Fear is a Bad Advisor

As reported here previously, the website Politically Incorrect and the political party Die Freiheit are being targeted and persecuted by the state government of Bavaria.

Yesterday a couple of Muslims did the dirty work for the Bavarian government and attacked Die Freiheit leader Michael Stürzenberger on the street. One of them punched him in the eye and broke his glasses.

Below is an interview with Mr. Stürzenberger recorded immediately after the assault. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Winds of Jihad posted a report based on the account in Politically Incorrect:

Munich: Michael Stürzenberger Attacked by Turkish Muselmaniac

Munich: During yesterday’s rally at Munich’s Rotkreuzplatz Michael Stürzenberger, the most courageous man in Europe, again involved passers-by in intensive discussions about the many anti-constitutional commands of the Koran. A Muselmaniac denied it, as usual, until he was shown the original Arabic Quran from Saudi Arabia. He grabbed it and wanted to run off with it. Suddenly, another Muslim from the back rushed up fast and hit the national chairman of the BAVARIAN FREEDOM PARTY in the face with his fist. Stürzenberger’s glasses shattered into three pieces and flew to the ground. He was bleeding from a cut below the eye. Four police officers pounced on the Turkish Muslim, threw him to the ground and held him there. Photos or film footage of the attack are unavailable, unfortunately, because the local council of the city of Munich has forbidden the FREEDOM PARTY to film or photograph counter-demonstrators. Clearly the City Council has a vested interest to prevent that the general public will be alerted to how aggressive and violent Muslims and left-wing extremists are in Munich. Some Lefties were gloating happily about the attack, applauded and laughed. [more from PI in German] . The German text is below the fold!…

Video transcript:

00:00   We have a rally at the Rot-Kreuz Place
00:04   and a few minutes ago a Muslim,
00:08   a Turkish Muslim hit me in the face: look at my glasses:
00:12   destroyed. He hit my face with full force
00:16   See the wound, I think it’s bleeding, yes?
00:20   I simply wanted to tell him what is in the Koran
00:24   It says in the Koran: all unbelievers are worse
00:28   than animals, surah 8 v. 55.
00:32   One Muslim tried to rip the Koran out of my hand while the other
00:36   hits my face. So, this seems to be
00:41   the “peacefulness” of Muslims who live among us.
00:45   This is only one example in a long chain of
00:49   aggressions and death threats.
00:53   I was threatened with decapitation,
00:57   I was told without the police here, we would all be dead already:
01:01   Muslims in Munich. There are 120,000 Muslims in Munich
01:05   We do not know the real (dark) number, the sleepers who are ready at any moment
01:09   to wage jihad. One Muslim told us “I am ready
01:13   to kill for Allah”. At least five Muslims told me
01:17   they would love to cut off my head. One said he will stick a knife into my head.
01:21   We have aggressive Muslims among us who are ready to kill,
01:26   and everyone looks away. It’s like in the Third Reich when the Nazis
01:30   came into power. It was Winston Churchill
01:34   who had read “Mein Kampf” and warned of the danger,
01:38   and no-one believed him. Appeasers like Chamberlain
01:42   went to Hitler: “yes he talks of peace”, and then came the result:
01:46   60 million killed, 6 million gassed Jews and Europe
01:50   in ashes. Winston Churchill said it:
01:54   “the KORAN = MEIN KAMPF of the prophet Mohammed”.
01:58   He said the civilisation of modern Europe can go down like the Roman Empire
02:02   if Islam spreads. And no-one sees this, they all look away.
02:06   Look at those people, they stand around the periphery, all are frightened
02:11   heads in the sand, they are frightened something could happen to them.
02:15   But fear is a bad adviser, look at him:
02:19   Hamed Abdel-Samad: he is courageous, he says
02:23   one must not be frightened, but have courage to tell the truth
02:27   Abdel-Samad is an Egyptian who lives in Munich under police protection because he said
02:31   that fascism is in Islam since the prophet Mohammed
02:35   founded it. And here you can see what could happen anytime
02:39   in a shopping mall in Germany. In Nairobi, Muslims have killed
02:43   simply in revenge for the Kenyan army’s fight
02:47   against terrorism in Somalia. Exactly as here.
02:52   An Afghan Muslim could, at anytime
02:56   commit such bloody horror because our Armed Forces are also in Afghanistan
03:00   fighting the Taliban. We have ticking time bombs amongst us.
03:04   We must at last stand up, we need people
03:08   who have courage and say: Islam is dangerous.
03:12   And we want to educate and prevent this aggressive ideology from
03:16   spreading even more, here in Germany and in Europe. Everyone who remains silent,
03:20   everyone who sticks his head in the sand, who white-washes and sugar-coats,
03:24   is complicit in letting an aggressive ideology
03:29   get hold of us here in Germany and strangle us.
03:33   People, it is high time to stand up, now, immediately!
03:37   Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Fear is a Bad Advisor

  1. At least the perpetrators were arrested. Our Police in the UK are held over a barrel by their masters to such an extent that even when crimes are committed in front of them against anti-islamists such as Tommy Robinson that they do nothing. Although 90% must hate this.

  2. The tide is turning. For the first time last night, in a group of ten my words on Islam were not met with derision by any present. People are waking up, but to be honest none present were the ‘educated liberals’ running things. They were just ordinary people with a dose of common sense.

    • I agree – the tide is turning. The liberals who run things refuse to see anything that contradicts their idiotic world view – reality for them is a threat! They are frightened that one day it will bite them – so they bury their heads in the sand and pretend all is well. This illustrates how insecure they really feel – and so they should be. The foundations of their world view are built on sand and already their castle is crumbling.

        • If these self-haters feel that THEY have an intolerable burden of guilt which they cannot deal with, then all THEY have to do is hang themselves from the nearest lampost.

          No one would mind.

  3. How is it the local bavarian state left wing nazis goverment officials can stop people filming or photographing these violent muslim and left wing nazi savages in the process of assaulting people in munich????

    Someone must have photographed or filmed these muslim savages who committed this assault on freedom of speach in munich??

    Where are the pics of these criminals??

    They must be posted online so we can all see who they are.

    We must not take any notice of this demand, that its now illegal to photograph or film criminals who are attacking us and making death threats against heroes like mr sturzenberger!

    He should have a troupe of body guards, who would grab and handcuff these muslim nazis.

    We must have our own security defence personell at all public meetings, video cameras, photography, etc.

    Its going to get worse, be sure, i just was in romania, and there building hundreds of new mosques all along the blacksea coast, from bulgarian romanian border northwards, these were not here last year.

    In constanta romania there is a gigantic mosque, load speakers and all disturbing the local ovideo historical area daily with this islamic nonsense and hate mongering.

    Islam must banned and outlawed if we have any chance of avoiding ww3.

    Its clear now.


    • Absolutely Sobieski, but it takes a long time for most of us to REALISE the innate evil Islam hides. It took me until I
      was into my 50’s before I even started thinking about it. If
      most citizens are like this, I doubt whether we would have enough time to prepare for the inevitable trouble. I have a
      very intelligent elder brother who thinks I am totally insane to regard Islam as any worse than any other religion. What can you do ?

      • Present the arguments.

        1. Muhammad was a killer. Christ was virtually a pacifist.

        2. Islam crushes the intellect. Can you name a Muslim University? Dreary dour Medieval Christianity spawned the modern
        University. Sorbonne, Oxford Cambridge, Harvard.

        3. Look at who is killing whom today in acts of Genocide. This is a Genocide by Arabs that has been going on for 1,400 years and has now infected Britain. It’s being done in the name of Islam. It’s not a monarch, adventurer or freebooter doing it.

        4. If they talk about the Crusades, just say this: it required the Franks 400 years to even begin think about a counter attack against Islam. That’s how long it took Christianity to raise a fist. Even when it counter attacked Islam the effort was sporadic and disorganized and half hearted.

        Case closed. If your chums and family can’t understand it then they are hopeless.

  4. “Yesterday a couple of Muslims did the dirty work for the Bavarian government…”

    I had to think about this.

    Socialism is passive-aggressive while Islam is pure aggression. They live off envy of others doing well and becoming independent of them. They want a piece of the action. They both tax the groups they fear: the Wealthy or the People of the Book, respectively. They both have religious courts: Human Rights or Sharia.

    So Socialists will prevent videos of Michael Stürzenberger being attacked and will investigate his tax status or detain him in prison or send agents to tempt him to commit a crime… and will even send out United Against Fascism hit squads with their undercover police to strike out… but never in cold daylight, under their own name will these gentle peace-loving creatures ever get their hands dirty.

    “Yesterday a couple of Muslims did the dirty work for the Bavarian government…”

    On this micro scale, given the subject matter, the Defenders of Islam are easily provoked.

    On the macro scale, the importation of Islam, generates the fear to make Communism attractive to women with their sexualized males on tow, and the acceptance of a surveillance society as a necessity.

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  6. Note the frustration of this man who has had his logic and common sense locked into a Politically correct prison cell by the Political correct-Cultural Marxist clouds that are omnipresent across all Western Europe.

    This guy like many others in many other places tries to do his best as a decent upstanding citizen and peacelover to bring the elephant in the room to the publics attention in that German city, even though he mentions at least 120.000 muslim’s reside in that city, 120.000 is the population of a small city or a large town in anyone’s books in any country, and these are the proportion who reside within that 1 German city? Munich or Munchen has a population of 1,353, 186 souls and around 10% of them are Muslim? Talk about cultural enrichment.

    Note how this guy compares the Islamification of his city and country to that of the rise of the Nazis in the 30’s, this in itself is commendable for a latter day German who I would surmise was born long after 1945.

    The Germans need to stop shouldering the blame for Hitler and the Nazi party and all the other atrocities committed (in the main) by men and women who have long since departed this mortal coil. Nobody is saying they should not acknowledge what happened in their history as wrong such as WW2 and al it entailed, though they have to put this behind them and state it was not in their name. Same thing here in the United Kingdom when it comes down to all of these people blaming people for the destruction wreaked by the British Empire upon its colonies, it does not have anything to do with me, it was the past, we know what happened and its done, we move on.

    • They were well aware of the gathering storm that was to infect them.

      I also think it is time that Germany is forgiven. Although, it’s probably too late now.

      I’m staggered that Munich is 10% Muslim. Who allowed it? That’s a high enough population to seize complete control of the municipal government and the state government.

      • The Marxist EU & UN planed and allowed the cultural enrichment of cities like Munich and elsewhere.

        I reside in Western Scotland on the periphery of Glasgow and there is an estimated 60k+ of these cultural enrichers though I suspect the figures have been fudged here and I would easily estimate similar figures here as in Munich.

        Visiting Manchester or Leeds some 200 miles to the south of me you are witnessing some serious cultural enrichment and social engineering where many of the communities of these conurbations resemble Middle Eastern Bazaar’s on a busy market day.

        Travel any further south and the big cities like Birmingham and London are swamped.

    • “..The Germans need to stop shouldering the blame for Hitler and the Nazi party and all the other atrocities committed (in the main) by men and women who have long since departed this mortal coil…”

      I think that Mr. Stuerzenberger was not self-flagellating when he mentioned the Hitler, the 60 million deaths, the 6 million gassed Jews, Europe in ashes: he used this argument in the sense of “if we forget the past we are deemed to repeat it”. And I fully agree with him. Because, what is happening now is a near exact repeat of what happened then. While we should not “accuse” the Germans who were born afterwards, we should point this paralel out, again and again and again.

      What happened then, when Hitler layer out EXACTLY his plan in his book “Mein Kampf”, is happening now where islam/muslims lay out exactly what their plans are. People did not take “Mein Kampf” seriously, people – at least those in power do not take the “Koran” seriously. If we do not, we will have at least another 60 + million people die.

      What IS ist about Munich, that city of whom Germans often said: “München ist die heimliche Hauptstadt mit Herz” (Munich is our secret capital with heart) implying to forget Bonn and Berlin. But it was in MÜNCHEN that Hitler started his devastating rise which we forget at our own peril.

      Incidentally, I am Bavarian born and raised, although I do have the alibi of the “Spät-Geborene” (the born-afterwards).

  7. After all that has happened since and including 9/11 the EU and the US have chosen to increase muslim immigration. Is that in out or under control? Anyway the future looks very Beirut.

  8. The barbarians are not at the gate, they are inside. Western political and religious leaders condemned the cartoonist in Denmark, the author Rusdie in the UK, and on and on… but never is the violence by muslims condemned. Europe may be reaching the point where to even complain about this will no longer be possible. This is all part of the Brussels EU agenda and the new USSR of Europe.

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