Terror in Munich: A Commentary

The following essay by Tatjana Festerling was published last Saturday. Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for translating it and adding endnotes.

Terror in Munich: A Commentary

by Tatjana Festerling

Original German language source: Jouwatch
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

23 July 2016

I believe NOTHING of what is now being drummed into us like a mantra. Once again we have a psychically labile “lone perpetrator”? This “Loretta”, with a voice empty of empathy, speaks as SOLE eyewitness of “Allahu Akbar” and describes how in the McDonald’s john her own son saw the perpetrator loading his weapon. This is a perpetrator who, hidden away, loads his weapon in the WC and out in the open subsequently shoots down “children” mercilessly in the restaurant? And as if by a miracle, “Loretta’s” little one also escapes unscathed once he is outside of the washroom?

And a video of a completely empty parking deck is supposed to prove that a “GERMAN”-Iranian is involved? Is that because an “eyewitness” carries on a perfectly understandable, detached dialogue with the perpetrator, who from that location entertains with his history of having been allegedly bullied and reveals his putative “life history”, which is to say, the alleged motive for his act? If he has Persian-Iranian roots, might he be a presumptive Shiite — and is he now supposed be a member of ISIS; that is, a Wahhabi?

Is the idea now to stigmatise the Shiites with terrorism and divert attention from ISIS? Is a single, allegedly confused and labile person, with ONE PISTOL, supposed to have drawn tactical forces of several thousand from Germany and Austria to Munich? BTW — an excellent rehearsal situation. And a test — does the population courteously comply with the requests of the police? What about the police deployments on the Stachus and in the subway? They moved in with full gear willy-nilly… and then, whoops, we made a mistake, nothing there? Why was it disseminated very early on, that witnesses should not take any photos and films, allegedly so as not to impede the work of the police? And CNN of all media — the Obama propaganda broadcaster — reports immediately and in continuous loop about this “Loretta” and her putative eyewitness account, the only one there? Why does Obama speak so peremptorily, even before an official statement from the German police is available? Even the public broadcasters are on location from 20 hours, quasi-”live”, in order to spread the fairy tale of an allegedly “right-wing motivated” killing spree by a single individual — which of course they already knew at that time? Where then are the combat boots?

What became of the long-weapons[1] and the THREE attackers, about which eyewitnesses initially reported? Why is the allegedly lone perpetrator able to flee into a “narrow street” [Gasse] in the first place and then find death by his own hand — and where is his weapon? That smells like Eisenach and the NSU [National Socialist Underground]…[2] How many weapons were in play altogether? Why did the German media immediately refer to Breivik and the rampager of Winnenden[3] while failing to consider the obvious, which is an Islamic terrorist attack?

By way of consequences, Open Air events are already cancelled and additional measures will follow — people are to be frightened and made panicky, so that in our country further surveillance measures against Germans, against the alleged Right, against the AfD etc. appear justified — and so that the Merkel-dictatorship can be introduced in turbo mode; and the migration weapon, the weapon of mass destruction which is Islam, can continue to be directed against Germany and Europe. The whole thing stinks to high heaven — and it is working like a pale imitation of the alleged putsch attempt in Turkey. And yes, I have in the meantime joined those who consider a false flag operation to be more realistic than this contradictory fairy tale which is being served up to us in this country.

Translator’s Endnotes

1.   long-weapons (Langwaffen): As in English, the German language term for “long-weapon” says nothing about the type of firearm, other than that it has a barrel longer than that of a pistol.
2.   Eisenach and the NSU Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund: This allusion is well-known to most Germans and some will question whether the notorious NSU ever existed.

What it has in common with the current event in Munich is that putatively “far-Right” murderers commit suicide under circumstances allowing for many unanswered questions, presumably leaving the field open for those who have the power of interpretation. In the town of Eisenach in the south of Germany two men, who were alleged to have been members of the NSU, were suspected of killing 9 immigrants and a police officer between 2000 and 2006, events which together come with alternative explanations. In 2011, according to the official story, two of the NSU members, Böhnhardt and Mundlos, allegedly robbed a bank in Eisenach, whereupon they immediately set fire to their camper before shooting themselves to death, leaving burned evidence along with many questions and contradictions. Since then, there has been a long drawn-out trial of the one remaining “far-Right”, female member of the NSU. The media pressure behind the official narrative of the crimes has cause some to regard the story as a sterling expression of the Blick nach Rechts, the “eye to the Right” in Germany.

3.   the rampager of Winnenden: This refers to the Winnenden school shooting of 2009 in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg. A native German, Tim Kretschmer, went on a shooting spree killing at his school, killing a total of 12 people. He had a history of treatment in a psychiatric clinic. This 17-year-old perpetrator’s suicide was very much public, being that it was recorded on a cell phone.

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20 thoughts on “Terror in Munich: A Commentary

  1. Can someone help analyze this article? For those not familiar with the politics, it’s difficult to get exactly what Ms. Festerling is saying… Is she alleging that this is a false flag operation, conducted by Merkel’s government to accomplish — what? I know I’ve heard her name before, but have no intimate knowledge of the author. Some of this seems to border on phantasm… At one point it’s false flag collusion to depict the attack as Rightwing, a la Brevik, (which I get — it happened here to within minutes of the reporting), then it’s staged to implicate Shiites, then, well, I’m just not following the oblique logic, or grasping what is being implied. Thanks.

  2. To elaborate — those early reports of long guns and three shooters may simply be the mayhem that ensued. It’s easy to imagine people watching to confuse police with rifles with the terrorist. Just an example.

  3. I think Festerling goes a bit far into conspiracy theory.

    One should be cautious about leaping from the *unexplained* to *explained-by-conspiracy*. All sorts if inconsistencies emerge in eyewitness accounts for many reasons.

    The attacker not killing the kid in the bathroom is easily explained in that he may have assessed, correctly, that the child was Muslim.

    German state conspiracy in creating the attack, I don’t think so, but run-of-the-mill state incompetence yes, plus government and media desperation to spin this as a non-Islamist attack, for sure yes.

  4. Frau Festerling is a German and Western civilization patriot.

    Currently in the eyes of Frau Merkel that kind of person is dangerous and should be watched carefully. As in America, the minute this type of killing starts 1) The Democrats say it is a lone wolf who has nothing to do with Islam 2) The MSM then bowdlerizes their news by not even referring to the perp’s name or religion and 3) the Muslim groups, who have instant access to the press, start babbling about a Muslim backlash that for the 3,987th time in a row does not happen.

    Is Frau Festerling paranoid? Well, If I lived in the Germany of 2016 as she does, your damned straight I would be. She knows politicians hate her, the Muslims hate her, the police are after her and she is not safe in her own land. Her opinions are antithetical to Frau Merkel’s Weltanschauung.

    • I was thinking the same thing… In that Orwellian hell hole I can’t imagine expecting the Stazi to knock on my door in the dark of night for uttering the truth. Still, we need to keep a level head in the anti-Jihad, and not engage in fantastic explanations for what is more simply explained.

      However, I think there is plenty of room for some conspiratorial theorizing… I have tried to grasp the minds of Western leaders since soon after 9/11, and I still can’t yet wrap my head around the insanities. Incompetence, and Leftist multicultural indoctrination answer part of the question … But there IS a conspiracy in the unified way almost all arrogant elites describe our predicament, and wilfully mis-identify Islam, and Muslim motives at EVERY turn…

      It can be crazy-making.

      • We have the perfect petri dish here in the West for growing big fat paranoid fantasies: lying,corrupt leadership, the vast cultural sickness of Marxist-inspired political correctness that labels concerns as “racist”, and a passion for escapist games.

        It’s the mortal sin of “racism” that makes us cowards. Not I, not anymore. Paid my dues, and ain’t gonna be muzzled anymore. That’s why we use our best Elmer Fudd voices to cry anathema to all the “waaaycists” who wander in by mistake.

        You know we’ve lost our way in the shrubbery when the biggest sin (which used to be Pride, followed by Anger) is in reality the most common human trait: to have a preference for one’s own kith and kin and cultural practices. It’s a vicious game, this divide-and-conquer played by the elites.

        Listen to this angry black guy take on a CNN reporter for the game. He says it’s a scam:


        I don’t know if CNN ever ran it, but Rebel Media caught his tirade on camera and now we have the video record of a man who gets it.

        • And imagine the German psyche. Bludgeoned all their lives for merely being Germans — divided by and on the fracture line between the vibrant West and the totalitarian East — victims of endless INGSOC indoctrination… Bashed if ever an ethnic notion flits across the brain.

          Shirking off the mind manacles — it’s understandable that a strain of paranoia creeps in.

  5. What became of the long-weapons[1] and the THREE attackers, about which eyewitnesses initially reported?

    They can rendezvous with the guys who were witnessed–eyes, initially and all–at San Bernardino…(If they are not the same guys….

  6. Baron, could you elucidate this for those of us who are not familiar with most of this?

    Thank you

    • Or too anxious, Mariadee. Anxiety can interfere with taking in information. If you haven’t done so already, have a glass of wine and then read…

  7. Well, the glass of wine sounds good! What is your recommended reading? I read here every day. However, I can’t read all day since I am the (elderly) mainstay of our household.

  8. P.S. I did see the rant that black man performed (which you posted above) — he is absolutely right IMO. As he said, foodstamps and welfare to keep them on the “plantation” == sad, but it looks like people are finally waking up and it’s about time. your true racists are often the politicians who are preaching and looking for money under every bush.

    I would so like to see a color-blind America, have hoped for it since I was 16 and realized what was going on. Many years ago, that was. I used to ride the bus to school (not a school bus, a city bus) and went through the blackest neighborhoods and nothing every happened to me. So I don’t buy into most of the bushwa that gets spread around periodically. Black people are the same as I am — humans, bad and good but mostly good. Wake up, America!

    We have more serious problems ahead of us. They carry machetes and swords . . . but they are not black. Open your eyes and recognize who our real enemies are.

  9. If any sort of attack happens almost anywhere on the Earth, there’s a 96% to 100% chance that’s it’s perpetrated by moslems. Everything else is a lie. It’s just that simple. Self-loathing leftists want so badly for terrorism to be blamed on Caucasian Christians or Jews, but that’s their mental illness, not ours. Let them fester in their own poison.

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