Mentally Ill Culture-Enricher Beats Up Soldier in Lisbon

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Portuguese daily Correio da Manhã:

GNR[1] soldier beaten by man with mental problems in Lisbon

Guard intervened when the man threatened other people

by Miguel Curado and João Carlos Rodrigues

A soldier with the GNR, who, CM has learned, works as a courier with the Security and State Honors Unit of this security force, was savagely attacked by a man with mental problems on Thursday morning in Lisbon.

A source in the PSP[2] told CM that the attack occurred around 11:35am next to the Earthquake Steps, in the Campo do Ourique district in Lisbon.

The attacker is a foreign man (reportedly Moroccan) who showed signs of mental problems while wandering around public spaces.

The GNR soldier intervened as the man was threatening others and causing damage.

It was then that the guard was savagely punched and kicked by the man, who, moments after attacking the soldier, completely undressed.

The immigrant, who was found to be undocumented, then tried to forcibly enter a Carris bus.

The PSP intervened and, faced with obvious mental problems on the part of the attacker, took him to the San Francisco Xavier hospital. The above-mentioned source of the PSP told CM that the man is being held at the psychiatric ward of this hospital. He is not yet under arrest pending the medical evaluation.

The guard who was attacked did not need hospital treatment. Since it was a public offense, there was no need for the victim to file a complaint.

1.   GNR: National Republican Guard
2.   Public Security Police