. There isn’t even a means of putting forth an argument without risking apostasy.

    • “you can’t just push them back over the border like the old days”

      when it’s total war people won’t let small things like human rights laws get in the way…

  5. Hopefully the opposition party has video of the PM’s “My Europe has no walls!” speech. Cleverly worked into a political advertisement that catch cry may be the a nail in his political coffin.

  6. there is such a thing as waking up too late.
    waking is one thing, galvanizing into action is another.

  7. I tend to be an optimist, and my views here are no different. Being someone who has spent nearly two decades in Scandinavia as an “outsider” I can tell you one thing I know for sure – Something has to change. Now.

    I’ve experienced so much here that I wouldn’t know where to begin. I have story after story and tend to avoid talking about it because people think I’m making it up as it paints a very different picture of reality than they (the media / politicians) would want you to think. “It can’t be THAT bad, can it?” The answer is YES!

    I’ve seen little white children literally beat up by grown Arab / Black immigrants, seen the results of the rape epidemics, general crime and I’ll tell you it’s not pretty. But the media turns a blind eye and many Swedes with their heads up their rears will say, “but it’s not ALL of them”. Oh, and they’re right. It’s not ALL of them, just the MAJORITY of them. And there’s the problem.

    They don’t come to immigrate, the few that do end up living peaceful lives and cause no harm except for muddying Swedish waters. However, they are very far and few between. The majority arrives with the thought process of, “here we are in OUR new land” and expect (with success) that everyone will bow to their culture and whims. THEY view themselves as the new Swedes and Islam as the new political / religious power.

    I’ve had them openly tell me that they hate Christians, that they one day expect Sweden/ Norway / the U.K. and other Euro countries that Islam will dominate and that they (ethnic Europeans) will have to be the ones to conform to their new life or suffer the consequences.

    This is the unfortunate reality, and the media along with the politicians gloss over it while smiling their fake smiles and invite even more immigrants to arrive all the time many Europeans are screaming “NO more!” without being heard. And that’s what “The Sleeper Awakes” is about. Those voices that aren’t being heard.

    I’ve said it many years ago, the more the government and media ignores ethnic Europeans, the more resentment will grow until one day they simply won’t take it anymore. At least, that has been my hope and with varying degrees, I’ve seen it come to fruition. Norway for example have voted out a liberal party that would see Norway’s borders eradicated and instead voted in (numerous times) a party that is seen as hostile towards immigrants.

    There’s talk now that the Swedish Democrats are growing in popularity, similar parties are growing in popularity in other Euro countries as well that are against massive immigration (specifically from Islamic countries).

    Let’s just hope these parties gain a foothold before it’s too late.

  8. Let me put in my perspective.

    We should keep in mind that these immigrant populations are kept in check quite effectively by their own tribes, governments, and they are the majority, or only, populations in their own countries. And that these governments are among the weakest, most inefficient, most corrupt on earth. So, controlling the immigrants, all in all, should be a soluble problem, once you get rid of certain assumptions, such as one-man, one-vote and infinite right to infinite legal procedures. The real danger is foreign, not domestic, intervention.

  9. “these governments are among the weakest”

    I wouldn’t call a dictator like Assad, Saddam or Gaddafi weak.

    There are a handful of countries in Africa that are not brutal dictatorships.

    There are people in the world that can’t be ruled without a dictatorship. Most african and certainly all muslim nations need very limited options and brutal repression to avoid killing each other. There is no reason to think that they would arrive in Europe and magically change.

  10. The thing that puzzles me is that most of the ‘refugees’ are young males. Assume that their ability to breed is severely limited by the fact that young European women just do not find them attractive and refuse to miscegenate. I know there are a few women who do, but are they enough to make a change to the colour of the European race? Hundreds of thousands of young african or asian males wandering around Europe causing mayhem but not being able to propagate their kind isn’t going to lead to a melding of the races. Even if they do manage to capture a white woman there will not be the extended family on both sides supporting him and protecting the woman and children so it is bound to end in tragedy. The cultures are just too different. Bringing in African women to partner the African men is not what the Kalergi plan is about.
    How do the non compos mentis in Brussels propose to produce the ‘new European man’?

    • They will first kill or enslave all the European men and then rape the women to their heart’s content. It will not matter that the European woman does not find them attractive or is unwilling to breed with them; their will simply be no choice left to them by that point.

  11. Last week I went to change wheels to Skarholmen in Stockholm, the probably Syrian refugee run business was the only one in Stockholm that had the right tires on stock, and they would change it straight away – something unthinkable when dealing with Swedes. The good old Swedes would always have you book a day next week. The Syrians (?) don’t keep the same ‘new, clean, and polished’ standard as a Swedish business would, but they do work and get their hands dirty – and I don’t think these guys are the ones that will cause trouble, because they came here to make living.

    Next to the wheel shop is the famous Skarholmen mall, but that is something else. The street outside – if I took a picture, I could tell you it’s in Africa, or Istanbul, and you’d have no way of knowing that this place is actually in Stockholm. True diversity I tell ya. Barber shops, goldsmiths, make up and clothing. And – cell phones. Traditional ‘Swedish’ tool shops like Clas Ohlson nowhere to be found.

    I never witnessed any problems with these Africans, but that may be because I’m kinda big. But judging by the numbers of hijabs, girls better cover themselves before they go experience diversity in the little Stockholmian ‘Africa’ Hijabs certainly rule in that part of town. It was interesting to see it for a day.

  12. “Stealing Swedish Jobs?” Most of these people have no intention of working. They are stealing Swedish money and resources.

  13. Everyone must do something. When there were few migrants, it was necessary to make every effort to inform them that they were not welcome here. There are few migrants in my city, but they always get uncomfortable when I get in their way. It is a great pity that I live far from the local mosque, otherwise I would walk my schnauzer nearby. From more effective actions, my husband restrains me, who constantly scolds me because I’m looking for trouble.
    It is necessary to write more on this topic, to lead pages in social networks, to talk with people.

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