From the Horse’s Mouth

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the German anti-Shariah party Die Freiheit. Every week he addresses a public gathering in central Munich, talking about Islam and the proposed mega-mosque in Munich.

This week he underlined his points by quoting what prominent Muslim leaders said about the jihad in Europe. To appeal to the leftists among his listeners, he even quoted what Karl Marx wrote about Islam. All the while some members of the audience screamed, blew whistles, threw things, and spat at him.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   So, dear people of Munich today we will
00:04   give you a few quotes from leading Muslims
00:08   so that you know about the dangers.
00:12   Interjection: “you are the danger” “be quiet”. Alija Izetbegovic
00:16   Bosnian ex-President and believing Muslim, has said:
00:20   “the Islamic movement must seize power from the State
00:24   as soon as it is morally and in numbers strong enough
00:28   to overthrow the existing non-Islamic power
00:32   and install an Islamic power.”
00:36   and this Nochmal
00:41   is the hero of the imam Idriz who wants to build a gigantic Islamic Centre next to the Stachus
00:45   and his hero, Alija Izetbegovic, also said,
00:49   “There can be no peace between Islamic
00:53   and non-Islamic societies.” Clear? No!
00:57   This we can never ever accept or we would be stupid
01:01   crazy and drunk with tolerance like the Greens and the Left.
01:05   Nadeem Elyas, head of the Central Islamic Council of Germany
01:09   from 1995 to 2006, he said:
01:13   “the secular constitutional Democracy is only valid as long as Muslims
01:18   are in the minority. And as soon as Muslims are in the Majority
01:22   then Jihad and Sharia will reign
01:26   Then the nation will be transformed into an Islamic sharia state.”
01:30   This we will not allow, simple, we will not allow it.
01:34   Your Jihad, you can practice it in your 57 Islamic
01:38   countries, but not in our country.
01:42   We continue:
01:46   Necmettin Erbakan, a former Turkish Prime Minister said:
01:50   “Our aim is to take roots in
01:54   the European continent and
01:59   live there calmly and according to our laws
02:03   so that one day the whole of Europe is Islamic.”
02:07   Stop the whistling, this is interference
02:11   That is….
02:15   interesting……
02:19   Mehmet Sabri, ex-president of the Islamic organisation Milli Görüs,
02:23   said: the Europeans believe that Muslims
02:27   came only to Europe to make money, but Allah
02:32   has different plans. I ask the police to intervene.
02:36   This is extreme interference. Stop
02:40   the whistling. Stop it.
02:44   I ask the police to intervene.
02:48   They whistle in a way so that one’s ears ring.
02:52   This is interference in my presentation.
02:56   We continue with quotes.
03:00   Vural Öger the pin-up Turk of the SPD (German Socialist party)
03:04   said: what Sultan Sultan Süleyman
03:08   started 1529 with the occupation of Vienna
03:12   we will (inaudible)
03:16   realise with our women. They want to
03:21   achieve the conquest of Europe with the Birth-Jihad
03:25   We have to fight this, people.
03:29   Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, European Imam, said
03:33   we make no distinction between civilians and non-civilians,
03:37   between guilty and innocent, only between Muslims
03:41   and non-believers. And the life of a non-believer
03:45   is without value.
03:49   Please!
03:53   inaudible
03:58   Houari Boumedienne, former Algerian head of State
04:02   said: “One day millions of people will leave
04:06   the Southern Hemisphere to invade the north.”
04:10   Surely not as friends, because they will come to
04:14   conquer it. And they will conquer by populating
04:18   the north with their children. “The body of our women
04:22   will give us victory.” That’s what Muslims in Europe
04:26   plan in Europe. And they don’t bring a peaceful ideology with them
04:30   but one that legitimises violence and killing,
04:34   which orders the killing of non-believers
04:39   and the introduction of sharia. And that’s why we are here today.
04:43   Please participate in our citizens’ initiative. Sign
04:47   our citizens’ initiative and we can organise the resistance.
04:51   If you don’t, things will get bad.
04:55   Ayyub Axel Köhler, President of the Central Council
04:59   of Muslims said: the Islamic article of faith
05:03   and Islamic law, sharia show
05:07   the total claim by the religion on people
05:11   and society. I say again, stop the whistling.
05:15   It is interference of a manifestation.
05:19   You live here in a civilised country, with rules, you are not
05:23   in an Islamic country where you can behave like this and perhaps do some stoning.
05:28   We do not want this here. So addressing the Lefties
05:32   who are here: Karl Marx also read the Koran and was concerned by Islam,
05:36   and said: The Koran outlaws the nation of non-believers
05:40   and creates a situation of permanent enmity between Muslims
05:44   and non-believers. Karl Marx said so.
05:48   He knew, didn’t he?
05:53   Mustafa Ceric, the highest Muslim in Europe, he is the grand mufti of Bosnia
05:57   Herzegovina. He said the Islamic obligation
06:01   to sharia is eternal, non negotiable and (inaudible)
06:05   this means that Muslims, when they become a majority,
06:09   are obliged to introduce sharia.
06:13   And the Sharia, as you know, dear people of Munich
06:18   …………
06:22   amputation of hands for theft, stoning for adultery,
06:26   and according to sharia all non-Muslims are worth less,
06:30   have fewer rights. Do you want this to
06:34   gain more power and influence in Germany, or do you want that
06:38   we keep our free constitutional democracy, equality of women and men
06:42   equality of all people? But in Islam equality of all people does not exist.
06:47   An example…Saudi Arabia
06:51   drowned out by shrieking…(He said?)
06:55   Muslims, Jews and Christians are all people of the same value.
06:59   you know what happened to him? He was, in Saudi Arabia, the mother country of Islam,
07:03   sentenced to death, to death!
07:07   Because Islam says that Jews and Christians are inferior.
07:11   They are Kuffar, their term for inferior non-believers.
07:15   They must be fought, subjugated and, if they fight against it, they have to be killed. This is a
07:19   believing Muslim. Look at him. In one hand the Koran, in the other
07:23   a lethal weapon.
07:27   Object thrown
07:31   You watch it, watch it!
07:36   Stop throwing things at me.
07:40   We will teach you young Muslims
07:44   discipline and order,
07:48   and that you don’t behave like in an Islamic country.
07:52   We will teach this to you. And if you don’t like it,
07:56   there are 57 Islamic countries ready for your departure.
08:00   There you can behave as you wish, you can stone, you can bash women.
08:04   There you can cover women with burkas and veils.
08:08   There you can do what you want, but NOT IN GERMANY!
08:12   Not in Europe.
08:16   We have different rules.
08:21   Either you adapt, or there will be problems. And I say again, if you co-operate
08:25   to modernise Islam, erase the violence
08:29   and the killing and the oppression of women and the Sharia, the barbaric
08:33   Islamic law from the 17th century, then things will be OK.
08:37   If you don’t do this, then there will be problems.
08:41   And especially the women, these women seem to be happy
08:45   that they are beaten, that’s unbelievable.
08:49   Is this the Stockholm syndrome? You women,
08:53   you should, normally, stand with us and say: we don’t want the oppression of women
08:57   of Islam. In Saudi Arabia, the mother country of Islam,
09:01   women don’t even have the right to drive a car.
09:05   ……..
09:09   Here these Islamic women
09:14   have to defend this insanity…
09:18   drowned out
09:22   Keep the distance. Why are you so aggressive?
09:26   Don’t spit on me.
09:30   Check it out: when we criticise Islam,
09:34   this is not a personal attack
09:38   on you, but strangely, Muslims always feel
09:42   (personally offended?) and angry.
09:47   Last Wednesday a Muslim bashed me in the face, just so, I had only quoted from the Koran
09:51   and he bashes me: that’s Islam. 21st century,
09:55   in the middle of Munich.
09:59   Stop throwing things at me.
10:03   I tell you, stop it.
10:07   If you want to discuss, we can. Now we stop for ten minutes.
10:11   and then we continue. (Woman shrieks, “go home.”)

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29 thoughts on “From the Horse’s Mouth

  1. A courageous, sensible, just and reasonable man.
    Why in all of Europe there are only 6 or 7 sensible, courageous people. You can fight with weapons, but it is better to fight with brains. That’s you taste the egg and you don’t have to eat it all to discover it is addled.
    If we have 70 million Muslims in Europe today and they have already taken us as hostages, what will happen if they are 40, 50 0r 60 per sent of the zombie effeminate, stupid, population?

  2. We need a little more context here. Where was Sturzenberger speaking, how was the event organized, and who invited those tacky antifas? How many antifas came, out of a total audience of how many? Please give us more background!

    • Michael Stürzenberger, head of the Bavarian branch of ‘Die Freiheit’ (alluded to in this article by the Baron) in this ongoing action, is collecting signatures for a citizens initiative. He needs 36,000 or so (and they must all be taxpaying residents of Munich), in order to get a Referendum on the way. The “Authorities” of Munich have connived for over 5 years – behind the back of the people, with a Muslim Brotherhood “envoy” (a local Imam), financed by Saudi Arabia, to build the “biggest mosque and islamic cultural centre of Europe” next to the “Stachus” – in the heart of Munich.

      The minarets with a height of over 60 m. will tower over any cathedral etc. etc.

      Every Wednesday and Saturday, Michael Stuerzenberger goes around Munich’s different public spaces, to inform the people and to collect signatures.

      He does this against a concerted effort to prevent him doing this, from the corrupt Mayor of Munich, the Greens, the Left, the muslims etc.

      For example: Meeting in a pub is at the core of Bavarian culture: yet all Munich pub-owners have been blackmailed into refusing entry to Michael Stürzenberger and his party members from “Die Freiheit”.

      another example: His speeches were “verboten” under the pretext that they exceeded some noise decibels (as you can see I am not from the scientific side of the bed) – but I know that listening to this video above, that the noise levels of his detractors easily drowned him out.

      Last week, he was attacked physically, his glasses broken:

      He has, of course, many death threats against him – and I am shocked at my own nonchalence with which I say “of course” – we seem to be already half-cooked as the frog in the (non-scientific) story one often hears.

      I admire him and fear for his safety because he not only is the target of muslims, but also the subject of an enormous defamation and vilification campaign by the politicians, media and assorted direct emulators of Schickelgruber’s mob.

      I apologise for the probably rather shambolic answer (time restraints) and am sure we will hear more on this.

      You will be able to gather more informations via “Politically Incorrect” (in German)

      • I agree that he’s on the side of the angels.

        But the authorities must already have their hooks in him. Look at how quickly Robinson was absorbed by the Borg.

      • I love how the Greens are against him and similar parties like his everywhere.

        If you look at the countries leading in good environmental/climate changes policies, it’s all Western countries.. the third world, Middle-Eastern nations don’t even come close. So, when you replace the Western countries’ populations with the populations of said third world/Middle-Eastern countries, what do you think will happen to environmental/climate change policies?

        Do the math, Einsteins.

        • Exactly. They are just useful idiots.
          Churchill prophesied :

          “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists”

          It never made sense to me before growing up in the 60’s. Now it does. How did he know?

        • As far as I know, there are (or were) around 50,000 people daily logging into I would guess the vast majority being from Germany. If just a few hundred turned up to see Sturzenberger in Munich, his “peaceful, tolerant” opponents would never have got to drown him out, like in the video here. So, where are they? Why are they only online, and not out on the streets? Here in Poland, a “nationalist” march on Independence day was stigmatised by the mainstream media as “neo-Nazi” – up until 2 years ago “anti-fascists” from Germany came to visit, and the march drew 30,000 people – 3 times more than were predicted. With no swastikas, antisemitic chanting or anything else of the sort present. The media focused on a handful of violent incidents – however 2 years later, the march has become such a big event that even the leftists have stopped referring to it as “fascist” or “nazi”, merely calling it “right-wing”. Moral of the story – there is force, in numbers 🙂 If the “peaceful, tolerant” ones come out onto the street, why can’t we??

      • Why did I leave my home country? Because I’ve reached the conclusion that Germany is a hopeless case.

        I don’t want to compare myself to Michael Stürzenberger. Still while I’m convinced that I character-wise could do similar things (I may be less erudite and eloquent than him, though), I dispise my fellow nationals to a degree that I simply refuse to be mentioned with them in the same breath. So why risk my health?

  3. You see Michael Stuerzenberger (in my opinion one of the most courageous Germans today) carrying a White Rose in his jacket. Michael Stuerzenberger, together with one of the original members of “die Weiße Rose” has reformed this valiant group of Munich students who opposed Hitler and were executed by the Nazis for it. (for those not familiar with the little light in the darkness of not so long ago that was the “White Rose”, I recommend looking it up).

    If anyone in Germany is entitled to claim as inspiration “Die Weiße Rose”, then it surely is Michael Stürzenberger and his “Die Freiheit”.

  4. A hero!

    We need people like michael sturzeberger performing these public soap boxes in every town, city, village, public square all over europe, canada. Usa. Australia, new zesland.

    Sturzeberger is a hero, a fighter, he is telling what the majority cowed population of germany are thinking, and hes right on the ball.

    They need to also film and arrest those muslim hecklers who spit or throw projectiles.

    They should be dragged out and charged with assault.

    I hope michael has bodyguards, there should be some patriotic germans who watch over michael at these public events.

    Ban islam now!

    The koran is book of hate and murder.

    Deport all muslims to middle east.


    • Regarding the “filming” of the thugs: Michael Stürzenberger and his group are forbidden to film any onlooker – just another little obstacle in the way of getting the truth out. But slowly there seem to be appearing videos on the net – not taken by Mr. Stürzenberger or the members of his group, but by onlookers – they are allowed to be published.

      I dont think any of us have an idea of the gigantic pressures that are on this courageous man – I seriously fear for his life. I heard from a man who was with him at one of the rallies, that this fear is fully justified and that he has not seen a more courageous man in Germany. This man, who told me that, is very courageous himself and does not throw around with compliments lightly.

    • I don’t buy, not from this gentleman. This shows is all for a provocation and not politics. This is part of the Muslim methods, get their Christians who are working for them and confronting real Islam. Just for cameras and then that builds support from left and also the Muslims.

      None in Munich even heard of this guy and his white pansy, or even so called fighting every week, maybe on YouTube but not here. Or the big mosques with towers to the sky. I would think it’s made up by Muslims testing, testing. Most Munich is even happy with the Muslims here, not really involved in anything. But maybe they setting up this now for something big.

  5. The inbred Muslies lacked the capability to listen to the gentleman but not the capability to whistle at, threaten, and spit at him as they do in their desert [effluvium] countries.

  6. So Bosnian ex-president Alija Izetbegovic talked about “The Islamic movement” (0:22) – a phrase that (I now know 🙂 ) refers to the Muslim Brotherhood… and he also wrote a book about how the Islamic caliphate must be reborn, and in his youth during WW2 belonged to a Nazi-supporting group called “Mladi Muslimani” (young Muslims). If such people came to power in the Balkans (and it was he who was the president during the war with Serbia), can we be surprised by all the ethnic conflicts? And is there more to the story than just the monsters Karadic and Milosevic coming and wrecking peaceful Bosnia??

    • “….And is there more to the story than just the monsters Karadic and Milosevic coming and wrecking peaceful Bosnia??…”

      I am sure there is – and shame on the NATO. I would have thought moderately intelligent human animals would see a pattern when it hits them in the eye, a pattern repeated some 57 times…for just one example: ask the Kopts in Egypt, how they were before the muslim invasion….etc. etc. just sayin’

      • The French were essentially pro Serb. The Russians supported the Serbs. The Germans had their own agenda with Croatia.

        The support by the US for Bosnians and later Albanians is extraordinary stuff. The US employed Stealth Bombers and Fighters on behalf of Muslim separatists in Europe.

        When the Pakistanis, Algerians and Turks make their bid for independence within historical France, Germany and Britain the US is likely to bomb Europeans in support of swivel eyed Muslims.

  7. This man is the soft voice of the gauntlet. I hear more about the “the muslim problem” a lot these days.

  8. It’s useless to quote Karl Marx on islam and expect it to influence the Left. It’s useless to expect Amnesty International to condemn the Cairo Declaration and to stand up for universal human rights. The Left don’t care about the consistent application of principles. The Left only care about what principles they can use to browbeat those white people who are not supporting the Leftist programme.

    The Left are not interested in being consistent. The Left harps on and on about the enslavement of black Africans which ended 150 years ago, but is silent about the ongoing enslavement of black Africans in muslim countries like Mauritania and Sudan.

    The Jewish man who went on to form the major Trotskyist party in Britain actually supported the Nazis in Palestine:
    “Tony Cliff” was the suitably proletarian nom de guerre of Ygael Gluckstein, who was born in Palestine. In our day, the SWP accuses virtually everyone of being a fascist, most notably Israelis and their friends abroad. Yet when he confronted actual fascists in the form of Nazi armies, Gluckstein would not fight them. If Rommel had broken through the British lines at El Alamein, the Nazis would have killed every Jew in Palestine, including Gluckstein. Instead of defending them and himself, he issued appeals to Jewish students not to fight Hitler that were so insistent the British authorities interned him alongside members of the Stern gang in Acre prison. The Trotskyist thought he could secure a revolution and throw out the British imperialists by letting the Nazis win.

    The current Left have exactly the same attitude to islam, that Gluckstein had towards the Nazis.

    By all means, hammer home the hypocrisy of the Left. Not because it will change them. But do it so that they are reviled more and more by the rest of society.

    • This is a central observation to understanding the problem. Leftism is merely the crowbar.

      The motivation is simple hostility to us and our ancestors. The issue is not complicated.

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  10. They can’t come up with any decent, logical points or make an argument, so the leftists resort to silencing the opposition, like described in this article.

    I wish people would stop calling them “anti-fascists”. I mean, even in quotes. They can call themselves what they want as many times as they want, but no matter how many times Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao say their governments are model democracies(they didn’t say that, I’m talking hypothetically), it doesn’t make it true. This Bavarian party and similar parties have 0 fascist elements, unless you already consider the world to have one government, think globalization has happened already, think country borders don’t exist and think the whole world is humanity’s oyster. Anyone with a brain knows who the real fascists are.

    • Europe and America are the oyster for the rest of humanity. That’s the modern political orthodoxy.

      God forbid a competent white commercial farmer gets to own a few thousand acres of Fertile land in Africa though. That’s grounds for extermination.

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