Tatjana Festerling: “There is no will to defend; there is only this collective suicidal madness”

Tatjana Festerling is a former leader of PEGIDA in Germany and one of the co-founders of Fortress Europe. In the following interview, Ms. Festerling talks to the French news channel TV Libertés about the upcoming election in Germany, and about the collective suicide of German culture.

The interviewer asks his questions in French, and Ms. Festerling replies in German. Both languages were translated by Oz-Rita. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yes, Mrs. Merkel has invited all of them; one cannot really
00:04   blame these people, because in September 2015
00:08   she delivered her big Selfie Show with “refugees” and has
00:12   drummed into us all “Yes, we can do it”, then we were drowned in
00:16   “Welcoming Culture”; we had to immediately develop a new “Welcoming Culture”,
00:20   although if one talks about asylum and refugees,
00:24   one is talking about a temporary protection.
00:28   All of this did not interest Mrs. Merkel, and to
00:33   get to the point: Of course, Mrs. Merkel
00:37   will remain as Chancellor of Germany, remain in power and continue her course of extermination,
00:41   and it does not matter at all who will be her coalition
00:45   Partner. Maybe we’ll get the chance that it will not be the Social Democrats yet again,
00:49   but politically nothing will change, because Mrs. Merkel
00:53   is not interested politically in the welfare of the German People,
00:57   because Mrs. Merkel is, I’m convinced of it,
01:02   exclusively an egotist; for selfish motives she pursues
01:06   her policy. You have to imagine,
01:10   this woman has no substance whatsoever;
01:14   this woman is an AVERAGE woman. I have never
01:18   heard one intelligent speech from this woman, or any profound
01:22   thought, she delivers such a housewife stammer,
01:26   to the most simplified questions.
01:31   No critical journalists are admitted any longer to her press conferences,
01:35   and this Frau, with her
01:39   disturbed psyche, that is
01:43   when you see Frau Merkel, you see a narcissistically disturbed personality,
01:47   a relationship-challenged personality who
01:51   uses politics to satisfy the hunger of her soul.
01:56   It is unbelievable that a people like the Germans — after all,
02:00   we once were the “Poets and Thinkers” —
02:04   that this people is led around by the nose
02:08   by this matron from the Uckermark. In fact,
02:12   Frau Merkel does not interest me any more already; I’m interested
02:16   in how it can be that a people can — so completely
02:20   without any resistance — be disempowered,
02:24   subdued, controlled,
02:28   and why is there no revolt at all? Except for
02:33   PEGIDA, which, at its height, had an event
02:37   with 40,000 people in attendance, I have never seen any perceptible
02:41   Resistance, and even the Alternative für Deutschland,
02:45   this party, too, has been infiltrated from the inside,
02:49   and is being so undermined from the inside that they, too,
02:53   cannot become a real power.
02:57   And Germany is clearly lacking in personalities
03:01   such as Viktor Orbán, who have the courage
03:06   to separate from these emotional
03:10   individual fates, these emotional little pictures
03:14   which are always used to connect it to the big picture,
03:18   who can separate themselves from their emotions and have the courage
03:22   to make clear and even brutal decisions,
03:26   who could lead to a radical change of politics in Germany.
03:30   Unfortunately, this is nowhere to be seen, because this people,
03:34   — but not only this, but the Germans especially —
03:38   are stuck in the co-dependency trap. These people are so
03:42   manipulated and indoctrinated. We see
03:47   in these Western societies such a pronounced narcissism that we
03:51   can no longer advance with rational arguments, with logic,
03:55   with argument, with political debate
03:59   as it once existed in a democracy.
04:03   What is amazing is that on one side the Germans
04:07   accept that they will spend lots of money to welcome
04:11   migrants, with the difficulties
04:15   that this brings with it, for example the incidents in Cologne
04:20   and a whole series of terrorist attacks
04:24   in Germany; how do you explain
04:28   that at the same time as this open-borders policy, the Germans accept
04:32   that Madame Merkel is completely inflexible on the question
04:36   of Greece’s debt, with
04:40   the policy of austerity, which provokes sanitary catastrophes,
04:44   which has seen an increase in infant mortality, how do you explain
04:48   that on one side the Germans accept opening the borders and spending money to welcome Afghans,
04:53   Syrians, and everybody… from the whole world,
04:57   yet they accept the situation in Greece. Yes,
05:01   that confirms the diagnosis
05:05   of the Germans, that it is
05:09   a collectivist, co-dependent, narcissistic
05:13   community. We accept;
05:17   we don’t revolt when there are
05:21   1,276 criminal charges for
05:26   sexual assault, attacks, rape etc.
05:30   that happened on the previous
05:34   New Year’s Eve. There was no outcry, there was only
05:38   a little demonstrationlet, which was then also
05:42   infiltrated from the inside. In addition we read daily —
05:46   even our newspapers cannot completely conceal it —
05:50   that in public swimming pools, physical harassment, sexual rapes,
05:55   murders, stabbings etc. are perpetrated. I have just returned from Karlsruhe.
05:59   I participated in a demonstration, there, before the Federal Constitutional Court, one read out
06:03   the list of murder victims for a year and a half.
06:07   I must say, for someone who still has any feeling remaining,
06:11   that is hard to endure,
06:15   that unbelievable wave of violence sweeping over this country.
06:19   And then we are told again and again: well we must be tolerant,
06:23   respectful, we have to express our Welcoming Culture
06:27   towards these savages from the Islamic arc of Africa
06:32   and from the Middle East.
06:36   We must be friendly; we offer
06:40   them the finest houses. In Hamburg they are just now
06:44   building an elegant residential area for those so-called “refugees”.
06:48   And we accept all this. We have long
06:52   accepted the violence in our daily lives; we have accepted that we are slaving for this
06:57   super-state: for more than half of the year,
07:01   a German works exclusively for the State and this voracious state monster.
07:05   And only after half a year does
07:09   a German begin to generate an income for himself.
07:13   And all this, the Germans swallow and don’t say squat,
07:17   because they are so terribly afraid of thoughts, of words;
07:22   they are so terribly afraid of being called “racist”
07:26   or denigrated as Nazis. The fear of these words is bigger
07:30   than the fear of one’s own child being abducted, or
07:34   being thrown down the stairs or under a train in the subway,
07:38   or something else. What we see is totally irrational.
07:42   And of course we are seeing this bigotry of
07:46   German politics: on one hand we are to greet total strangers,
07:51   totally foreign to our culture, people who come from a “no trust”
07:55   culture, from clan societies, who have grown up within
07:59   familyism (incest?); those we are to welcome here with open arms.
08:03   Yet about our Greek, European, our
08:07   “EU neighbours”, we do not care at all. We save their banks,
08:11   but how the Greeks themselves do in their daily lives —
08:15   no-one is interested in that. This politics is totally hypocritical,
08:19   and that is also the reason why the EU has failed completely.
08:23   The EU is faced with these problems and is totally unable to
08:28   solve these massive problems, but they manage to
08:32   define the length of pacifier chains. That’s very nice.
08:36   I’m sorry, but I cannot help but answer such a question cynically.
08:40   So you gave an interview
08:44   to Polish media, which was very successful and has been viewed very much in Poland,
08:48   and in which you had a rather original idea to rebuild the
08:53   Iron Curtain, but this time rather to protect Central Europe
08:57   from Western Europe.
09:01   Is this a serious idea, or do you
09:05   really think that Western Europe is doomed, or can you see
09:09   possible solutions to the crises it is currently experiencing?
09:13   This idea, of course, is very sensationally
09:17   presented, but I’m deadly serious, I mean that very seriously.
09:21   The former Eastern bloc should, as soon as possible
09:26   rebuild this Iron Curtain and with “iron” I do mean “iron”
09:30   I mean the way Victor Orbán does it, how he
09:34   secures his territory; that is, at every smallest green border,
09:38   there are big iron walls, which in an emergency are pulled
09:42   together; there is a lock that means this border is also
09:46   physically closed. And that is exactly what they need.
09:51   the Eastern European countries need this if there is
09:55   anything to be saved of the Europe that we know, with all our
09:59   values, if we want to conserve something of this, then I see
10:03   this only in the East. I believe that the West has long since been lost,
10:07   it is also morally so depleted.
10:11   We have nothing left that we want to defend.
10:15   There is no will to defend; there is only this collective
10:20   suicidal madness.
10:24   The people hang onto illusions
10:28   and do not care at all about the
10:32   future, not even about the future of their children.
10:37   That is such a lack of empathy that we see here, and this has also to do
10:41   with the loss of spirituality that we see here in the West. And in Eastern Europe
10:45   it’s still different. For example in Poland, Catholicism
10:49   is still anchored very strongly, and also patriotism of a sort
10:53   that is unimaginable here.
10:57   And I therefore believe that…
11:01   secession does not work with in Germany. I once already suggested that
11:05   Saxony should separate from the Federal Republic; Bavaria should leave it.
11:09   All this doesn’t work, Germany also will not be divided again.
11:14   We here, East Germany will perhaps become the future buffer zone
11:18   against the fully maddened West.
11:22   TVL — TV Libertés France

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14 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling: “There is no will to defend; there is only this collective suicidal madness”

  1. “07:17 because they are so terribly afraid of thoughts, of words;
    07:22 they are so terribly afraid of being called “racist”
    07:26 or denigrated as Nazis. The fear of these words is bigger
    07:30 than the fear of one’s own child being abducted, or
    07:34 being thrown down the stairs or under a train in the subway,
    07:38 or something else. What we see is totally irrational.”

    I can attest to it – have visited Germany recently, and after multiple exchanges with colleagues-Germans I left with the same feeling: the welcome-culture and all the suicidal madness is driven largely by their deep guilt of the past when their nation failed to recognize Hitler’s “true colors” and caused that terrible war and Holocaust.

    “We do not want anybody to call us Nazis any longer” to sum up my learning …

  2. She would have made Czech nationalists of the 19th century quite happy, because she confirms that the Germans are a collective-narcisisstic bunch of people 😉

  3. This is the most depressing post I’ve read on G of V. Festerling has a first rate intelligence, thoroughly understands the mindset of her people and is totally without hope. Devastating.

  4. Her idea about building a wall between Central/Eastern Europe and leaving Western Europe to its fate has a lot of merit.

    Of course, the problem with doing so is that would create some level of temptation for Russia to push its influence back into Central/Eastern Europe. I think that Putin is much more savvy than his Soviet forbearers, and I think he would use a softer touch this time around.

    • There is no evidence that Russia has territorial ambitions. The world needs to concern itself with the U.S., France, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, and the Gulf States pushing their influence not Russians pushing theirs.

      The Russians are not responsible for over 400,000 deaths and millions of refugees in Syria.

      • Col-

        You make a lot of good points. I was probably giving the old Soviet baggage too much weight.

        I concur that the West’s invade/invite strategy has been a horrific waste for everyone involved – the oppressors and the victims.

        • I was amazed by what I read in The Gulag Archipelago. I was never the same man after reading about the inhuman Soviet Union. Even now there are otherwise sensible people who think that the fall of the Soviet Union was a deception operation.

          I, however, think there was a genuine transformation and the current anti-Russian hysteria is dishonest and just amazing to behold. Putin stands out as an amazing leader.

          None of this is meant to apply to you.

  5. ** You have to imagine, this woman has no substance whatsoever; this woman is an AVERAGE woman. **

    Forgive the repetition but I’ve said before that Merkel is the mistress of mashed-potato speak. Debbie Waspherman-Shoots is good at this as well. It’s difficult to pin either one down.

    George Romney, Mitt’s father, ran for president once and got tagged for vague rhetoric. He was 100% for the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. This was shortened by the press, of course, to BOMFOG. Merkel seems impervious to ridicule, if any exists in the Fourth Reich.

    Merkel represents a vague, juvenile compassion that fits Thomas Paine’s observation perfectly:

    There is a bastard kind of generosity, which, by being extended to all men, is as fatal to society, on one hand, as the want of true generosity is on the other.

    That said, given the enormous disparity between the generosity displayed to primitives and to the German people, it’s clear that it’s not generosity that is the issue but uninstalled malevolence.

    • The give away to Merkel’s character are the bags under her eyes in recent videos. She is reaching Sorosian levels of undereye dark circles.

      I believe that this physical manifestation of ugliness and decay is tied to the fact that, in her heart of hearts, Merkel knows what she is doing to her kith and kin is reprehensibly evil.

      • I believe we are all born with a conscience that only demented people can deny. The immense tragedy of our time is that so many people are committed to a great crime across the board. Who dissents? A few. How did this come about? What caused this odd death of conscience?

        • It is my long held opinion that there has been a paradigm shift in morality.

          Where once the conscience of an upright human was troubled when causing injury, let alone death, to others, there is now fostered, in very many ways, the widespread belief that if large numbers die then the humanity that remains will have that many more scant resources with which to sustain itself longer.

          Bottom line: Once the concept of the sanctity of human life has been sufficiently supplanted at the highest levels of governance with the concept that those in authority must plan for the survival of all humanity, then the conscience of which you speak has been redirected into one that is self-satisfied that it is doing what needs be done.

          And any who still retain an old fashioned conscience need to be expunged.

  6. So yo think she is the only non-narcist German?

    What substantial has she ever acomplished that she dares to judge the rest of us this way? Who is the real narcist here?

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