An Interview With Michael Stürzenberger

Michael Stürzenberger is the leader of the Munich branch of the party Die Freiheit, which is in the forefront of German resistance to Islamization. As reported here frequently in the past, Mr. Stürzenberger began giving a series of public talks in central Munich, as part of a drive to collect signatures for a petition against a proposed mega-mosque financed by Qatar.

Mr. Stürzenberger’s anti-Islamic action have drawn verbal harassment, threats, thrown objects, and occasional physical attacks. But he will not be deterred, and continues to stand courageously against the Islamization of Germany.

Vlad Tepes recently conducted an interview with Michael Stürzenberger over skype. Readers who are used to hearing him speaking only in German may be surprised to hear him describe his anti-mosque petition in English:

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2 thoughts on “An Interview With Michael Stürzenberger

  1. I follow the efforts of our brave Bayern hero, Michael Stürzenberger, here at Gates of Vienna and at …as he leads the fight against the building of the “Center for Islam in Europe-Munich”. His nemeses are many: the Islamic Community Penzberg Imam Benjamin Idriz, Mayor Dieter Reiter, public prosecutor Judith Henkel, and the shadowy figures of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (State Office for Protection of the Constitutional), and others. In the interview he speaks not of them, nor the fines, spying, threats of imprisonment and other persecution he has endured in leading Die Freiheit and in leading the referendum campaign.

    Thank you (and you, Vlad) for the interview with Herr Stürzenberger! God bless him!

  2. Michael Stürzenberger says in the interview something to the effect that Islam is the most despicable, most dangerous ideology ever devised and propagated by mankind. He’s right! We must be forthright in speaking about it as such.

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