A Citizens’ Initiative in Munich

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the German anti-Shariah party Die Freiheit. His party is in the midst of an urgent campaign to gather enough signatures on a petition to force the authorities to hold a referendum on the proposed building of a mega-mosque in Munich.

If you have not already signed the petition, German readers are urged to note the contact information near the end of this video telling them how to participate.

Update: I’m told that Mr. Stürzenberger’s wording was sloppy. Only residents of Munich are eligible to sign the petition.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Dear people of Munich. For five years they have had a scandalous plan
00:04   for our beautiful city. Most of you don’t know about it yet:
00:08   right next to the Stachus (heart of Munich) they want to build a gigantic
00:12   Islamic centre for the whole of Europe. three huge cubic buildings
00:16   10,000 meters square, 60 meter high minarets,
00:20   and this whole thing will be financed by an illegitimate Arab State (Unrechtsstaat),
00:24   i.e. Qatar, which demonstrably finances terrorist organisations
00:28   Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Hamas with billions of dollars.
00:32   The imam who wants to get his money from this barbarian sharia state
00:36   has been on the watch list of our intelligence services for years.
00:40   He worked with and for the Muslim Brotherhood,
00:44   executing their orders. According to information
00:48   from the Bavarian intelligence services,
00:52   he also has contacts to a Bosnian terror group. We say that this project
00:56   is absolutely not OK, and therefore, two years ago, we
01:00   started a citizens’ initiative: we collect signatures; twice a week we go
01:04   around in town. This is how these lists look. Up to ten people can sign,
01:08   and when we reach 34,000 valid signatures
01:12   there will be a Referendum; all citizens will be able to vote.
01:17   We want the people to decide
01:21   what happens in our beautiful city. Please note
01:25   that this action is not targetting Muslims, we welcome all those
01:29   in Bavaria, in Munich, in Germany, who respect our constitution
01:33   and who decline sharia. We even have about
01:37   60 Muslims who signed already, who also think that
01:41   such a European Islamic Centre with this kind of background
01:45   should not be built in our city. Few people know that
01:49   Islam is not only a religion, but very largely a political
01:53   ideology, with its own judicial system, the ‘Sharia’
01:57   which legitimises violence, killings and the oppression of women
02:01   and with an exclusive claim to world power. So please participate, sign
02:05   our citizens initiative, then together we will
02:09   succeed with a referendum. Thank you.

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