In Munich, The Fight Goes On

As reported in this space last spring, the state government of Bavaria identified the political party Die Freiheit and the Munich branch of the website Politically Incorrect as potentially anti-constitutional, due to their negative stance towards Islam. Since then the authorities have done everything in their power, short of an outright ban on the party and the website, to prevent the citizens of Munich from supporting Die Freiheit and its petition drive against a new mosque.

JLH has translated an article from Politically Incorrect by Michael Stürzenberger with the latest on the campaign of repression. The translator includes this introductory note:

After reading Rembrandt Clancy’s translation of the plight of Christians in Syria, I am tempted to regard this as a comment on the attitude of Western Christianity to its suffering brethren. The twisted argument of accusing Islam-critics of cynically making use of “innocent Christian” victims to blame Muslims (should we blame the Buddhists or the Vikings?) could until recently have existed in “1984” or the court of Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen, but now apparently passes for logic in Western Christendom.

Michael Stürzenberger, whom we first encountered at Politically Incorrect as columnist and accomplished interviewer of Hans-Peter Raddatz, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and others, joinedDie Freiheit, won an internal election which left him in charge in Munich, and caused the desertion of a number of moderates. His subsequent career as a “crusader” against the planned EU Islamic center in Munich, including numerous impromptu speeches and encounters in service of the petition, makes me think of him as the Ted Cruz of so-called conservatism in German politics.

The translated article:

Munich: A Whole City Against a Handful of Islam-Clarifiers

by Michael Stürzenberger

Right now, Munich is the best example of how a handful of explicators of Islam can completely discombobulate a city that is sick unto death with the leftist-red-green disease. An overwhelming alliance of almost all parties in the City Council, churches and unions is mobilizing against Die Freiheit and its citizen initiative. Mayor Ude is having flyers printed, warning citizens not to sign. His Munich SPD is running the “unsubscribe” campaign, urging citizens to withdraw their signatures. How afraid these PC hypocrites must be that the citizens of Munich will speak out against the construction of this Islamic center!

At our demonstration in the extremely enriched quarter of Munich, Hasenbergl, the proprietor of the Mira shopping center had a stand erected just before the entrance to 504 Schleißheimerstraße, where Ude’s flyer was displayed. Paid for, by the way, by Munich taxpayers.

[Picture of stand with announcement from the “Department Against Right-Extremism,” warning that the leaders of the petition drive — the local chapter of Die Freiheit and the Munich segment of PI — are being surveilled by the Bavarian security office because their activities are damaging to the constitution, so be careful about giving or leaving your signature in support of the petition.]

As I was taking pictures of it, three immigrant-looking types came out. One of them — possibly the proprietor — wanted to forbid my taking pictures. He tried to stop me by saying that this harassment of his customers would become widely known.

Added to that, there was the injunction to withdraw signatures already given.

[Picture of another flyer featuring the emblem and endorsement of a variety of parties, agencies and religious groups in the city.]

Like the Gauls, we are surrounded. Not by Roman legions, but by leftist infiltrated parties, organizations and especially churches. First and foremost the Evangelische, which is sometimes designated as a leftist-infected organization, collaborating with Islam. Those in Munich are leading the way:

“The Synod of the Evangelic [Protestant]-Lutheran Diaconate of Munich condemns the activities of the party, Die Freiheit in the strongest possible terms. As one of the parties to the democratic alliance ‘Munich is diverse,’ the synod stands against any form of rightist populism and joins the position taken by the Catholic council of the Munich area on April 19, 2013.”

In lockstep with Munich Catholics:

The Catholic Council rejects in the strongest possible terms the attempt by the party Die Freiheit to co-opt the countless innocent victims of persecution of Christians in its Islam-hostile propaganda and use them for its own inhumane goals. This intrusion of extremist persons and networks is against every Christian and human sentiment. … Since publication of the Bavarian security forces report, Die Freiheit and its local leader, Michael Stürzenberger are considered hostile to the constitution.

Like the Catholic Council of the Munich area, the Diaconate Synod further calls upon you to resist the calls to action and actions of Die Freiheit and the Munich group of the internet blog Politically Incorrect — likewise identified as hostile to the constitution — and to warn against their activities.

This “Position Paper of the Synod of the Evangelical-Lutheran Diaconate District of Munich on the Activities of the Party Die Freiheit“ was authored by its leader, Barbara Kittleberger, who is also responsible for the sermon delivered on March 10th of this year in St. Lukas Church by “Scandal Imam” Idriz.

So now we can ask, like the Gauls: “Is all of Munich occupied by the Left?” No. An indomitable few are resisting. And, like the Gauls, they have a powerful ally. What is a magic potion for some, is for others the unshakeable certainty, of having all the facts on your side. And so more and more people are showing their support, also the Israelite cultural community in Munich at the grassroots level. Anyone who has seen the grateful eyes of Christians who have escaped the Islamic hells of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., knows what we are fighting for. Many citizens are backing us i this unequal struggle, which we will certainly win. As Frederick the Great said:

“Truth does not need weapons to defend it, or violence to force people to believe it. It need only appear and, when its light has banished the clouds that are hiding it, its victory is assured.”

Last Wednesday, Die Freiheit held a petition drive in front of the Munich city hall, where a panel discussion will take place on December 16th on the subject “Danger for Urban Society?” It will deal exclusively with Die Freiheit and its petition drive:

“For a long time, there has been a right-populist campaign, mobilized by a petition against a mosque building project, encouraging generalized fear of Muslims. The participants are thereby acting against the guaranteed right of religious freedom in Germany. On the internet, they are pursuing a strategy of intimidating everyone who opposes them. Their goal is to enter the Munich city council in the community elections of 2014. This discussion will analyze the potential damage to democracy from Islam-hostile extremism, as well as what possible actions may be taken by the constitutional state, by the political establishment and by civil society.”

Did you notice? What is driving these duplicitous hypocrites is the naked fear that members of Die Freiheit could be elected to the city council and knock this whole PC circus into a cocked hat.

Attending this bizarre affair in city hall will be the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, CSU City Councilor Marian Offman, SPD State Representative Florian Ritter, Green ex-State Representative Susanna Tausendfreund and Mayor Christian Ude. Herbert Prantl of the domestic editorial staff of the Süddeutsche Zeitung will give the opening address; the moderator will be Özlem Sarikaya of Bavarian Radio. That’s quite a group! Not invited are those who are the subject of the discussion. That is because this group knows that in a factual discussion they will have NO chance. So they will talk about the others, not with them.

Also ridiculous was the declaration of all parties in the Munich city council against Die Freiheit shortly before the Bavarian state assembly elections. These desperate acts will enter the history books as historical irony and the last convulsions of politically correct hypocrisy.

The fight goes on.

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  1. I spent some time in Munich quite a few years ago. Coming from a place that was fairly multicultural avant la lettre, I found the monoculturalism refreshing: The Bavarians clearly had a culture, and they were clearly proud of it. The multicultis don’t want Europeans (or Americans or Canadians of European lineage) to have a culture, much less be proud of it.

    • Having lived in Munich previously, and visited it 4 times in 9 years, I concur… in fact, on my last visit in 2009, the CSU had some campaign posters up – with their last promise being to defend against Sharia!

      Bavarians are a proud bunch – so doubly surprising to see this level of political correctness and bowing down to the “enrichers”….

  2. This why we left the Church of England, thanks to Leftist “dialogue” with Islam and joined the Independent Catholic global Communion-utterly free of this [malodorous material] and “interfaith” manure. You don’t “dialogue” with evil and a pagan faith but stand up and speak out against it as I am now doing! You are either with Christ The Son of the One True God, or you ain’t?

    I am sick to death of all of it.

    Even where I live a sleepy village near Egham the pagans are now attempting to take a still congregation filled Roman Church, after being refused use of a nearby Chapel they wanted (according to reliable sources) redesignated as a “multifaith” prayer centre. It was so bad, I a still serving member of the local university alumnii and lecturer was refused permission by the local padre, despite Unversity regulations stating clearly that I have the right to use it and worship in it as was intended by the College’s Founder and Patron.

    But so fearful of Moslem groups trying to infiltrate it, the College it has decided to ban all outside Churches- and mine is one of the oldest Catholc Communions in Europe, in which I am a Bishop. Frankly I don’t blame the college one bit- these Islamic groups are a problem.

    I only found out about the local RC Church, which I am trying to obtain should the local Diocese sell off, beacuse one of my new parishioners who found out what was afoot complained to me. He has since become my Deacon.

    Despite vehement denials by the temporary priest, doing some research on the Internet using my academic skills and a quiet word in the village, seemed to confirm our worst fears…..

    Fulmer a tiny village nr Windsor and 8 miles from me now has an Islamic group running the local formerly Christian Centre, sold out by some fringe “Christian Bretheren”. The “Imam” (reported on this very site and in the Telegraph) has demanded the village become Islamic- in other words the native villagers sell up or else.

    Why do my fellow “Christians” sell out their own kind? When will they see beyond the filthy lucre. Is every soul for sale these days?

    I was called a “racist” by the “Tory” MP for Worcester and told my views and myself are “no longer welcome in our civilised country!” This arrogant tike was but another “Never Had A Job Schoolboy Campus Groomed Revolutionary” that permeates the Marxist TRIAD in England’s Parliament these days.

    He went onto state, my views-traditional Christian Middle England -“Catholic” in other words, were “extreme”, “hysterical”, “Far Right” etc…..I have been expecting “Plod” at my door all week to call at my Bishoperic. When the State start arresting clergy, you know we are lost…

    Good luck to Munich folk and their campaign to stop these pagan edifices….

  3. The left wing new nazi brownshirts, are the architects of ant white racism and phoney guilt accusations, playing the race card against all who see through their lies and skullduggery.

    Its now like nsdap 1939, many people are afraid to speak up against the left marxist traitors through fear of violence. Intimidation and defamation, assault. Character assasination and murder!

    These left wing traitors who have wormed there way in to all out institutions, goverments, media and schools, this cancer we must root out and fight back.

    Previosly the left appealed to the proletariat as there army for revolution, now they change tactics and realise islam is better suited to be used as there new proxy army, foot soldiers, to do the violent dirty work of overthrowing us,
    Muslims are fools, like the western working class was also duped into becoming members of swp, it was like a fashion to be a communist with your little red book, mao and all that.

    Now the little red book has been replaced by new book, new manual, the koran!

    We are in war right now, right now you watch it on cnn 2000 miles away as battles like stalingrad are taking place all over middle east.

    Its not going to be long now before these battles come to our own towns citys and streets in europe proper.

    The muslim savages are already here in massive numbers, full of hate and they want kill us.

    I hate you cameron, obama, merkel, blair, browne, millibands, reinfeldt, hollande, barroso, rajoy, i hate you traitors!

    You are bunch of criminals, traitors, spineless liars and swindelers, charalatans and thieves!

    I prey the military in your own countrys will turn against you like in egypt, and round up you evil traitors who have betrayed all of western civilisation, culture, and beliefs, and attempt to replace the western peoples with 4 th world 7th century savages, and murderers!

    No one believes your orwellian lies anymore, this rogues gallery masquerading as our leaders are long bankrupt, persona non grata,

    We have to find way to end the EUssr, and get rid of this rogues gallery of political phoneys who are leading us to our deaths and obliteration!!!

    Get involved while there is still some time left


    • “The muslim savages are already here in massive numbers, full of hate and they want kill us.

      I hate you cameron, obama, merkel, blair, browne, millibands, reinfeldt, hollande, barroso, rajoy, i hate you traitors!

      You are bunch of criminals, traitors, spineless liars and swindelers, charalatans and thieves!”

      I salute you Sir, my sentiments entirely. I loathe these traitors almost as much as the muslim vermin. The west is being invaded/colonised/replaced by barbaric savages, for the life of me I will never understand multiculturists. They must even hate their own families.

      • I hate you cameron, obama, merkel, blair, browne, millibands, reinfeldt, hollande, barroso, rajoy, i hate you traitors!

        It is not to hate them, but know the cowards that they are, appearing to be fed by the bottle from nannies so their brains never developed and untied from the emotional strings: “if only I behaved better momma might love me”

        Margaret Thatcher came from a balanced home of love and discipline.

        A Socialist child can turn into a secret Muslim, harboring hate from within for all womenkind whence before they had been led by them. Appetites changing from Khadijah to Aisha.

        This is how a narcissists speak:
        “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing. It seems still more impossible that a quarrel that has already been settled in principle should be the subject of war.”


        “Everything that I have worked for, everything that I have hoped for, everything that I have believed in during my public life has crashed into ruins. There is only one thing left for me to do: that is devote what strength and power I have to forwarding the victory of the cause for which we have sacrificed so much.”

        Sums up how they face the Islamic threat, championing someone [vulgarity redacted] will save the day.

      • for the life of me I will never understand multiculturists. They must even hate their own families.

        They do!

    • Start off by voting for a party which will take us out of the
      enslaver of countries, the EU. But don’t hang about too long because the EU have already passed a law that
      enables them to ban ANY political party that they don’t
      like. So if UKIP was to get 90 per cent of the vote, the EU can still disallow the result. All nationalist parties are
      proscribed by them, just see the easy way they moved in on the Greek Government to ban Golden Dawn or at least
      arrest 5 or 6 of the democratically elected GD MPs.

  4. All I can say is that you ought to remember Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, Phillipus Marnix van Sint Aldegonde, George Buchanan, John Knox, Francois Hotman, Theodore de Beze, Christopher Goodman, John Ponet, Samuel Rutherford, Junius Brutus (I’m unsettled as to whether this was the pseudonym of Philippe du Plessis-Mornay, Hubert Languet, or a collaboration of both) and so many other Christian European defenders of the right of rebellion against a tyrant.

    As for supposed “Christian” leaders, Bavaria’s Fraulein Pfarrerin Barbaric Kittleberger is just another who uses the letters of Paul for toilet paper while pretending to serve Christ. You need another Reformation badly.

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  7. “… the countless innocent victims of persecution of Christians ..”

    Is that just a poor translation? Victims of the persecution of Christians? Doesn’t it just mean ‘countless innocent Christian victims of persecution’ (almost always by muslims)???

    Anyway, what is the Catholic Church doing about it? Has it demanded it stop immediately? Or is it wimping out, hoping it will all just go away, if everyone just ‘turns the other cheek’ – in the vain hope that this signifies more than weekness and an acting out of false humility to people who would like nothing more tan to see Christians (and Jews) dead or dhimmified.

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