“History is Repeating Itself”

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the party Die Freiheit, which is in the forefront of German resistance to Islamization. Every Saturday Mr. Stürzenberger gives a talk at a public gathering in central Munich, and takes signatures for a petition against a proposed mega-mosque financed by Qatar.

The following video is from the Die Freiheit event in Munich on May 17. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   At our rallies there are many
00:04   citizens from foreign countries
00:08   who get information here, many sign
00:12   who fled Syria, Egypt
00:16   Iraq, and all tell us
00:20   “You cannot imagine what happens in Islamic countries.”
00:24   Christians are second class and are persecuted
00:29   and very often killed. Here are people from Saudi Arabia
00:33   and they have heard nothing about
00:37   Raif Badawi. Here he is.
00:41   He is an example of a
00:45   young, modern Muslim. In Saudi Arabia
00:49   he wrote on his blog: Muslims, Jews and Christians
00:53   are humans of equal value.” You know what happened?
00:57   For this he got the death penalty in Saudi Arabia.
01:02   Why? Because it is blasphemy
01:06   to say all humans are equal: according to Islamic ideology
01:10   Muslims are superior and above all others.
01:14   All non-Muslims are “kuffar”, meaning inferior
01:18   unworthy of life. The Koran says,
01:22   “Those who don’t believe in Allah are worth less than animals.
01:26   That is how they treat non-Muslims in countries
01:30   where Islam rules, in all 57 Islamic countries.
01:34   There all non-Muslims are second class,
01:39   who should be grateful for being tolerated.
01:43   Raif Badawi was in court
01:47   and fought for his life. He said: “I’m Muslim as you are;
01:51   you cannot kill me.” He recited the Islamic creed in Arabic
01:55   three times, and consequently they could not
01:59   kill him any longer. So they converted
02:03   the punishment into 10 years prison
02:08   and 1000 lashes. This poor guy,
02:12   look at him, this is a modern, enlightened Muslim,
02:16   but everyone with modern, enlightened
02:20   views will be punished viciously. Islam
02:24   does not allow such views. This poor guy
02:28   will not survive the 1000 lashes.
02:32   You know what it means to be whipped to death. That’s Islam,
02:36   that is the motherland of Islam, it all started there, that’s where every Muslim
02:40   has to go on pilgrimage to Mecca. That’s the centre of this ideology.
02:44   From there Islam spread out
02:49   and in 632 when they left Saudi Arabia
02:53   for the biggest war of conquest in human history,
02:57   in 70 years they went through all North Africa and even set foot in France,
03:01   and if in the year 684
03:05   Martell had not defended Europe,
03:09   Europe would have been Islamised already then.
03:13   (thugs systematically drown out words on Islamic invasion data)
03:17   (thugs yell over historical data)
03:21   can you hear them yell…
03:25   hear these Muslims yell…
03:30   they yell, people.
03:34   You don’t have to be Nostradamus
03:38   to see the population development…(inaudible)
03:42   they have more children than we have, and once they are in the majority
03:46   then God help us, then they will not only yell,
03:50   and not only throw small stones, then they will use big stones,
03:54   and then they will fulfill what they already announce.
03:58   Here in the Munich pedestrian zone they yelled to us:
04:02   You Christians pigs, once we are in power, we string you up,
04:06   and he is proud of that, look at him, the one with the blue jumper,
04:10   thumbs up, they promote this even here.
04:15   What do you think is in their heads
04:19   (inaudible)
04:23   He knows the Koran, he knows Islam, he said,
04:27   “Everyone who accepts the Koran as order of Allah is a potential terrorist,”
04:31   and Muslims are obliged to accept the Koran as the word
04:35   and command of Allah. People, do you get
04:39   it? The danger we are in here in Europe? But most
04:43   of you don’t know. One can still walk in the pedestrian zone.
04:47   The circumstances are not yet blatantly civil-war like.
04:51   but they are announcing themselves, the fight has already begun.
04:55   In the subways and suburban trains
04:59   non-Muslims are often attacked
05:04   with the words: “s*** Christian, s*** German”.
05:08   They are stamped on when they lie on the ground
05:12   until the brains spill out. And this perverted
05:16   violence, where does it come from? I can tell you
05:20   It comes from the contempt for humanity in Islam.
05:24   The Koran says: cut off their hands and feet,
05:28   behead them, kill them wherever you find them.
05:32   Those who grow up with that have the killer
05:37   gene in them. And this threatens us
05:41   increasingly in Europe. And it intensifies year after year.
05:45   because they have more children. I already feel sorry
05:49   for the coming generations. Because the children in kindergarten
05:53   and schools will be confronted with Muslim majorities.
05:57   In Brussels already half
06:01   of all children are Muslims. Do you get it?
06:05   Islamic parallel societies are in all European countries.
06:09   And they are hostile. From all over Europe,
06:13   Jews already flee to Israel, because their lives are not safe any longer.
06:18   In Germany two rabbis have already been stabbed to death, one in Berlin, one
06:22   in Frankfurt, simply because they wore a kippa.
06:26   In Berlin and Frankfurt the Muslim population is already very strong.
06:30   Do you see that history is repeating itself? Do you know that Islam and National Socialism
06:34   both have the same ideological laws,
06:38   and they worked together then (during Nazism)?
06:42   They worked together, and history is repeating itself. Again
06:46   Jews are in danger in Germany in Europe. And if someone stands up
06:50   and acts against this. No. Now the danger comes from Islam and one looks away
06:54   because everyone who criticises Islam is a racist
06:59   and a Nazi and a xenophobe. Such idiocy,
07:03   one should be able to criticise a dangerous ideology. We are now
07:07   like the “White Rose” who warned about the Nazis
07:11   and who were dragged before the courts as traitors and killed.
07:15   For us it’s not quite as bad yet, although they drag us before the courts
07:19   and we are condemned, unlike the Leftists and Muslims who are often acquitted
07:23   for the same “delicts”.
07:27   But signs are already clear that we are heading for similar structures.
07:32   Islam is protected all over Europe
07:36   by left politicians, by the media, and by the judiciary.
07:40   It is unbelievable what is happening. We have politicians like
07:44   Claudia Roth who has a big influence with her Green Party.
07:48   Do you know she walked around 1990 with banners: “Germany, never again”.
07:52   These are haters of people, haters of Germany.
07:56   (Name?) said, “Germany disappears a little more each day,
08:00   and this is good.” Joschka Fischer said, “Germany must be fenced in from the outside and
08:04   diluted from the inside.” These are left Germany-haters
08:08   who work hard at increasing the number of asylum seekers.
08:13   They want to dilute Germany, and for this they are ready to
08:17   facilitate the invasion by representatives of a hostile ideology
08:21   who will eventually take over this country. Islam demands that as soon
08:25   as they are in the majority they take over political power.
08:29   It is written in the Koran that Islam must triumph over all other religions
08:33   People, we have 50 million Muslims in Europe,
08:37   and you are told: “They are all modern and enlightened.”
08:41   Fiddlesticks, people, you are told lies!
08:45   A study just published by the Scientific Institute in Berlin
08:49   has found that two thirds of all Muslims want Sharia
08:54   Two thirds! That’s more than 30 million.
08:58   They want Sharia, and they are now among us.
09:02   Once at the Stachus we distributed free copies of our constitution to Muslims.
09:06   You know what they did? They burnt them.,
09:10   burnt our constitution. That shows their
09:14   mindsets, they hate our constitution.
09:18   By the way, they also don’t respect our police, because police represent
09:22   German state power, and that’s why
09:26   our police are often attacked by Muslims. Salafists
09:30   in Bonn tried to stab police to death.
09:34   That is not only attempted murder of our police,
09:38   this is an attack on our democratic nation of law.
09:43   People, if we don’t resist now, this country will be Islamised.
09:47   Dr. Thilo Sarrazin gave us a very important book,
09:51   “Deutschland schafft sich ab” He has
09:55   documented exactly that we, because of
09:59   demographic developments …(drowned out by book-and truth-haters)
10:03   People, come to us
10:07   and sign
10:12   (drowned out)
10:16   (drowned out)
10:20   Come to us, sign (the referendum against a mega-mosque and Islamic centre in Munich).
10:24   Thank you.

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  1. He mentions Charles Martel and the expulsion of the Muslims from Europe. He is not quite right here, in reality it was Guillaume de Gellone (Wlliam of Orange) who defeated the Muslims in Septimania (Provence in southern France) in the 8th century. This was when the Dutch lived in Orange, in France, from whence the royal title originated.

    But the Princes of Orange were evicted from Orange during the Reformation, along with the other Huguenots, and they retreated to Holland. It was therefore Holland that was at the very core of the Enlightenment movement, with the English king William of Orange (who was Dutch) defeating the Darkness of Catholicism. And it was the 17th century Reformation that established the Enlightenment, and it was the Enlightenment – the freedom to think – that gave us the the Industrial Revolution and all of the modern world.

    We are counting on the Dutch saving civilisation once more. The Princes of Orange saved Europe from Islamic despotism in the 8th century. They then saved Europe from Catholic despotism in the 17th century. And we are counting on the Dutch saving Europe from Islamic despotism in the 21st century.

    Come on Wilders. Come on Holland. Come on the Princes of Orange – you can do it one more time…….

  2. @McJones
    The words and arguments of others never have an affect on you? Don’t eat that! You won’t like that movie! Come on.

    Don’t you see that we are trying to create apostates so that we survive the doctrinal hatred of a billion Muslims? We need some of them to be on our side, a Muslim reformation. We can’t kill all the folks who are told to kill us …”wherever they find us.”

    Are you for your own survival?

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