“Islam is a Dangerous Ideology”

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the party Die Freiheit, which is in the forefront of German resistance to Islamization. Every week Mr. Stürzenberger gives a talk at a public gathering in central Munich, and takes signatures for a petition against a proposed mega-mosque financed by Qatar.

The following video is from last Saturday’s Die Freiheit event in Munich. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Dear people of Munich
00:04   We from the Party “Die Freiheit”
00:08   are holding our 107th rally today in Munich.
00:12   We have been collecting signatures for 2 1/4 years for a referendum,
00:16   and we could write a book about
00:20   how Leftists and extreme Leftists
00:24   have defamed us, how Muslim fanatics have threatened us,
00:28   including with death.
00:32   Our mistreatment is of a kind
00:37   not seen in this town for a very long time.
00:41   We are a moderate Civil Rights Party.
00:45   many members from other parties have joined us
00:49   from CSU/CDU (Christian), Greens, Left.
00:53   We have human rights activists,
00:57   but we attract the most nasty hostilities
01:01   simply because we educate about Islam.
01:05   It has been known for centuries
01:09   that Islam is a dangerous ideology.
01:14   Voltaire and Schopenhauer knew it.
01:18   Karl Marx knew it; Friedrich the Great did.
01:22   Many historical figures knew it,
01:26   even Martin Luther.
01:30   We are very proud to have here
01:34   from Rhineland-Palatinate a former high school teacher,
01:38   Hertha, who with her 76 years is an example
01:43   of civil and moral courage.
01:47   Hertha I invite you
01:51   to tell us for example about
01:55   organisations you are active in.
01:59   Hallo (can they hear me?)
02:03   I am Hertha (name?) from Rhineland-Palatinate
02:07   and I think it’s important I tell the public
02:11   who the members of “Die Freiheit” are.
02:15   They call us “Muslim-haters”. I’d like to ask you
02:19   how am I such (a Muslim-hater) if
02:22   as teacher at a humanist high school
02:25   I have helped countless children
02:28   to catch up and understand
02:31   the curriculum without payment.
02:34   You don’t call this “Muslim-hate”;
02:37   it’s called “helping Muslims”.
02:41   In 1986 I founded an association,
02:44   “Humanitarian Assistance for Asylum Seekers
02:47   and Immigrants”. It exists until today
02:50   and even today, I am
02:53   intensely involved. I work in
02:56   the International Society for Human Rights
02:59   in the department “Persecuted Christians”.
03:02   Do as I do,
03:05   and then consider
03:08   whether you would like it to be called
03:12   “Nazi” and “Muslim Hater”
03:15   and a “Nazi Whore”.
03:18   I don’t deserve this. My friends
03:21   and I are practising Christians
03:24   from the most diverse denominations,
03:27   but we are believers.
03:30   Look into your own heart
03:33   to see who YOU are
03:36   before you defame us.
03:39   We have only
03:42   one aim: we want to protect
03:46   our Constitution, which you might not
03:49   value any longer, but it’s important for us
03:52   because it also protects freedom of religion.
03:55   Newcomers who accept our Constitution
03:58   without demanding ‘special rights’ please,
04:01   are our friends, but those who want to bring
04:04   sharia should go where it already exists;
04:07   don’t bring it here. This is our aim,
04:11   this is the freedom (die Freiheit),
04:14   the freedom in our Constitution.
04:17   In a democracy the human individual is paramount,
04:20   let me tell you, and the State is there
04:23   to protect the individual. In Islam unfortunately
04:26   it’s the opposite: the individual
04:29   has to sacrifice himself to his State and his god. Our God
04:32   sacrifices himself for the human individual.
04:35   therefore we celebrate Christmas
04:39   and Good Friday, and thank God, also
04:42   Easter. I thank you
04:45   for your attention, perhaps you understood
04:48   that it’s not easy to be here in Munich for three weeks
04:51   and to be defamed, spat on, persecuted
04:54   only because
04:57   someone dares to write that we are Nazis.
05:00   Ugh, disgusting!
05:03   Bravo Hertha –
05:07   Thank you, Hertha.
05:10   She said exactly what it is all about.
05:13   We are friends of humanity.
05:16   We go to bat for people who are threatened.
05:19   These are mainly Christians in Islamic countries.
05:22   We get to know them during our rallies here in Munich.
05:25   They come to us and tell us
05:28   how their lives are threatened
05:31   in their homelands; that’s why they flee,
05:35   already one million Christians from Iraq,
05:38   and we have friends from Egypt (name?), a courageous
05:41   Egyptian Coptic Christian, she is with us
05:44   every summer and speaks at
05:47   our rallies.
05:50   You can find her on YouTube.
05:53   And she too was defamed by
05:56   those extreme Leftists as a NAZI.
05:59   These people have no idea what a “Nazi” is
06:03   The Nazis collaborated with Islam.
06:06   These two totalitarian, fascist ideologies
06:09   worked together, and then
06:12   their representatives
06:15   confirmed to each other the similarity of their worldviews,
06:18   and the worst is that this survives until today
06:21   in Islamic countries. Adolf Hitler is a hero;
06:24   they worship him because he gassed the Jews.
06:27   The book of hatred “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller
06:30   even in Turkey, still the relatively
06:33   “moderate” Islamic country
06:37   compared with Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.
06:40   There too until 2010
06:43   “Mein Kampf” was No. 3 on the bestseller list.
06:46   So all these people who, idiotically,
06:49   call us “Nazi”,
06:52   should reflect on what they “defend”
06:55   by defending Islam, a fascist ideology
06:58   which is identical with National Socialism.
07:01   But we don’t like to pay too much attention
07:04   to the Left and their extremists,
07:07   because you cannot convince them.
07:11   Their ideology is cemented in their heads.
07:14   It’s terminal. They say that at 20
07:17   one is socialist if one has a heart,
07:20   but if you still are socialist at 40
07:23   you have no brains. We know the saying.
07:26   Some of them are heading towards 40; let’s see
07:29   what will happen then in their tiny top rooms.
07:32   We address citizens of healthy common sense
07:35   and we tell you: it is the most important
07:38   political task of 21st Century society,
07:42   and exactly now, to either free Islam from its
07:45   anti-human-rights, anti-constitutional
07:48   and brutal parts,
07:51   and to demand it,
07:54   we demand this in Middle Europe, or Islam will finish
07:57   on the dung heap of history, because in Europe,
08:00   it encounters for the first time a civilisation highly
08:03   superior in education, knowledge, technology, intellect
08:07   and economically, because
08:10   in Middle Europe the Enlightenment
08:13   has advanced development.
08:16   In the Arab world, before Islam ruled, there were also high cultures,
08:19   the Egyptian, the Iraqi etc.
08:22   but Islam catapulted everything back into the 7th
08:25   century, and there it remains, because Islam says:
08:28   “all knowledge comes from the Koran; you need not know anything else”.
08:31   Therefore don’t be surprised if there are hardly any
08:35   Muslim Nobel Laureates.
08:38   I think in total there are 3, while there are
08:41   197 Jewish Nobel Laureates, in a people of only seven million.
08:44   But they are diligent, they do something
08:47   they have irrigated the desert, drained the swamps;
08:50   they planted 500 million trees. The Jews are hardworking
08:53   and therefore our heart also beats for Israel,
08:56   the only democracy in the Middle East.
08:59   And we have to read in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung
09:02   repeatedly
09:05   I see it here before me
09:08   that we are xenophobes.
09:12   It’s mad: among us there are more foreigners
09:15   than at the rallies of any other party
09:18   in Munich.
09:21   More foreigners are with us than with you Leftists,
09:24   because you are hypocrites with double standards.
09:27   And we will continue to shine a light, undeterred
09:30   because those who have the facts on their side
09:33   will not be deterred by anyone.
09:37   And the facts regarding Islam are openly
09:40   available to anyone interested.
09:43   And we encourage all citizens of this city
09:46   to resist peacefully.
09:49   We want a referendum, and then the
09:52   education about Islam will advance.
09:55   And an open discussion, so far silenced
09:58   because they are all frightened that this powder keg
10:01   will be lit. We invite Muslims to
10:04   participate in this historic, important mission
10:07   to bring Islam into the 21st century.
10:11   There will be no more oppression of women, no Sharia,
10:14   and no more murder and killings.
10:17   The killing in the name of Allah must stop.
10:20   That’s what we fight for. And whoever is against us is for the killings.
10:23   I tell you for the last time, you Leftists,
10:26   you will get the bill for your constant agitation.
10:29   We don’t know if you will pay for it.
10:32   It is inexplicable to a healthy mind
10:35   what is happening against us here.
10:38   Thank you.

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10 thoughts on ““Islam is a Dangerous Ideology”

  1. i believe the counter jihad is producing some
    of the greatest leaders in modern times.
    how can it not..

  2. I think when leftists start labelling people as xenophobes and nazis, they do so because they are projecting their own bad behaviour/thinking on to others.

  3. I would be proud to know Michael Sturzenberger. His character come through his speaking and his courage. If his party, Die Freiheit, catches fire, they could change the lingering impression of Germany as a country with an uncomfortable Nazi past, to a country in the forefront of the protection of true individual rights.

    Obviously, productive, nondestructive minorities such as Jews, fare best in a civilization where individual rights are protected. The philosophies of Islam, Communism, and National Socialism, contain in their core teachings, the complete sacrifice of individual rights and individual identity.

  4. Right on the ball!

    Great, michael, you are one of our heroes, very brave mam, very truthful man.

    We need right now, all over uk, all over other eu countries, thiusands of speakers pitched up on street corners and at speakers corner hyde park london, and all towns in uk eurooe, telling this about islam, public speakers on soapbox, shining a light on muslims and the islamisation they are attempting against our countries!

    Where are our public speakers in uk?? In holland?? Sweden finland portugal spain ??? Etc??? Usa nz australia??? We need right now speakers doing the same as sturzeberger, this is very affective, we could hold these speakings outside downing street, brussels, westminister, and outside the very homes of all the major left wing perpetrators, journalists, gov officials and media propaganda traitors who are covering up the truth about what islam and muslims are really all about!!

    We must start our attack campaigns now! Britain first is also leading the way,
    Your goverments have abandoned you!!! They sre selling us all down the river to muslim oil countries, it is now wake up or die!

    We still have a window of oppurtunity to really organise but we need to start moving now!
    Uk traitor gov and all other traitor goverments are moving to create even more more laws to criminalise you if you dare to speak up against the genocide they are in the process of carrying out to exterminate all christians, western cultures, and our sovereign nations!

    The only criminals are cameron, obama, merkel, barroso, schultz. Lagarde, hollande, straw, blair, cair, rushbridger, and the long list of these cultural marxist criminals who are engineering our deaths and using muslims and islam as there henchman to kill, rape, murder and subdue us!!!

    Wske up, organise, join efl, britsin first, liberty gb, die frieheit, and all other counter jihad groups.

    Start up street corner soap box campaigns, around the country, make sure the major architects of our destruction and genocide are [intemperate suggestions redacted], their crimes and treadon against us, full exposed and explained, in paralell with nazism, stalinism, and facism, so as to wake people out of the propaganda trance that is being used to keep the masses silent and passified.

    Organise now!!
    Go directly to the sources of the problem, and we will get results very very quickly.

    Ban islam
    Ban the koran
    Deport all muslims to middleast
    Out law this death cult phoney religeon today!!!!!


  5. While I am a total fan of Michael Stürzenberger, and grateful to him – because at last there is someone in Germany whom one can be proud of (I am German born) – in this video I was utterly touched by the poignant testimony of this German Lady, former teacher. Just loved her passionate “I have had enough of you defamers” cris du coeur.

  6. I have immediate family in Munich. Should anything happen to them at the hands of a Muslim, well, I’m here in the States. And you know that pesky thing we have here that allows us to deal with problems.
    As we say, “Payback is a bitch.”

    • As they say: prevention is better than pay back. 🙂

      If you have family in Munich – please get them to sign Michael Stürzenberger’s demand for a referendum – it’s the only way that Munich will not become the European Centre for Islamism – as its corrupt officials plan. If they read German, they could get much information from the site Politically Incorrect: http://www.pi-news.net

      The main media in Germany – like globally now – is completely dhimmified and actually defame people like Michael Stürzenberger, where your folk probably might think that he is at the very least a Nazi if they have only official news.

      One has to be a resident of Munich to be able to sign. (I, although born Bavarian, cannot sign since I dont reside in Germany any longer).

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