“It is Not Possible to Think of Giving Up”

JLH has translated an inspiring interview with the prominent German Counterjihad activist Michael Stürzenberger. The translator includes this note:

Many of us at GoV have commented and reported on Michael Stürzenberger — or “Stürz” as Oz-Rita likes to call him — over the past years, and I vividly remember his days as a columnist and interviewer at Politically Incorrect. We have watched in awe as he took on the powers-that-be in Munich, revived the White Rose with its only surviving member, and suffered numerous counterstrokes. But until reading his answers at the end of this interview, I did not appreciate the full extent of his day-to-day misery. A horrifying example of what one of our most prominent American political families christened (and practiced) as “the politics of personal destruction”.

It is sad that the leftist pressure can alienate even friends and relatives. It is deeply ironic to think of the legitimate pleas for tolerance of minorities, women, and gays over the years, often made by some of the same people who are now happy to see the misery of ostracism visited on people who disagree with them.

The translated interview from Journalistenwatch:

“It Is the Duty of An Enlightened Citizen to Resist Islam!”

From the first Michael Stürzenberger has been an Islam-explicator. And right from the start, serious obstacles have been placed on his path to accomplishing his task, so crucial to the survival of Germany. Driven into the “Nazi-corner” by politicians and the media, hounded by the legal system, shunned by the banks, stigmatized by the intelligence services, threatened with death by Islamizers, attacked by counter-demonstrators, banned by restaurants — he has had to struggle all these years merely to exist.

But he has never given up. It is time for a comparatively personal interview with one of the few people in Germany with some backbone.

Journalistenwatch: When, on what occasion and in what form did the subject “Islam” penetrate your consciousness for the first time?

Michael Stürzenberger: Islam was not on my radar before September 11, 2001. With that apocalyptic terrorist attack, the so-called “religion of peace” vaulted into my life. I wondered what had compelled these 19 Muslims to kill themselves along with thousands of others. When it became known that Mohammed Atta and company had in their written declarations cited verses from the Koran as the basis for their terrorism, I read that book from cover to cover. Then everything was clear.

So, you previously had no personal contact with “offensive”-acting Muslims, and the mosques in Munich were just normal houses of worship to you?

Before 9/11, I had neither concerned myself with Islam nor had any noteworthy contact with Muslims. Only one time at the beginning of the 1990s, when my favorite disco in Munich — “Liberty” — was taken over by Turks, renamed the “Bebek Club” and Germans were not welcome there. I seriously wondered what was going on. But I did not continue to worry about that, because I was involved with my career as a journalist.

What edition of the Koran did you read, and what effect did the Koranic Suras have on you? Did you read other books on the subject?

In my library, I have those by Max Henning and Rudi Paret; I have compared them with the Koran edition of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany on their internet site, islam.de, and with the Salafist Koran, which is being passed out by the hundreds of thousands on the streets of Germany. There are no notable differences in the formulations. The pertinent commands to violence, battle and killing are the same everywhere. Christians and ex-Muslims from Islamic countries have confirmed to me that the Arabic edition is also comparable, if not even harsher in several instances.

Anyone who reads the Koran through instantly recognizes it as a literal manual for Muslim terrorists who are causing trouble all over the world. Even the 1400-year history of Islam’s conquest is not surprising. And then, when you examine the biography of the “prophet” and warlord, Mohammed, who is responsible for the entire Islamic ideology, the connections become clear. Anyone who still maintains that Islam is a religion of “peace” is either a conscious liar, or needs to have his head examined.

As you say, 9/11 was just one more Islamic terrorist act in the long, violent history of this “religion of peace.” But this event shook the entire Western world. For many, as for you, this day was the impetus to critically examine Islam. But only a few have dared to take the next step and become dedicated Islam-explicators.

What brought you to take this risky step? What was it like? Where and how did you become involved?

When it became clear to me after 9/11 that the timelessly valid commandments of the Koran are responsible for the bloody trail of war and conquests emanating from the area of present-day Saudi Arabia, I began to write articles for Germany’s greatest alternative news blog, Politically Incorrect. With the PI Munich group, I took part in the so-called “dialogue”-presentations to arouse citizens with critical questions, and to expose the taqiyya and continuous universal lying indulged in by Islamic functionaries. I became a member of Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, assumed the chair of the Bavarian state group, and attempted to contribute to educating the populace by means of information booths. It became clearer and clearer to me that something had to be done in the political arena. Nine months after René Stadtkewitz founded FREIHEIT, I left the CSU and joined this party. Since the end of 2013, I have been the national chair and, with my party colleagues, have above all worked with the themes which the AfD is presently avoiding like a third rail: the danger posed by Islam, the irresponsible immigration policy and the massive abuse of asylum. The most important project is the citizen’s petition against the European Islamic center, for which we have to date collected 67,000 signatures and which is now being blocked by the city of Munich with legal sophistries.

There were already Islamic terrorist attacks before 9/11 and afterwards they multiplied — mass murder in the name of Allah all over the world. If in the past it was to spread Islam through violence and to take territory, now there must be some other strategy behind it. Do these violence-prone representatives of Islam intend to spread fear and horror? And if so, why? Do they only want to provoke a return violence and so recruit even more co-religionists to their “war” against the infidels? What are the terrorist attacks really about?

Islam is about the complete subjection of non-Muslims, and about worldwide domination. Spreading fear and horror is a legitimate means of intimidating the “infidels” into fearfully bowing to the dominion of Islam. The Koran teaches fighting and killing dissenters until all people worship Allah as God and dissenters are reduced to second class citizens, have fewer rights and must pay Muslims a special tribute. They may even be made to work as slaves for Muslims. The Islamic expansion has historically cost 270 million non-Muslims their lives. And the number increases daily.

So if the Koran calls for violence and so-called warriors of God use it as an authority, why do the 2.2 billion Muslims in the world not all go off to war and spread terror on a daily basis? As a Muslim, is it not necessary to taken the Koran so seriously? Or are there different directions in the Islamic world? Can the Koran be diversely interpreted?

In accordance with the Koran, Islam has been expanding by means of war for 1400 years. In countries ruled by Islam, those of other faiths are oppressed and frequently killed. People are forced to live under sharia, Islamic law. Horrible physical punishments, stoning and executions are common. In Western countries where Muslims are in the minority — according to Islamic decrees or “fatwas,” they are expected to be unobtrusive, until they are in the majority. Then they will begin jihad — Islamic holy war, to bring Islam to power.

Terrorism is the signature feature of Islam. Meanwhile, Islam has been expanding “peacefully” all over the world. In many Western countries, Muslims are still a minority, but demography shows that they could become a majority in the foreseeable future. Isn’t this development far more dangerous, because it cannot be countered, and isn’t this expansion also a part of jihad?

The creeping infiltration of Western countries through demographic increase — the so-called birth jihad — is far more dangerous than the expansion of Islam through war, terrorism and violence. It happens insidiously, so that many people do not understand that Islam is taking over important parts of the society piecemeal. This can only be confronted with logical explication of the dangerous elements of Islam, to finally close the door on the spread of Islamic theology.

Why is it so easy for the Islamizers in Germany? Why is Islamization moving forward so rapidly? Or is that deceptive? Is it the same in other Western countries? Who is to blame that Islam is able to spread everywhere in the world as it does?

Appeasement of Islam is evident everywhere in the West. For several reasons.

1.   The naked fear of ruling politicians that criticism of Islam may unleash waves of terrorism and uncontrollable uprisings in the Muslim parallel societies.
2.   The fear of being accused by the leftist media of “xenophobia,” “Islamophobia” and “racism” at the first criticism of Islam.
3.   The presumed loss through criticizing Islam of billions in investments from Arabic-Muslim countries as well of large orders for German firms.
4.   The danger of oil and gas deliveries from these countries being cut off.

There is extensive self-censorship in Germany with regard to our own history. So the insanity of leftist political correctness against any criticism of Islam and therefore of “foreigners” is widespread in Germany. Since the 68ers’ “March through the institutions,” leftist do-gooders have been entrenched in politics, the media, unions and social organizations. It is hard to make headway against their cumulative propagandist white-washing of Islam.

On the one hand, Islam is gaining influence in every area of society. On the other hand, the proponents of Islam criticism are irretrievably at loggerheads, dominated by envy and competition and concerned in many blogs only with introspection. In these circumstances, can complete Islamization even be stopped? If so, how?

The extent of the threat does not seem to be clear to many people. Some seem to see it as a kind of virtual game where you can make a name for yourself. To achieve coherent civilian resistance, things must get much worse, so that the danger is clear to everyone. The internal quarrels could end in Germany, when/if the terrorist attacks and civil war-like conditions start up. The question is, whether it would then already be too late for a halfway peaceful solution. We in the Islam-critical citizens’ community want to do it peacefully, with argumentation and reasoning But because we are being fought absolutely fanatically; Islam is expanding unhindered. And so, in a few years, we will be faced with a scenario that will rock our country and Europe to their foundations.

As one of the first Islam critics, you have from the start been an object of hatred. By both the right and the left. By the Islamizers and their henchmen in politics and the media. There have been never-ending attempts to destroy you economically. You have been threatened endlessly. They have tried to finish you with criminal charges and legal verdicts.

How did get through it? Didn’t you sometimes think about giving up political resistance? Aren’t you terribly disappointed — including by the traitors “in your own ranks”?

That is a legitimate question. I am deeply disappointed that citizens in the West are so reluctant to demonstrate their discontent publicly on the street. It is frustrating, for example, to see as few as 50 people at a PEGIDA demonstration. Many people are even afraid to demonstrate openly about Islam, asylum and immigration, because the social pressure is enormous.

For instance, our party, DIE FREIHEIT, which has held various rallies, can no longer have an account at any of the 2,800 banks in Germany, and is therefore existentially endangered. We are now forced to legally demand our obvious right to have our own account. It is hard to believe how brazen the assault on Islam-criticism is in this country.

I myself have been terminated by five banks and banned in various pubs and restaurants in Munich, because I am being defamed as a “xenophobe.” In my hometown, Bad Kissingen, I was removed after 20 years as stadium announcer of an international youth soccer tournament, after the Main Post carried an attack article against me. Even friends and relatives in the leadership of my sports club, TSV Hausen, where I played soccer as a young boy, have turned against me because of the public pressure.

For years, I have been hounded from one courtroom to another. People have tried to demoralize me, bleed me dry financially and thereby silence me. In the Bavarian Security Service (literally “Constitutional Protection”), a new rubric was created to facilitate our stigmatization because of our Islam criticism — the so-called “constitutionally relevant Islam-hostility.” *

When you also get a kick in the shins from those in the same foxhole with you, when the enemy is so thick around you, you sometimes wonder whether this whole thing is worth it.

But the immense importance of our cause is clear, and so it is not possible to think of giving up. So long as politicians and the media continue to act irresponsibly, it is undeniably the duty of every enlightened citizen to resist. Even if it now and then feels as if you are Don Quixote, tilting at windmills.

* i.e., for the special attention of state security and intelligence services.

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25 thoughts on ““It is Not Possible to Think of Giving Up”

  1. Thank you Gates of Vienna and JLH for that and all our work btw!

    Sturzi (the “i” at the end in German makes the word an affectionate diminutive, not that there is anything diminutive in that big courageous man) would have to be one of the most brave and most articulate Germans I have seen – and I am absolutely astounded at his resiliance despite the tidal waves of effluent sent against him. That he is still standing, physically and metaphorically makes him a true Hero and those who try to destroy him would not come up to his ankles had they access to a ladder as high as that of “Jacob”.

  2. “We in the Islam-critical citizens’ community want to do it peacefully, with argumentation and reasoning But because we are being fought absolutely fanatically; Islam is expanding unhindered.”

    That’s the main problem. If this is dealt with earlier and more effectively then much destruction can be avoided. But it seems that people in western society are now complete slaves to short term thinking.

    I don’t know if this is caused by dependency on just-in-time economics, technological disruption, or what, but it’s possible that Islam is exposing some problems that are actually bigger problems than Islam itself.

    • I think that, given how illogical attitudes are to Islam, one should always “follow the money”, and in this case assume that those who hold influence are in some sort of ‘payoff’ either in specie or in ‘influence’.

      What is certain is that is lslam has had an open invitation to make themselves at home in our front parlours. But not from us.

      • We didn’t have children so we imported them. We imported them from places that won’t share our culture. Our future will be of the culture we imported which will clash against ours because this is explicitly part of the ideology we imported. But we didn’t believe in our culture anyhow, certainly not enough to have enough children to enjoy it themselves.

        As seniors, our lack of children excuses our “economic immigration” to pay for our increasing pension needs but that group costs us more annually, in billions, than it contributes.

        Facts abound about the dangers of Islam in any form but the will to engage them from our elite might never come. Think balkanization and Handmaid’s Islamic Tale.

        “I’ve seen the future baby, it is murder.” Leonard Cohen

        • Reagan , when met with Deng Xiaoping, criticized China’s lack of locomotion(movement), Deng replied : ” Allow me to move 100 million people to your country….”. Fotunately or unfortunately, that is happening now in the United States ! In California alone, there are thousands of underground/aboveground so called ” Pre-maternal Care Centers” housing and taking care of pregnant women moved in from China. In ten years time, there will be 200 million ABC (American Born Chinese) babes to be put in the great ” Melting Pot” . Question is who is melting whom ??

  3. When did Islam penetrate my concsiesness? First, 5 years ago on a crowded platform of Cologne Railway Station.We were standing in a specially disigned smokers area when a young guy approached from more than 20 yards away and claimed to be molested by my smoke. I cooly responded that we were going to finish that cigarette, whereupon he took a walk. That guy was of muslim background and physically the size of half of my usual pre-breakfast snacks,by which I want to say that, was I less civilized, I could have blown him to pieces.So what was that about? He wanted to humiliate me, a native of standing and age.Then I started to remember : 35 years before, we were invited along with moroccan friends of mine to dine at his half brothers house in a small village of Morocco.
    This was generous, as this guy was a poor farmer,illiterate and following the comments of his kinfolks, a sponger. When talk came to religion, I expressed my reserves(I was young and not yet a diplomat) which he commented with: I have the existence of a donkey without god. He was talking to a guest, college professor in those days.
    Figure this extent of arrogance! Now I know better.

  4. Bad Kissingen! A lovely little North Bavarian town where I spent two years in the Artillery longer ago that I like to remember–but the ‘KRAUTS’ he describes are a far cry from those Bavarians I fished, shot, and drank with in the late ’60’s.
    Something happened to them.
    Something bad.
    I’m afraid it has happened here as well.
    Well, our old ex-Nazi Kasserne is no more (thanks Google Earth), and that ugly scar of “the border” is no longer discernible over the land. It seems some other scar–deeper and more ugly–has appeared even though not yet visible.
    Poor Deutschland.
    Poor us.

  5. At one point, in his palpatory responses to the oddly asymptotic nudges from the interviewer, Stürzenberger said:

    “The creeping infiltration of Western countries through demographic increase — the so-called birth jihad — is far more dangerous than the expansion of Islam through war, terrorism and violence…”

    I’m not sure why one has to formulate the stealth jihad as “more” dangerous than the violent jihad. Such a formulation implies a number of fallacies — that violent jihad isn’t the Islamic end game (penultimate to their desideratum of final global conquest which, of course, will likely never happen); that stealth jihad without violence is by itself a bad thing; that the whole raison d’etre of stealth jihad isn’t precisely to facilitate our violent subjugation (and that thus stealth jihad and violent jihad work together in hidden tandem); that Westerners would passively and peacefully submit to the disastrously radical transformation of their socieities which the logical end game of “creeping shariah” portends; and so forth.

    Ironically, this imprecise language the Counter-Jihad tends to use when articulating the various problems of stealth jihad actually often have the effect of detaching it from violent jihad — which is precisely the main, crucial tactic in the overall Islamic strategy (analogous to the Good Cop/Bad Cop strategy, which only works if the dupe under interrogation believes the two Cops are not in fact colluding with each other).

    • Less articulate and less dipolomatic (also less courageous being a mere keyboard activist), let me put more vulgarily what Michael Stürzenberger was referring to:

      1. http://chersonandmolschky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Other_Bomb.jpg (*)

      2. “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” (Attributed Houari Boumedienne, or Adolf Erdogan I dont remember.)

      3. http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/germany-now-germany-then.html

      (*) @ Baron Bodissey: please feel free to edit out the potentially “too hot potatoes” in my answer.

      • Thank you Rita for the link to the German poligamy report. Throughout watching I kept wondering how to solve this problem. Most of my solutions are way too draconian for any Western nation although they would work in the long run.
        How about if “residential centers” were set up in remote areas of Germany where “single mothers” had to attend for 6 months with their children prior to receiving benefits. The mothers and children would be educated in German literacy, history, basic German values, selected for training programs, etc. After the 6 months they are asked if they want to return to their previous lives or, would they like job training and placement in another city? This would have to go to all mothers be they immigrants or native.
        Sort of like an assimilation intensive course that hangs a huge carrot out in front and a stick in back. I know, it’s a pipe dream.

        • well, babs, you just entered a minefield.
          First of all, Germany with its 82 million inhabitants on the surface of ( roughly) California has no remote areas, and those residential centres have a certain history in Germany and had a different name I shall not recall, but there is the word ” camp” involved.And last but not least, the Nazis had such a program called Aktion Lebensborn where single mothers were supposed to give birth to racially “prime”offspring. I agree with you in the sense of draconian mesures I sometimes fancy.

        • America has many more “remote areas” than Germany. That would be a good idea for any girl/woman applying for the “right” to live at the taxpayers’ expense.

        • babs, I think your “draconian” solutions are far more generous than would be my solutions. You may call me a “tough nut” 😉

      • I heard it was Boumedienne, just another muslim with no knowledge of geography. Perhaps they were south of where he was standing, but the only muslim country (mainly) in the southern hemisphere is Indonesia, and they’re not coming from there.

    • What I think is meant by “far more dangerous” is that the slow demographic transformation is too easily ignored or dismissed by the willfully blind and is not appreciated for the real danger it is; that it is just as destructive of an existing society as if it had been destroyed through a violent invasion. The Western nations are more likely to be subverted and then subjugated in this way rather than attacked “through war, terrorism and violence”; to resort to offensive jihad in Europe today just might open the eyes of the willfully blind to the threat. So, stealth jihad is “far more dangerous” because it is more likely to succeed.

      Further, I’m sure the vast majority of GoV readers are precisely aware of the three stages of civilizational jihad: stealth, defensive and offensive and their interrelatedness. (See Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.) “Islam’s True Colors” for an excellent primer at http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/islams-true-colors.) Europe is currently transitioning from stealth to defensive jihad; the Charlie Hebdo and hyper cacher murders in Paris are an example of the latter. Scripturally, offensive jihad can only be embark upon with the existence of a Caliphate, hence the Islamic State, a wholly apt and accurate name; this is the phase of conquering armies and the seizing of territory and the full implementation of shariah’s theocratic totalitarianism. Currently Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State) isn’t a direct threat to the German homeland, but the Turkish barracks (mosques) in Germany are, and so, again, stealth jihad is “far more dangerous,” as the same existential threat goes unappreciated by far too many.

      Nonetheless, all are welcomed and encouraged to the defense of the West and becoming well-informed of the threat is an essential first step.

  6. Baron, I have been a stauch reader of your site since the revelation of the Red House compound. In all that you do, I support you and pray for you and all who speak the truth of evil before the Lord Our God, Christ Jesus. Our lives, our homes, our nations are under attack by an insidious force of satan. Mr. Stürzenberger, and the Baron here at this blog site, are the true defenders of the West… of all that is good, and true, and right in this world against the forces of satan and evil. We are, and will be, met at every turn, by these same forces of evil in our government and all facets of society by those that have been turned by corruption of spirit and soul. I pray to St. Michael the Archangel, to defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray And you, Oh Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell satan and all the evil spirits that prowl the earth for the ruin of men’s souls. Holger Danke is stirring…

  7. Aren’t most of the Western European countries ‘gun free’ zones? If so, the stealth ji had will be very successful. The mosques there are armories.

    • The mosques are ‘community centers’ not barracks. What or who gave you such an insane idea? Still, personally I think you may have something there.

      • I can’t tell if you’re joking or not…The Turkish PM put it very plainly:

        “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”
        ―Recep Tayyip Erdogan

        That doesn’t make the idea any less insane, of course. Islam’s tenets are bloody and insane.

        • You are absolutely right Dympna. That was the point I was making. Never a joke. More like Cameron speak on the religion of peace. One of Islamic ego Erdo’s more recent truths about Islam goes something like ‘there is no moderate Islam – just Islam’. Jehad centers are spread across the country like a network of medieval castles with all the potential for use in the 21st century mohammadan irrational emotional going for broke for Allalala.

  8. You say you “are not sure”. I understand that you are not sure about what you are saying. What you call fallacies are actually hypotheses which may or may not be verified, especially where reference is made to future possibilites in society.
    That the enemy is within and possibly more dangerous than a clear and present danger without is not some deep philosophical problem -it’s something that warrants a practical investigation.

  9. I just hope Mike S realizes that there are people who completely understand and appreciate his work. He is a German patriot, and a defender of civilization. Very fitting Memorial Day interview.

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