“We Will Write History With This Referendum”

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the party Die Freiheit, which is resisting the Islamization of Germany. Every week he addresses a public gathering in central Munich, talking about Islam and the proposed mega-mosque financed by Qatar, against which he has organized a citizens’ petition. The petition requires 30,000 signatures to force a referendum on the mosque. I’m told he has obtained well over the necessary number, but is aiming for 42,000, in expectation that the municipality will disallow about a third of the signatures for illegibility etc.

Oz-Rita has translated a video of Mr. Stürzenberger’s talk last Saturday. The translator includes this note:

The woman Stürzi addresses as “Frau Schrimpf” is from the SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) who are now in co-habitation in the government. She is on the side of the Mayor of Munich (Udo), who is fully corrupt and had his hands greased by Qatar and the Imam to build this gigantic Islamic centre. He wanted to pass it through without the people really realising the enormity of it.

And now they have this Socratic gadfly which is Stürzi — being the proverbial (gad)fly in the ointment. They have defamed him, and put so many obstacles in his way, such as for example a law, applying basically only to Stürzi which forbids his people to film the “counter demonstrators”. Stürzi confronts Frau Schrimpf head-on and his words towards her are ironic. The wit and humour don’t come quite through in the translation.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this clip:


00:00   Citizens of Munich, do come and sign our citizens’ initiative
00:04   2 years ago we started
00:08   to collect signatures for this referendum
00:12   we do it every week, and believe me it’s damn difficult
00:16   to collect signatures every Saturday and each time
00:20   police have to be here,
00:24   not because of us, but because of the counter-demonstrators
00:28   There are many violent Muslim counter demonstrators?
00:32   who already have thrown stones and eggs
00:36   who have threatened us with death, but for the presence of the police,
00:40   and so it’s very difficult for us to collect signatures
00:44   because many residents are frightened, ask themselves “why the police?”
00:48   But believe it, we here are the good ones.
00:52   We are from the party Die Freiheit we want a referendum like in Switzerland,
00:57   we want direct democracy, we want the People to decide,
01:01   because in the citizens there is more common sense
01:05   then in the heads of many politicians.
01:09   And we have re-created “Die Weisse Rose” (The White Rose)
01:13   today December 7 is the anniversary of death of Susanne Zeller-Hirzel.
01:17   One year ago she died; a courageous woman.
01:21   She was the best friend of Sophie Scholl.
01:25   She fought with her against the Nazis
01:29   during a time when most Germans were ‘followers’
01:33   and didn’t dare to say anything against Hitler and the Nazis. She distributed flyers;
01:37   she and Sophie Scholl were resistance fighters.
01:41   And, in order to talk, they swam in the Neckar
01:45   because they were afraid of being bugged.
01:49   This courageous woman,
01:53   after the war she
01:57   informed herself about Islam, because
02:02   in the ’60s-’70s-’80s Islam was spreading more and more,
02:06   and she saw 9/11, this terror attack in New York.
02:10   She read the Koran and just like us
02:14   she researched Islam. And she
02:18   said: listen well.
02:22   She said Islam and national socialism are very much alike,
02:26   the totalitarian views, the killings and
02:30   their exclusive claim to global power are in Islam as in national socialism.
02:34   And today, on the anniversary of the death
02:39   of this courageous woman, this member of
02:43   Die Weisse Rose
02:47   If you know that Islam collaborated with the Nazis,
02:51   that the most senior Muslim was a guest of Hitler
02:55   when they discussed the extermination of Jews
02:59   and founded the Waffen SS division Handschar
03:03   with 25,000 Muslim volunteers who, full of Jew-hatred
03:07   and with enthusiasm fought side by side with the Nazis,
03:12   then you see in which direction we are going.
03:16   Already Jews in Germany are in danger
03:20   because in Muslim parallel societies Jews cannot walk with their kippas,
03:24   because then they are in danger of violent attacks
03:28   from Muslims.
03:32   In Germany already two rabbis have been stabbed to death by Muslims,
03:36   one in Frankfurt, one in Berlin. And we tell you one thing:
03:40   If we want to learn a lesson from the
03:44   disastrous Nazi times, we must learn all the lessons,
03:48   we want no more right nor left extremism,
03:52   no other dangerous fanaticism like Islamic fundamentalism,
03:56   and equally we do not want any anti-Semitism.
04:01   The Islamic Jew-hatred is exactly
04:05   as evil as the Nazi Jew-hatred, yes Frau Schrimpf…
04:09   heroic pamphleteer from the district office,
04:13   You have no idea what side you join,
04:17   you have not the faintest idea what side
04:21   you are joining: the side of Jew-haters,
04:25   The worst Jew-haters there are.
04:29   Listen well,
04:33   listen well, residents of Munich.
04:38   These facts are very important, you don’t read about them in newspapers
04:42   and you don’t hear them from politicians.
04:46   You should know what is planned for your wonderful city:
04:50   the building of a huge Islamic center financed by a Jew-hating,
04:54   terrorism-sponsoring state, Qatar. A state which
04:58   the Muslim hate preacher Yussuf al-Qaradawi chooses to stay in,
05:02   who has said: “Adolf Hitler
05:06   was a just punishment of the Jews by Allah.”
05:10   You get it? That was said by a high-ranking Islamic cleric,
05:14   and if he says “Hitler was a just punishment for the Jews”, then you know what makes Islam tick.
05:18   Islam is as Jew-hating as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were.
05:23   And in their instruction book, the Koran, it says “Jews are like apes and pigs”,
05:27   and their prophet Mohammed said: Kill the Jews
05:31   Do I see any concern here now?
05:35   No. When Muslims say “Kill the Jews” no-one is interested,
05:39   not one of you.
05:43   You hypocrites are only interested when the Nazis
05:47   attack the Jews. You don’t get it,
05:51   that Islam contains exactly the same Jew-hatred.
05:55   the prophet of Islam, Mohammed,
05:59   had 800 Jewish prisoners beheaded:
06:04   starting here and cut through, Frau Schrimpf from the district office. It doesn’t matter…
06:08   oh, that’s a different religion, one has to be culturally sensitive,
06:12   tolerant. Well, so what if they cut off a few heads…
06:16   and they do it until today. While you stand here, every five minutes Christians are killed
06:20   by Muslims, in Islamic countries, Frau Schrimpf.
06:24   you should open your eyes a little and not always
06:28   distribute pamphlets against a democratic party
06:32   that is starting a fully justified citizens’ initiative. You should change sides
06:36   and not wear Palestinian scarves, you (Osterhase?)
06:41   because these are also Jew haters. That Arafat
06:45   whose symbol is this Palestinian scarf.
06:49   Arafat waged Jihad, he swore his people
06:53   to a “holy war” against Jews.
06:57   He said to them: “go to Israel, blow yourselves up…
07:01   next to children, women and civilians.” And you are on their side?
07:05   Frau Schrimpf, when you stand on that side of the barrier,
07:09   You are on the side of Jew haters, of people
07:13   who are full of hatred against Jews and are ready to kill them.
07:17   Shame on you, member of the district office
07:21   Frau Schrimpf. You will hear a lot more today
07:26   you will regret that you placed yourself here. I have not finished for a long time yet.
07:30   The state of Qatar wants to finance this Islam center
07:34   and the imam Idris (sp?) wants to get this money.
07:38   And this imam Idris
07:42   has suspicious (?) role models, among them a Nazi. Frau Schrimpf you defend here
07:46   an imam who has a Nazi as a role model.
07:50   Imam Hussein (Choso?), listen people, it’s important
07:54   that we broadcast these facts.
07:58   In the last century, in the ’20s and ’30s,
08:02   this should have happened to the Nazis, that people broadcast the facts,
08:07   but then they were all cowardly and no-one did. We do it today.
08:11   We have re-established the Weisse Rose and we will not allow
08:15   the next totalitarian ideology, dressed up as a religion,
08:19   to produce the same crap as the Nazis. And no-one and nothing will stop
08:23   us or shut us up, and the referendum will come
08:27   whether you stand around here and distribute your idiotic flyers from Udo (Mayor of Munich)
08:31   or not. We will get the referendum.
08:35   We will let the people decide. We don’t want Jew-haters in Munich.
08:39   We don’t want a totalitarian ideology that
08:44   demands the killing of non-believers. Did you know,
08:48   dear residents of Munich, that in the Koran it says:
08:52   non-Muslims i.e. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus are worse than cattle,
08:56   of lesser value than animals? Did you know that in the Koran it says:
09:00   “Kill the non-believers wherever you find them”? And did you know
09:04   that in Islam, the god of Islam kills, he himself kills.
09:08   in the Koran, verse ? sura it says: It is not you who have killed, but
09:12   Allah has killed with your hands. People, we don’t want that
09:17   in Germany. Simple as that. We pity the Christians
09:21   who get killed every day. While we discuss here,
09:25   every five minutes they kill a Christian, and in the worst way you can imagine,
09:29   they have their heads cut off and while they do this they shout
09:33   Allahu akhbar (Allah is greater) Hey, this has got to stop!
09:37   and stop immediately, without compromise,
09:41   without further discussion. In Germany, in Munich,
09:45   we will write history with this referendum. And after this referendum
09:49   Islam will be explained, without any taboos,
09:54   as surely as the Amen in the church. Thank you.

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13 thoughts on ““We Will Write History With This Referendum”

  1. Great!!!!

    Die freiheit leading the way forward, we need this on every steeet corner in europe right now.

    Most people are totally unaware of what awaits them, they have no knowledge of the koran, book of death and murder and hate!

    In places like romania, they still thinking that islam is ok, that its a peaceful harmless religeon. Wake up romania.

    In romania muslims are renovating and building more mosques all along blacksea coast, and in constanta, there is massive mosque, where daily loud speakers are driving people crazy with there calls to prayers.


    Ban islam!

    Ban koran!

    Deport all muslims now!

    Arrest all left wing marxists traitors!

    Islam = NaZis


  2. This demonstrates some of the things that mark Stürzenberger out as a force to be reckoned with. He is not just a powerful speaker, as has been obvious since he joined Die Freiheit–he is unflappable in the face of opposition. That is precisely why the Muslim a while ago punched him in the face, because it seemed the only way to shut him up. And it didn’t!

    That is also why the “moderates” (can you spell RINO?) left Die Freiheit, preferring to weaken the only organized voice against Islamism, than lend even tacit support when he would not stop talking about it.

    And he has made himself a redoubtable scholar of the Koran, reeling off quotes by heart and frequently holding his personal copy in his hand as he speaks.

    He is every bit as dangerous to Leftists and Islamists as Freysinger and Wilders, but the “party” he heads is the Munich splinter of a party that has lost its bid to enter the Bundestag and is overshadowed by AfD. Whatever happens next because of his activities is likely to be spectacular. Much as I hope for his success, I fear more for his safety, in a state where the police act as if they were in an “Islamic republic” in London and the national government is now composed of RINOs and fellow-travelers.

    • I am from Munich and have personally seen this man. He has no support from the peoples and is a slightly unsocial presence and one who is not taken seriously. I would not recommend you give publicity to this cause because he is just angering the Muslims in Munich who are generally fitting in and respected.

      • Do you consider supporting the building of a mega mosque “generally fitting in”?

        I certainly wouldn’t.

        • There is no “Mega Mosque” as such. It is merely a normal mosque that is larger than the standard mosque built in Germany. In a country like Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Libya it would be considered indistinguishable from most other mosques.

          Of course it has proved to be useful for the forces of hatred who target Islam and its even peaceful communities such as here in Munich. These people are from the fringes of our society – mostly neo-Nazi in leaning and now with a potent new agenda item to attract support from the rather dumb-witted of their countrymen, those who think that kebabs are a direct affront on the national culture.

          I can understand a lot of the talk on this site about violent excesses from Islam and its anti-Christian examples but you really are focussing on a non issue with this obsession with a mega mosque.

          • “…you really are focussing on a non issue with this obsession with a mega mosque.”

            Problem is – it’s *not* just the “mega-mosque” that will be a problem for Germany.
            It is *Islam* itself.

            The “forces of hatred” who target Islam? Oh, absolutely, I am proud to count myself in that group! The Koran has over 500 verses that are (to put it mildly) “intolerant” of non-Muslims, and over 100 verses that call for Muslims to wage war against non-Muslims.
            Do I hate that?

            As another site put it – “what is there for non-Muslims to *like* in all of that?”

            The fact that this man seems to have “no support” from the people is an indication that Germany is very poorly prepared for what awaits it in the next 5 to 10 years.

            But hey – I’m more than happy for my words to be ignored. When a few German cities sprout
            places that resemble Malmo in Sweden, please let us know if that is a good thing for Germany.

          • Erdogan stated the following:

            “I do not accept the expression ‘moderate Islam.’ Actually, Islam does not accept extremism. It is the religion of peace and does not allow terror.

            In other Islam is Islam

            and he “had publicly read an Islamic poem including the lines: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

            A mosque is not a traditional place of worship, it is a HQ for an ideology.

            Building a mosque is not a means to an end, it is the start of a sequence of events. There is a pattern to mosque building, to increase the Muslim catchment, which in turns can lead to mosque expansion too. http://www.fahrenheit211.net/2013/12/15/news-from-south-woodford-mosque-busted-for-the-moment/

            The bottom dollar, would you be willing to live next to this mosque as a non-Muslim? In the same I had to in London.

      • So the thousands who attended his rally weren’t for support? The 40+ thousand signatures aren’t supporting him? So the mosque or islamic center will be okay because THOSE mulsim are ‘fitting in and respected”? You are either a muslim, or you are willfully blind to ‘what happens next’. Open your mind to the reality that the next steps include forced muslim laws, increased muslim attacks on non-muslims, etc, etc. This is an invasion, nothing less.

  3. talking about enrichment..

    take this quote: “Over 60% of women born in Somalia, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh were workless compared to less than 30% of women born in France, Poland and South Africa. This suggests that, for women, other factors have as strong an influence on work rates as the labour market.”


    2 things come out of this. Clueless idiots or too scared to admit the reasons.
    Evidence for sharia compliance? As it suggests women don’t go to work and mix with other people – result = ghettos.

    I wonder if there are similar stats for Germany, maybe another compelling reason for Michael Stürzenberger.

    It seems we are not allowed to join the dots.

    Agir France (FB)

  4. nile davis—
    As I understood it, this mosque is intended as an Islamic center for the EU. So where are the specs that prove it will just be “a normal mosque”? And if these people who are against it are”from the fringes of society. perhaps you will give us your social bona fides? And the depth of your acquaintance with what is happening on the ground in Munich. And by the way, was the man who punched the speaker in the face “from the fringes of Islam”?

  5. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post (in reply to nile davis) –

    If people don’t want to take my (or anyone elses) word that Islam is evil, they may want to take the word of *apostates* – those who have left Islam.

    Quote – “But we committed the ultimate sin of thinking and questioned the belief that was imposed on us and we came to realize that far from being a religion of truth, Islam is a hoax, it is hallucination of a sick mind and nothing but lies and deceits. ”

    Nice, ay? Here’s another site (with *lots* of testimonies) –

    A few quotes from Islam –

    This one is very appropriate –
    Bukhari:V4B52N268 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘War is deceit.'”

    Allah’s apostle. Mohammad himself.

    Given how Germany sees Die Freiheit, it looks like Islam’s deceit is working extremely well.

    Islam declared war against non-Muslims from the time that it was founded, almost 1400 years ago. All that the West is doing now is making a belated (and half-hearted) effort at **self-defense**.

    • I completely agree with you on that one Mr Foobar.

      If you were to look at those who desert their religions you will see the truth about that religion and why it is a disgrace. The same can’t be applied to Christianity though because those people who desert it are mostly mentally damaged heretics who claim to have been abused by priests or forced to have sex with networks of pedophiles aligned to the Church which is of course untrue and most unfair.

      Better to look at the charities who do such good work and they even help Jews or Muslims like the good ones who don’t fight but are poor and need like Christians to support them.

  6. If they build it is there a single German with the courage to burn it down?

    Sometimes I wonder just how far Europeans will allow themselves to be pushed, to be marginalized, to be colonized, their activities to be criminalized, their culture to be diluted before they finally say “Enough!” and start fighting back.

    Other times I wonder when they will just accept what appears to be their fate and just surrender to their new Muslim masters.

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