The Murder That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Below is the latest talk given by Michael Stürzenberger, the leader of the Munich branch of the German anti-Shariah party Die Freiheit. In it he discusses the suppression by the media and the German state of the magnitude of Muslim violence in Germany, and the fact that such violence is Koranically justified, or even commanded.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Dear residents of Munich:
00:04   We had some Muslims here
00:08   who said it is terrible
00:12   that in recent years ten citizens
00:16   had been killed by the extreme-right Nazi terror cell NSU.
00:20   We agree with this completely. These killers
00:24   were terrorists who despised humans
00:28   and murdered them. For example, the Greek on the Theresienhoehe
00:32   had a key service: a friend
00:36   saw it from the tramway, said it looked great
00:40   she noted the number, as she meant to use his service.
00:44   And they just gunned him down,
00:48   mad, right-radical Nazi terrorists.
00:53   Two of them are already dead and the third one
00:57   is now before the Munich Courts. We agree.
01:01   But do you know what you are not being told?
01:05   That since 1990 there have been 3,700 German victims of foreign killers,
01:09   and many of them Muslims.
01:13   And now we will tell you what happens in Germany but what the media
01:17   keep secret from you, because
01:21   it’s politically incorrect to report that an Ahmed, a Mohammed or a Yusuf
01:26   is the killer. Often these names are kept secret because one does not want
01:30   to create a xenophobic ambience. But this violence is here,
01:34   and it is based largely on the legitimisation
01:38   of killings under Islam.
01:42   1990: Rene Grubert, 19-year-old German, killed by a Turk.
01:46   On 16.11.1990 this 19-year-old
01:50   father of a little week-old girl is killed by Ayhan Oe.
01:54   21-year-old with a deadly knife wound in the temple
01:58   in the S-Bahn of Berlin. And we know this:
02:02   In S-bahns and U-bahns it is enough
02:07   if you tell a Muslim “please stop smoking” for your life to be in danger.
02:11   It was experienced by the pensioner Bruno in Munich a few years ago,
02:15   who was nearly kicked to death by a Turk.
02:19   And we know the situation: when one is unconscious on the ground and gets stamped on,
02:23   that’s mostly the method of Muslims. 1991, Jens Zimmermann, 18-year-old
02:27   German, killed by two Turks. He wanted to see the united Berlin.
02:31   At Alexander Place he comes upon two mainly Turkish youth gangs
02:35   They surround the 18-year-old and bash him on the ground with baseball bats
02:39   until he dies.
02:43   The killers are caught. The judgement read: with enormous superior force
02:47   in the most cowardly way the killers bashed Jens Zimmermann while he lay helpless on the ground.
02:51   The verdict: two years probation.
02:55   That is the German ‘Cuddly Justice’,
02:59   which offers the ‘migrant bonus”.
03:04   1995: 15-year old German
03:08   murdered by nine (!) Turks. On 24.10.1995
03:12   nine Turkish youths catch a 15-year-old
03:16   on his way home. They bash him with wooden planks.
03:20   While two hold him down, two others stab him with knives. Eleven times
03:24   from the front, nine times from behind. Then they leave him
03:28   in the roadside ditch. 1998: Sascha T.,
03:32   26-year-old battered to death by a Turk.
03:36   Student Sascha, father of a daughter who is now ten-year-old who never saw him.
03:41   The Turk Inan Demiorhan battered him to death on 25 May 1998
03:45   before the eyes of his pregnant girlfriend Jutta.
03:49   1999: A German driver
03:53   stabbed to death by a Palestinian. On 17.4.99, a young Palestinian
03:57   in Glogauer Str. Berlin-Kreuzberg
04:01   pushes a cycle stand against a car. When the occupants,
04:05   two young people, confront him about it, he rams a knife into the driver’s chest.
04:09   As he leaves, he says to the girlfriend of the dying young man:
04:13   “I stab all Germans to death who cross my path”.
04:17   And now it comes: The expert certifies that Hany Y. suffers from
04:21   “post-traumatic stress disorder” The verdict: Manslaughter.
04:25   Six years’ youth custody.
04:29   That’s German justice. Cuddle justice that uses two measures.
04:33   1999, Robert Edelmann, 23-year-old
04:37   lynched by youths from Eritrea, Morocco, Jordan,
04:42   and Turkey. Robert, a young craftsman
04:46   first lynched by a gang of youth from Eritrea, Morocco, Jordan and Turkey
04:50   on 13 February 1999
04:54   and then stabbed to death on the open street. From a “pure lust for violence”
04:58   according to the Judge. Semere T.
05:02   who ripped the head of the victim off the ground while he was bleeding to death
05:06   and still continued stabbing the young man.
05:10   Afterward he bragged about his deed to his circle of friends.
05:14   People, in the Koran it says: behead them, kill them…
05:18   wherever you find them. This is being done.
05:22   Now do we still discuss whether these commands should be excised from the Koran?
05:26   There is nothing to discuss. Tomorrow
05:30   all German parties should make it law
05:34   and all Islamic societies, mosque communities
05:38   should have to sign an agreement to make this excision,
05:43   and those who refuse to sign should be disbanded for anti-constitutional animosity.
05:47   1999: Timo Hinrichs, 24-year-old, German, murdered by two Albanians.
05:51   On 1 May 1999 in Rodermark south of Offenbach,
05:55   two Albanians with previous criminal records.
05:59   Timo’s father wrote in a letter: “I need not tell you that after the murder of our son
06:03   no high representatives of our Fatherland, or foreigner services
06:07   sent us any condolences, just as
06:11   the parents of the young man from Kassel or of the one from Offenbach
06:15   both 19-year-old who both were victims of young ‘Southerners’ did not receive condolences.” That’s how it goes
06:19   When you are German and are murdered, the German President Gauk will not come
06:23   and demonstrates his hypocritical compassion.
06:28   That only happens when the victims are Turks and/or Muslims.
06:32   This inequality shows the schizophrenia
06:36   of political correctness. We demand that all victims be treated equally.
06:40   And this Gauk (President) should not talk rubbish by saying
06:44   that here in Germany, people with dark skin are in danger
06:48   Here in Germany people with white skin colour are in danger
06:52   if they come into contact with aggressive Muslims who are willing to kill. That’s how it really is.
06:56   1999: Thorsten Tragelehn, German.
07:00   On 3 Sept. 1999 he visits the village fair in his hometown
07:04   During the celebrations his friend is being attacked
07:09   by five foreigners “known to police”,
07:13   four Turks and one Iranian.
07:17   Thorsten intervenes verbally to mediate and is stabbed. As he lies on the ground gravely wounded,
07:21   the perpetrators kick him and bash him with clubs, bottles and knuckledusters.
07:25   Thorsten dies in the early hours of 4 Sept. from his injuries.
07:29   He is only 20 years old.
07:33   And the killers – all they get is youth probation.
07:37   It is unbelievable what an abject cuddle justice
07:41   we have in Germany. Outrageous.
07:45   And those attempts to mediate
07:49   we have seen this in (?): Daniel wanted to mediate in a fight
07:54   and he was beaten up by Turks and he died.
07:58   They stamped on this head until he was dead.
08:02   30 December 2000.
08:06   Dennis, 23 years murdered by four Turks. Together with other guests
08:10   he visited a pub in Bad Pyrmont.
08:14   In front of the pub four Turks bashed and kicked him
08:18   In the ensuing wrangling two Turks pulled knives and stabbed the young carpenter.
08:22   Stabbed in the heart several times, the young German bled to death.
08:26   He was father of a two-year-old daughter. And it continues:
08:30   We have 3,700 German victims. I have a lot to tell today.
08:34   2001: the 28-year-old German
08:39   on the 13 January in Sachsen-Anhalt
08:43   after an argument is stabbed by a Tunisian: dead.
08:47   2003: SEK official shot dead by a Lebanese.
08:51   On 23 April 2003 during a house search a Berlin SEK officer
08:55   is shot in the head by the Lebanese Yassin Ali-K.
08:59   Dead.
09:03   And all those things are not really discussed.
09:07   the Media quasi-ignore them. But the ten NSU murders
09:11   have been thrashed out in the media for the last two years, day after day,
09:15   and this is a blatant inequality in values.
09:19   3,700 German victims versus ten NSU victims.
09:24   Do you get it? 370 times as many, but we hear nothing about it.
09:28   So, let’s continue.
09:32   2004: Thomas Potschke, 20-year-old German, stabbed to death by a Tunisian.
09:36   19.3.2004: At the S-Station Mahrzahn a 24-year-old Tunisian destroys
09:40   the windows of parked cars at random with stones from his slingshot.
09:44   Confronted, he murders, laughing, Thomas Potschke (20),
09:48   stabbing him ten times and wounds the 33-year-old Dirk
09:52   by stabbing him through the lung so seriously that
09:56   he will be unable to work for the rest of his life. This is murder and terror
10:00   by foreign perpetrators in Germany. And we will talk about this,
10:04   and we will continue to discuss it. And we demand
10:09   the excision of the killing orders from the Koran. Ten minutes recess…

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13 thoughts on “The Murder That Dare Not Speak Its Name

  1. Michael is absolute star, we need 10 of him in every country. But will the German Government listen ? Definitely don’t bet on it. Our Western societes
    are all terminally ill.

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  3. I lived in berlin,

    Its scary traveling at night on s bahn, u bahn, especially in downtin areas like Neukoln, wedding, kreuzberg, south central, and north central berlin.

    Many many muslims, now they getting confident, bigger in numbers, no fesr of police, feel free to harrass and intimidate germans or other peoples with fear of violence.

    If you travel on public transport in berlin i reccomend you to be armed!
    Carry pepper spray, or some other weapons, you will also feel little safer.

    There is very very high crimes rate being committed in germany. Assaults of people, robberies, thefts, vandalism, being committed mostky by muslims and other immigrants.

    Its not being reported in the media!!! Its being covered up, if people knew the real numbers, there would be no visitors to the city.

    The police have little or no control over islamic criminals in berlin.

    There are many of them.

    I can confirm that Sturzenberger is 100% correct, when he tallks of a cover up by corrupt and complicit media and german traitor politicians who sre preventing us from knowing the truth!

    If you are white german, you get knifed, beaten, or murdered. You wont get a mention in the news!

    But if u black or muslim, and whatever happen to you, the media going to turn that into. Big big news, well never hesr the end of it!
    Like the stephen lawrence case in england, this happened in 90s, and were still hearing about this nonsense todsy??

    Stephen lawrence was a anti white rascist thug, drug dealer, a lowlife bully boy.

    [redacted], they even fitted up the young lads they pinned it on.

    Where can we donate money to die freiheit???

    How can we sign the anti mosque petition???

    Islam = nazis


    • A number of years back, I visited Berlin – which is my hometown – for a few months. I was appalled by the orientalised situation I found, and I decided never to give in to it, when I saw a chance to survive the situation in question.

      I did many related things during my time there, but the most remarkable may have been this one: I specialised in disturbing street collections held by ,

      who due to german politicians’ cowardlyness were (and probably are) free to act as they please. Concretely, I waited until they had talked their useless german pay victim to the point that he/she prepared to get out his/her wallet, to hand over a bill. This was when I stepped forward and intervened saying something like, ‘You won’t support mohammedan terrorists?’, which was the spellbreaker necessary for him/her to put back his/her wallet and escape from the embarassing situation he/she had manoeuvred him/herself into.

      I did this every day for several weeks, then the mohammedans had got their act together and sent a killer (or maybe just puncher), while I was sitting in a centrally located café. He had apparently only seen me on photos and wasn’t very smart either, but I realised the situation immediately and managed to get away.

      Yes, that is Germany, and this is just one reason why I say that the country is a lost case. All kudos to Michael Stürzenberger, but seen Germany’s overall conditions, he is fighting a losing battle. America should have finished its post-WW2 re-education programme, because as things went germans have lost their old strength and haven’t found a new one.

      Worst is, given Germany’s size and importance, it will pull down all the other neighbours, once it goes down. And it will, unless a miracle happens like the one in 1989.

  4. Stürzenberger says:

    “That since 1990 there have been 3,700 German victims of foreign killers, and many of them Muslims.”

    However, all his examples seem to be of Muslims. No doubt there have been a couple of non-Muslim foreigners perpetrating such violence, but Stürzenberger is being fuzzy by not framing this as an overwhelmingly Muslim problem. Forget the generality of “foreigners”. This is a Muslim problem — for indeed, Muslim citizens are no less dangerous.

    • What Stürzenberger is saying is that these 3,700 Germans are victims of a two-tier justice system. Very few, if any, perpetrators of “southern” origin are ever (properly) brought to justice. In essence, they are let off, inviting more violence against Germans.

      For those who can read German, here is a highly recommendation: Richter ohne Gesetz by Joachim Wagner

    • 3,700 is only the number about official known and public reported victims. In Germany it is nearly forbidden, to name the murderers, their religion or their homestate, when the murderer is an immigrant from outside the EU. So imagine, how high the count will be within never published or official reported crime.

  5. I live in the SF bay area. My daughter is 30 and has lived in Munich since she was 4. If anything happens to her, we will find out what one non-muslim is capable of doing here in the most liberal place on earth. And I do believe those muslims believe that no one will fight back. Idiots that they are, and all….
    Allah willing, of course.

  6. Michael Stürzenberger: “And we know the situation: when one is unconscious on the ground and gets stamped on, that’s mostly the method of Muslims.”

    An interesting article from Friday’s Wakefield Telegraph (Northern England) 8th Nov:

    “An EDL organiser had her jaw broken in a street attack by Asian (sic) men outside her home in Agbrigg… Mohammed Saleem Hussein is alleged to have struck (EDL organiser Gail Speight) with a single punch which rendered her unconscious. His brother (Mohammed Alladita Hussain) is alleged to have joined in while she was on the floor. They were both kicking and stamping on her head… Miss Speight was taken to Pinderfields Hospital and had to have plates and screws inserted in her fractured jaw…”

    Such bravery. Such chivalry. Such honour…

    The question is – which came first, Islam or the Muslim?

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