Tatjana Festerling: Time to Close the External Borders of the EU

Last Friday the annual Mosbjerg Folkefest took place in Denmark. Below is a speech given at the event by Tatjana Festerling of Fortress Europe, after an introduction by Tania Groth. The introduction is in Danish, and has been subtitled in English; Ms. Festerling’s speech is in English.

Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording this video, and Vlad Tepes for editing, subtitling, and uploading it:

6 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling: Time to Close the External Borders of the EU

  1. Great speech! I love tatiana, passionate, vibrant woman, told it how it has to be.

    But is the idea of a wall another maginot line???

    Very costly, and huge maintenance costs.

    I tbink we must use navy and satellite surveillance, our military to push boats back, same as the australian model.

    We need to [deleted for violation of commenting rules].

  2. Why haven’t the EU leaders asked the OIC countries to take in their “refugee” co-religionists? That’s a very good question. And wrt the ones already here, why haven’t we sent them the welfare bill + VAT? What law (apart from Jizya) says that we Europeans have to support them with out taxes?

    • Like the left, they are exploiting the greatest weakness of the West; the need to be loved, the need to be the ‘good guys’

      All the time we are scared of being called ‘racists’ we have already LOST.

      • Also the Saudis and other Gulf states are well aware that the “refugees” /migrants include jihadis who regard their regimes as illigtimate. They paid for them, but don’t want them on their doorsteps; we Europeans can deal with the problem.

  3. Great speech but I am sure the Antifas Left will still call her a hater and Fascist racist. It’s good news that Europe has the means to secure the border but do they have the will? In my essay Borders, Language, and culture I wanted to warn Greeks and other Europeans and an unending supply of Muslim immigrants who will invade and eventually dominate Europe. At the time I wrote that essay I didn’t know migration was a form of Jihad. The Obama administration is doing the same thing in America with our open borders and the settling of Muslim so-called refugees in small towns and cities in America. I agree with the Islamic world so unstable there will be no end to so-called Muslim refugees into N. America and Europe. These liberal so-called Christian organizations are slitting their own throats by helping to bring in thousands of Muslims who are hostile to the Kafir. I agree with this speaker 1,000%

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