Carbecues in the Paris Banlieues — Again

Rioting in the culturally enriched French tradition — burning cars and garbage containers, vandalizing buildings, etc. — occurred recently in several suburbs north of Paris. The youths who took to the streets were unhappy because one of their fellow youths had died in police custody, and the police were suspected of beating him to death.

Below is a French news report on the riots. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   The rioters started a dozen fires on public roads.
0:04   In Persan, Beaumont-sur-Oise, but also in Champagne-sur-Oise.
0:08   Several cars and local garbage were set on fire, and a library was vandalized.
0:14   The windows were shattered in an attempt to break in.
0:18   “But that, we can not understand! That attack on municipal buildings! Geez, huh!
0:21   Buildings, municipal vehicles — I know from my colleagues on the local police,
0:24   buildings of the town hall, library, school.”
0:27   The thugs also attacked gas stations, which they burned.
0:31   A reaction after the death of a young man, a couple of days ago, when he was in custody.
0:35   His family accused the police of hitting him and causing his death.
0:40   The autopsy, however, gives a different reason.
0:43   “Infections of several organs were noted at autopsy,
0:48   but no lesions suggestive of violence, resulting in the death of that person.”
0:54   A version that still hasn’t convinced the family.
0:57   “An hour earlier he was cycling, the day before he was playing football with friends;
1:01   for someone who was seriously ill, severely infected, I find it … voilà! Bizarre!”
1:05   The family of Adama Traoré calls for an end to violence, and organizes a White March today at 5 pm.

8 thoughts on “Carbecues in the Paris Banlieues — Again

  1. When do we ever see this kind of behaviour from the autochthonous population? It’s clear these people have no respect for their host society and no desire to integrate. They despise us and any pretext will justify turning their hate into violence.

  2. Out with these muslim ingrates!

    Burn koran, ban islam. Deport these nazi invaders,all of them!

    • Many are citizens, aren’t they? Descendants of some of the Algerians who began coming into France some years ago. A colonial history is a millstone around a country’s neck.

  3. Obviously, they need to ban fire. That will solve the problem.

    I think I’m going to invest in companies that make firebrick. I see a bright future for them.

  4. it is interesting how bernie sanders et al claim to want free education in the US like Europe. What they don’t tell you about it is how students are sorted very early on for an academic track or a trade track.
    Those that are in a trade track have no hope of moving up to the college track.
    the fact is that something has to give and that is the secret that not many want to tell you.

    • Academic tracking is a good idea. We’re running out of craftsmen whose intelligence lies in their hands and their ability to repair things, to fabricate inexpensive solutions and work-arounds for those of us who have trouble hanging the curtains straight.

      I think our community college system is an excellent solution for “sorting” and it would make further study more affordable than it is now.

    • I can not fully agree with your view: a trade track is or was no obstacle to farther careers.At least this goes for the generation I am witness to,i.e. schooling in Germany from the 50 ies on.I do have friends who started in a trade immediately or are after dropping out of their ” grammar school ” career. There are : one principal, several teachers, one judge to an appeal court, one surgeon, one professor at a tech college, one CEO of an imternational company. Maybe the ones that you mentioned would always encounter problems in any track for lack of commitement and discipline, of manners and a necessary degree of humility.Muslims I tought at school were often bigmouthed and full of themselves , sycophants when in need of favors, totally in contrast to their abilities.

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