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In the video below Michael Stürzenberger, the leader of the Munich branch of the German anti-Shariah party Die Freiheit, once again addresses a crowd at a demonstration in central Munich. On this occasion he includes two guests on the podium who oppose his citizens’ initiative against the proposed mosque, and invites them to speak up about their concerns.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Dear residents of Munich, we just got the offer
00:04   to have a dialog, we like doing this.
00:08   We want to talk with all people, even those who are critical of our citizens’ initiative.
00:12   Here is Theresa and (name ?).
00:16   As you know, we collect signatures because they plan to build a gigantic Islam centre by the Stachus
00:20   financed by the terror-promoting state
00:24   and operated by an imam under surveillance. Why are you against
00:28   our collection of signatures? Well, we are not against
00:32   your collection of signatures. We just don’t want you to put everyone in the same basket.
00:36   because you don’t speak about the mosque, but
00:41   you speak about Islam in general.
00:45   We do not put all Muslims into one basket.
00:49   We welcome all Muslims in Germany who
00:53   adhere to our constitution and who renounce sharia and contribute
00:57   to the historically important modernisation of Islam
01:01   (Name?) would you too take part in
01:05   liberating Islam from the anti-constitutional components
01:09   in the Koran: all these orders to kill, to oppress women etc.
01:13   You have one Koran here
01:17   that’s one edition you show the people. But there is not only one (Koran),
01:21   there are several. And I don’t think the things you show are in EVERY (Koran).
01:25   You know, I have occupied myself since the 11th of September 2001
01:29   with Islam. When we saw these terrorist attacks
01:34   in New York. And I learned that Mohamed Atta, one of the terrorists,
01:38   had lived in Hamburg and had been radicalised in a Hamburg mosque
01:42   he gave as reason for his terrorism
01:46   Koran verses example:
01:50   Surah 9: v. 111: “Allah has bought from the believers
01:54   their lives and possessions in exchange for paradise.” They fight for
01:58   Allah, they kill and are killed for Allah. And this we should delete.
02:02   Again, here you refer to the Koran in general.
02:06   One can interpret the Koran in many ways. I have read in the Koran
02:10   I have also read the Bible, there are similar things in the Bible.
02:14   One can extract violence or peace. And you
02:18   by referring exclusively to the Koran in your arguments
02:22   you again put all Muslims into one basket. No…
02:27   One has to know: the difference between the Koran and the Bible
02:31   the Koran is written in the imperative, the Bible is narrative.
02:35   there are stories from 2000, 3000 years ago
02:39   which one can interpret as one wishes, without obligation to apply them
02:43   by today’s standards. But the Koran is a timelessly valid command book.
02:47   Please come up here, or you are so small, please make a little place…
02:51   and that is the fundamental difference. The Koran is clear.
02:55   I have read about 12 different translations, they are all the same:
02:59   Killing remains killing, oppressing remains oppressing, fighting remains fighting,
03:03   and especially you, as a woman, should
03:08   really be shocked that under Islam, women shall be beaten when
03:12   they are disobedient, that they have to be sexually available to their man any time,
03:16   that they can only inherit half of what a male can,
03:20   and that in court the testimony of a woman is worth half
03:24   of that of a man. You should be against this and for the deletion of this?
03:28   Where is that? I have no idea what you are talking about.
03:32   Back to square 1: it’s again a question of interpretation, one Muslim says
03:36   I do this as I want to,
03:40   I don’t want that my wife does this ok, the other Muslim likes it normal.
03:44   You know: each Muslim
03:48   behaves as he wants. But the Koran commands
03:52   in the Koran in Surah 4 v. 34,
03:56   these women from whom you fear disobedience,
04:00   warn them, avoid them in the bed and beat
04:04   them. In surah 2 v. 228 you can read
04:08   “Your women are a field, fertilise it whenever you wish.”
04:13   Exactly the same sentence is in the Bible:
04:17   “Go to your wife whenever you want”. Exactly the same sentence.
04:21   It only depends what you take out of the book.
04:25   With the Koran we have a book of commands
04:29   Muslims believe that every word comes from Allah
04:33   every word. We did ask imam (Idris?)
04:37   “Mr. Idris, are you ready that we excise all killing orders from the Koran?”
04:41   Each peaceful Muslim should participate in this.
04:45   and imam (Idris?) is always paraded as an enlightened, moderate Muslim. You know what?
04:49   He said: “Not one word is allowed to be erased.”
04:54   And so we have a ticking time bomb, because the Koran
04:58   has to be followed by the letter.
05:02   And this everywhere where Muslims are the majority and have the power.
05:06   I suggest if you ask the Pope, if he would erase certain words from the Bible,
05:10   he would say the same thing: no.
05:14   that doesn’t mean that he agrees with everything
05:18   that one should execute them. And may I continue
05:22   there are fundamentalists among Christians, and among Muslims
05:26   and just because the Koran is written in the imperative, this does not mean
05:30   that all Muslims execute it like this
05:34   and understand it as an imperative. But you see what’s happening in
05:38   the Islamic countries. You open your eyes. You see that in Egypt
05:42   Christians are being persecuted and killed. Even in recent weeks
05:47   120 churches have been burnt down and destroyed by Muslims.
05:51   In Iraq 1 million Christians are fleeing because
05:55   they are being murdered in the streets, Muslims run into churches and kill,
05:59   bombs are thrown into churches. What do you think about this? It happens daily.
06:03   That’s the problem when you combine church and state.
06:08   Here in Germany we also had such a system. In the Middle Ages
06:12   and we had the Crusades, people were oppressed, burning of witches.
06:16   One can hardly count all the bad things
06:20   that happened in colonised countries. It was Christians,
06:24   they took the Bible as pretext to do these things. It depends always on people.
06:28   No, listen: Jesus said: “My kingdom
06:32   is not of this world.” Here, the separation of state and religion
06:37   is distinctly marked by Jesus. But in Islam
06:41   the unity of state and religion is manifest, because even the founder
06:45   prophet Mohammed, he was
06:49   a warrior, political leader, and Islam has a system of justice
06:53   Sharia, which is binding for Muslims,
06:57   and they must apply this system of justice
07:01   when they are in majority. The Bible has also a legal system; it’s called
07:05   the Ten Commandments. Is one of those commandments bad?
07:09   It’s in the eye of the beholder. “You shall not kill!”
07:13   “you shall not commit adultery”, “you shall not steal”, these are all good
07:17   commandments on which to build a society. But in the Koran it reads:
07:21   “Kill the non-believers where you find them, beat the women…”
07:26   There is one question: What is this about?
07:30   It’s about…
07:34   first that we want a referendum, that’s why we collect signatures,
07:38   and second it’s about that we want to rid Islam of all
07:42   the anti-constitutional parts.
07:46   We want to defuse these parts of Islam. This is urgently needed in the 21st century,
07:50   because in the history of Islam — and you alluded to colonisation —
07:54   Islam has conquered and colonised 57 countries,
07:58   killing 270 million people. If you ask what Christians did, the first Crusade
08:02   was in 1095, after 400 years of Islamic conquest,
08:06   when one Christian country after the other was savagely subjugated,
08:10   and millions of Christians were killed. I think it’s not about
08:15   to make Islam compatible with our constitution,
08:19   but to bring the people to respect the constitution,
08:23   and to still respect them as believers. Do you know that
08:27   40 % of Muslims in Germany want sharia?
08:31   Do you know that half of Muslims want to use violence
08:35   to achieve their goals? How do you want to defuse this ticking time bomb?
08:39   If we don’t at last censure the Koran, the basis for the murders and killing,
08:43   the murders and killings? I would say
08:47   you could try to speak with the Muslims and get them to
08:51   accept our constitution.
08:55   I have to say (you can continue immediately): We speak with Muslims, Muslims even sign,
08:59   but frankly not many, most of them are aggressive and angry. But there are
09:03   Muslims, the Alawites, 10% of Turks in Germany.
09:10   The Bavarian Alawite society asks for the deletion of sharia from Islam.
09:14   This was published in May, and imam Idris(?), who wants to build this Islamic Center here,
09:18   he rejected it. “Never ever will we distance ourselves from the sharia”.
09:22   You bring more and more facts but this is not
09:26   an answer to what I said. Why don’t you speak about
09:30   traits that unite people. What you do here
09:34   is trying to divide society. You could try
09:38   and get those who in your opinion are behaving anti-socially
09:42   to find a common ground with you. Our common ground is
09:46   our Constitution, our values: equality of man and woman, equality of all people
09:50   and concluding, we will take a ten-minute break. In Saudi Arabia,
09:54   do you know about this? A modern Saudi Arab
09:59   said: “for me all people are equal: Muslims, Jews and Christians.”
10:03   He has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia because there
10:07   sharia is law and sharia says: Jews and Christians are inferior,
10:11   they are worse than cattle and of lesser value than animals.
10:15   You bring more and more examples for extreme Islamists.
10:19   I too am against extremists, be they Buddhists, Jews, Christians.
10:23   Sorry we have to finish now, but I’ll tell you one more thing:
10:27   That is Islamic mainstream, it’s the original
10:31   Islam, such as it is. Concluding,
10:36   I thought that this rally is against the mosque,
10:40   but for me it’s not against the mosque, it’s against the Muslims. Not against the Muslims, but
10:44   against the anti-constitutional parts in Islam. Participate
10:48   in the defusing of Islam, the most important socio-political task of the 21st Century.
10:52   Thank you. Theresa, if you wish to continue afterwards, we can do this.

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  2. Great!

    Sturzenbergers soapbox rolls on,

    How can we get to sign the petition??

    Can die frieheit or someone explain to all our readers how go about signing to stop the mosque??

    All eu citizens are allowed to sign ???

    The dhimmi girl in the video, she is a typical multi culti green clothes, and flowers naieve fool who has bought into all these lies the taquiya lieing fooling muslims use to sucker twits like her.

    She looks and sounds like a very mixed up young lady, dresses like a man, mans haircut, and her life is about guilt and wanting to apologise on behalf of the white western world, so thst she can be accepted by her new muslim bloke, who will pimp her out to his muslim mates ss he moved on in his jihad against our white western naieve women.


    She looks like a social worker, the muslim man looks like a bogus asylum seeker and wannabee giggolo.
    She probably helped him with all paperwork so he can get onto the german
    Hartz 4 social welfare payments. Sick!

    The muslim shes with, she probably met him in culture center, or one of germanys many so called integration centres, that are actually shop fronts! Set up to get the immigrants votes st local elections, die link set up lot of the so called immigrant advice centers in the heart of areas like neukoln, kreuzburg, and all other immigrant ghetto areas across germany.

    Foreigners shoukd mot be allowed to vote in germany or eu proper.

    This would take away lot of votes from the left wing marxist nazis who are destroying our western civilisation and cultures, and replacing us with 3rd world savages and murderers.

    Islam must be banned now!

    The koran must be outlawed, and made illegal.

    Mosques must be all bulldozed.

    [intemperate recommendations redacted]

    Islam = Nazis


    • Cracking the psycho nature of these well meaning women is critically important.

      I do understand the gist of her comments but her details and command of fact is lousy.

      I think that the Big German did actually crack her conscience. She saw, and once seen things cannot be unseen.

      [insulting assertion redacted]

      Let’s face it, if Munich has a large Turk population it’s lights out for Germany. Those [persons of lesser value] are never going to leave willingly.

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  4. The girl is the problem.

    She can’t recognize that Islam is monolithic in its hostility to infidels.

    Idris behind her would have her under a burkah in a heartbeat.

    • She chooses not to recognize it (that Islam is monolithic in its hostility to infidels) because it challenges her world view.

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  6. Quite clear! Sharia is not compatible with Western Vcaluea and Constitutions. Judeo-Christianity have upgraded their theocracy to Freedom and Grace because this is allowed and provided by the Bible. Islam cannot afford the same as the Muslim Theocracy implies Sharia without any chance for Reformation. Sharia is responsible for persecution and martyrdom of Christians and humiliation of human rights.

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