Fjordman: A Convergence of Catastrophes

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A Convergence of Catastrophes

by Fjordman

Pierre Brochand is a former director of the French Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), tasked with intelligence gathering and safeguarding France’s national security. He has also been a diplomat, the French ambassador to Hungary, Israel and Portugal, and has served his country in various positions for decades. In an interview with the national newspaper Le Figaro in March of 2022, Brochand sounded an alarm bell over the damage immigration is doing to France and to other European nations.[1] He judges that Europe is currently the only part of the world to deny the importance of ethnic and cultural homogeneity for stability, peace, and prosperity.

France has for more than half a century experienced large-scale immigration from what used to be called the Third World: countries in the Islamic world, Africa, and other parts of the global South. Brochand notes that this recent mass immigration is unprecedented in our history, and observes that it is fracturing France into various competing tribes. While it has become taboo to say so in Western countries today, experience indicates that Multicultural societies of competing ethnic groups are often inherently unstable and tend to break down into violence. Brochand compares France to Lebanon and the former Yugoslavia. These were Multicultural countries with large Muslim populations that collapsed into horrific civil wars.

Pierre Brochand has harsh words for the political leaders in France and the rest of Western Europe. In his view, they have for decades allowed the situation to grow worse and worse due to cowardice. He fears that the country could be heading for some form of collapse unless a complete reversal of public policy is implemented immediately. The politicians must say loud and clear that France will not for the foreseeable future be a country that welcomes large-scale immigration. However, Brochand believes that political leadership in France and Europe still underestimates the seriousness of the situation. Time is running out if we want to avoid a disaster. With his decades of accumulated experience, Pierre Brochand fears a dark future for our children and grandchildren.

In April of 2021, one thousand French soldiers, including more than twenty retired generals, signed a public letter warning that France could face a bloody “civil war” fueled by Islamic separatism.[2] Several other observers have voiced similar worries.[3] Some fear that war has become inevitable.[4] A few, such as the author Michel Onfray, state that a civil war has already begun.[5]

The American writer Ned May quotes the American science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein with what he terms The Year of the Jackpot. This is when several negative happenings converge in time and cause a systemic collapse in society. May wrote an essay about this at his website Gates of Vienna in 2007, and in 2022 this emerging chaos appears to be drawing closer.[6] A toxic mix of negative factors could cause dramatic ripple effects throughout the entire Western world. Right now, we are witnessing a combination of mass immigration, Islamization, terrorism, unparalleled money printing by the central banks, massive public debt, disrupted economies after lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, outsourcing of industries and jobs to an increasingly powerful China, war between Russia and the Ukraine, social decay, decadence and cultural decline, dissolution of families, a spike in violent crime, increasing censorship, surveillance and ideological indoctrination, harmful environmental policies plus a steep rise in the prices of energy and food. Every one of these problems is bad by itself. Combined, they could be disastrous.

The French author Guillaume Faye (1949-2019) wrote a string of books in the late 1990s. All of them dealt with the struggles of modern Europeans under cultural decline and ethnic displacement through mass immigration. His books include Archeofuturism (1998), The Colonization of Europe (2000), and Why We Fight (2001). In 2004 he published La convergence des catastrophes, later available in English translation under the title Convergence of Catastrophes.[7] Faye predicted in 2004 that the Western world seemed headed for an inevitable collapse. The breaking point would be reached within a few decades. Environmental damage, the depletion of natural resources, the breakdown of a speculative and debt-ridden globalist economy, the return of global epidemics, the rise of mass immigration, terrorism and nuclear proliferation, the worsening of the rupture between Islam and the West, all this and more would combine into a perfect storm.

Faye viewed Islam at its core as aggressive, hostile, and incompatible with the European spirit. However, that does not mean that he found large-scale immigration of any non-Europeans unproblematic. Faye believed that European identity is biological as well as cultural, religious, and ideological, that culture is a meeting between genes and ideas. As such, the crucial ingredient in European civilization is Europeans. According to Guillaume Faye, European culture cannot be preserved if ethnic Europeans are displaced by Arabs or Africans with a radically different mentality.

While he wrote for the most part about his native France, Faye always maintained a pan-European outlook and a desire to unite various European nations in a struggle to reconquer and preserve Europe as a shared homeland. Morten Uhrskov Jensen, a conservative author from Denmark, stresses this as Faye’s most important legacy.[8]

Faye died of cancer in March 2019. At that time he warned that France and possibly other European nations might face a civil war within the coming generation.

Still, he was not entirely pessimistic. While he came to view some form of collapse and struggle as inevitable, Guillaume Faye also held out hope that something new might arise from pain and suffering. Perhaps a new rebirth, a new European Renaissance.[9]


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9 thoughts on “Fjordman: A Convergence of Catastrophes

  1. Michel Houellebecq writes novel after novel about the demoralized “better class” in France. Not just its ruling class, its entire upper-middle class. The communicators, the professionals, the middle managers and functionaries. Living well but utterly lacking in confidence. Drifting. He enjoys notoriety because of the sex scenes, but he writes serious books. And he’s so certain that France will succumb to Islam that the title of a recent novel is Submission.

  2. I never hid it that I don’t like the Abrahamic religions (sorry, Christians).
    Therefore, I carefully follow what is happening in the Russian religious sphere. After the collapse of the USSR, the place of the Politburo was taken by the Russian Orthodox Church and the country headed for clericalization.
    In recent years, the Russian Orthodox Church has made many statements about common values ​​with Muslims, especially family values ​​in defiance of the “corrupt West.”

    So now there is a war going on. Not all priests joined the militaristic bacchanalia. Foreign departments of the Russian Orthodox Church left this structure, and a number of Russian priests were prosecuted for pacifism. Many who are opposed cannot voice their position.

    But the Muslim clergy have a different attitude. Many influential religious figures speak out in a militaristic way. I think Putin will repay them for their loyalty – there were press reports about the legalization of polygamy. Such is the pact with the devil.

    From the review I received from the world press, I conclude that the Islamic world (unofficially) supports Putin’s actions. Apparently, the fact that he opposed the West outweighs his actions in Syria.

    So yes. Having such a column of Muslim influence in Western countries, you need to be vigilant.

    • Confirmation of my words.

      The Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims (TSDUM) of Russia came out in support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, which faced the prospect of a ban.

      “The Central Spiritual Muslim Board of Russia regards interference in the activities of the UOC-MP and the ban on the Moscow Patriarchate as a cynical violation of the basic norms of religious freedoms that exist in any legal state,” the central muftiate said in a statement published on its website.

      According to Islamic spiritual leaders, “such legislative initiatives that encroach on changing the religious sphere, grossly violate the rights of millions of people to freedom of conscience and religion, create conditions for discrimination against believers and an escalation of violence in Ukraine, where citizens of the country who profess Orthodoxy remain hostages of many years of policy of inciting hatred and enmity”.

      Orwell and Kafka are jealous in their graves.

  3. Fjordman is too kind to the immigration peddling ruling caste. France, in my view, did not ‘allow’ failed world migration. That form of words is too passive. Rather, France promoted said migration, as did and does all Western democracies, all of which having learnt how to sidestep democracy to achieve their undemocratic goals.

    Armies of failed world males now infest our lands. Food shortages have been contrived. These armies, unimpeded by parents, wives and children, are going to slaughter us for our food. In the process of which, it won’t go so well for our young daughters.

    • @ rightrightright on,

      “Armies of failed world males now infest our lands. Food shortages have been contrived. These armies, unimpeded by parents, wives and children, are going to slaughter us for our food. In the process of which, it won’t go so well for our young daughters.”

      “Armies” is the correct word, for Islamic doctrine considers its believers to be mujahadeen or “soldiers of Allah,” and when the believers migrate to a new land, they are not merely moving from one place to another, they are going forth to bring Islam to infidel lands. They are both conquerors and colonists.

      Noted strategic analyst and military historian William Lind has written that to bring people from such hostile cultures into our own civilization is, in effect, to import “fourth-generation war” into our midst.

      There is an old aphorism among military men, which dates back to Frederick the Great or perhaps further – which says that you only own what you can defend. Native Europeans will sooner or later have to test this theorem if they wish to survive and perhaps even prosper in their own homes, neighborhoods, towns, cities and districts.

      The Muslims have a well-honed method which they have employed time and again over the centuries. They go to an infidel or non-Muslim land, and establish a beach-head or presence there. De facto, a colony. At first, being small in number, they stick to themselves and don’t cause too much trouble for the host society. Any “demands” they make are more on the order of requests for things like halal foods, or permits for the building of mosques and Islamic community centers or madrasas (Islamic schools).

      This process of migrating to non-Muslim lands with the intent of conquering them and bringing them under Islamic control is termed in Arabic the hegira (hijra), after Mohammed’s journey from Mecca to Yathrib (now Medina) in 622, the catalyst for the Islamic takeover of the Arabian peninsula and subsequent spread into the greater region and the world.

      As Islamic numbers in their new home increase and begin to approach parity with non-Muslims in the area, Muslim behavior becomes more-and-more assertive and demanding. We can see this in the Islamic banlieuex or suburbs of large cities in France, which are for all intents and purposes under sharia law, and which feature gangs of enforcers, young Islamic toughs, patrolling the area to ensure that infidels do not enter without permission, and to enforce Islamic standards of dress and behavior.

      These Islamic enclaves are so heavily fortified that in many instances, French authorities do not enter without an armed police escort or even French military personnel.

      And as we have already seen in places like Rotherham in the U.K., “grooming gangs” are quite common and ply their trade in full view of the authorities without any fear of punishment or reprisal. The officials have know about these operations for years, decades even, yet they are still operating and have not been shut down. After a time, the official rationalizations and excuses offered do not hold water; there must be something else going on. We all sense that.

      The European Union, which is to say the globalists in Europe, have labored quite diligently and with some success over the years, to have ordinary Europeans disarmed. A state which just leaves native Europeans that much more exposed and vulnerable to the depredations of their new Islamic neighbors.

      Native Europeans would do well to prepare themselves for what is coming. The powers-that-be in Brussels would have you believe that the “threat” is Russia, but that may just be a bait-and-switch tactic to pull your attention away from other threats much closer to you – some right there in your midst.

  4. Re: “Pierre Brochand has harsh words for the political leaders in France and the rest of Western Europe. In his view, they have for decades allowed the situation to grow worse and worse due to cowardice. He fears that the country could be heading for some form of collapse unless a complete reversal of public policy is implemented immediately. ”

    Brochand is to be commended for his stand, but he errs in his belief that cowardice is the chief cause of the failure of public policy and political leadership. While it is true that lack of nerve and cowardice are almost certainly part of the cause, at least in some cases, the underlying and primary reason is that the leaders of France have turned against her and are now engaged in treasonous behavior.

    “Treason” is one of those words which seems to be largely absent from the modern lexicon, throughout the western world and not just in France. There are any number of reasons for this, but perhaps one of them is that people in the post-modern world are so jaded and so unsurprised by disloyalty that it no longer merits comment or action. And in a world in which the very concept of personal honor is all-but-extinct as a public virtue, should we be surprised that treason is no longer mentioned?

    But make no mistake: The leaders responsible for this conduct, for this de facto assault upon the nation of France by foreign invaders, are indeed committing treason. There is no greater duty and responsibility for a national leader than safeguarding his nation and its people.

  5. From Georgiaboy66 “The Muslims have a well-honed method… They go to an infidel or non-Muslim land, and establish a beach-head or presence there… At first, being small in number, they stick to themselves and don’t cause too much trouble for the host society. ”
    I was living in the northern England during the 60’s when they first began immigrating. The women wore western clothes, no demand for halal food and they seemed to want to assimilate with us.
    Then we left England and when I returned in the 80’s everything changed. Burkas everywhere, demands for “their” food and signs and brochures in different languages (they don’t want to learn English). The ordinary people hated this but all political parties went along with it.

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