Ali David Sonboly in Preparatory Class

The perpetrator of the Munich massacre was a young Iranian-German named Ali David Sonboly. In the three days since Mr. Sonboly killed himself, more information has emerged about his background and what led up to his shooting spree — which he apparently started planning a year in advance, much as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel did with his truck jihad in Nice.

Below is a report from Politically Incorrect on the disturbed life led by Ali David Sonboly before he went on his rampage last Friday. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Ali David Sonboly in preparatory class

by Michael Stürzenberger
July 24, 2016

Apparently Ali David Sonboly took part in a so-called “preparatory class” in Schwabing in the school year of 2015-2016. It’s the kind of class in which the only students admitted are generally those who had a bad average grade in the 10th class which prevented them from advancing into upper grades. This way those students receive another chance, if they pass the preparatory class, to advance and eventually complete school and graduate from the upper levels (Abitur). It’s entirely possible that Ali did not pass this class, and that this was another trigger for his running amok.

At a press conference today at noon, further details were made public: For instance the gun that the Iranian used was obtained by him via Darknet in Eastern Europe. It supposedly was originally a gun used as prop in a theater. The gun was re-armed again before it was sold. The serial number was filed off, which underscores the illegality of the sale. The Glock 17 came with two magazines with a capacity of 17 shots each. Since Ali shot the weapon 57 times, he must have reloaded the gun by hand.

That’s what he probably did on the parking garage roof since the police found one intact bullet there. it’s assumed that it fell out of Ali’s hands when he hurriedly reloaded the magazine. Before, during or right after that is probably when the dialogue with the Bavarian [on the balcony] took place.

The offender shot five persons inside McDonald’s, according to police information. Two others were shot in front of the restaurant, one in front of the Saturn and one inside the Olympia shopping mall by the escalators. 35 people were injured altogether, twelve of them severely. As he fled he was apprehended by a police patrol in civilian attire, after which as a consequence Ali David killed himself by pointing his left hand holding the gun against his head and pulling the trigger. The civilian police shot at him once, but they missed.

Ali David Sonboly was admitted to an inpatient psychiatric hospital in 2015. After that he went through outpatient treatment. Besides depression, he had a so-called “social phobia” in which the afflicted person develops fear and anxiety upon coming in contact with other people. Until a few weeks before the shooting, the Iranian had been in psychological treatment. A last contact with a doctor took place in June of 2016. The Abendzeitung reported that the killer had written a manifesto.

Ali S. had apparently prepared himself for this attack for about a year — since he visited the location of the Winnenden school shooting [Wikipedia link]. This is what several documents show that have been found on a large multiple-terabyte hard disk.

Contrary to what the BKA first reported, it wasn’t the manifesto of the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik that was found on the computer, but it was a manifesto that Ali S. had written himself. In it he apparently was writing about spree killers and the attack he was planning.

But why the killer exactly now and why he perpetrated the bloodbath at the OEZ is at this point remains unclear.

The Berliner Zeitung reports that Ali David was very interested in Anders Breivik, who also killed with a Glock 17. On the Internet the Iranian was intensively involved in shooting games in which he also threatened co-players:

The 18-year-old had an account on the online gamer website “Steam”, on which he continuously changed his profile name such as “Psycho”, “Until I see no point anymore”, and “Godlike”, a former school friend of Ali who has known him since first grade, says.

Because he kept threatening everybody again and again, the former schoolmate and the other members eventually shut Ali out of the gamer group more than a year ago, and also out of his circle of friends. But the German-Iranian kept popping up under new names over and over again. On the day of the shooting he apparently prompted his former classmates to come to the McDonald’s location at the OEZ. “I will come get you and shoot you”, he supposedly said.

The Facebook account with which he prompted people to come to the McDonalds location, was not “hacked” as the police originally said, but he himself had created it as a fake profile. BILD reports that Ali Sonboly had planned his attack very well:

The deadly shooter of Munich had prepared his attack for well over a year. That’s what the president of the Bavarian LKA, Robert Heimberger, said Sunday in Munich. Preparations for the attack go back to the summer of 2015.

The weapon that the German-Iranian was using was obtained on the so called Darknet, which is a hidden and encrypted part of the internet.

The Berliner Zeitung reported that Ali David was also very interested in the spree killing in Winnenden and that he was looking around on location:

As the SZ now reports, S. apparently was looking around at the location of the spree killing of Winnenden. According to the paper he drove himself to Winnenden to look around and take pictures. At a press conference on Sunday it was also said that the offender had also gotten intensively involved in violent video games such as “Counterstrike”.

As for details about the bullying of him, most likely by Turks and Arabs at the school, there is a previous court process that took place. The chief prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch did not want to make any statements at this time, as that falls under the laws for legal protection of children and minors.

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  1. Frau Merkel,

    You are a total disaster for your country, which you detest; for Europe which you don’t understand; for Western Civilization, which you never learned about because your idiot of a father took your family out of West Germany in the 1950’s and took you and your family to Communist East Germany where you only learned hatred of the West. Your father was a Lutheran pastor but you seem to hate Christianity, and like a former German Fuhrer, Herr Hitler, you prefer Islam.

    Sie sind Dreck, Frau Merkel.

  2. I just wonder how much longer the MSM wiill be able to cover.
    the length of time the asylum seeker” is in the country makes little difference to me.
    They are destroying Germany.
    Shall we really nit pick about the time the suicide bomber spent in Germany?

    • We only nitpick because we’re trying to get our minds around a senseless subject. As Morton Doodslag mentioned somewhere in these comments.

      First we heard the usual “bullied child” – at least at the beginning…but then it turned out he had an accomplice from among the groups – Afghans and Turks – who were his purported tormentors. And this mentally ‘disabled’ “child” had adverts up for free food to attract kids.

      So where did an 18 y.o. kid get the Glock and 300 rounds of ammo??

      And the biggest unanswered question for me: was his mosque the armory? The German authorities will give no substantive news so people will indeed nitpick their way to the truth. Whatever that TRUTH turns out to be we’ll find it wrapped real tight in endless pieces of twine and all we have is a bobby pin to pick it apart. A bobby pin EACH.

      This is hardly the last episode of sudden jihad syndrome. As people get better at practicing awareness the process will go much quicker. Remember the fellow passing in his car who witnessed what had happened to the Polish woman so he ran over the perp? Like that.

      Discussion helps.

  3. Interesting and helpful.

    Though the temptation embedded in such reporting (for the reality escapists) is to chalk this atrocious attack to the perpetrator’s state of mental health; doing so due to his documented record of institution commitments and other court mental health supervision orders.

    This happens all too frequently when the perpetrator is identified as Muslim, or any other *cultural-enricher*. The back motive in such efforts is to give the individual’s (privileged non-Western) background a bill of clean health; as if, in the theoretical gymnastics of these secular enlightened moderns (contrary to all their materialist presuppositions) environment (an individual’s communal – ideological – loyalties) contributes nothing to anti-social behavior: such as the killing of children at a McDonald’s. Such behavior (prepositionally) cannot (cannot) be a morbidity within the privileged culture which backgrounds the accused individual. That presupposition must (must) hold onto its explanatory power at all cost. Period.

    Explanation must be located within the measurable phenomenon of *pure* mental illness.

    Will grant, maybe this young man was *off* in some sense: O.K., a serious mental proficient at being anti-social. Yet, whatever his proficiency in perversity this does not exclude the notion that ideology (in this case a classical, orthodox, historic religion) may have staged itself (been the stage) for the perpetrator’s motivation and the execution of his act.

    The young man clearly built the stage and wrote the script; but, since he was constructing and writing with and from something greater than himself, it was the ideology (the religion) which built and wrote. Children died that day in Munich because a certain young man stood on a plank that was sturdy enough to hold him (in short it was identifiable), and scripted his actions from indelible (Quranic) ink.

    A state of mental instability may have been the soil (yet, how unstable is something that was planned and carried out with such exactitude) but it was the ideology (the religion) which manured and seeded the *why* of it. It is our moderns, husbanded within their own perverse and blinding ideology, who cannot harvest the truth of the matter.

    *Pure* mental illness, actually, claims very few of us. Communal ideologies form us more broadly and more deeply. As persons we fear exclusion, of not having the (an) ideology claim us utterly, demanding a loyalty beyond ourselves. For example, Queer Theory presenting itself as a great constructor, setting out to rebuild the cornerstones of civilization, is our present all-demanding ideology attempting to be transcendental. Islam, as always is the other, the one demanding acknowledgement in Munich.

    This precedence of ideology – of that which transcends – is so much of who and what we are. It would take a very powerful (near to demonic) instance of *pure* mental illness to cancel that out, to rub out this musculature of what makes us human.

    *Pure* mental illness is so alien to us; it is a threshold into our greatest dread, cavernous loneliness. That we fear above all dreads; we flight & fight it with every wound-up tendon and bone of our human condition: a mortal bodily system which certainly includes any ideologies which claim us; those transcendentals which promise us surety of purpose and hope. Even *true* knowledge.

    The question remains, though, as it has always been: which greater things (transcendentals) are perverse, which ones are noble?

    This one thing we know. We can be assured that this German/Persian (?) fellow, slaughtering called-forth children in front of a McDonald’s in Munich (Bavaria, Germany) was motivated by, and acted upon, an ideology (in this case a religion). In short, briefly, he was a Muslim male.

    The only follow-up question is: did his perverse motive and act derive from (was manured by) any perversity within the ideology (religion)? Should we ask the harder, the bolder, question: was the ideology the religion) itself perverse? Or this one: has *pure* mental illness stumble upon a field of
    *pure* manured soil?

    I could illustrate (sort of, “case load”) the above specifically, with particulars, but I am use my real name here, so I cannot.


    And this:

    I have been convinced for some time, due to *The Way We Live Now*, that our legal system should scuttle the protection of minors for certain crimes and behaviors. Actions which contribute to or support Islam’s Jihad for Sharia, above all. This scuttling should include the sequestering of their records – in total.

    Regarding my prior comment on a prior post still would like know how, if any, Walid Shoebat’s pro-Turkish *clan* connection, for this perpetrator, fits in. Clan membership holds an explanatory power in these matters than we Westerners have difficulty grasping. Clans in the Middle East cross all sorts of divides and divisions, and call for an allegiance which takes a special effort on our part to factor in.

    • Your comment is too long: almost 800 words. I’ve let this one in, but I won’t have the time or patience to work my way through another one anywhere near this length.

      In future, post any really long comments on your own blog and then leave a link here, accompanied by a succinct summary. That will save me time, and improve your traffic.

  4. Let me speculate about a Human Biodiversity element.

    This shooter was obviously damaged goods.

    A psychopath such as he, is rare enough in a relatively wealthy, non-Muslim society. We can keep him alive, under treatment, in a hospital, operating under the delusion that he can be reprogrammed. Such a delusion is non-fatal as long as he is not released from confinement.

    I think immigrant populations from Muslim or other primitive cultures are quite likely to contain high proportions of people with low impulse control, high inclination to violence, and just plain psychopathy. It is actually functional in these places to display a certain amount of these traits. When the traits become too strong, it’s not too big a deal to simply eliminate them without too much fuss. Robert Spencer, in The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran

    mentions that Iran has a very high rate of executions, over 1000 per year, including adolescents. In fact, there may be more causing this than simply an adherence to fundamentalist Islam. It may be functional for a culture with a high proportion of people with the make-up of Ali David Sonboly.

    This gives us two conclusions:
    1) Western countries should not be too quick to try to change the system of government of places they don’t understand;
    2)It is utter insanity to bring in masses of people whose characteristics might be completely different from any we can imagine.

    Note that I haven’t talked very much about Islam. I believe the laws and culture of Islam select for a limited expression of psychopathic traits, and Islamic law allows for the quick and cheap removal of individuals who carry those traits too strongly.

    So, Muslim law works for Muslims in Muslim countries. Neither Muslim law nor Muslims work elsewhere.

    • This shooter was obviously damaged goods.

      A psychopath such as he, is rare enough in a relatively wealthy, non-Muslim society. We can keep him alive, under treatment, in a hospital, operating under the delusion that he can be reprogrammed. Such a delusion is non-fatal as long as he is not released from confinement.

      I worked for several years with such “damaged goods” as you describe. None of them could be considered murderously violent, though at times they hit out ineffectually in a conflict. BUT all of them experienced distorted thinking and needed medication to live within the community. These are isolated people because they are obviously different. Except for families and sheltered workshops (e.g., a local bakery), they haven’t much structure to their lives.

      The murderous ones end up among the general prison population where they do indeed live precariously, scapegoats for the bullies.

      Until you’ve watched a formerly “normal” person get lost in quagmire of mental disorders it’s hard to believe these were once people like you and me – a bit on the edge of things, but functioning. Once the brain changes begin in adolescence, the whole script changes. Very sad…

  5. That is a really weird looking photograph. The fake-Iranian Syrian Jihadist looks much larger then all the others, and photoshopped into the photo. But when I look… so do the others. Weird.

  6. Apparently you don’t know all the details … He was humiliated at school by Arab and Turkish pupils. And he killed mostly muslims …

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