Civilization Jihad in Tennessee

As reported here yesterday, Christian and Jewish groups in the Nashville area have lent their support to a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that doesn’t bother trying to hide its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today the Tennessee Council for Political Justice sent out a follow-up report with additional information about Jamal Badawi, who will be featured at an “interfaith” event at the mosque next month:

No Denying that Badawi is Muslim Brotherhood

Jamal Badawi is referred to by name on page 12 of the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America. Jamal Badawi is part of that “group”:

“We have a seed for a ‘comprehensive Dawa’ educational’ organization: We have the Daw’a section in ISNA + Dr. Jamal Badawi Foundation + the center run by brother Hamed al-Ghazali…”

“The big challenge that is ahead of us is how to turn these seeds or ‘scattered’ elements into comprehensive stable, ‘settled’ organizations that are connected with our Movement and which fly in our orbit and take orders from our guidance. This does not prevent — but calls for — each central organization to have its local branches but its connection with the Islamic center in the city is a must.”

Hamed al-Ghazali was hired by Pleasant View School — the Islamic school in Memphis as “the new consultant for PVS Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic. He also serves as Chairman of MAS [Muslim American Society] Council of Islamic Schools (MASCIS) and as a superintendent/consultant for several Islamic schools in the USA.

All the better to advance the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology and goal of turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation ruled by sharia law.

This document was discovered during an FBI search of the home of one of the founders of a Virginia mosque. The document was subsequently introduced into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution.

This is the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to “settle” Islam in North America or in their words, commit a “civilization jihad.”

This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that was banned in Egypt, reemerged with Mohammed Morsi’s election and quickly moved to bring Egypt under the rule of sharia. That is, make Egypt the Islamic state envisioned by the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder Hassan al-Banna.

The challenges and timeline in the U.S. may be different, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s endgame here is the same. Read the plan — it is all there and it is well underway here.

The connections have been made with the Islamic Center of Nashville, The Islamic Center of Tennessee, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro and the mosques and school in Memphis. The Nashville Jewish and Christian leadership are doing all they can to settle the Muslim Brotherhood even deeper in Tennessee.

These leaders have lost their moral compasses.

4 thoughts on “Civilization Jihad in Tennessee

  1. Recently we left our church we were members of for some 30 years. It is because our pastor is an apologist for islam and adamantly refuses to call islam what it is. He was not alone as we also experienced similar opinions from other members who are involved in so-called higher education. Experiencing creeping shari’a from the church’s bully pulpit is heart breaking. We observe the intelligentsia around us shill for islam and its ills under the guise of Christian love and tolerance. The Peace in our Timers and Defenders of the Mosques – doing the heavy lifting on behalf of the MB. In case you are wondering, this is in Nashville, TN.

  2. The intelligensia is invariably liberal in terms of political views and hence quite friendly towards Islam. The same applies to pastors/ministers who are into liberation/social justice theology. Of course they don’t call it, but it’s there hidden under love and tolerance.

    The best alternative for serious Christians is to start anew and found a new church. I know it’s a hard thing to consider, but if a particular church and it’s ministers are working to the long term detriment of Christians and Christianity, it must be done. For the tree and it’s fruit are bad.

    • PorkChop, no need to start new churches. There are Evangelical churches and fellowships all over the place that see Islam as a false religion–and have even brought Muslims to Christ (the one presented in the Old and New Testaments, not the Isa counterfeit in the Qur’an).

      I suspect that one reason why Tennesseans fought back so well in at least a few battles with the Jihad-enablers is that they’re a “Bible Belt” state. This means that while liberal religion is present, there’s also a lot of hard-core, “fundamentalist” Christianity there, too.

      My suspicion is that the “Christian leadership” trying make room for the Ikhwan in Tennessee is made up of people who think that Jesus Christ is still dead, deny that Jesus Christ is truly God incarnate, and would choose solidarity with homosexuality over solidarity with Moses and Paul.

  3. Snake Hunter Sez,

    * Let these folks read the Muslim Brotherhood Creed (It’s short)
    * Then, introduce them to Allah’s Apostle’ words in their sacred book:
    Mohammed said, “I have been made victorious… with terror”
    Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, #220
    * Then, have them research ‘PROPHET OF DOOM’ for Mohammed’s Own Words
    on WOMEN. When they have finished with “projectile vomiting” they can contact
    my Snake Hunter’s Website with prudent questions on the 1400 yr old death cult;

    I’ll answer all logical questions with more quotes taken directly from The Holy Qur’an.

    {Click} — > < —
    ___ ___

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