Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf implied by the title of this post is a culturally enriched “German” imam named Bajrambejamin “Benjamin” Idriz, who presides over a mosque in Penzburg and is the motive force behind the push for the proposed mega-mosque in Munich. Little Red Riding Hood is represented by the good burghers of Munich, the citizens of Bavaria, and the German Republic at large.

Regular readers are familiar with the heroic efforts of Michael Stürzenberger to force a referendum on the proposed mosque in Munich (new readers should check the links at the bottom of this post). Mr. Stürzenberger’s relentless opposition has borne fruit: the local authorities have decided to move the mosque away from the Stachus to a less controversial location.

JLH has translated some background on the issue, plus the latest news on the planned mosque. He includes this introductory note:

These two articles are more or less a matched pair, which I think of as “Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood”.

They deal with Munich and the big Islamic project Michael Stürzenberger has been campaigning against. Together, they fill in some of the background on both the corrupted officials who are desperately trying to close the deal (and put Michael out of business), as well as the Left who are de facto allies of the project, and the not-so-shadowy figure of Imam Idriz — the mutual nemeses of Michael Stürzenberger.

I have treated the piece by Monika Kaufmann as background to the blu-NEWS report. It was written earlier, so it does not have the latest development of the shift in location, but it does give a feeling for why the opponents of this project both fear and hate it.

First, the background article by Monika Kaufmann that was published last summer at Michael Mannheimer’s website:

Imam Idriz, Islamic Wolf in the Sheep’s Clothing of Tolerance — Lying and Tactics in the Tradition of the Prophet

The imam of Penzburg, Bajrambejamin Idriz, Germany’s and Munich’s glitteratus imam, is a master of cunning, and of deceiving of his naïve non-Muslim fans. According to the imam, Islam is a peaceful religion, compatible with the western Enlightenment, democratic and tolerant. There is no sharia, only a mean-minded misrepresentation by the enemies of Islam. That is all lies. No one knows this better than the Pied Piper of Penzberg.

by Monika Kaufmann

Story Hour for the Kiddies with Uncle Benjamin

Penzberg is a lovely, small town about 50 kilometers south of the state capitol Munich. Exactly what you imagine when you think of Upper Bavaria — bucolic, idyllic and yet modern. The cows go “moo,” but there is nothing lacking of the ambience of a modern Bavarian town. You would think that everything here is as it should be. Everything? Well, appearances are deceiving.

Idriz — The Pseudo-Christian Name Game

In Penzberg, there is a mosque, together with a certain Imam Idriz, who has high hopes. Not really so bad, you are supposed to think. But this imam lies like a rug. Starting with his first name. He claims his name is Benjamin, which is reminiscent of the Bible. Jacob’s youngest son was Benjamin and the present prime minister of Israel — Netanyahu — has the same first name and is often called Bibi. But actually, his first name is Bajrambejamin, which sounds far less familiar and homey and which he studiously conceals. But it is not just the falsified given name that awakens the suspicion of an impartial observer.

It has been bruited about that Imam Idriz would like to found the ZIE-M (Zentrum für Islam in Europa/München — Center for Islam in Europe/Munich), i.e., a European Islamic center in Munich, with mosque, shopping center, including haircutting salons and attorneys’ offices, and a facility for the training of imams — in other words, a breeding place for terrorists. It is all in aid of founding a parallel society in the area of the Stachus, that is, smack in the center of Munich. The idea is to make Islam indigenous here, and that arouses resentment among the more alert citizens of our society.

As is known, Islam is not only a religion, but also a totalitarian ideology, which leads directly to terrorism. We should be familiar enough with that, from our experiences with the two dominant totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century — National Socialism and Stalinism. Islam, however, is somewhat older (just about 1400 years), and has accordingly lasted longer.

Idriz: His Fairy Tale of the Impractical “Euro-Islam”

Imam Idriz wants to introduce “Euro-Islam” in Bavaria, i.e., Germany, i.e., Europe and in adapted form in the rest of the world. Now, the average European citizen has a better chance of being invited to the wedding of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, than of experiencing the so-called Euroislam. This is a chimera — does not exist. But our friendly imam also brings this do-it-yourself Euroislam to us in his book “Hello, Mr. Imam.” Here again is the suggestion that all of us — Jews, Christians and Mohammedans — believe in the same God. But no Jew or Christian believes in Allah, the moon-god.

Islam is designed for world domination, exactly like National Socialism and Socialism — sharia and jizya everywhere, Islamic law and taxes without end, total injustice and subjection.

Imam Idriz has a completely different view. And if we cast a glance at his confidantes in Penzberg, everything looks different. Idriz is venerated by adherents of both Catholic and Protestant churches, as the following example demonstrates: [see photo in original article]

Idriz: “Sharia? There’s No Such Thing!”

Idriz purports to be quite unaffected by all this and says he knows nothing about sharia. I explained it to him a bit, but could not manage to get him to a simple Yes or No answer. It was a home game. The Penzbergers are hopelessly fact-resistant. They love their imam above all else. You can only judge that if you experienced it.

Idriz: His Lies About Srebenica

Imam Idriz is always glad to talk about Srebenica. He reports emphatically that his brother was murdered there and then he really hits his stride. He rolls his eyes and tells the amazed audience that 200,000 people died there — an odd posthumous increase in population, since there were never that many residents in Srebenica. But in Islam and with Idriz, so much is possible.

Idriz: “I am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Idriz outed himself at a rally of the PI group in Munich. The shrewd, unctuous warrior for Euroislam suddenly confesses that he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood.* There were two clear statements: confession of connection to a terrorist organization and condemnation of his opponent Abdel-Samad, which the latter promptly denied. Nobody wants to look like an Islam-hater.

*   insert from Michael Mannheimer: His lawyer is presently threatening Michael Stürzenberger and FREIHEIT with a heavy fine if this “false claim” is not immediately rescinded. That will not happen. As Stürzenberger told me on the telephone, there are several witnesses who saw and heard Idriz’ confession of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

No one who is acquainted with his career can be surprised that Idriz is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. For instance, in the Penzberg mosque library is a book , Milestones, by Sayyed Qutb, the spiritual father of Islamic terrorism. Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, all the contemporary terrorists learned hate from him. Qutb, an Egyptian Muslim Brother, was radicalized at the end of the 1940s, beginning of the 1950s, during a stay in America. There he learned to hate the “decadence of the West” and to value the “virtue of the Islamic world.” He was executed in 1966, under the regime of Gamel Abdel Nasser, and therefore died as a martyr which gained him 72 virgins in Paradise. That was probably of no use to him, since he had had little opportunity to practice during his lifetime. He was much too inhibited to try anything with women. Also not married. His family did not see to him soon enough.

Idriz: the Carrot and Stick Tactic

It is surprising that the “lying imam” is suddenly telling the truth. Could it be that he has suddenly discovered a love of truth? Obviously not. Idriz answered a question from our comrade-in-arms, Nawal, a Coptic Christian. He is following a double strategy here. On the one hand, he wanted to intimidate Nawal and demonstrate power. On the other, he wanted to take her aside and make it clear how reprehensible the PI group , the FREIHEIT party and its head, Michael Stürzenberger, are. One keeps away from such people as much as possible.

Idriz gave Nawal his card, encouraged her to call him anytime and assured her that the Copts enjoy the full protection of the Muslim Brotherhood. Blessing and salvation come only from Islam. Western opponents of Islam, to the contrary, are malicious and devious creatures who cannot be trusted. Nawal has a different point of view, because the history of the Copts has taught her better.

Idriz: Narcissistic and Megalomaniacal?

But there is yet another reason why our Idriz reacted so incautiously. He suffers from acute megalomania, paired with narcissism — not an unusual combination among Mohammedans. If there had been no young Narcissus to fall in love with his own image in the Greek tale, Idriz would have invented him. In the Penzberg Catholic community hall, he told those present, unprompted, that he was 1.75 m tall and weighed 70 kilos. He seems to me to be somewhat heavier, but we won’t be picky. Fortunately, he spared us further details. For here is where the guest would turn with horror to quote Schiller. ** Even as a natural scientist driven by a thirst for knowledge, it is not necessary to know everything.

**   Allusion to Schiller’s ballad, “The Ring of Polykrates,” which demonstrates the truism that those too favored by fortune will suffer at the hands of the gods.

The latest on the Munich mega-mosque, from blu-NEWS:

Idriz: Municipal Mosque Property for 8 to 12 Million

June 10, 2014

blu-NEWS exclusive: The city of Munich does not want to reveal this. The municipal report suggests a price of between €8 million and €12 million for the property on which the mega-mosque will be built. It is now also clear how long the property for the major Islamic undertaking will be reserved. But there are questions not only about the advantageous price of the property in the most expensive city in Germany, but also about security. Planning for neighboring properties also casts a peculiar light on the enterprise. For the time being, Idriz is acting conciliatory toward Islam critics — or at least one critic.

Alleged security concerns have already led to changes in the plans for the Islamic Center in Europe/Munich (Zentrum für Islam in Europa/München — ZIE-M). The space originally intended for the mosque in the proximity of the tradition-rich Stachus was abandoned. The word from City Hall — short and sweet — was “security concerns.” The presumption of critics about public pressure leading to the re-naming of the project to Munich Forum for Islam is this: It is exclusively the pressure of a public petition against the ZIE-M advanced by Michael Stürzenberger and his comrades-in-arms that has made the Stachus location appear unachievable.

The Left up in Arms against the Justice Center

If security were really a decisive criterion, this would be the emphasis in the suggestions of alternatives. The mega-mosque with academy, library and other facilities now is supposed to be located on the property at 110b Dachauer Straße. Upon inquiry, the city of Munich informed blu-NEWS that security had not been a consideration in this suggestion. However, that would be expected, if the original construction site had really been rejected over questions of security.

And yet, it is precisely at 110b Dachauer Street that the city is obliged to consider security. Because the new justice center is being built directly opposite this property (as blu-NEWS reported). As the police confirmed to blu-NEWS, the first attacks against this center for courts and prosecutorial offices have already been carried out. The opinion of security authorities is that the attacks can be attributed specifically to the leftist radical scene.

Is the City of Munich Deceiving the Public?

For these reasons alone, it is moot whether the municipal authorities are providing the public with false information in hasty support for the construction of a mosque being built by a shadowy imam. To repeated questions from blu-NEWS, municipal authorities insisted that there had been no discussion of any kind about the cost of the parcel of land in question.

Just from experience, this statement is ludicrous. Cost of the parcel was one of the main themes. According to Idriz, the construction would only be possible if the city provided land at a reduced price. And yet, the discussion of buying a plot did not include the price?

In fact, as Imam Idriz confirmed to blu-NEWS on May 31st on Catholics Day, there were conversations about price. The parcel was to cost between €8 and 12 million. A very vague price range, also making it difficult for Idriz to collect the necessary funds. “We have been given until October to give notice that we are in a position to finance it,” Idriz explains.

Idriz has until October

The parcel is being reserved for the mosque congregation, [Idriz says]; if proof of ability to finance is not produced by October, the parcel will be gone. But what if the city in the end wants a million more than Idriz has collected? “Anything is possible,” says Idriz, but he remains optimistic. “…perhaps the city will treat us more sensitively than we think.” Idriz believes he and the city can find a way together. But the imam understandably wants clarity and has let it be known that he wants a dependable and exact statement of price. But who is actually telling the truth about the price? The imam who is known for his limited dedication to the truth, or the City of Munich? And what motive does the imam have to lie? The city, on the other hand, would like to soft-pedal the discussion of this situation. With good reason: municipal officers do not regard as helpful a price negotiation which is less in the interests of the community than of the realization of a project dedicated to the city’s powers-that-be and an imam with an extremist profile.

It is not just the construction locale that is controversial. The sponsor Idriz is considering for this project costing millions makes for a political headache. That became clear on Catholics Day. The Bavarian commissioner for integration, Martin Neumeyer, contradicted a statement from the public that the “rightists” were “inciting” against Muslims and the construction of the ZIE-M. It was not about that, Neumeyer schooled the speaker, who belonged to the extreme leftist scene in Munich which is present at nearly every Stürzenberger event. Then Neumeyer turned to what he seems to consider the actual problem. “That’s a whole other debate which we cannot have here,” said the CSU [the local Bavarian version of the Christian Democrats] politician at the meeting titled “Islam belongs in Europe?” which Idriz did not attend. “This is about money from Qatar and Sharjah. They are interested in organizing this center for Islam in Europe,” he informed the questioner. What is interesting about this is that Neumeyer attributes leadership of the organization to the donors, while Idriz insists that the sponsors will have no influence.

Internal and Public Discussions

Neumeyer’s comment sheds light on the political discussion. At least inside the CSU. As late as March, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) declared that the sources of financing for the project would raise no questions. Ultimately, he said, it was not clear whether the micro-state [Qatar] — dubiously connected with labor rights, financing of terrorism and the soccer world championship — will actually sponsor the mega-mosque. This was apparently a diversionary tactic. Internally, there seems to be a great deal of concern about the finance streams for this project. Josef Schmid (CSU) too, who has entered a coalition in the state capitol, is more Islam-critical in intimate circles than in public.

At the latest in March, 2013, the debate on the part of the interior minister led in a different direction. Since then, the central figure in the petition drive against the ZIE-M, Michael Stürzenberger, has been under observation by the intelligence service. Idriz, however — despite his lying about his connections to extremists — was removed from the surveillance list a year ago. The main argument for surveillance of Stürzenberger was that he compared Islam with fascism and did not distinguish between Islam and Islamism.

Idriz is still in Talks with Islam-Critics

At any rate, as a socially acceptable person, Hamed Abdel-Samad presents the thesis of fascist Islam. He too sees no difference between Islam and Islamism. But Abdel-Samad never demanded that all Muslims emigrate from Germany. Later, Stürzenberger also distanced himself from “renounce or emigrate.”

As concerns the Egypt-born political scientist, Idriz presents himself as conciliatory and ready for dialogue. He believes it is hurtful to compare a religion with fascism. Religion is something godly and fascism is something made by human beings. When Abdel-Samad stands against terrorists and extremists, he deserves support. Idriz says that he shares this point of view, but he rejects the tone of Abdel-Samad’s book “Islamic Fascism.” Nonetheless, he will not break off contact with Abdel-Samad, with whom he is not friendly, and has only spoken two or three times by telephone. The Facebook “friendship,” however, continues. This is a new tone for the imam, who has regularly accused Islam critics of being “radical rightists.” Of course, Idriz is not known for his honesty. So it could be a concession meant for public consumption. The imam’s future dealings with critics will show.

The Neighborhood of the Islam Center

Dealing with security questions will probably also be clarified in the future. The Bavarian Ministry of Justice had pre-planned security in the design for the justice center. Optimized security arrangements were to be made possible in the city, which is also hosting the necessarily security-elaborate NSU trial. But are these security measures possible with a mosque in direct proximity? The Justice Ministry told blu-NEWS that until now, they had had no knowledge of planning for the area. The people from the ministry could make no clear comment on security questions. But religious freedom shall be assured. The ministry expressed the hope that the city’s giving construction permission for the mosque would validate the commandment of consideration and respect.

The City of Munich is in fact already planning, but not so much in connection with security, about which it has not thought for a long time. There will be a green space in the neighborhood of the mosque. A strolling garden for Idriz and his co-religionists? The community report does not say who is going to bear the cost of this greenery. And the authorities are letting it be known that the planning of a green space had nothing to do with the mosque. But the report also said that there was no conversation about the price of the land.

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12 thoughts on “Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

  1. I live in the SF bay area. I have a daughter in Munich. I am watching this closely.
    Even if this clown is sincere about “peaceful Islam” all that means is that his head will be on the chopping block before all others when the time is right.

    • Howdy, neighbor. I lived in Munich for a stretch years ago, when it was rather monocultural. Going there from a place that was multiculti already, I appreciated seeing a proud sense of cultural identity that united people. (Some of the shops sold clothing with a distinctly Bavarian look, and I’d see people wearing such garments for no special occasion.)

      Of course, that sense of cultural unity has been turned against some people in ugly ways in the past, and that terrible history can easily be used as a weapon against any resistance to “diversity.” But it’s hard to see how a large Muslim presence could be an improvement in any way.

      A mega-mosque in the middle of the city would probably rule out any nostalgic return for me.

      • Howdy yourself, Radegunda. I visited Munich briefly last year, and found it- and the people- charming, courteous, and rich with cultural heritage. But I also saw a few people in traditional Bavarian costume, and felt conflicted between admiring their adherence to their cultural roots, and doubts about their apparent insensitivity to the association of those roots with the phenomenon of National Socialism.

        • Tip: If you value Germany for its Germanness, and not for the self-hating, multiracial extremism that has disfigured Frankfurt, Hamburg and other cities, cross the Iron Curtain. Avoid Berlin and you will pretty much be alright. The ex-GDR is going to become a place of refuge for western Germans. Because it is still Germany.

        • “I also saw a few people in traditional Bavarian costume, and felt conflicted between admiring their adherence to their cultural roots, and doubts about their apparent insensitivity to the association of those roots with the phenomenon of National Socialism.”

          Hi Mark,

          I lived on an army base in Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany, for three years from 12-14 years old. My mother bought me the most beautiful pink dirndl with embroidered white roses that I wore for years afterward. Dirndl’s are lovely statements of cultural sartorial art rather than symbols of the Nazi era. I have NEVER heard anyone else associate dirndls and lederhosen with being Nazi symbols. Have you?

          In any case, I would rather see a world full of dirndls than a world full of burqas….

          • Hi Egghead,

            Not so much the dirndl’s, but lederhosen, oompah bands, yes, though I daresay it’s lazy thinking. Maybe I’ve been conditioned by “Cabaret”! -Still a great film.

            Burqas, and especially niqabs, are something else; like seeing someone with a ball and chain. Saw a man crossing the road today with four children; he and the boy in traditional garb, the three girls, the youngest no more than six, all in hijabs. Had to bite my tongue.

  2. I should confess that the title is that of a wonderfully creepy pop song by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. What more could you want?…North Africa, a predator trying to pass as a sheep, a naive potential victim. Not the original intent of the song, but it will do.


    • Of course I knew that! It was right smack in my time — summer of 1966. I remember it well.

  3. This reminds me of the ground zero mosque controversy in NYC. Inappropriate location, overblown development, shady smarmy Immam and mirky finances.
    As with this Munich thing, those that objected were called every name in the book.

    • I sure hope counterjihadist worldwide will look to those who have been successful in their efforts and learn from them.
      Islam is a cancer.

      I’ve just joined Act! for America – seems like a good organization.

  4. Mark H
    I share you admiration for “Cabaret”–used to use a clip of “Tomorrow belongs to me” in my 20th century German lit course before we got to writers like Böll. Despite its civilized veneer, the creeping horror of the symbolism transfers well to the jihad

    • “Tomorrow…” is brilliant. Like some of Wagner, it bypasses the critical faculties and goes straight to the gut. Clever, but scary.

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