The Green Light for an Islamic Takeover

Last week Michael Stürzenberger, the leader of Die Freiheit in Munich, was attacked by Muslims at a street rally and punched in the face. That hasn’t deterred him from his very vocal public opposition to the construction of a new mega-mosque in downtown Munich.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


Michael Stürzenberger shows projectiles
thrown at him and his people.
Shows man in wheel chair (Wolfgang).
And now a bra. 🙂
Now, it starts again, throwing of projectiles, this time it was only a bikini,
before that it was a water bottle,
before that a half eaten apple,
and threats are shouted by Muslims.
And stop throwing things at people, YOU with the full beard,
don’t throw objects at our Wolfgang (in wheelchair) who by the way is a founding member
of the Greens b. 1979. It’s a nasty contempt for humanity
when you bombard him with objects.
People, Muslims…
We tell you….
we tell you bluntly:
you live here according to OUR values,
to OUR laws,
to OUR tradition, where equality of men and women is enshrined,
where we have equality of all people,
and take distance from the sharia,
from the oppression of women, from the violence and killings ordered in the Koran,
then things will be okay.
If you don’t do this, then there will be serious problems.
I tell you one thing: a global alliance against Islam
is already starting. The Russian president, Putin, said
all Western leaders must unite in the fight
against the persecution of Christians.
In all 57 Islamic countries, Christians are persecuted, discriminated against
and often killed. 100,000 Christian are killed per year.
The Islamic jihad
in its 1400-year history
has caused 270 million deaths.
People, and now we ask all those
who are Munich residents,
who have the German Nationality, or the Nationality of
an EU country.
you can still join us and sign,
together we will succeed with this Referendum.
Dear people of Munich, we will write history.
We will be the first European metropolis who will fight via referendum against
the building of a gigantic Islamic centre, and we will be successful, like Switzerland.
The world watched when the Swiss people
decided “we don’t want minarets”, because they knew
that Minarets are symbols of conquest. OK, we
are at the end of our rally.
We are grateful to the police who
contributed to keep this rally, thank God, peaceful
and that nothing happened to us. Last Wednesday
I was punched in the face by a Turkish Muslim.
They call for my murder on the internet,
just as they call for the murder of Hamed Abdel Samat.
People, THIS IS ISLAM, and this we have to fight.
And listen friends, a last thing: the powerful collective of all Islamic
States, the (OIC?) intends to declare, at the EU level,
a law against any critique of Islam (Blasphemy laws).
People, then Islam cannot be criticized any longer. This will be the green light for
an Islamic takeover, we must prevent this. Fight this, people, it’s important.
Thank you all who signed and participated today.
A nice evening to you. See you next week.

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13 thoughts on “The Green Light for an Islamic Takeover

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  2. Brave man- WE need more like him! But all one sees is zero….The UK is already assimiliating into Islam. Assimilation always works like that…The UK is hollowed out- a husk and Islam fills the void, just as we predicted 10 years ago. What surprised us was the actual speed of Islamisation- 50% faster than we thought- aided and abetted by a cowardly elite, pig ignorant brainwashed vegetable generations, and fear. The UK will be within Dar al Islam within 5 years at most- 2014- 2025, just as the Jihadis predicted. And we fully deserve it.

    In a sermon I was told by a congregation member, I could not criticise Islam….In my own service, in my own Church?

    First- fear
    Second- Silence
    Third- the natives criticise and silence their own patriots
    Fourth- they become the enemy by joining it

    One saw this in Rome, in Persia, then after 635AD across the Fertile Crescent.

    The British will be the first to “revert”- indeed they alrrady are…
    The UK and the British are lost…
    The UK is the Islamic centre of jihad in the West..

    The NSA and CIA know it and this is why they spy on us and frankly who can
    blame them?

    • France is more likely to go first.

      Here’s why. They are being overrun by Algerians, whose home base is just across a small sea.

      The English have the biggest problem with Pakistanis who are from half a world away. The Germans have the Turk, somewhere much closer, a population that did attempt to batter down the choke point of Vienna…

      I’m more worried about sundry Africans who multiply like rabbits these days. I understand there are 97,000 new Africans every year! How can that tide be stemmed?

      • I am not sure. I read in a Christian magazine some13 years ago that Christians had infiltrated the Muslim HQ in London and unearthed plans to make GB The first Islamic state in Europe and the second one the Netherlands.
        We will see.
        Not enough opposition scarily from politicians, media, Royals, military or even the church, and with the new EU law they are itching to introduce
        no criticism will be tolerated :

    • Dearest Bishop,

      My cultural heritage is Roman Catholic. I was fortunate enough to attend a Catholic secondary school and be taught by The Christian Brothers of Instruction and other predominantly amazing teachers. Almost every positive aspect of my existence can be traced back to their morality in enlightening and “civilising” myself and my peers. They empowered me and my peers to be able to achieve a life beyond the expectations of people from our backgrounds – although I am sure at the time they would have doubted whether their patience and efforts were in vain.

      But – even they would admit that it is the morality of people and the society that these people create that matters. Christianity is a profoundly useful tool in shaping a worthwhile society – but not the only one. If people have positive morality, whatever the source – that would be enough. “If it looks like a christian, and acts like a christian” you have a morally christian society.

  3. This situation has been developing for years in the UK and elsewhere, successive politicians have espoused the benefits of multiculturism and even today David Cameron blithely supports muslim activities and is pressing to allow the great muslim state, Turkey, to join the EU. Islamist activists from European countries are fighting and training in Syria and elsewhere and will return to their host countries as accomplished guerilla fighters who will scythe through our armed police like a knife through butter. What is behind all this madness? What thought process has allowed it to happen?

    • Stealth jihad my friend. It has been planned and executed by the muslim brotherhood, which is seeking the next caliphate. They have infiltrated all aspects of western governments. The WH in the US is full of them, Cameron in the UK has also been in bed with them for some time. Until people get involved and change things at the grassroots level, it will be status quo . Some are starting to wake, but at the rate of reproduction by muslims in Europe, sadly it is just a matter of time now.

  4. Does anyone know how this referendum is doing? Does this political party have a chance at stopping the mosque?
    It sounded like more booing than applause to me.

  5. The Muzzies know who their real enemy is, it is those who point their fingers at them like this German Hero and call out their agenda. They are the ones that must be dealt with, but through legal means at first – if one can call multiculturalism and human rights a legal system which is designed to enable those who must be criticized to effectively through lawfare, stymie those who speak out.

    What is missing from the story, or what is not being reported on deliberately, is the urgency that some now have who have awoken to the situation that they now find their suburbs, towns and cities in.

    Most of the boo’s coming from the crowd would no doubt have come from the Slaves to Allah and is just so typical of Muslims world wide. I wonder how many Germans went there to listen and to learn and then got to observe the tactics and the intolerance of Islam?

  6. At the battle of Thermopylae three hundred Spartans lost their lives, losing a battle but keeping European culture safe and ultimately enabling all of us Europeans to exist within the greatest culture in the history of humanity.

    It does not matter that our German friends in Die Freiheit and ourselves are castigated for our views and considered wrong headed. All that matters is that we do what we can whenever we can. So congratulations and thank you to you Gates of Vienna, and every other counter-jihad website, reader and contributor. The analysis that Islam is a threat to our culture is a valid one, it should not be ignored or made light of. Our incredible cultural history and achievements really are in danger.

    And the first thing we all absolutley must do is ring the warning bells as loud as we can and burn those beacons on top of our mountains to let everyone know we ARE in danger, we ARE being invaded, we ARE having our wealth pillaged, we ARE suffering abuse from an invasion force, we ARE having our culture attacked.

    And just don’t mention Ephialtes, I’ll explode.

    • We need to be aggressive colonizers again. Imagine for a moment, every Marine in the invasion of Iraq: all of them are awarded land in Iraq.

      Somalia after Black Hawk Down: New California.

      That’s the natural order of things. The De Hautvilles had the right idea, conquer then be magnanimous in victory, but retain and colonize.

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