“The First Signs of the Civil War in Germany”

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the German anti-Shariah party Die Freiheit. Every week he addresses a public gathering in central Munich, talking about Islam and the proposed mega-mosque, against which he has organized a citizens’ petition.

Last Saturday, as he addressed the crowd, certain culturally enriched citizens of Munich attacked him with shoes and fireworks. Mr. Stürzenberger described what happened:

During the rally, a Muslim constantly showed me his middle finger. When I asked him to put it back to where it came from, a cascade of insults were his reaction:


At the peak of his defamation he took off his right shoe and threw it at me, which is presumably one of the most disrespectful things one can do in Islam. The video of the attack documents how the Muslim volcano begins to bubble when it’s confronted with factual information.

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for translating the video from Munich, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it:

For the rest of the PI article about the incident, see the translation at Vlad’s blog.

Video transcript:

0:00   Pardon? What’s wrong with the Catholic Church?
0:04   What’s wrong with the Catholic Church?
0:08   You know, the founder of Christianity is Jesus.
0:12   He was murdered,
0:16   but Mohammed murdered. That’s the difference between
0:20   Islam and Christianity. Jesus was murdered, Mohammed murdered.
0:24   Jesus came to a stoning and told the people:
0:28   Whoever is without sin, let him throw the first stone. The stoning was cancelled.
0:32   Mohammed let adulteresses be buried up to the hips
0:36   and be stoned to death with stones, not too big,
0:40   so they would suffer. That was Mohammed.
0:44   A warlord, conqueror, raider, let 800 captured Jews be decapitated,
0:48   legitimated rape – your role model. Distance yourselves from your role model.
0:52   And you put your middle finger back to where it came from.
0:56   –You bastard! Come here, you bastard! I f*** all of you! –
1:00   – You son of a bitch! Shut up, you bastard! –
1:04   – You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! –
1:08   – I f*** your mother! F***ing Germans! Bastard! –
1:44   Your shoe.
1:52   Signs read:
1:56   [Islam is the religion of war]
2:00   [The hate comes from the Quran]
2:04   [Your hate fuels us]
2:16   Even Karl Marx said the Quran separates the world into believers and infidels,
2:20   and creates a status of permanent enmity.
2:24   Did you know that Islam separates the world into
2:28   the House of Islam, Dar al-Islam – that’s where Muslims reign – and
2:32   Dar al-Harb – that’s the House of war – where …
2:48   Well, now firecrackers are thrown. There, people shout “Allahu akhbar”.
2:52   These are the first signs of the civil war in Germany,
2:56   which Michael Hayden, Director of the CIA, predicted for 2020.
3:00   He said: Civil war-like conditions
3:04   in all German major cities. CIA Director Michael Hayden.
3:08   Here we go! Now, you see what’s ticking in our midst
3:12   in Munich-Neuperlach. So, come and sign (for the plebiscite).

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9 thoughts on ““The First Signs of the Civil War in Germany”

  1. Hi – great work as always. Just a little detail. This arab/muslim – speaking a broken German or at least heavily accented German – shows Michael Stürzenberger his index finger. Apparently to show someone one’s middle finger is a delict in Germany. So these “Youths” as they are called in official France, know how to agress, to maim, even to kill their hosts, but they also know how to show the Ersatz Middle finger to the German law.


  3. Independent of this particular situation (please keep this in mind for the next few lines): While watching the video, take the chance and meet Germany’s cangaroo court judiciary: Shouting an invective at someone is considered a ‘beleidigung’ (insult) which, according to the logic of Freisler’s not really changed successors, requires penal charges pressed by the public prosecutor (!). So how should germans ever develop into full-grown adults if they have this unability to discuss (instead rant), plus there permanently hangs the threatening judiciary over them in case they ‘go to far’ (use ‘too many/too strong’ terms) during their ranting sprees?

  4. Michael sturzenberger is super!

    Brave man, a hero, and people of uk, and other wetsern europe nations must form thousands of these street corner soapboxes to warn our peoples about islam, and spread the wake up alarm out on the streets.

    Look at that arab [man of base characteristics], thriwing shoes, maming death threats, why didnt cops arrest that muslim nazi????

    Ban islam now!

    The koran must be outlawed and banned now!

    All muslims deported

    All mosques bulldozed to the ground

    Islam must simply be made illegal in european countries.


  5. Give them enough rope…

    Islam is the ideal religion for these people. It is a perfect expression of their own souls.

  6. Civil war indeed. One is tempted to begin taking bets on which country will fall into the throes of civil war first, as it seems inevitable at this point.

    An optimist might bet on which country(s) have the chance to emerge victorious. Though I myself try to be an optimist, even I would hesitate to place bets on any European country’s victory.

    Stürzenberger is a brave man, and one worthy of much admiration. I can only imagine how it must feel to slog it out in the streets day after day, and face increasing hostilities. I have to wonder how the average German passerby reacts to such events. Do they realize the truth of Stürzenberger’s words, only highlighted by the savagery displayed here? Or, do they scoff and label him as needlessly disrupting social harmony and go about their business? I would hope it’s the former, and that Stürzenberger is getting through to the people of Munich.

    I read on Vlad Tepes’ blog that the petition has collected over 30 000 signatures, so shouldn’t he be close to his goal of a referendum? How many numbers are needed again?

  7. What a joke. Islam has already collapsed, but nobody seems to realize it. The factional warfare throughout the Muslim countries, in addition to the demented hatred and attacks against religious minorites are symptoms of Islam’s aimless, zombie status. It only limps on because its message of supremacy is still cherished by the losers of the world.
    No, Islam has no real power. The problem is that people in the West are afraid to take forceful steps against it because they lack self-confidence.

    • Since they started their dark drug addicted run on mankind the muslim’s contribution has been to codify treachery, murder, suicide, lying, cheating, stealing, pedophilia or anything else that feeds their lonely flesh begotten ideology as OK. Muslims are now in Europe in sufficient numbers to create mayhem. Especially now that islam rising in Turkey is about to receive visa free travel. Another real smart stealth move by Brussels Sprouts. We should not be ignoring millions of savages with rabies.

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